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Found 526 results

  1. Heard today that one of the last Dambusters, Les Munro has died. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3184691/Death-Dambuster-Les-Munro-final-surviving-member-617-Squadron-carried-daring-bouncing-bomb-raids-Nazis-dies-New-Zealand-aged-96.html
  2. For the milly fans, we had a right crack at war and peace drove 150 miles round trip mostly motorway and didn't miss a beat, & was achieving nearly 8milds to the gallon!
  3. Ladies and Gents, for the last few weeks I havebeen engaged in a polite standoff with the local police over a couple ofDe-Acs. As the matter is now satisfactorily settled I’m passing on myexperience in case others have problems. I cannot fully go into things as a parallel matteris still ongoing, so if I’m a bit cryptic there is a reason. The basic is thatI had to contact the Police; they came into my flat at my invitation. I thenhad to attend A&E. whilst is there a police officer came to see me, I wasexpecting a statement over the other matter to be taken. Instead the officer wasmore concerned that there was a De-Ac Bren and Sten in my spare bedroom. I toldhim they were De-Ac, and therefore by the legal definition of De-Acs, none theless the officer told me they would be sized for examination. I really was notin the mood to argue so let it go. After a month I contacted the police asking when Iwould get my property back. I received a very woolly answer that they were ‘Waitingto see if I could have them back or if they required further de activation. Asthis was legally wrong I consulted a Solicitor. The advice I received was thatthe police may seize property if it is part of an investigation. If theinvestigation leads to charges then the property may held for evidentialpurposes until the case is concluded, then disposed of at the direction of thecourt. As I had not been told I was being investigated, Iagain phoned and asked about the situation. I was then told ‘They may beconsidered replicas’. Again legally wrong. At this point I put my concerns in writing,pointing out the errors and stating that if I did not with in ten working days ofthe receipt of the letter information that 1 I was being investigated and maybe charged, or 2 My property back, further action would be taken. This was sentby recorded delivery to the local area Commander. Today my De –Ac’s were returned. The points of law on which the this was based areThe Proof Act 2005: This states quite clearly the a Deactivated firearm that isproof marked is not considered a firearm: It also states the this act does notrevoke any previous proof marks. Therefore the dated proof mark placed on thefirearm when it is deactivated is still valid, and no further deactivation wasrequired. Section 8 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 (Chap 45) whichdefines De-activated weapons and applies to the VCR. There are no controls on who may purchase or ownde-activated firearms. The Replica or Realistic Imitation Firearm is coveredby the Violent Crime Reduction act (Amended 2007) Section 8. First, you would not have Proof House onReplicas, and second there are a number of exemptions in the act. One of whichis Historical, living history or military re-enactment, of any period, providedthat it is a group with Public Liability insurance. I am a member of suchgroups and have Public Liability cover when participating in Military re-enactment.So even if they were replicas I have exemption. The officer leading the investigation into theother matter did admit at the beginning that they were not experienced inmatters concerning de-activated weapons. It has taken about six weeks to get thismatter concluded, and has required constant challenges to every reply. Thoughother obvious replicas and de-ac weapons including hand guns and rifles were ignored.At the time. Nothing at the time was on display so officers would have had tosearch the flat to find them. At the time I was not suspected of committing anyoffence, and subsequently no charges have been laid against me. This whole sorry affair seems to have beeninitiated by ‘Guidelines’ so be careful folks and know what you can and can’tdo. My advice in future would be 1 Get the name or numberof any officer showing interest in your collection. 2 If they intend to seizeanything, ask politely, why? Under what Act and the section they intend to seizeand what offence you are alleged to have committed? Make carful notes of all answers. I hope this never happens to anyone else, but beprepared!
  4. Just thought I'd get this in quick to keep Jack on his toes http://petapixel.com/2015/01/16/31-rolls-undeveloped-film-soldier-wwii-discovered-processed/ Nice view of a convoy of Autocars and 10T stake trailers.
  5. Just seen this, apologies if it has already been posted , in which case please remove. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-33537724
  6. I recently came across two works albums of photographs from Vickers Armstrong Ltd covering the period c 1915 to c 1945, held by Beamish Museum. The Museum have provided me with digital images and given me permission to use them on line. The albums and their photos seem to be largely unknown. I have now posted all the photos from the first album along with their original captions on a new blog called InterWar Tank Development, which can be found here. Don't let the title put you off as it also has information on other tracked, half tracked, wheeled and wheel cum track vehicles. The photos are a mix of high quality works photos and shots from trials and exercises including those at Wool in 1925 and 1927 and the demonstration to the Dominion Premiers at Camberley in 1926. There is a page on the blog called Media which has clips from British Pathe and Movietone News, and an interesting audio interview from the IWM archive. I'm hoping to do some work on the second album next week. I hope there might be material of interest to some of the people on this forum on the blog.
  7. Surprised no one else mentioned this today nice to see the flypast over london on the news
  8. This just popped up on the news in Aussie http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/panther-tank-among-heavy-weaponry-seized-from-78-year-olds-basement/story-fnpjxnlk-1227432119616
  9. Interesting to see them still in use. from http://rpdefense.over-blog.com/tag/uk/4 25 mars 2015 Regular and Reserve personnel from 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC have conducted a beach landing with 42 vehicles from a military Mexeflote floating pontoon. The vehicles included CVR(T) Scimitars, Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Stormers and a Terrier Armoured Digger, all belonging to regiments of 3rd (UK) Division. The ‘ship to shore discharge’ of military vehicles at Browndown Beach in Hampshire concludes Exercise Tractable, a divisional exercise moving 1650 personnel and approximately 570 vehicles by land, air and sea, designed to test the rapid deployment of 3 Div’s Lead Armoured Task Force.
