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Found 400 results

  1. Forum member Adrian Scott has recently acquired a Ward LaFrance which has been on the rally scene in the Middlesborough area for many years. It is now undergoing some major repairs to the bodywork and running gear. The cab was found to be badly rotted: the floor will need to be replaced and the side panels repaired. The front wings are badly rusted where they join the chassis, and the radiator and its frame are both compromised. It is now looking like a candidate for a performance upgrade, but more of that anon. The front axle has already been rebuilt with new driveshaft seals, swivel seals, hub seals, brake linings etc. For now here are some photos of the truck showing how it currently stands. - MG
  2. Went and collected our latest acquisition this weekend, a CVRT Striker. Its hull number 4 (so an early one) and has had a fair bit of restoration work carried out on it already. Its a runner too, so we'll be bringing it to Beltring. The plan is to start sorting out and bolting on all the rest of it on site.
  3. Hope not too many people are getting bored with Ward La France projects taking over the forum. Mine eventually got picked up today and delivered to it's temporary new home. First two pictures are in Wales. Last is in Lancashire. I can recommend the haulier TW Bowler of Marple for anyone in the North.
  4. Here are many pictures of the restoration of the wrecker.It arrived in may 2008 the truck is in good condition, it is a good basis for restoration because it almost complete. The mechanics, however, is a complete overhaul. We decided to restore fully the best we can do. The engine is stuck, we move the ward with a GMC. It's convenient You can see the team , me on the right, my brother on the left
  5. Last fall my father and I picked up a yellow '42 GMC. I think the plan was to restore together, but what happened is that he's been doing most of the work and I'm fixin parts and things. This is after the delivery of the truck. The engine has been fixed up a bit and the rest of the truck is getting more and more green each day. This is today, before the autumn kicks in and the project will come to a halt until spring. Marty
  6. Those of you who have followed my Morris-Commercial C9/B SP Bofors restoration will have seen in the most recent posts references to a Morris CDSW 6x4 Bofors Tractor which we have recently acquired. To put you in the picture I’d like to give you a bit of background as a start to this new blog. You can always scroll down to the photos if you get bored. “we” is the Manx Aviation and Military Museum which is, as you might guess, on the Isle of Man and is run as a charity by unpaid volunteers. Our visitors tell us that we are doing a pretty good job, which is nice. The museum houses the Museum of the Manx Regiment, which is the 15th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (Territorial Army). Recruiting for the Regiment started on August 8th 1938. Unfortunately I missed the anniversary by a week for the start of this blog, but never mind. The Manx Regiment had an impressive war record, starting with the firing of what I believe were the British Army’s first shots of the Second World War, at about 1.20pm on September 3rd 1939, i.e. only about 2 hours after the declaration of war. I’m still researching this but I haven’t yet found any reference to any shots fired before that on the first day of the war. They fired them at a couple of RAF Hampdens which flew up the River Mersey without showing the colours of the day …. Friendly fire incidents were happening even then, but fortunately for the RAF they missed, and a subsequent enquiry exonerated the Gunners, who had followed their orders. They went on to defend the south coast during the Battle of Britain, to the campaigns in Eritrea, North Africa, Italy and Europe as the Light Ack Ack unit of the 7th Armoured Division. During this time they shot down more enemy aircraft than any other British Army unit, and lost some 80 men. Our museum boasts a fine collection of memorabilia from the Regiment including some impressive hardware in the Morris C9/B and a towed Bofors gun. The CDSW competes the “set”, unless we win the lottery and get an M16 quad 0.50 half-track which the Regiment used in anger in April and May 1945. The CDSW was demobbed in 1949 and was used as a garage tow truck until the early 1970s when it was rescued for preservation. It passed through a number of owners without very much being done to it until the last owner bought it and embarked on a restoration. Changing circumstances forced its sale; I bought it unseen – after all, how often do these things come onto the market? Photos showed that it was fairly original up to the bulkhead but things went downhill astern of that. A new body has been fitted at considerable expense but sadly it was based on very limited photographic material and was a mish-mash of gun tractor and light recovery bodywork. It was also quite wrong so it will have to be started again rather than being corrected. The vehicle arrived early yesterday morning courtesy of a free passage with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. During the morning it was emptied of spares and driven round the garden a bit. What a lovely noise the six-cylinder engine made, but it couldn’t drown out the graunching of gears as I tried to follow the gear change layout engraved on the gearlever knob. First to reverse in one noisy move, oh dear! Somebody has fitted a four-speed gear knob to a five speed box. A quick look at the lovely brass gear change plate that is still in place on the gearbox cover and all was well. You don’t need first for normal driving and second to fifth are in a standard H layout. The afternoon was spent in giving the thing a good dose of looking at and formulating a plan for the restoration. That’s all for now, take a look at the pictures.
