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  1. Morning all, What should I do? I joined up last night after getting excited about a post by Wally Dugan regarding a manual for the Kegresse attachment, then when I signed in today I find there is another member using the name `TonyB`. Since he outranks me both in time served and experience should I (can I) change my user name? I have been putting back together a Citroen B2 (P7T) Kegresse for ahem…some time. I have seen photos of it being recovered from ruin near Aldershot in the early 1970s when it had the same line laying body as those in 1920s photos. It has a military Kegresse chassis rather than an adapted car frame with the original engine number stamped on it. The engine has cast iron pistons and an early B2 crankshaft, so the basic vehicle is perhaps older than the 1925 track system. I have built the twin speed rear axle with its spur geared dif and dif lock but several parts in the track mechanism are missing. Thus the need to look at the relevant manual. I've driven RLs (winch trucks mainly) across the Sahara several times, and several types of LandRover, and early Unimogs (4x4 0911 Mercs). Cheers, Tony. (Before and now )
  2. I've been a ww1/ww2 reenactor for a few years and have purchased my first military vehicle this afternoon, ive bought a Commer Karrier K6 that needs some restoration so im hoping the forums can help me with all the info and advice im sure ill need. I think my vehicle has been mentioned on this forum before sometime.
  3. I posted an introduction a few months ago now and received a few nice comments on my post - (Introduction, new member! FMW Matey Dockyard Truck owner!) I am well aware these two trucks have been around the block as I'd seen them appearing up for sale on a number of occasions, it seems that they've been given a lick of paint a few times (probably Hammerite by the look of things!) The one which we are working on first is a runner (well it was when it arrived with us!) we've taken out all the glass, all wiring, interior, load bed, engine, box and pretty much everything else. We're back on it next week taking off the cab, leaf springs, steering column, rear diff etc to have the paint removed and have all components powder coated to the correct standard as they should be. As anyone who has ever come across these vehicles before will be aware they are a very rare vehicle and there is no information anywhere online for them, they don't exist on the internet other than on this forum and Ebay! If you know of anyone who has owned these vehicles previously or has any information that could be of use to me and you could point them in my direction that would be much appreciated, I have all the information from the DVLA to road register the truck (I'm concentrating on one for now!) but anyone who has been through this process and could offer any info that would be amazing! Here are a couple of pictures of where we are with the job as it stands! Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom! Matt
  4. Morning all, My name is Alex and I live in north Essex, not too far from Saffron Waldon. Day job is in technology but I'd rather be skinning my knuckles fiddling with vehicles! I joined a little while ago to get some insights (which have been brilliant!) into buying a historic military vehicle. It was always a dream to own a tank and I've had CVRTs at the top of the list for some time now. I did my H licence at the back end of last year and yesterday took delivery of my CVRT Sabre. I couldn't be more excited (if a little bit daunted by how little I know!) but I'm really looking forward to making some new friends here and learning a load of useful stuff. Cheers, Alex
  5. Hello, my name is Marcel and i joined this forum because i want to find out more about a truck we found in a barn here in a village her in Norway. It seems to be an Crossley Fwd with a Perkins engine. It is standing der for about 40 years and it's in a good condition. We gonna try to get it on the road again in the spring.
  6. Hi Im restoring an Allis Chalmers 645 4 wheel loader serial number 6435 B and WD number 00FU35 Im seeking some information on the british army specific build of these loaders. I have a PDF from US army of their depot service manual but the british version differs in engine - its got a Leyland (AEC) AV505 rather than Allis Chalmers own diesel and has a different air over hydraulic braking system. Does anyone know where I might get a PDF or copy of the British Army Operators/Service manual? Also seeking an AV505 manual for the engine - serial number AV505 5C 5573 A7502 - these were used in several variants of Leyland HGV vehicles. Many thanks
  7. hi friends old n new, i'm rebuilding a 30cwt LRDG chevy, I'm from Basingstoke, Hampshire. and looking for bits from right hand drive chevys inc CMP c15 parts ( the front cast Spring hanger/ bumper mounts) the four bolt tow rings on the bumper, and sprung tow bar inc cast mounts. If their is any one from down under looking for right hand parts off 1940s pickup cheers again Bob
  8. Hello - oops I have already posted in BenHawkins's 1914 Dennis Lorry post, but please find below a little about me. My name is Andy and I am 54 years young, I grew up around all things mechanical, my grandfather was chief engineer at the Kent Fire Brigade workshops, my father a Navy dockyard apprentice who went on to work for the MOD on the Polaris missile system from 66 to 77 when we moved from Faslane to Cornwall as he was moved to devonport with the Subs. My father and grandfather restored all sorts of vehicles and machinery from motorcycles to hot-air-engines, bubble cars to wind pumps, petrol searchlights and wartime radios - all this rubbed off on me from an early age (I was driving a fire engine age 8 !, and had a Bantam engined Sprite Trials bike by the time I was 11 or so - it latter grew a honda engine). I have in the past played with and worked upon an Austin Champ, which I later did an illustration of in the days before computers (see below) this belonged to a friend at school, whose father also had a Scammell Pioneer (wish I knew where that was now ! - I have looked online extensively but never found it) Once I had left home in the 80s and moved to Derby I was heavily involved with restoring a Willys Jeep to a roadworthy condition So if you wind forward to today you find me working as a Specialist Trainer, Engineering Projects' looking after graduate engineers and apprentices, I have an old Land Rover, a BSA Bantam and volunteer in the GVLR workshop at the Midland Railway Butterley when work and family allow. I am a keen modeller and have worked as a CAD trainer in the past and enjoy making detailed CAD models from old photos and minimal measurements (see below) and it is this that has led me to this forum when in search of info on a lorry my great grandfather drove in the late 30s - that's about enough for now. Regards Andy
