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Found 526 results

  1. A news paper article in Queensland Australia, reporting on the conflict in the Ukrain, shows the attached photo, as evidence of Pro-russian tanks rolling into the city. The situation must have got dire over there, because if they are now fighting with the tank shown, they are really drawing on their old tank arsenel stocks. It just goes to show how the media can use a picture to inform the ingorant public. Regards, Tim IS3 russian tank.pdf
  2. On Monday at 18:15 I had a Grandson born. Mother and baby both well. He was 9 pounds 7 ounces and will be called Joshua.
  3. There isn't much of it left, but this is an interesting little video from last year, its great to see the turbine blades come out the ground like the day they were made! Something went wrong...
  4. Hi I have a photograph 27 YD 19 taken in about 1960 whilst in service. If you own the bike please PM me. Cant put on internet as owner of photos asked me not to put on, but happy to go to current owner.
  5. That is some sad news - Sexton, QRL's and many more caught up in the fire :-( http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/64785939/Up-in-smoke-WWII-trucks-lost-in-blaze
  6. Just watched the Antiques Road Show & saw something very interesting about Overlord I had never come across before. Although I see the item had already been leaked. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2887635/Top-secret-documents-unearthed-officer-s-son-reveal-names-Second-World-War-s-D-Day-operations-changed-three-weeks-invasion.html
  7. The Dunsfold Landrover collection has been granted Charitable Trust status and is launching an appeal to fund a permanent Museum http://www.dunsfoldcollection.co.uk/news/press-release
  8. The Dig for Victory Show (13/14th June 2015) team has just launched a new Blog http://digforvictoryshow.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/workshop-wednesday-1/ that includes updates on the show and for all the vehicle buffs, the latest news from the http://www.shoplandcollection.com workshops :-)
  9. It will sure make a fantastic house, with views over the Wash, and firing range too! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-30035596
  10. Panzer IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) ex hard target - auction ....auction in Finland https://huutokaupat.com/fi/v/98598 i think this item is not for track-kickers it seems the final price is going to be high ? and ....if you do not speak finnish.. i recommed ...only serious enquiries to these phone numbers Millog Oy phone : 040 315 7999 (surplus company phone) or Maavoimien Materiaalilaitoksen Esikunta to mr Kimmo Uotila, phone 0299 460 355 (Defence Forces phone) or Contacts For general enquiries please contact the Finnish Defence Forces national switchboard on: +358 (0) 299 800 Email: firstname.lastname@mil.fi pekka -59 Ferret mk1 02 CC 30 -54 Ferret mk1 54-82550
  11. Born at 10am on Friday 31st October was my 3rd Granddaughter, Alexandra Read (or just Alex). Mother and Baby doing very well. Looking forward to bringing them to a show in 2015.
  12. Today The Tank Museum announced the launch of its latest exhibition, ‘Fury’, sponsored generously by Wargaming. Opening its turret doors on the 20th of October, the exhibition tells the story of the Museum’s integral involvement with the making of David Ayer’s visionary film, Fury, which bursts onto cinema screens across the UK on the 22nd of October. The movie casts two of The Tank Museum’s exhibits: the world’s only working Tiger 1 tank and the eponymous Fury Sherman M4 tank, in a tale of overwhelming odds deep behind enemy lines in the last days of the Second World War. Taking centre stage in the ‘Fury’ exhibition will be the film’s armour plated star, the Sherman M4, alongside imagery and footage directly from the film. Other attractions include uniforms from the film worn by some of the stars, and numerous props straight from the set, all kindly donated by Norman Productions. David Willey, Curator of The Tank Museum, said, “Being a part of making this film was a remarkable opportunity for the Museum and we want to share that experience with our visitors. This exhibition will give an insight in to how The Tank Museum was involved in the Fury film, the issues we faced when working to safely use some of our historic collection and what it was like for staff on the set of a Hollywood movie.” To celebrate and acknowledge Wargaming’s continued support of The Tank Museum, the ‘Fury’ exhibition will also host various gaming stations where visitors will be invited to play World of Tanks. Using in-game tanks modelled on the armoured vehicles from the film, players will be able to clash against each other to recreate the very battles Wardaddy and his troops fight in the film within the Wargaming universe. This will be further supported by a video which intersperses film footage from Fury, with Wargaming’s tanks in-game to form a thrilling montage, overlaid with commentary by Richard Cutland, UK Historical Consultant at Wargaming. “Wargaming has a long history of collaboration with The Tank Museum, we sponsored the building of a classroom in the museum, we also contributed to the restoration of The Museum’s collections and now we are extremely proud to be working with The Museum again, sponsoring the making of this new exciting Fury exhibition, which is a perfect match to our game World of Tanks", said Rinaldo Andreolli, General Manager Wargaming Europe. The ‘Fury’ exhibition will open on the 20th of October at The Tank Museum and is scheduled to run until the end of 2015.