  7. Well Chaps I have been looking for a shop van for a while and was finally tipped off about one standing in someones garden in Hampshire. So last Friday i set off with the van of tools and my 12 year old daughter to take a look at the vehicle, I had been told that it had been standing for over 5 years so was not to sure what to expect. On arrival after trying to fight my way through the owners house floor to ceiling with news pappers we got to the rear garden.At first I wondered what i was doing there it looked in a sorry old state. the front floor wells were full of leaves, it hadnt had a cover over it all of the time outside. After unloading the van of tools I set to work on the engine, i hooked up a battery and tried the starter and it turned over. With that the plugs came out and were cleaned followered by the points and ditributor cap. these were all put back on and i made a gravity fed fuel tank, to the carb. I wired up a new coil, gave it a spin on the starter and yes it burst into life.After filling the rad which still had antifreeze in after all this time of standing. I ran her up again and tried to move her and sure enough it drove back and forwards. With this I stopped the engine and started to look at the body, it does need quite alot of work but it can be restored. After the owner eventually finding me the key to the back doors, once opened apart from thousands of spiders webbs, the work benches were still fitted complete with lights and also the bench mounted (AC Spark plug cleaner and tester) This device was still connected to the air lines in the truck.Well it gets better there were even awnings for both sides of the truck incluing all the poles, even the pioneer kit was complete. Well after doing some sums i had a bit of a haggle with the man and a deal was struck. It was agreed that I would collect the truck on Tuesday 24th Feb which i did yesterday and I am pleased to say that it all went smoothly I managed to back the truck out of the jungle onto the road and up onto the truck. Heres a few pics will keep you all updated as the restoration begins. Thanks Howard
  8. As found: Daylight for the first time in 40 years: 5 days later it was moved a bit closer to my place: I bought home the parts that fell off.. Cleaned up the filter & just did this to see how I like the color: Opinion: I don't like it... gonna be a tad darker, but not Dk OD, probably go with regular OG.
  9. Hi all, I have put down the deposit on my first scammell :-D I should take collection at the end of May so there won't be too many pics for a couple of weeks. However in the mean time I was hoping that I could gather some help and opinions from you good people. Questions/Thoughts at this point in time would be as follows: 1) What have I bought?! Is this is a SV1S/SV2S? Can anyone tell from the pictures :confused: 2) Where do I start! I'd like this to be a rolling restoration as much as possible, I was thinking of removing the 'aftermarket' back body and re-instating the wooden lockers. What colour should it be painted etc etc? Any opinions appreciated. 3) It doesnt have a number plate! although with it having been used for recovery work I presume at some point it was registered? All I know is that it was used by 'rutherfords of coldstream' in the borders for a while, does anyone know its history? 4) Military registration is 34 YZ 09 and chassis number 6002. Do these mean anything to anyone?! 5) I had a thought that might help other owners, I'm quite handy with autocad and was thinking of producing drawings of all the parts I have to fabricate such as the cab panels and rear lockers/woodwork. I would share this info as pdf's and dwg drawing files. From this file any good metal fabricator could laser/water/plasma cut a set of panels out for the cab, should be quite cheap to have done. Good idea? Anyhow, on with the pictures: so you what do you think?! Has anyone wet themself with laughter? :rofl:
  10. Lee & I made a start on the dodgy braking system on the Stalwart today. Suprise, suprise - the offending circuit that was locking on - didn't!! We disconnected each wheels flexi-hose in turn and connected a 0 to 3000 psi pressure gauge up, According to the manual (EMER) with the foot pressed hard to the floor we should have seen readings around the 2160 psi mark. We didn't!!! From memory Lee recorded the following Rears - 1200 psi n/s pressure releases slowly Centres - 1500 psi Front 1100 psi o/s side, 1000 psi the n/s side. All but one of the flexi-hose unions had never been removed in years and the front two had to have the leading pair of shock absorbers released from the top mount. Both front flexi-hoses were rotten and tore apart during removal and the rigid pipe on the front O/S calliper burst during testing - a lucky escape there!!! Right now the plan is to replace all six flexi-hoses, both rigid lines on the front wheels, all the calliper seals and the master cylinders (got to do the whole cylinder as seals kits aren't available. May need to get the brake discs skimmed as well - will know better once the road wheels are off. Also to remove and check both air-packs and the sensing tank as it's venting compressed air a LOT faster than he book says - could be a crudded up auto-drain down valve on the sensing tank?? Then to flush the entire system through with fresh fluid - what came out today was discoloured, stank, and varied in viscosity at all 6 wheel stations!!! Say tuned for further updates when we have the parts in from Banisters Oh - and to add the icing to the cake - the oil pressure has started doing weird things. Starting from cold it's constant at around 25 - 28 psi but as she warms up the idle pressure drops down to 10 psi -ish that slowly raises to about 15 psi as engine revs increase. Oil filter wash or change and change of engine oil seem to be the next jobs after the brakes......