  9. Hi I am David from New Zealand . I have always had an interest in military vehicles especially anything with tracks. I have a real passion towards tanks and I have just had this rekindled by spending time riding around in a Mk3 centurian in Australia and seeing some other vehicles up close. Was a surprise one day when arrived home to see two LAV's (LAV III) parked in the drive next to our place. The army was doing some manoeuvres in our home town for a good week or so. Would dearly love to have the opportunity to get a CVRT . Cheers
  10. Hello everybody, I'm Joe (hopefully the username gives that away 😅), I'm 21 and live at the (not so) sunny seaside in North East Lincolnshire. The military runs through my family a little. The past couple of generations have been through pretty much every service, so we like to get about, and I intend to join up myself in the not too distant future. I've followed this forum for quite a while, but thought now would be a good time to actually join as myself and a friend are attempting to purchase ourselves a vehicle; a beautiful piece of solid rust in the form of an Albion WDHD23 😂. It promises to be a challenge, if we can actually get the bugger home. This is where the second part of my title comes in. Neither of us are in a great place to be able to store any kind of military vehicle at all, we wouldn't even be able to fit a motorbike on our roads some days. We're determined not to let that stop us. I'm wondering if anybody here has a place (or knows of somebody who has a place, etc.) in or near North East Lincolnshire, to store vehicles, who wouldn't mind accommodating two young, eager, military vehicle enthusiasts; and their potential massive truck. 😅😅😅 Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to getting to know people on here. Joe.
  11. Hello: I am interested in the crash of Wellington HE 593 at Zijtaart, near Veghel on 12 Jun 43. the pilot was Flight Sergeant Conroy, my wife's uncle. We are writing a book about him. Many thanks
  12. Hi all firstly introductions call me Reggie Campbell, I am restoring the 432 Mk 1 back to its original 1963 state as it served with the Queens Royal Irish Hussars at the RAC Centre training Regt in 1968/69. its history is also great it was trialed in Aden served in Hong Kong where it was painted Blue and done most of the infantry/RAC units in BOAR until the 1980's it was then stored as a BCR vehicle for war stock. It went to the 1991 Gulf war as a BCR and was used by the Royal Engineers as a mail delivery system as it was armouered even though it was Petrol and still running its B81 Rolls Royce Engine. In 1995 she was sold for scrap and displayed in shoreham airfield until it was flooded and was moved to farmland in sussex where she became partially buried and lay for twenty plus years, I started last year to try and have her recovered due to the location a river to her rear, overhead high tension electric cables etc and she had sunk to the belly this was real Fun. After three attempts we with lots of local help and assistance and a group of good friends we got her out on 8th June 2016 with not to much danage and only throwing the right track, so track bashing shortly to put that back on! it was a time capsule and the inside is vitually intact and original so very happy! the only modification I can see from its original state is that in the 80's she was FFR Clansman so thtas not a bad thing as can work with that, parts easy to come by also. I have lots of experience and a vast tech data base on tracked British Army kit so am willing to share knowledge if anyone needs help. I am also a member of Solent Overlord Executive and the only FV 432 owner currently there so am hoping to get to meet a few more on here. look forward to hearing from some of you soon.
  13. Hello everyone. I am an ex member of the AFS,based at Water Street Stafford from 1965 until its disbandment in 1968. During that time I attended a course at Moreton in the Marsh. Also our crew went to Exercise Tercentenary in 1966. Our Green Goddess (EP 14) had the registration number PGW 513 Dave Hill
  14. Hello Forum thanks to the admins at first. It´s nice to be here and I hope I´m excused about my bit wrong british gramatik. Plus I was not to serve to the German army but I now a bit what´s goin on there ;-)). I am locatet in Munich, Germany and was born 1957. My passion is to make Off Road trips with ex army vehicles like the fuel Pinzgauer and the simmelar VOLVO 4x4 van "Laplander". I like the desert and vehicles in desert colors too. My actual projekt are to purchase the ex-MOD Reynold Boughton RB44 because I prevere the class between 3,5t and 7,5t. I´m registratet here in this forum are a german RB44 owner and some british owners too. Hope I could ask here some questions about the RB44 and change some expert knowleges. Kind regard Tom
  15. Hi Folks , I thank You in advance for having the chance to be in this Military Forum. I work in an italian family business which operates in the field of self-propelled cranes. I'm writing to You , because our old models of cranes were equipped with a british differential gear . This item is part of an old Austin Truck called K9 . Does anyone of You can help me to find it?For example any company (used spare part truck or salvage)? I remain at Your disposal for any further information. Best Regards Marco
  16. I recently purchased a Ferret Scout car. I am enjoying it, learning as I go. I am pleased with the vehicle, seems to be heavy duty and wall maintained. I wanted something that had armor on it, and having a turret is like icing on the cake. I just got through building a semi-auto browning 1919 a4, I mean if you have a gun mount you need the gun that goes in it. Has anyone had any experience with fitting the 1919 in the cradle? I am have an interference with the rear feed guide hitting the cradle and not letting it go all the way down. It is probably because I built it for 308 and will have to clearance cut the mount a little.
