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Found 526 results

  1. From the Sally B website........... "24th June 2009 On Sunday 21 June, we had the result of the latest engine problem on Sally B and it was what we had all feared but desperately hoped could not possibly happen - the failue of the crankshaft bearing on the no 1 egine, meaning that the newly overhauled engine has also failed. How this happened no one can explain. We are at this moment in total disbelief, totally perplexed and utterly devastated. Where do we go from here? At this moment we are scouring the world's warbird fraternity in the search of a reliable replacement engine, but in the meantime Biggin Hill, Flying Legends and Waddington are cancelled. A full investigation into all aspects of the recent engine failures is being done and no stone will be left unturned. I do so hope that we will be up and running by the middle/end of July, but only time and finding another engine will make this possible. Believe me no one is more devastated about this than I am. Our Sally B will be flying again as soon as humanly possible."
  2. Stunned airshow spectators watch in disbelief as a £50,000 vintage biplane takes off on its own - then crashes into a tree. The pilot of the 1940s Stampe twoseater trainer had spun the propeller to get it started but before he could jump in the cockpit it shot forward. The plane lurched around in a circle before straightening up and leaving the ground as its speed hit up to 60mph. It flew for about 200 yards before smashing into trees at the edge of the airfield. Malcolm Phillips, 67, who was at the show, said: "There were hundreds of people there watching as the plane ran amok, haring round in circles. "It was doing around 60mph, going round in circles for six or seven minutes before it straightened up and lifted off. It was eerie as there was nobody on board. It flew for about 20 seconds, covering about 200 yards before it hit the trees." Had it cleared the trees the plane would have been heading for the nearby city of Chichester, West Sussex. Staff at Goodwood airfield sprayed the plane with foam to stop it catching fire after Sunday's accident. The biplane lost a wing in the crash. It is believed to be owned by Londonbased banker Michael Parr, 62 but it is not known if he was at the event. The Stampe was at the Goodwood Breakfast Club, a monthly event which displays vintage cars, bikes and aircraft. Chris Rollings, who owns four Stampe aircraft, said: "It's not that unusual for these things to start racing around with their pilots galloping after them. "But it's extremely unusual for them to take off without a pilot."
  3. My wife and I had our sixteenth wedding anniversary on Friday. Last year we decided to re-take our vows as near to our anniversary as possible, and did so at the weekend. We hired a car for the occasion. It was a 1930 Plymouth Sedan. There were fifty made for the UK market and this is the only one left. The wedding took place at The Holy Cross Church in Uckfield. We were unable to have our original marriage there as we had both been married before, and The Church of England doesn't recognise second marriages. Fortunately they were more than happy for us to re-take our vows and bless the marriage after the time elapsed. The reception took place at The Barnsgate Manor Vinyard, near Crowborough. We had the Manor House for the occasion, which was ideal for the number of guests we had. (30) They did a superb job, very well organised and a lovely meal. They had two surprises we hadn't expected. Firstly they arranged a magician to entertain us during the meal, and the biggest surprise of all was a long forgotton tradition of a visit by a chimney sweep. A genuine one at that too! He arrived near the end, complete with a live black cat on his shoulder. He wished us well and gave us a card complete with a silver charm. Absolutely brilliant. Here are some pictures of the day.......... Entering the Church with my two step daughters and two of our grandchildren. We were very lucky to be allowed to photograph the service in this way. Most Vicars wont allow it. The moment they had all been dreading.......... the speech. The beautiful cake my wife made and decorated......... simple is best. We bought the cup cakes. The sweep with "Costya". So called because it's his wifes cat and when he wants to borrow it, she says it'll costya. :-D These pictures give you an idea of what a fantastic day it was. Here's to the next sixteen.
  4. OK - don't go nuts over this! Degsy calm down dear!!!!! France's equivalent of BBC1 plans blanket coverage in a day-long programme called Barack Obama On The Invasion Beaches. Publicity for it makes no mention of British or Canadian troops. All on the front page folks and click on the HMVF logo to get there!!
  5. Full story on the front page!!! You could be there, arriving in style in a beautifully-restored Spitfire, if you enter this exclusive competition from The Sunday Times and the TV channel, HISTORY - I need some flying goggles as I have just entered and I am going to win! :sweat:
  6. Full story on the front page folks and click on the HMVF logo to get there! MOVIE legend Richard Todd starred in two of the most famous films inspired by World War Two, The Longest Day and The Dam Busters. But it's his TRUE-LIFE war experience that makes him most proud.
  7. Hi all. Received a letter from Footman James today setting out thier intention to transfer all regulated business to Aon Limlted. Footman James are a subsidiary of Aon Limited. The letter states this is an administration matter and future cover will not be effected. I hope Footman James can continue to offer the quality service we are used too together with competative quotes but when Roadsure were taken over all services seem to double in price. Lets hope nothing changes. Markheliops
  8. introduction In May 2008, after several years of painstaking research and investigation, five burial pits dating from the First World War were identified at Pheasant Wood, near Fromelles in northern France. The pits, which have lain undisturbed for more than 90 years, are believed to contain the remains of between 250 and 400 British and Australian soldiers, buried behind German lines after the Battle of Fromelles in July 1916. The British and Australian governments have asked the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to oversee the operation to recover the remains and to create a new military cemetery at Fromelles for their reburial. The work begins in May 2009 and will be completed by July 2010. Click the link to follow the rest of the story http://www.cwgc.org/fromelles/
  9. Full story on the front page! He was part of a small group of men or, as she described them, "adventure seekers" who conducted elite-force missions in Libya..