  11. hi togheder after us universal carrier we've got a new project a swiss military ward la france . he was very low-priced with new axles and tires . the engine is in a very good condition. we think the Previous restored him inside very nice sound we dismantle the crane for the restoration and revision all i'm very happy about this vehicle i love it a big monster :iloveyou: i write every saturday after working Foto1194.jpg Foto1193.jpg Foto1192.jpg Foto1191.jpg Foto1190.jpg
  12. A couple of pictures of our first outing with the completed Pinzgauer Ambulance and trailer, along with the Haflinger.
  13. Hi All Just got these pics sent to me from Dave at Dinscott who is doing my Saracen, thought they might be of interest to some. Basically, its a repaint and change of belts. Actually went down on saturday to see the nearly finished article, looks really good and I want to take it home now, but, patience is a virtue. Will have some finished pics to post later. Cheers Paul
  14. Markheliops has finally seen sense and is letting us fit a diesel into his WLF to replace the nasty little pertol lump they came with. For this conversion we are opting to install a 210HP Cummins 6BT which is a 5.9l turbo intercooled lump. Tony NOS found us a suitable engine still fitted in an 18 tonne ERF truck in a yard near him and we went up there to remove it and acquire as the necessary ancillaries at the same time. We were amazed to find that the truck we were cutting up was a 51 plate which had been condemned due to its having a rotten cab! Having seen the engine fire up first turn without a puff of smoke, we set to with the gas axe. Within half an hour the engine was in the trailer. We also collected the radiator/intercooler pack, a stainless silencer and some mild steel exhaust pipe, all the fuel piping back to the tank, an SAE3 manual flywheel and all sorts of other useful bits and pieces. We had already obtained an SAE3 flywheel housing elsewhere.
  15. Well she's been over due lots of attention. So here we go. Objective : To sort out the droopy front wings and their rust, to remove cab complete for restoration of floor, lower rear panel, lower side panels ( where they always go ). Then respray whole truck with correct colour olive drab ( he he yea right ) and correct positions of white stars and numbering. With cab off replace front engine mounting, inspect clutch, adjust shims on t/fer box, along with anything else that raises its head !! Then reassembly of whole cab and front before end of March 2010 !!!!!!!!!!! So see you all in March ..
  16. Here are some photos of my little project first photo is how the Foden came to me, from Dave Crouch's yard. The second is how it goes to show's ( pre resto), The third is the first major job of fitting a new exhaust, ( if you see how big and long a fh70 Foden's exhaust is you will agree that it is a major job!!) The fourth is removing the rear load bed, prior to needle- gunning the chassis, axels etc.
  17. Well here he is Mr M5Clive with his new purchase. A GMC 352 all in all not a bad looking truck, just in need of a bit of tlc. Howard
  18. Well here we go, I had been aware of this trailer for quite a while, and was informed that it could be going to the scrap man in the sky, so i decided to take it upon myself to take on the restoration and give it a new lease of life, I beleave that it was the chassis for either a radar trailer or a search light trailer.If anybody thinks that it may have been used for somthing else then please tell me.Well today I went over to the site where it was and with a friend of mine we managed to drag it from the undergrowth,I have been quite lucky as its been laying ontop of another dyson trailer, so its not been in contact with the damp ground.On first imprestions it looked a good straight trailer, but when we looked closer the front had a slight twist, so with the help of my friends cutting gear and welder we cut the chassis jacked it up and took out the twist and welded up the chassis.Both the front and and rear axles knock out, and with a bit of heat WD40 we managed to uncease one of the pins on the rear axle the other pin was still free and would pull free. Both front wheels were ceased but with a bar and a pull these were freed off. Well thats about so far, I have to arrange transport to get it back to my work shop or tow it back. Will add more info as and when, here is a few pics as found and being lifted off the other trailer.The brake linkage is all ceased but this should be to much of a problem.One thing you will notice is that the wheels are not correct and it should be running on single british military slit rims. Howard.