  13. Here you go fellows.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/croatia/11135753/Remains-of-WWII-dive-bomber-found-off-the-coast-of-Croatia.html Appears to be in pretty good shape considering... Matt
  14. Malcolm Harrison Auctions, are advertising the Auction of Alan Hindle Transport Ltd. 04/10/2014 Believe the Auction is around the Manchester area. Including in the Auction, are a number of military vehicles & equipment including : Leyland Hippo nice 432 Austin Champs Hagglund Bv206 RB44 Landrover 101 several low loader trailers etc etc
  15. The following auction notice may be of some interest... http://charlesstewart.com.au/stock-sales/clearing-sales
  16. But there in Australia... And you have to be Australian... And not a commercial venture... And they have no engines..... http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/tanks-to-scare-neighbours/story-e6frf7kx-1111114422073
  17. http://www.stalbansreview.co.uk/news/11478075.Bomb_scare__Second_World_War_shells_found_in_St_Albans/
  18. I was recently commissioned to paint one of the Squirrel Helicopters from the Helicopter training school at RAF Shawbury, Shropshire. The painting was then presented as a retirement gift at a special evening. I think the recipient was very pleased and totally shocked by the presentation. Here is a copy of the finished image. I had thought about producing prints with a percentage going to the RAF Benevolent find, so an idea to look at for the future. I always welcome and appreciate comments and feedback on my work. I hope you like the finished result.
  19. Above: (Left to Right) David Ayer, Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt and Jon Bernthal.Brad Pitt visited The Tank Museum, at the end of August, with his co-stars Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal and writer-director David Ayer to promote the release of the upcoming film Fury. Pitt also reunited with two of his larger co-stars: the hero Sherman tank that would play the role of Fury, and Bovington’s world-renowned Tiger 131. The Tank Museum was first involved with Fury when writer-director David Ayer reached out to the museum seeking out expertise, crew and vehicles. One of Ayer’s mandates for the production was that it would be told in a way that would be as historically accurate as possible. Later, the stars of Fury came to the Museum to learn first-hand about the history of tank warfare, whilst being given a tour around the impressive display of vehicles in the Museum’s collection. They also took the time to visit the ranges at Lulworth, to see the modern British Army tanks in action. Original Second World War vehicles were at the top of the list for Ayer and it was agreed that the Museum would loan its Sherman tank as the main ‘hero’ tank for the duration of the filming. After much discussion, the Museum agreed to loan its world-renowned Tiger 131 tank as well for a two week trip to the film set. Museum staff crewed these vehicles and remained on set with a recovery tank in case there were any breakdowns. This was the first time that the Tiger 131 had left Bovington since 1953 and, most importantly, the first time since 1946 that an original Tiger I tank has appeared in a major film production. The Sherman tank takes centre stage as ‘Fury’, the home of the American tank crew, which will come face-to-face with the fearsome Tiger as the crew find themselves behind German lines at the end of the Second World War. David Willey, Curator at The Tank Museum, “With our unrivalled collection, our contacts and staff we were an obvious choice for the filmmakers to consult. We hear how well the British film industry is doing and, having seen those skills at work on the set, it was fantastic to realise that the collection here is part of that success. After witnessing the care and attention that has gone in to making this war film, we really look forward to seeing the end results.”
  20. In the early hours of the morning friend & forum member Ray Tuson (ray109) lost his battle against cancer. It was a pleasure to of known Ray, a true gentleman & fighter to the end. Our thoughts are with Jo & his Family. Rest in Peace Ray. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/member.php?306-ray109
  21. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/battle-britain-see-how-spitfire-wwii-fighter-planes-are-restored-new-zealand-1456094
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-29040182
  23. Seventy years to the day after Polish and British Forces fought side by side at the Falaise Pocket in Normandy, The Tank Museum, and the Land Forces Museum, Poland made an historic swap of two Cold War era tanks, which thirty years ago would have faced each other on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain. The Chieftain was the backbone of the British Royal Armoured Corps for nearly thirty years after its introduction in 1966. Its 120mm gun was considered the best of its kind in the world and its 120 mm armour made it a tremendously powerful weapons system. The T72 was introduced into the forces of the Former Soviet Union five years later in 1971, the T72M being manufactured in Poland. It was a formidable opponent, lighter than the Chieftain but with equally powerful armament. The Chieftain Mark 11 has been gifted to the Land Forces Museum, Bydgoszcz, today where it will go on display to the public. In exchange the Tank Museum has received the T72 tank, which will form part of their active operational fleet. Visitors will now be able to see this impressive machine roaring round The Tank Museum arena during Tanks in Action display and at the Museum’s biggest event of the year, Tankfest. Richard Smith, The Tank Museum Director, “We are delighted to have been given this fine example of a T72 (left); it will make an excellent addition to our tank displays and our collections, helping us complete our record of the Cold War.” Mr Mirosław Giętkowski, Director of the Land Forces Museum in Bydgoszcz, “We are grateful to The Tank Museum in Bovington for the Chieftain tank. It will be the first of a new collection of NATO military vehicles. This exchange is one of the first in Poland and I hope that it will initiate a wider international cooperation between museums of a military profile."
  24. I don't know if disturbing or amusing, but at least we know where to find Humvee spare parts http://news.yahoo.com/how-does-a-police-department-lose-a-humvee-025942542.html
  25. Preview of forthcoming film "FURY"
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