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  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie to military vehicles but I'm interested in buying either a wartime jeep (Willys MB/Ford GPW) or a Hotchkiss M201 jeep and I was wondering if anybody is able to give me any pointers/suggestions on what to look out for or bear in mind when looking at jeeps. I've been studying the Jeep Buyers guide so am slightly aware of the differences between the wartime and M201 jeeps. I've seen a number of adverts for jeeps that state that the vehicle requires UK registration. How difficult is it to register a jeep and what is involved? Are there any potential traps to fall into? Regarding MOTs, what are the most common failures and/or problems associated with MOT'ing an old jeep. If buying a jeep that is not UK registered, nor has an MOT, should this ring any alarm bells? For a first time jeep owner, would you avoid something that required MOT'ing and/or UK registering? What are peoples thoughs on this? Also are there any tricks/scams that people sometimes pull when selling jeeps? I've had a read through the forum and there are a couple of alarming posts! How about rust on a jeep - is that fairly straightforward to deal with? If being a jeep that is rusty (and I'm sure most are at least somewhere) what should is minor rust and what would be a major (and costly) problem to fix? Finally are they any particular things to look out for when buying a jeep? What are the usual things to go wrong in the cause of running a jeep? Are there any parts that are difficult to source? I'm not particularly car orientated (my car is serviced by the local mechanic) but willing to learn, Quite a list, but any tips, recommendations and advice most appreciated. Thanks Jon
  2. I am looking for a Railway Enthusiasts site, the equivilant to this great Forum. Can anyone suggest a good website? It's just that my good Wife has been researching our family tree and we have found some relatives who worked for the GWR and have a few questions.
  3. I thought I would ask as I am pretty sure someone will know.... Does anyone know of a good CNC punching firm? Many thanks. Jack. Bet everyone is amazed that I would even know what that means :cool2:
  4. People of HMVF (and Joris). What are the following shows like - depending on what the feedback is I am y attend on a 'business' footing - you know, higher van and stock, ear plugs, teas maid etc etc........ Wings and Wheels - Belgium Victory Show - Leics Military Odyssey Operation Market Garden 2008 Many thanks for your help! Jack.
  5. Gentleman and Ladies Myself and stollyriddle have a BIG favour to ask, here goes; We will be down at the War and Peace show from the 4th July (as normal) sometime from then on we hope to change the gearbox in the stolly as there is no reverse gear, for this we require some lifting gear i.e. WLF or such like (Mike,Mark,Vince)?? to lift the old one out and the new one in, plus some willing and knowledgeable hands, also we would like Lee or Harry to film the whole episode as a "How to" for HMVFTV it should make for some good footage and choice language no doubt!! In return we have on offer a beer tent stocked with Stella :beer: (2 barrels of course) tea, coffee :coffee: and food etc. some good banter, friendship and hopefully a stolly with a reverse gear at the end of it. If anyone would be up for this please run like hell now, no seriously if you can help we would be ever so grateful for the assistance and hopefully all gain some knowledge as well. :thanx: Regards
  6. Does anyone know about vehicle ground pressures? I'm trying to find out the difference between a FV432 and a Bedford 4 tonner, for use on paving during a parade through a town.
  7. Didn't Son of FV601 and Stryker suggest a junior section to the forum? The heir to all my debts (13 going on 40) would be interested in joining if it happens. Was the idea lost in the big move or was it not taken up due to lack of interest?
  8. I may be stupid but..... If an mv has been standing outside for 10 - 15 years - how viable is the Hercules engine going to be?? knackered?
  9. Who can please help me with information or documentation about the Wehrmacht Oil 8E. (today SAE standard?) Thanks in advance for you help. Kind Regards
  10. People of HMVF and Cripp. Your website needs you! We are looking for news from all corners of the UK and the globe. We want to update the front page news every single day with news - the front page is a massive part of HMVF and read by 000's. So we want to know your news from: Area clubs and groups Show organisers Event organisers Business's Your latest purchase You name it - WE WANT IT. All we need is your copy ( your write up) and at least one high res image and email it to me jack @ hmv co uk Have a look at the news on the front page for examples. Come on shout out your news to the world!! This is Trevor MacDonald at HMVF Towers- back to you in the studio
  11. How common and how much is it worth? Made by Engine Applications in Banbury Fitted with a small Villiers engine 14V 21A contious rated Last used about 7 years ago, may need pionts cleaning and adjusting.
  12. I have probably asked this before but must be having a C.R.A.F.T moment. Are the radial tyres fitted to Hotchkiss one piece wheels tubeless or are they fitted with inner tubes. Are they easy to get off as I have a pair of v/good used ones to go on. Alterntively can anyone in the Tyne and Wear area recommend a tyre shop that will fit these tyres for me. I supect that most of the main tyre dealers wont be keen on either fitting tyres that you havnt bought from them or fitting used tyres. eg sorry mate its dangerous you need new ones. cheers Centurion
  13. i seem to remember you can research archives to find history on a military vehicle? but can't for life of me remember who and how i would go about it? Cheers Bazz
  14. Hi all, I am contemplating the purchase of a Bedford MW 15-cwt truck. I have been informed spares availability is quite good, so I'm not worried about that. However, I am 6'6" tall, and have a problem fitting in many WW2 army trucks. Can anyone with Bedford MW experience tell me if I would have problems fitting behind the wheel? From pictures I see they have space left behind the driver's seat, so I'm hoping I can adjust the seat back far enough to create legroom. Thanks, Hanno
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone local to London has removed a Saracen wheel before and if so, would you be willing to supervise me and a few mates having a go? You don't have to do much just watch, drink beer and make sure we don't do anything silly. Any takers?
  16. Was thinking the other day - we've got galleries here for the Matadors, Militants etc - how about one for the other load-lugger on the battlefield, the Stalwart??? What do the politburo - sorry , Mods & Admin - think, can we have a Stalwart gallery please??? :bow: :bow:
  17. Anybody notice the Similar Threads that appear under every thread?
  18. Hi All Does anyone know if there is a downloadable manual for the lightweight available on the internet? Thanks Ian
  19. has anyone seen or heard from our beloved leader as he has seemed to have dissapeard since breaking down at rtv:yay::yay: has anyone any news or do we have to send a search party to cover wiltshire:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  20. I was driving on the M25 today (Friday 2nd May) heading towards Kent, and saw 2 Ward La France wreckers going clockwise, heading West. Was it anyone from the HMVF? One was towing a trailer.
  21. HI All As you may well know my workshop jimmy has a Swiss body on the back and there are a few words that I am not familier with, so if one of you nice lot over the channel can have a look below and see if you can interpret the meanings I will be much obliged. (some are obvious) and bearing in mind thay are from an electrical panel in the truck. Many thanks. STECKDOSE 380v PRISE EXTERIEURE 380v SYSTEMUMSCHALTER COMMUTATEUR P SYSTEME PHASENSPANNUNG TENSION PHASE NUETRE AGGREGAT GROUPE ELECTROGENE HEIZUNG CHAUFFAGE STECKDOSEN 3PH PRISES 3PH SCHMIRGELMASCHINE MEULE STECKDOSEN LINKS PRISES GAUCHE LICHT ECLAIRAGE STECKDOSEN RECHTS PRISES DROITE TRENNTRAFO TRAFO DE SEPARATION 200v
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