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Found 400 results

  1. My first restoration piece has just arrived from California, USA. It is a 3rd contract Welbike built in 1942/43. Only around 3,500 of these bikes were ever made. As you can see the wheels need changing and several other bits done. Its not a hard restoration but its my first.
  2. My Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Hello all does any one has a self starter for sale or a hand starter any condision or any parts for the cs8 thx
  4. http://www.prestolite.com/pgs_products/specs.php?item_detail_id=16537&item=1284150&product=ALTERNATOR Manufacturer - Prestolite Diana
  5. I’ve just purchased a 1917 dated Trench Water Cart and I’mstarting to restore it. The date on the frame is 1917 and the wheels fittingsare dated 1918. However, some of thepipework fittings are marked Water Cart Trench Mk VII. It is also fitted with a steel shaft (itlooks like a military one to me) for being towed by a motorised vehicle ratherthan horses, so I presume it was a post WW1 upgrade of a WW1 cart. The tank, woodwork, steel fittings etc. areall in great condition so I only have to replace a few pieces of timber. It has one pump, so I only have to make thebox for the filter elements and the filter itself. It also has authentic looking sand colourpaint all over it. Any more information on the later Trench Water Carts wouldbe welcome to help my restoration as all my other projects are WWII, and I’mnew to the WWI scene. Attached some pics of the project. I’ll post progress as it happens! Peter S.
  6. WARNING: Pic Heavy Thread Ahead Whilst not quite a full restoration to the level of many on here, I did want to contribute more than just 'for sale' ads to the forum, so here goes! In the Shopland Collection we've had this stalwart vehicle working for many years. It's lately been running erratically, famously conking out from fuel starvation in the DFVS Arena this year, and then a knocking big end meant it had to come out of the running fleet for a while, and cosmetically it needed some work. It's a 1941 Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor with the beetle back body. This example has been fitted with a Bedford 28hp engine at some point in its life, we believe it was used as a recovery truck in civilian life. The rear body had been cut in the middle to fit a recovery crane, and the two inner rear seats had been removed. The engine was removed by our good friend Pete, and the yard forklift was used to push it into the workshop where the fun could begin. We took the opportunity to paint the floor in between the 4.5" gun leaving and the FAT arriving! The stripdown began on the interior, which was always crowded, filled with junk, and cramped. This fuel tank was due to come out Taking the rear interior panel out made a lot of difference, and meant we could attack the inside and get some fresh paint in there.
  7. Very handy device that does work, took a load of rusty water and dirt from a tank of petrol. Fill it with water and not a drop runs through :-) ! http://www.agri-supply.co.uk/mr-funnel-f3/?gclid=CjwKEAjwnebABRCjpvr13dHL8DsSJABB-ILJVEEQUGsYCGPOZvm3qjOu6Ri3AqyGWqyUHyZggmDUyxoCdgLw_wcB Diana
  8. as some of you know late last year i bought a charioteer and a centaur with a view to making one good cromwell from the 2. the tanks finally arrived at bob grundy's yard in ashton in makerfield in late december but due to the weather being so bad nothing much happened until march when bob came out of hibernation (sorry bob couldn't resist it). once things got going it really came together or should i say came apart really quickly, the turret and ring were removed as was some of the top decking and engine covers, then all the engine compartment was stripped and the mk1a meteor was sent off for a partial rebuild to a fella in carlisle that specializes in rr aero engines, the engine is now running and ready for installation when it's turn comes, the gearbox was in great condition and only needed a blast and respray aswell as new seals in the slave cylinders, the rads are out and have been restored so that pretty much means we are ready to start installing the assemblies back into the hull. the plan is to get it running and driving under it's own steam and attend to any niggles while the armour and turret is off and once bob is satisfied we'll start the turret rebuild and refitting at which point it should look like a cromwell and i for one will be a happy bunny. due to the fact that i should have started this thread about 3 months ago i've a lot of pics to post so i'll post a few up every night until we're up to date on it all. all the best rick pics are the charioteer and centaur at the farm awaiting collection to bob's yard
  9. Please can anyone - someone? confirm the size of a CVRT smoke discharger tube. A Daimler Ferret is 65mm~ OD x 120mm~ L, though the CVRT dischargers appear longer and appear to have a larger diameter. Diana
  10. Hi, Bought this carrier back in December last year. Started the restoration in January. I was planning on posting the pics as i went along, but didn't get round to it. So here goes with the pics from the last couple of months. I will try to post in order. Enjoy, Chris
  11. Just bought new project and my first jeep. It needs a bit of work on the engine which a good friend is doing for me. At the minute just trying to get it ready for MOT and registered so I can drive it. I can't wait. Could I just ask does anyone know of anywhere or person near Liverpool that can help me with my restoration as my mechanical knowledge is limited and I will want it sprayed at some stage to desert colour. I don't want to keep asking my friend as he has his own project to be getting on with. I'm having a bit of trouble uploading a picture as my internet is running slow. As soon as it is sorted I will post a picture.
