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  1. My QL fire tender is finally ready for the road, I am having trouble getting the engine to behave. It is fitted with a 40RZFAIPO instead of the 35RZFAIPO and the distributor is a Lucas DVXH6A not the Lucas DVZ6A. The DVXH6A is listed for jaguar, humber, lagonda, rover and a few others but not a Bedford. The bob weights look very different to the DVZ6A according to the book of words. Anybody any ideas?
  2. Dear All, A completely random sighting on a documentary last night sent me on a hunt again. Dave Dunn In California USA always claimed seeing a Supacat in the aftermath of the Pentagon plane crash on 9/11. I never for one minute ever doubted him, I just don't have the access to the same footage. Tonight it looks as if I found it. On the vehicle is what looks like a UK licence plate, can anyone decipher it, i don't have great imagery skilss but some of you do, so can anyone help please? I found it at minute 7.07 on this clip
  3. Ventured slightly out of my comfort zone at the War and Peace Revival this year and ended up purchasing an FV434 on the last day. Prior to the show I had already worked on it and recovered it from a muddy hole, so I am fairly certain it's a sound vehicle. I have applied for the forms from the DVLA, V55/5, and have a friend who has registered his FV432 and offered some advice. Obviously I need to prove it's age to avoid a Q plate as seen on an FV436 (?) at W&P. Can anyone give me a clue where the build/shell number is? I can't see it in the similar place (left of rear door, tiny plate) on an FV432. Does anyone have the GKN Sankey records for the build date? IMPS or MVT for confirmation of the information found? I assume it will have been built long enough ago to be deemed an Historic, but haven't found specific info for FV434's? Any info/comments would be hugely appreciated. Jules
  4. Ok folks, I am thinking of selling my USAF Dodge Ram, but I am in 2 minds as to what to replace her with! Option 1 is a USAF police car (Impala, caprice etc). Option 2 UAZ 469. Thoughts please folks TTFN Mark
  5. This a copy of the ministry of supply contract ledger for 15 cwt trucks i am asuming that the free issue items listed on the sheet are parts supplied by the MOS to the vehicle manufacturer to be fitted to the new trucks on each of the contracts can anybody tell me what the free issue items would have been (there must be some expensive items as on some of the contracts the free issue items are nearly 25% of the cost of the truck ) i am thinking ,tyres ,wd pattern wheels , pick & shovel ,fire extinguisher .any help would be welcome
  6. Bedford MJ temp goin up to 100 but header tank water cool. water pump drive belts in place etc.. any ideas please...
  7. My LLR charging system is u/s and as the cost of a Mk4 Generator panel at !000 pounds is too much for me I have been looking at alternatives. Being under the floor also increases the aggravation of working on or changing the panel. I do have a reconditioned Defender 24v 90 amp Generator FV1068364 and wonder if this could be used to directly charge my two 12volt batteries instead of the original No 10 Mk3 FV760740 to Mk 4 Generator Panel set-up? Alternatively some Toyota Land Cruisers have 24v 30 amp regulated output alternators which could be fitted to the Series 3 12volt bracket. Or change everything to 12volt. All comments gratefully received.
  8. Not seen one of these before, does anyone have any info on this? thanks Terry
  9. Having started to try and get all the documents in proper looking folders with the names down the spine I have run out of these folders, does any one know the official name and order number and a source? The gap is about 2 inch
  10. I need to replace some tyres and have been looking at Michelin XL tyres advertised. The tyres that I have on the truck are labelled Michelin 12.5 R20 XL but I have noticed that there are others I've seen advertised that are labelled the same, however while the tread type is similar in appearance, it is not exactly the same. I was wondering whether anyone can explain the difference - are these sub-variants of the XL model tyre type, or what is the case? The photos below show the different tyres in question. The one shown vertically is the type I have, and the two shown side by side are the ones I've seen for sale. Notice that in the second case, the displacement of the block tread sequentially to the left then right, is much more pronounced than on the other tyres shown. I want to be able to distinguish between the two types when making enquiries so if anybody can explain the difference, I'd be interested to hear. Many thanks. Neil
  11. Does anyone know which ZF automatic gear box is fitted to the Unipower BR 90 TBT? John
  12. Would there be a difference between 'Mks' of Dingo regarding the plates that attach to the lower side of the chassis? Thanks in advance Rob
  13. Just recently it looks like whenever you attach an image to a post by uploading a file, it does so - but also posts a duplicate titled 'attached images'. What's going on then?
  14. Not a bad day today so started the Cent without any problem but noticed the tachometer isn't working. I've read all the stuff I can find and it seems that it's just a simple voltmeter connected to a tachometer generator on the front of B (right) bank of the Meteor. Everything else is working. I'm guessing it's just a loose connection but can't spot the tachometer generator from the top of the engine bay and not too sure which wires to fiddle with on the driver's panel (although if push comes to shove I'll pull that apart) so I'm a bit lost! Anyone know how to find/check the tachometer generator end of things, and how to check the tachometer itself? (Bearing in mind that my knowledge of the black art of electrics is pretty basic). Cheers James
  15. I have a Daimler dingo mk2 which has an electric fuel pump fitted too it. The pump appears to be pushing too much fuel into the carbuettor. I have decided to change it back to the original fuel pump. Does anyone know the part number? Second question. The distributor is not original, having been replaced by a conventional distributor off a Bedford I think. I want to replace with an electronic system. Any ideas who does the best one for it.