  10. Hello All, Apologies if details of this auction have already been posted. There is an auction taking place on Wednesday 1st July which includes an AEC Matador Timber Tractor and what appears to be an ex AFS Commer Q4. I was going to post these under the new "Heads-up:For Sale!" prefix but I couldn't find it anywhere, has anyone else had this problem? More details can be found on the auctioneers website. www.mstauctioneers.co.uk
  11. Just popped up on the projects Facebook page. http://www.thechurchilltrust.co.uk
  12. From 1.may start great show in Pilsen, over 100 000 visitors, over 300 military vehicles, Czech and US Army, parade on main street, historical re-enact camps... here is few photos Tom Higgins
  13. I got my Tracklink today, a magazine of The Friends of The Tank Museum and was sad to see the death being announced of Catty Taylor on 11 May. His real name was Graham late of 3RTR and I first met him in 1984. He was somewhat outspoken as some of you will know but I never had any trouble with him at all, indeed he was always friendly and helpful to me. Another 'character' gone.........
  14. Dear All, Just a quick note to let you all know about a new venture unveiled last weekend – Tracks to the Trenches - the driver experience course. More details are currently available on the Tracks to the Trenches website – www.ww1-event.org This is a premium course (priced at similar level to others on the market) which is hoped to help us raise much needed funds towards our events and continued site developments. Tracks to the Trenches #2 (2016) is well into the planning phase - entry forms will shortly be uploaded to the event website. I have also attached the form here too. It would be great to see some of your historic vehicles alongside our own first world war equipment and the living history camp! Best wishes, TTTT2 vehicle entry form 2016.pdf
  15. The Friends of the Assault Training Center have been clearing undergrowth from the "dummy" LCT`s in advance of the Devon D Day show here on June 6th, when we hope to re-create some photos taken at the time. Built in late 1943 by the American Troops training here in Devon there are three surviving LCT`s and some LCP`s, they were first uncovered around 15 years ago but have since become overgrown. One has an extension piece at the rear added by 146th Engineers, C Co, 1st Platoon when the longer MkVI boats were introduced. The sides were constructed scaffold tube type uprights with latrine screens or corrugated tin.
  16. I have just heard that Clandon House in Surrey has been destroyed by a devastating fire. In the basement was the East Surrey Regimental Museum. My thoughts are with the curator for the loss. http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/local-news/clandon-park-fire-massive-amount-9148162
  17. As the title suggests, Happy St Georges Day!
  18. http://www.shorlandsite.com is back again. The framework has been there for 6 months, but now there is more flesh on the bones (& yes including a link to HMVF). I still have a lot more to go on, including 2 User Handbooks & 2 Parts Books. If anyone has anything to share with us on the site that would be nice & I hope to have personal albums of Shorlands. Although it will be restricted to vehicles that are fairly close to their original construction.
  19. A Pair of British Carriers for sale. 13k for the pair. Check out www.milweb.co.uk for further details, or pm me.
  20. http://m.dailyecho.co.uk/news/11858094.Southampton_museum_ransacked_of_rare_artefacts_during_raid/?ref=ar
  21. Did some get a bargain on Ebay last night ? Ebay number 331511890078
  22. Mildenhall, Alconberry, Molesworth to close, Lakenheath to remain open http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-30725366
  23. Royal Patron to cut the ribbon with WW2 factory worker on 26th March Bovington, Dorset- March 2015: The Tank Museum announced today that its new exhibition, which explores the design and manufacture of British armoured vehicles from 1916 to the present, will be opened by Tank Museum Patron, HRH the Duke of Kent alongside Mavis Jones, a factory worker during the Second World War. ‘Tank Factory’ forms part of the continuing transformation, of the nearly 70 year old Museum. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the exhibition will tell the often overlooked story of the men and women who built these complex war machines and how the demands of factory life affected the workforce and wider society. The display will also showcase an impressive line-up of vehicles and through a series of themed bays, cover a variety of topics including Materials, Armour and Weapons and Testing. The exhibition covers issues around who builds tanks and why they look the way they do, what makes a good and bad tank and, via a touchscreen interactive, the public have the chance to design their own armoured vehicle. ‘Tank Factory’ is housed in one of the older museum buildings – a perfect backdrop as it is in fact an old factory building – re-erected at the site in the 1998. The main centrepiece is a production line of Centurion tanks, arguably the best tank Britain ever made. The story of Mavis Jones, who will be opening the exhibition alongside the Duke of Kent, is one of the personal stories featured in the exhibition. Mavis joined Newton Chambers in Sheffield, a tank factory, at the age of 16 as a tracer in the drawing office. She met her husband, Lieutenant Eddie Jones while he was training nearby for D-Day and they were engaged in three weeks. Curator David Willey says, “We hope this exhibition brings a new story and perspective into the museum displays; how such amazing machines are designed and made and of course tell the story of the people who put them together – often with great pride and satisfaction in their work.”
  24. If you have a minute of 2.15 to be precise, check out this fabulous little video from the volunteers who organise one of the West Countries best Forties events. Please share with your friends.
  25. There is a new WW1 exhibition opening at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. OK, I know its a long way to go for some of us, but I saw a photo which those interested in WW1 transport will appreciate, see link; cheers Richard
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