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Found 526 results

  1. I regret to inform you that while on a trip to FortBorstal Rochester yesterday. Tony B was attacked by a hoard of Zombies. His Dodge WC54 was then turned into a Zombie NAFFE wagon.
  2. Nice Morris C8 on eBay Sorry can't do the link...... Jules
  3. http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/13572963.Work_starts_on_Army_family_homes_role_for_site_of_MoD___s_Corunna_Barracks/?ref=fbshr
  4. I'm sure the details on this are on a "need to know" but looks like an HL120 that was on Milweb while back and it appears ground-dug to me. Any chance we'll find out what the other engines are? besides the HL120 and the NL83 https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/121862.html from War History online
  5. Just starting on uk freeview Quest+1, Kings haulage shifting AS90 & warrior amongst others.
  6. http://www.janes.com/article/56734/iraq-receives-more-t-72s-bmp-1s
  7. A sad reminder to all of us who work by/under vehicles: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-35238029
  8. Well there may be a lot more of this available: http://www.mod-sales.com/auction/vehicle/home/41779/10_x_Hexamine_Solid_Fuel.htm Because: http://www.militarysystems-tech.com/articles/company-lands-wonderfuel-military-contract
  9. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/land/vehicles/2015/10/11/uk-army-extend-life-challenger-2-new-tank-too-costly/73410010/
  10. Seems to have been kept quiet but DVLA have announced all 40year old Historic registered tax exempt vehicles can now display old style Black & White or Silver number plates, previously the cut off date was fixed at pre Jan.1973 vehicles only. http://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/
  11. It seems the early start to the school term has had a dramatic effect on attendance this year, so the event is being brought forward to the Bank Holiday weekend.
  12. Petition Background (Preamble): There are proposals to lease a large part of the Royal Gunpowder Mills to PGL Holidays. While the site does need investment for renovation we believe that the current plans will see many of the facilities out of bounds to the public. It would also see Heritage Lottery Fund money going to renovate buildings which would then be for PGL's exclusive use. (Copied from the Go Petition site) http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-the-royal-gunpowder-mills.html
  13. Not quite sure where to post this - hopefully here is acceptable as it is WW1 military railway equipment and not-for-profit organisation? Just a short note to let you know that the newly created “Tracks to the Trenches” Driver experience course dates for 2016 have been released. This unique “day in the life” of a WW1 light railway operating company driver (footplate experience course) uses much of our large historic collection of (British, French and US) WW1 railway engines and rolling stock. Delivered in a special presentation gift pack, the voucher has a validity of 18 months, with the actual course date to be selected and booked directly by the recipient. With Christmas just around the corner, is this a perfect present for those difficult people who already have everything!? Please see http://www.ww1-event.org/driver-experience-course for more details! In other news, plans are developing well for the next "Tracks to the Trenches" WW1 Centenary Event - 13-15th May 2016. Please keep watching the main website - we are always keen to receive offers of WW1 exhibits and assistance! Tracks to the Trenches | WW1 event 13-15th May | Narrow Gauge Railway & Horses | Family day out | Staffordshire
  14. Hi Guys and Girls. Anyone know about this or have any more information - (Bear in mind this is a legal matter so watch what you write). http://www.halsteadgazette.co.uk/news/halstead_news/13921601.Convoy_of_seized_tanks_passes_through_village/?ref=fbshr Is this part of a wider investigation by the authorities? Markheliops
  15. Final Flight of the Vulcan at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. A sad day and end of an era.
  16. Earlier today, Peter Gray, the founder of the Military Vehicle Conservation Group (later known as MVT) passed away in France. There is an obituary from his friend Nigel Hay, on Milweb, see link http://www.milweb.net/webvert/78611 There is no doubt at all that Peter was very instrumental in getting the preserved military vehicle movement going in the UK, and further afield. Having been a member of the club since around 1978, I remember Peter well. I was pleased as punch to receive a tankard from him for best motorcycle at an event in my first show season. Peter, rest in peace, you started the ball rolling and we are all the better for it, as it has opened many of our lives up to what is now a worldwide interest. Richard Farrant
  17. Interesting bit of history http://www.news.com.au/national/anzac-day/how-keith-murdochs-letter-exposing-the-fiasco-at-gallipoli-changed-australian-history/story-fnmewwpe-1227538559387 the video is also good the full letter http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/special-features/the-letter-that-changed-history/story-fnknbqfy-1227530065059
  18. Saladin Owners and enthusiasts ! I am building a website www.fv601-saladin.co.uk ( Its not online yet , so don't try to go to it yet...) and I am hoping to encourage owners and enthusiasts to forward me details / pictures of surviving vehicles and their location etc to allow a global register to be developed. A friend has been keeping an informal count and he is up to 60 so I would like to formalise that , and also build a network of owners and enthusiasts to share information and network on spares supply etc. PM me with your details ! Many thanks
  19. Whilst browsing the web I discovered a website http://www.eurooldtimers.com The owner of this site is based in CZ (part of the EU). As I was browsing through the pictures of various vehicles I discovered that there were compilations of photo's from numerous sources, Withams being one, and Milweb being another (several private sellers advert photos being used) with the name of the website stamped across them as though they were the copyright of the website owner of eurooldtimers.com, whose details can easily be found using whois, including his phone number and e-mail address. The copyright legislation in The EU is quite clear and can be found at: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1442701487085&uri=URISERV:l26053 Diana
  20. andym


    For those who haven't already seen it, FRES/Scout has finally emerged as Ajax: http://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/dsei-2015-scout-sv-becomes-ajax/ http://forces.tv/26875935 It's a lot bigger and heavier than a CVRT! Andy
  21. AFRA no longer providing battle effects for The Victory Show:- http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=90460
  22. Always wanted a dingo. Richard Farrant let me know about one just coming onto the market. Dashed down had a look, knew as soon as I saw it, it was the one for me. In good condition all the extras, ready to jump in and drive to a show. Collected it yesterday. Thanks Richard. Pictures to follow.
  23. Couple photos, have a lot more to upload when I have time,we drive the AEC militant on a 150 mile round trip faultlessly, had a great show as always, weather turnt crap!. there seems to be a lot of the rare stuff, & armour, big vehichles etc dose not no longer attend? if any one has photos please share !
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