  12. Well Its been a while since doing a blog on a full restoration this will added to as and when work commences on the restoration. Well Tony.H, and I headed off this morning to a sunny village in North Norfolk. On Arrival the truck was hiding in a shed where she was pulled outside and loaded onto Tony,s trailer. Once all strapped up and after a coffee and a shat we headed back to suffolk. The Chevrolet had not been started since 1953. I have to admit I expected the engine to be siezed. But once we arrived back with her and all unloaded. I had a little investigation to see if the engine was stuck, and to my amazement she was not. In fact the engine was very free. well after a few checks oil here and there and fitting a small remote fuel tank, fitting a battery and a new coil I gave her a turn well she burst into life and no nasty knocks infact a very quiet running engine. Even the clutch is free all gears seem ok. Well now i know the engine runs. I can concentrate on the strip down, its a total strip, right down to the axles. Heres a few pics more to follow as the restoration goes.
  13. Hi all, Seeing the current revival of interest in diesel conversions I thought I'd make a record of all of the engine conversions carried out by both Green Barn Services (my MV restoration & modification business), and by the individual members of Green Barn Group (our vehicle club). I plan to link all previous and future jobs in to this thread to make as full a record as possible. These conversions have ranged from Land Rovers up to High Speed Tractors, and we might be going even bigger this year. I can think of at least ten conversions in which I have been instrumental, with four more booked to happen consecutively after the current one, and several more in discussion. I'll start with the latest project which is for a customer in Stockton. We started with an ex-French Fire Brigade engine-less Ward laFrance delivered on a low loader. The customer had seen the YouTube video of my Yellow truck towing my scrap truck over the crest of a hill and commissioned me to do the same to his truck. He intends to leave the vehicle red so the spec was to bling the engine as per mine. The engine was built up before the truck was delivered and after steam cleaning the engine bay, it was fitted as per the attached photos. This is the 6th Cummins WLF conversion I've done, and the 5th to use a 6BTA so most of the issues are known although due to the nature of the vehicles every one throws up its own challenges. in this case it has been the wiring loom, but more of that later. For now I'll just post a selection of build photos with comments. Thanks to Chris B (Bartron) for the photos.
  14. http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  15. Well here is the start of my latest Morris restoration, as always I will try and add info as we go, I expect this to be a 12month project, and I have started with some smaller components that are already restored. so basically it is the PU version on a morris chassis, so will sit nicely next to my Humber PU as the back end will be the same. as it stands, it's reasonably complete, bar the back end, I do have all the original cab, doors and windscreen, the engine turns over freely and has been kept in good order, though it will still go through a full rebuild this winter. so here is a lovely photo of a MCC PU in France 1940, this is what I'm going to model mine on.
  16. I think it's about time I start a blog about my current restoration project. This is one of the diesel Scimitar hulls which Withams were stripping and scrapping about a year ago. The hulls were what was left after stripping the vehicles to build Scimitar 2. Pretty much everything was stripped from them, engine, gearbox, electrics, final drives, turret, turret ring, wheels, track and more. I asked about buying some bits from them and ended up buying one of the hulls, which was a massive gamble. Diesel vehicles are rare in private hands and the diesel upgrade parts are highly sought after by overseas governments who want to do diesel upgrades. In order to free up some money I had to sell my Lightweight Land Rover, which was painful as I'd owned it for years, my Snatch project which I'd just finished collecting bits for, plus both the Sabre projects we were doing. One was nearly finished and went abroad, the other is being restored by Paul Donovan who is doing a brilliant job. Here are a few photos of the hull at Withams, and once delivered.
  17. Well my Packard clipper finally arrived into Felixstowe docks from the US last saturday. After finally getting customs clearance I was able to collect the car on Thursday. The car is in pretty good order and I have to decide whether I leave as is, or do a full restoration. The engine is a straight Eight and runs very smooth. heres a couple of pics are take some more over the weekend. Howard
  18. Have posted a few pictures of my K2 Y ambulance. First saw it after going in the search for spares and stupidly thought that something could be made of it!! Excuse the pictures, they are pictures of pictures as the scanner doesn't seem to be working. Curse these modern tools... Jerry
