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Found 3,514 results

  1. Evening all, I've been a lurker for some time now and thought I'd finally get around to introducing myself. Tim is my name and I'm in South London. I've been messing about with old vehicles for a few years now, although mainly ambulances. I have an interest in all things military, especially the cold war era, and have owned a civilian Trabant for a few years now. Recently I was looking for another project so I bought an ex-East German Army (Natonale Volksarmeee, or NVA) MZ TS250 motorcycle which I'm rebuilding at the moment. I'll put a thread up when I have a chance! I've read quite a few of the restoration threads on here and am very much in awe... I'm very much a newbie to this world so: Hello! Tim
  2. Hullo

    My interests include WWII surplus vehicles in Swedish service.
  3. Hi, my name is John and I'm looking to buy a Leyland Daf 4x4 and HMVF seems to be the logical place to glean information. I hope you'll be patient with my questions! Regards. John
  4. Hi, I'm a mechanic to trade. A few years ago I restored a 1943 Jeep and I've restored a few Landys I always fancied a 101 Land Rover which I was getting ready to find for me to restore when I had an accident which left me disabled and I had to sell off everything. But I'm interested in military vehicles again. It's a bit like a disease it never leaves you once bitten.
  5. Austin K2

    I own an Austin K2 ATV which I have had since 1972. In original grey and on the road. I am interested in making contact with anyone with a similar vehicle.
  6. Hi Chaps, recently purchased an Ex-MOD Quad bike and am keen to learn more about them and other Military Vehicles. Never served in the Military but have done a lot of work on Naval Projects: RN CVF Project - Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers Norwegian Skjold Class RM Rigid Raiders RN Triton Etc Kindest regards, Stephen
  7. Greetings

    Hi, Been a member here before many moons ago but a failing memory and / or change of email address etc means the easiest thing for me to do was re-register. Interests are many although the workshop cum garage is currently devoid of anything in a matt finish. That said I'm looking for info on a Rubery Owen binned stores trailer I acquired a few months back. Location Norfolk. Previously Suffolk & Hertfordshire. Steve
  8. I'm new to the HMVF. I created Debach 493rd Bomb Group Museum in 2001. We've got a sizeable museum with 15 restored American vehicles and two British vehicles that are appropriate for an American airfield. I restore all my own vehicles and four are in restoration now. I've just completed four 50 cal machine guns from nothing for a M45 Maxim quad and hope to have them gas firing very shortly. Everyone is very welcome to visit the Museum, times of opening are on our website www.493bgdebach.co.uk. Regards Richard
  9. Hello, I have been on this forum before, but not for a long time. I could not get my old profile to work, so I will start again from scratch. Interests are Land Rovers, Iltis, MUNGA, GAZ69, and British signals kit. Cheers for now
  10. Hi all, Just getting into learning all about the ferret scout i bought 2 weeks ago. It was running but had been sitting for many years. It had original tyres for the 50s so i found some michelin zxl 255/100r16 which fit nicely. Im basically restoring it to a functional/practical level. Not neccessarily making it historically accurate. Most likey going to do an engine swap on it with a more modern engine with more power. Will seee how things progress. Im a cosmetic doctor by day, and a motorhead by night. I spend most of my spare time working on my vehicles. Looking forward to interacting with you all
  11. Hi, my name is Brian and I am in the process of sorting a 90 soft top... I expect to have a number of issues and hope I will find solutions already posted or within the group intellect
  12. Hi,I am new to the forum.I am looking for a usable Scammell pioneer sv2s recovery truck,in original condition or older restoration.The photo is just an example of what I'm looking for.Thanks for taking the time to look.
  13. Hi everyone just a quick intro of myself,as you can already tell I'm from Shropshire and have a querieosity of WW2 and Cold War history and also a desire to own a authentic jeep but sadly out of my budget at the moment. Im thinking my interest lies in the fact that I also like land rovers especially lightweights and that I live near a ex ww2 ammo dump , an ex storage facility for mustard gas ran by the Americans, an ex radio communication base that use to send orders to the British Navy.
  14. Intro