  16. I'm looking for any information (however trivial or tenuous) relating to the activities and whereabouts of 5 MT Base Depot from November 1944. It was created out of 511 Forward Repair Unit in November 1944 and my late grandfather (an MT driver) was transferred to it at that time (according to his service record). All I know of his movements at this time (from what I recall him telling me) was that he entered France at Caen, then crossed into Germany. He was at Remagen Bridge, then Munster and also part of a convoy which delivered supplies to Belsen after it was liberated. He may also have gone to Hamburg. However, I have so far been unable to trace any operational records from this time at the National Archives or discover much else about it. I believe it was under the control of 2nd Tactical Air Force and may have been part of RAF 84 (or 85) Group. If anyone can shed any more light, I'd be grateful to hear from you. Thank you.
  17. I have a Daimler dingo which has an electric fuel pump. What pressure should it be set at.
  18. I’d value people’s views but it seems that the bubble regarding vehicle prices is about to or has burst having just seen yet another auction result (on here) for a Jeep set at £11-13k guide price (usually on the low side) but sold for £10k. As a long term collector I like many others have seen prices soar to a point of being only now open to a rich few, jeeps at this value are manageable and not likely to drop much due to the size/fun/practically of them but prices have clearly settled from last year, its mainly slightly rarer vehicles, bigger and more impractical vehicles which have traditionally been advertised a few thousand more than the last one every time one goes on the market until they are £20-30-40 or 50k plus that appear to be stagnating. I’ve been tracking a number of vehicles in the last year or so now here, in a number of other places including eBay (once you take out the scam ads !!!) and auctions and currently I have seen an increasing number of higher priced vehicles doing the rounds but not selling with some bids which to me seem reasonable and even higher than previous others have sold for but still £10k or more short of reserve. My view is I’m a buyer of vehicles as a collector who has space to house them and a little cash but not at some of the price levels people are asking. Of course last year saw the mega rich with bottomless pockets buy Jeeps at £70-80k on occasions but these were exceptions to the norm and in the same auction a Sherman failed to get reserve. Currently there are 3 vehicles on the market I would buy for my own use at this moment in time which it wouldn’t be fair to name on here but I would buy and pay cash for today but I’m not so desperate I would pay the asking price so I don’t even make the phone call and there must be many people like me out there who like me would push the boat out a bit but not go crazy. I think the number of buyers who have large amounts of cash and want a particular vehicle is diminishing, low interest rates have been around for a long time now so the people who bought a vehicle because their money isn’t earning interest and it’s an investment have spent up, vehicle owners are generally getting older so the numbers of vehicles coming onto the market is increasing and will increase greatly in the next 10 years when the family sell them off as they go to a better place (if I’ve just put you into that category, sorry !!) and we are in uncertain times so there is less money for luxuries. The market in classic cars, tractors and lorries has already reduced and suffered the same as the ‘investors’ leave the market due to diminishing returns. What’s your view ? Or am I wrong and do people see the first BSA M20 hitting £10k and a Bren Gun Carrier hitting £50k and actually selling for that in the not too distant future ?
  19. Hello friends I'm putting a bm wm20 of 43 (I guess) I could not get it exactly. When approaching the reservoir I became aware of what appears to be a posthumous addition where we had to pass the air filter tube before. I attach you to the photos I wanted to know if I would need to restore it to my chassis number or if the tanks were done. On the sides of the tank there are pads for mounting the pads Thanks for almost any help you can give me
  20. I am getting to the stage of needing some tyres for my Ford WOA2. I have been trying to find a supplier in the UK for a few years, but without any success. Does anyone out there know where I can get 4 new 900x13 tyres, at least 6 ply, that will accept an inner tube and be able to do 50/55mph? So far I have found Implement tyres and tyres that will not accept an inner tube. Both not suitable. I have tried Vintage tyres at Beaulieu, ToTec tyres in Newbury, Longstone tyres in Bawtry and Big Tyres in Nottingham. Any advice will be helpful. Robert Davey
  21. Hoping someone may identify any of these so I may push them towards people who might use them or need them. And before some joker makes a comment, the mess tins are used for scale and do not need identifying I believe these are all of British origins but not sure
  22. Yes this may be stupid but an eBay seller is selling the above mentioned and it has the 2.5 screw on fitting. Does this fit the standard army Landrover/Bedford screw fitting. I would have said yes but I need it confirmed before I buy them. Photos attached Help appreciated. George
  23. Hi. A few years ago I could get large aerosols and pots of olive drab paint from a company based near Stanley County Durham. An old friend used to get it for me but i never knew the name of the company. Before you ask, the old friend isn't about anymore so I can't ask him. Anyone know this company? Thanks, George
  24. The tachometer on the cent isn't working. It's apparently just a simple voltmeter that runs off a tachometer generator on the front of the B (right) bank of the Meteor. I've read the manuals and know where it's supposed to be but haven't spotted it yet - will see if I can remove a bulk head plate to find it so I can test it. I suspect it's just a loose connection and the tachometer is a lot easier to get at, so plan to start at that end and make sure the tachometer is working. So my question is, how do I test it? I guess connecting the terminal to a battery would do the job but not sure what voltage would be OK without damaging it. A car battery seems a bit over engineered and not sure if that would be safe. Cheers James
  25. I am looking to finish the repairs to the 110 Land Rover and am have trouble the rubber strips which hang down and hold the reflectors. Does any one know the part number or even better a source for finding them. Thanks in advance. Richard
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