  17. Hi Guys, Graeme Molineux here from Melbourne, Australia. While I am not an MV owner, I do have a strong interest and I take heaps of photos whenever I get the chance. I share these for free on my website, but I will tell you about that elsewhere. I am also a scale modeller, and a technical illustrator, specialising in side views of aircraft mainly, but I have a few MVs done now as well. My main reason for joining is to find reference information for a couple of model builds I am planning, and for help with my illustrations. I look forward to chatting and sharing info with you! All the best, Graeme.
  18. Hi all, first post on here. My name is Paul van Bruggen and I live in Darwin Northern Territory Australia .. I have a small collection of vintage vehicles including 3 military ones. 1942 C15A Chevy blitz 1942 Royal Enfield flying flea and I am just about to pick up a Ford Jeep (GPW 1942-3) the rest of the stuff is civilian inc 1924 chev buckboard 1925 chev tourer 1936 chev truck 1938 chev sedan 1950 chev truck 1957 FE Holden 1958 Morris minor and a 1972 VW Super bug i look forward to seeing and learning more of the military stuff on here. I am a mechanic by trade and did my apprenticeship in the Military (RAAF)
  19. Good morning I am new to the team. My hobbies are old lorries and land rovers i have a series 1 Landy and drive a 1944 Austin K5.
  20. Hi there im matt from the Oxfordshire area. Iv always had a keen intrest in all military and vintage vehicles but not yet been lucky enough to own one. I am hoping to find some information about a sentinel aircraft tug that was in my family for a fair few years. It was ex raf and originally had a rolls Royce petrol engine but was later fitted with a Leyland diesel engine. It was owned by my uncle for around 10 years and my other uncle for about 5 years before that. It was sold to someone from the britannia trust in roughly 2005 to be used to tow the britania at kemble.sadly the buyer called my uncle 3 months later and asked if he would like to buy it back as he had bought another.i recently found a photo of it on here in a scrap yard but the post was from 2011. I know it's a bit of a long shot but I am hoping someone will remember which scrapyard it was seen in. Thanks in advance, matt
  21. I have recently got more into military vehicles I own a lightweight Landrover unstarted project and have just bought a Hmw truck ex Royal Navy which I have made a start on
  22. Hello to you all. I've been registered for quite a while now, so I thought it was about time I put fingers to keyboard and introduced myself! I am mindful of my privacy, which is why I stick to a username. (although I do use it in various places) Not all that much to say! I've been interested in all manner of things mechanical, especially transport for most of my life. (even at quite a tender age I "helped" my father with the odd bit of spanner holding / dropping!) I've three old british motorbikes which have been brought back to life. By profession I am a Librarian (working in industry, not the public system) but currently I am involved with restoration in the heritage sector - mainly working in wood. When I have had a bit more of a lurk around, I am sure that I'll get around to adding my two penn'orth on a few subjects. And no doubt I'll have some questions of my own! In the meantime, All the Best StoneRoad
  23. Hello everyone, David here from Georgia in the U.S. I have a 1940-1943 ?? FWD SU-COE that is a open cab 4x4 that was used by the U.S. Marines Corps in the pacific during WWII. My questions are, does anybody have any photos, manuals in reprint, factory information or links to helpful sites that could help put this ole girl back together. I need info on the open cab version, not the enclosed cab with doors. This model of truck was used in the film "GUADALCANAL DIARY" [1943] when restored the truck will be finished out like that truck to include bed bows and tarp. I will include in process photos later, but I am on somebody else's time frame for now. Thanks for the welcome to this site, I look forward to hearing from ya'll.
  24. Evening all, I've been a lurker for some time now and thought I'd finally get around to introducing myself. Tim is my name and I'm in South London. I've been messing about with old vehicles for a few years now, although mainly ambulances. I have an interest in all things military, especially the cold war era, and have owned a civilian Trabant for a few years now. Recently I was looking for another project so I bought an ex-East German Army (Natonale Volksarmeee, or NVA) MZ TS250 motorcycle which I'm rebuilding at the moment. I'll put a thread up when I have a chance! I've read quite a few of the restoration threads on here and am very much in awe... I'm very much a newbie to this world so: Hello! Tim
  25. Hi all, new member based in west sussex, been interested in willys mb/gpw/Hotchkiss jeeps for many years and looking forward to the site.
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