  19. This vehicle stands in the local shcool. And I help to save it. I don't know the history of this vehicle. There is no numbers. I'm interested in good photos and manuals of Morris Commercial CS8 or PU.
  20. After a busy few days with a Komatsu wrecker grab and a gas axe I have cleared the field of the rotting DUKW's at Wymeswold (as mentioned in DUKW's not for sale). Amazingly some of these towed out of their shallow graves with wheels turning and some steering! Some of them just fell into halves, prompting a colleague to suggest we restore them as Short wheelbase DUKW's , Short DUKW's, or SUKW's for short? Another colleague suggested they were Finished, fragged or F#KW's for short ! I'm confident there are 4 of out of the field which will restore , the rest will contribute to the parts bin. I'm now dissmantling them in our yard in leicester and storing those parts of use. A couple of the complete ones will be heading to my leeds factory as soon as economic transport can be found, the rest will go north in skips. Thanks to those who've been in touch over these and have a common interest in the preservation and restoration of DUKW's and other amphibs I will start taking photo's and make a blog if anyone's interested , although such evidence may be used by my wife to get me sectioned when you look at the state of them! :-(
  21. At the Measham "Gipsy Sale" in 1997 there was also a Bedford RL, a friend of mine, Dick, decided not to buy a Gipsy as the prices were over inflated by a number of dealers (who ultimately got their fingers burnt). As Dick was already running RLs as part of his business he bought this one, intending to add it to his fleet. Work had started on getting it ready for a respray when he was taken ill and he was no longer able to make use of his toys. Some time ago he asked me to help find a good home for his Austin Gipsy, which went to Adam Elsdon. He subsequently asked if I would like this lorry. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will get a chance to go and visit him, with both the Gipsy and RL back on the road. First picture for the blog is the RL at the Measham sale in '97, as far as I know this was the last RL (other than Green Goddesses) to be released from the Home Office. It is pictured in "The Green Machine" book p.xlviii. As it was in Dicks' yard in Dundee a few months ago. Almost home behind the Scammell.
  22. Here is one I did earlier - much earlier! In fact about 10 or 15 years ago I'd guess A few pictures of my GPA, before and after. I hope you can see for yourselves which are the before shots ! Well, I hope you have not been too bored by my pictures, sorry about the quality of the shots but they were taken on a regular camera and scanned. One picture shows the original military unit numbers, It is always such a buzz when that happens. Best wishes, Regards Mark.
  23. Dear fellows: After discovering this excellent website, I just can´t resist to register and present you our Willys jeeps restoration blog: http://thejeeperwarehouse.blogspot.com/ This site try to relate the work on Natxo Alberdi´s Willys jeep MB (1942 model, we think) and my "Frankenjeep" CJ3A. Unfortunately, last time we worked in our jeeps was last year! Cheers, and keep´em rolling!
  24. This will be a verylong restoration I feel! The priority is the restoration of the Morris son that does take priority, but the jeep will be added to whenever the bits come along! Not having oodles of cash to buy a wartime jeep I decided my best bet would be to get one that needed a complete rebuild. As luck would have it one came up for sale, that needed more than a complete rebuild- it was a bare chassis and running gear! This doesnt seem as insane as it might as it means I didnt have to strip down bodywork etc to start with a chassis, so saving a bit of time! I have the front bodywork, no tub. All running gear, diffs, drums, springs but no engine and gearbox. The vehicle was a bit of a mystery to start with as regards the chassis plate, it had a British chassis plate that had been replaced in a different place which was a bit odd. With some helpful answers from some forum members it was decoded by and large and turns out to be a jeep that was in British service. Which made it a bit different and bit better! I received the service record card back from Deepcut and it points to it having been in service with the RAOC. So the plan is to rebuild it as a bomb disposal jeep, in Brit markings of course!
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