  19. Photos of a friends Humber in Italy, I will update photos as he sends them to me.
  20. As some of you may know I refurbished and used to own a V8 Petrol SUMB KSJ141 which I sold about 18 months ago prior to moving house. I have always regretted that and I recently had the opportunity to purchase a replacement which is available to work on and close to my new home. The "new" vehicle has been fitted with a Volvo diesel engine and auto box and was used for extreme off-roading and has therefore been stripped of its tilt, hoops and many minor fittings. I now have about 3 months to make it roadworthy and relocate it to my own premises. This will be a restoration rather than a refurbishment so I thought I would start a topic here to record progress and seek advice. To start, here are a couple of photos of the new SUMB: And this is where I hope to end up: At the moment I am starting on the electrics (which is my professional background so easiest for me) and have retrieved the dashboard boxes (all easily detatchable and surprisingly all made of plastic) to start assembling a new wiring harness as most of the original lighting has been removed and many of the wiring harness connectors are corroded and/or crushed beyond reuse, and I am in negotiations with a local forum member to get a replacement hoop and tilt made. Iain
  21. Dear All I bought another SUMB as a donor for the missing rear body parts on my other project SUMB - it turns out to be in much better condition so I am now going to work on No. 17310 first. I went up to East Keale in Lincolnshire a week ago Friday with Phil from Taylor Commercials at Haughley (a pleasure to work with!) and retrieved it home to get the roof off so it will go in my barn (8 foot clearance vs 8 foot 10 inches high to the top of the hoops). The defects found so far on this one are: Poor idling (vendor thought one cylinder not firing and supplied spare set of plugs) Brake fluid reservoir empty (I expect normal leaking wheel cylinder seals that I saw on every SUMB I worked on so far) Indicator switch replaced with a modern toggle and 2 or 4 lamps not flashing (front right and rear left I think) and dashboard indicator mimic lights not working Brake lights not working (I suspect the microswitch on the end of the air assisted slave cylinder is U/S same as my first SUMB) and will likely replace it with a pedal switch One original French and one UK headlight so dipping wrong way Bottom edge of one door rotten with rust RH edge U-channel of the load bed rusted through for much of the length Missing LH headlamp retaining ring One flat battery (7V on headlamp load after 24H charge) Michelin ZXL tyres have sidewall cracking (as ever - I only buy Continentals or Uniroyals now) Fitted with 2 off 065 batteries one in each box rather than 2 x 038 batteries in each box - non standard cabling as a result needs reverting to original Both front windscreens cracked (I have spares) Steering wheel play seems excessive (I know where there is a spare steering gear box) Brake pipes look corroded (I'll probably let the MoT garage take care of that before presenting it for test!) On the plus side the engine starts and runs better than my old first V8 SUMB on a good day as long as I keep the hand throttle above idle, there is a good roof, the back door added by the gunbus conversion is mechanically sound, the electrical wiring harness is intact, the cab is largely rust free (I think because of earlier repairs by the vendor) and the V5 information matches the vehicle. In other words nothing that a bit of welding, new brake pipes, a piece of steel channel, a new set of brake seals and redirection of the parts stockpiled for No 18595 wont cure I plan to equip this one as a motor caravan to simplify future MoT (it is was imported by "The Army Farm" and registered 1972 which is consistent with the end of the SUMB production run whereas most or the Gunbus Company ones with KASxxx registrations are registered as 1959 which was the first prototype - from my research the truth is in between with most of the 10,000 or so military SUMBs made between 1962 and 1970). It was originally registered as agricultural and lived on a Lincolnshire farm, so MoT will be a new experience for it. My daughter insists we get it ready for Beltring next year rather than sleep in the 12x12 tent again (it leaked in the storm night this year)! I already have most of the bits needed in store (hob/sink unit, chemical toilet, water tank) and can build the table, seats and beds, but will need to get side windows added to the tilt to complete the DVLA check list for a DIY motor home conversion at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/412160/Registering_a_DIY_Caravan.pdf . Does anyone in Suffolk or nearby do that kind of work currently ? I attach a couple of photos from the e-Bay listing as a "before" record of the vehicle condition. I plan on keeping the back door but adding a skin to keep the weather out. The fixed steps have been removed as they will be a nuisance on road (and make the truck too long to fit in the barn!) - I have a much lighter aluminium set in stock I have now got the hoops off (after drilling out a few bolts added by the gunbus conversion that were completely solid) and just have to sort the battery so I can drive it onto the flatbed and off into the barn before getting Taylors back to shift it. Iain
  22. In a new purpose built shed somewhere in the south of England, the restoration begins.
  23. I believe CVRT steering calipers (and pads) are in fact Jaguar E Type calipers and pads - apart from the seals (not the piston boots) which are different for mineral oil. It is possible therefore, if I am correct, to fit E Type calipers (on an exchange basis?) and Landrover steering master cylinders, and not use mineral fluid in the steering but DOT 5 (silicon). Diana
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