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Found 526 results

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/archaeology/polish-researchers-have-unearthed-a-time-capsule-dating-back-to-the-nazi-era/news-story/128e07ba7b47d4ae7b30aef54dcf3b34
  2. I found this article interesting. USS Ranger was the aircraft carrier used to film Topgun, amongst other films. Sold by the US Navy for 1 cent. But her final journey is quite impressive..... http://wtkr.com/2015/04/13/drone-films-the-uss-ranger-on-her-final-journey-to-the-scrap-yard/
  3. New Year and new project's:laugh:, in the end of November 2015 i bought and rescued this beuty from ann Norwagian shooting range. a Hotchkiss h39! one of about 10 left in the world! this vehicle was taken by the germans in france and they used it in Finland and North Norway! in panzerabteilung 211. it will now be restored to running condition. the vehicle is about 70/80% complete missing engine and gearbox and some small's, so i hope someone has some part's i can buy :angel: the chassie number for this vehicle is 40611.
  4. Looks Interesting http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/archaeology/deep-dive-scientists-set-to-explore-sunken-world-war-iiera-aircraft-carrier/news-story/4830fe8fab1ebebfcf7b23276c322fb8
  5. I saw this online and thought it was appropriate for this forum The link states "English village that became an exercise area for US troops preparing to invade Europe in 1943 during World War II"
  6. Given the speed of some of our older vehicles it may be worth reading this link below. Iv'e never come across this before on an A road unfortunatly this case will have set the legal precident I'm afraid. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3674032/The-conviction-motorist-cheer-Tractor-driver-fined-190-trundling-slowly-queue-FIFTY-cars-trapped-him.html Pete
  7. The title (from The Guardian) is a slight exaggeration but the video is worth watching:- https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/aug/24/worlds-biggest-aircraft-crashes-bedfordshire-airlander-10
  8. woa2


    My eldest Daughter Emma and husband James are expecting Twins on 14th December, and found out today that they are both Boys and will be called Oliver and Thomas. She has 3 daughters already, making 5 Grandchildren in total. They will be old enough to drive my WOT2 and WOA2 to Normandy in 2044 for the 100th anniversary!!!
  9. The death was announced this morning of Gerald Duke of Westminster. he joined the TA as a trooper 40 years ago and rose through the ranks to Major General and was head of the reseve forces until his retirement in 2012. Having met him on several occasions I have no hesitation in saying he was a true gentleman and I know he will be sadly missed by many people. RIP.
  10. I've been documenting my restoration on my youtube channel- Spirit of Britain TV this is part 5. The other episodes are on there as well. There's good crossover with Tilly construction so I hope you might enjoy them. thanks Simon
  11. I have picked up the rather tragic news that this Company has gone into administration. If you are not sure who this French Company is they produced some of the best military history books: eg, Liberty Roads, Spearheading D Day, British Tanks in Normandy, The British Soldier, The Americans in Brittany to name a few. They also produced the superb magazines Charge Utile, GBM and Miliatria. I would hope that a buyer can be found for the company otherwise it will be a real blow to the hobby.
  12. After a few months owning the vehicle I thought I would try and document the fun and games I have had with the vehicle and these early posts are a catch, some of my experiences as a first timer may help others, some of my comments will be results of comments and or questions posted else where in this forum. I have always wanted to own a "proper" Land Rover and looking on various site was in negotiation with a couple of people to get one. Unfortunately, or possibly, fortunately was unsuccessful on 4 attempts, lucky 5. The vehicle was direct from the MoD and in good condition, bought by looking at the pictures, had been upgraded under operation TITHONUS, having experience of the MoD maintenance regimes knew it was a good risk to take. Never having purchased a vehicle this way I spoke to the DVLA and they gave me a list of items needed in order to gain a registration number. Once all this information was gained and I spoke to my friend who was a mechanic, my standard was, open bonnet, yup an engine close bonnet after checking oil and water decided to go for and got the vehicle. Transport was arranged and it arrived one wet day in February. Unfortunately I had to help unload and then dash away to take my son to play at a football match and didn't manage to get a good look at till the next day
  13. Even if you aren't interested in buying a Somme 100 Poppy Lapel Pin, I think that you will find the 10 minute video worth watching:- http://www.poppyshop.org.uk/somme-100-poppy-lapel-pin.html
  14. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/international/europe/2016/06/03/challenger-2-bae-general-dynamics-uk/85349470/
  15. A Replica Spitfire has been involved in a road crash when the trailer carrying it broke free and hit a tree on the A3 near Guildford, this is a static Replica plane built by Terry Barlow used a lot of original old parts and was heading to a show on the Isle of Wight. Most news channels are stating incorrectly its an original Spitfire http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/a3-spitfire-crash-live-updates-11552982
  16. Reading my FOI for information on the Land rover the MERLIN database is currently closed prior to the shut down of the system itself. There is no indication if access will be available once this work has been completed.
  17. The heavy-duty artillery hauler you’ll see here is the famed MAZ-537, and it’s a real beast. The tree stump definitely isn’t small, so you can see why you would need something this big and powerful to uproot it. The MAZ is well-known for its hauling capabilities, but tree roots can run very deep. It’s tough to say who will win this battle, but some more background about this truck tractor may give you a better idea of its odds here. https://overpowerd.com/machines/this-military-base-uses-tank-transporters-to-remove-deep-rooted-tree-stumps/?v=2
  18. Havent seen this pop up in here as yet? http://www.news.com.au/world/wwii-ghost-submarine-discovered-with-71-bodies-entombed/news-story/1fced5e8734c60e5d5df75b31fbf3384
  19. A bunker near Norwich part of Churchills network of secret GHQ units has been given Heritage protection http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-36332498
  20. Note driver wearing new mandible equipped helmet.
  21. IWM Duxford have restored a Whale bridge section from the D Day Mulberry harbours http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36004806
  22. I just read this report from Heritage Insurance - seem ths Brussels Eurocrats are at it again - not content with trying to ruin deactivated weapons they are now turning the beady eyes on classic and historic vehicles. See http://www.heritagecarinsurance.co.uk/news/uk-classic-car-definition/?utm_source=Competition+Entry+to+win+%C2%A310%2C000+of+Classic+Car+Prizes&utm_campaign=dcdfb9d50a-Heritage_10k_March_Newsletter_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b2a575bab8-dcdfb9d50a-212182397
  23. Bedford QL listed on eBay item no 131745698795 maybe of interest to some one
  24. As above, and this is also valid for oldtimer trucks from abroad, Belgium truck owners with an oldtimer registration are exempt. This is for all trucks above 3,5 tons, worst thing, you have to hire a special box, an OBU, on board unit, that is a sort of a GPS, that records and sends out where you're driving etc. this is coupled to your credit card, and automaticly charges for what mileage you're doing! (15-30 eurocents a kilometer), failing to do so get's you a 1000 euro fine! Not a good thing! don't think they'll have a 6volts version, as all modern trucks are 24 volts. Please check it out before traveling guys! here a link in English I could find, nothing about foreign oldtimer lorries though: http://www.viapass.be/en/about-viapass/viapass-for-hgvs/ Cheers, Lex
  25. Thought you guys might be interested in my little back burner project I have on the go, here are some pictures taken over the past couple of months with some progress made.......
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