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum. I recently purchased a Reo m35a2 gun truck that I will be restoring in the coming months. Will be a fun challenge especially since the biggest thing I had worked on before was a Land Rover. I am hoping to convert it into a shop truck so if anyone has or knows of a 109 shop truck box for sale or swap for dropside body I would be insterested.
  15. quad 50 call

    Hi everybody new to the fourm i am thinking of buying a quad 50cal can any body tell me what i should be paying for one that wants restoring and what they are worth done i ve seen some in the netherlands for sale but wonderd if there are any more local for sale thanks colin iam sorry if i havent introduced my self properly trying to work it all out
  16. Hi All! I am in Georgia, USA. I own a Mk1 Ferret and just won the bid on a Ferret listed as a Mk2/4. I cannot find a lot of good info out there about the Mk2/4 weight (which my shipper needs). Anybody have any reliable info about the Mk2/4s weight? Thanks, Chris
  17. Doug

    From Wiltshire RAF WW2. Currently looking for Bedford MW.
  18. Hi Everyone Being a semi retired Golf Widow another tatty Land Rover to improve seemed a good plan so just bought Lightweight previously 43-KC-80 which is closely related to Monty Don's vehicle being a 1984 series 3. Over 50 years and 13 Land Rovers of which 2 were LL from MVS in Fradley I'm now faced with 24v and underfloor MK4 Generator Panel which was quite unexpected and does not work. So seeking advice! Cheers CharlieC
  19. Hi

    Hi everyone We have a Daf Ya126 1956 Dutch Army weapons carrier and also an Austin Series 3 1 ton GS Cargo 1960 diesel / multi fuel lorry. I need some help / advice please. The rear half shaft (drivers side) has just snapped and we are looking for a replacement. The earlier petrol K9 rear axle is a very similar axle but narrower but would possibly be able to fit with some modification. Does anybody know where we could find either of these please or any suggestions so we can get the lorry back on the road again. Many thanks Gill
  20. Hi there, I am a distressed Austin Champ owner. I have a problem with the pinion/dog gear which has ground most of its teeth away. Does anyone know where to find a replacement? It's quite hard starting it with the handle every time!
  21. Burb

    Hi I am the best Sheet Metal Worker in the country lol. And I know how to use an hammer. PS I am not a real welder though. Based in Newark on Trent
  22. I'm looking for any information (however trivial or tenuous) relating to the activities and whereabouts of 5 MT Base Depot from November 1944. It was created out of 511 Forward Repair Unit in November 1944 and my late grandfather (an MT driver) was transferred to it at that time (according to his service record). All I know of his movements at this time (from what I recall him telling me) was that he entered France at Caen, then crossed into Germany. He was at Remagen Bridge, then Munster and also part of a convoy which delivered supplies to Belsen after it was liberated. He may also have gone to Hamburg. However, I have so far been unable to trace any operational records from this time at the National Archives or discover much else about it. I believe it was under the control of 2nd Tactical Air Force and may have been part of RAF 84 (or 85) Group. If anyone can shed any more light, I'd be grateful to hear from you. Thank you.
  23. Hi from Belfast - I don't have any vehicles, alas, but have a reasonable WWII British Signals collection. Have been lurking particularly on the British Wireless forum, but thought it was time I contributed. I'm an electronics designer in my day job, working on automotive electronics. As an aside, my dad was in the Royal Engineers from 1944 to1948, most of which he spent at Tel-El-Kebir garrison in Egypt - I have his photo album, so must post some pics from it in due course. Best regards Chris
  24. by David Smith

    My interest is Thornycroft vehicles, though from a modelling aspect. I have designed and built 2mm scale Thonycroft lorries and constructed part of the 1930s Thornycroft factory in 2mm scale, which has been exhibited around Basingstoke.
  25. I have been looking at this site for a while with interest. Myself and my wife have taken a real shine to the Austin K9 and really would like to buy one. Thanks for the add.