  10. Full story on the front page! Click on the HMVF logo to get there! The man who forged the equivalent of £3 billion in a Nazi plot to bring down the British economy during the Second World War was invited to the Bank of England this week to inspect one of his counterfeit banknotes.
  11. Full story on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to get there.
  12. Morocco division Given the fact that Britain did not segregate its forces and had a large and valued Indian army, one might have expected London to object to such a racist policy. Yet this does not appear to have been the case. Full story on the front page folks!
  13. "Bunker Bash 2009" 16th-17th May Living History & Military Vehicle Show Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker Now in our 4th year the show just gets bigger each year. All IMPS & MVT members welcome. Open to all Re-enactors/Living History Groups. Militaria Fair, Arena displays, Battles, on site catering, Beer Tent. WW1 trench system, WW2 Allied & Axis trenches. All vehicles welcome including Heavy Tracked. The Bunker is on the A128 Brentwood & is in easy reach of the M25, M11, A414, A13, A12 & A127 Booking Form Download:www.bunkerbash.co.uk or Email: info@bunkerbash.co.uk Telephone: 07971-052195 www.bunkerbash.co.uk Groups Attending. (Confirmed to date.) The Garrison WW2 Living History Group Kampfgruppe StahlKrieger, German Living History Panzer-Füsilier Regiment Grossdeutschland, German Living History Battle for Europe Living History Group Panzer Lehr, German Living History "Autumn 44" British WW2 (Essex Reg) 21st Army Provost Group WW2 Living History Group The Croatian Forces Living History Group Vickers Machine Gun Society in their authentic WW1 trench system. Just Ordinary Men. WW2 Living History Group Desert Rats, WW2 Living History Group Green Devils of Carentan. WW2 German Living History Soldier 2000, Post War Living History Group The Luftwaffe Society, WW2 German Living History 16th Comrades in Arms, German Living History Green Howards. Operation Banner WARS "Das Reich" WW2 Living History The U-Boat Society UK Air Cavalry Vietnam Living History Group 116th Panzer Division 'DER WINDHUND' German Living History Coalition 2007 Gulf War Display The 2nd Guards Rifle Division. Russian Living History Society Cold War Provost Living History Group The 25th.Co. Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal. L. H. Group. WW2 82nd Airboure Officers Club RSG-Reconnaissance Scouts Group, WW2 Russian Living History "5th Special Forces Group, 3rd Mike Force 1966" Vietnam Living History Group Medway Military Vehicle Group Aveley Military Vehicle Group EAFVG EMLRA Coalhouse Fort Historical Display Anderson Shelter Home front display WW1 & WW2 Allied & Axis trenches Woodland War Walk A Pickett-Hamilton-Fort Display (Airfield Pillbox) Arena events throughout the day Other attractions.. Classic, Vintage and American Cars. Classic Motor Cycles. Fire Service Demonstration & emergency Vehicles on Display Vintage Stationary Engines Vintage Busses War & Peace Jeep Raffle Helicopter Pleasure Flights Chelmsford T.A. Essex Army Cadet Force Soldier Magazine Militaria & Trade stalls. Petting Zoo.. come see the Llama. Mini Land Rovers - Mini 4x4's Bouncy Castle. Discounted Admission to Bunker complex on Show Days. (Exhibitors Free) Beer Tent. Catering, both inside & outside the Bunker. Public Camping weekend ticket available
  14. Full story on the front page folks!! Mr Fanthorpe said the clock belonged to a soldier despatched to the dictator's bunker after the fall of Berlin in 1945, whose wife refused to display it in her home and chose to sell it after her husband's death.
  15. I apologise if under the wrong thread but I have just come across this on the aol news posted on their website today 20/3, if anyones interested! Government in D-Day landings u-turn The Government will provide support for veterans who want to mark the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy this year. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said said it would make sure there was "appropriate British attendance" and "provide support so that veterans can participate", but it did not say what form this support it would take. Last year, Veterans Minister Kevan Jones said it was a "long-standing policy" to use public money only for landmark anniversaries 25, 50, 60 and 100 years after major events. However, a MoD spokesman said: "There is no question of the Government's commitment to veterans and to full participation in an international commemoration of D-Day." It is understood Mr Jones will meet members of the Normandy Veterans Association next week to discuss the issue. The Normandy Landings on June 6, 1944, saw thousands of Allied troops pour onto the beaches of occupied France and marked a strategic turning point in the war against Hitler's Germany. The MoD spokesman added: "The Government will make sure that there is appropriate British attendance, including ministerial representation, and will provide support so that veterans can participate. "There is a significant British Armed Forces presence in Normandy every June and there will be again this year, including current members of units which fought on D-Day who will stand alongside veterans at wreath-laying ceremonies." Earlier this month, more than 300 people signed a petition on the Downing Street website which urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown "to give funding to those war veterans wishing to attend the 65th D-Day anniversary in Normandy".
  16. Thanks to Tony for the stencil up date and full article and contact details of the front page!
  17. The diggers , a group of archeologists , who search on the former battlefields of Flanders may no longer proceed their activity, They have been brought to trial by a professional archeolog , and he seems to have the Lady of Justice on his side, Industrial plants are rising on Flanders Fields , and the secrets and victims will be sealed for ever under the concrete, The diggers have done great work , several soldiers of the Great War recieved at last a final place , after having been hidden several decades in anonimity, near their comrades on a burrial ground Lots of artefacts , silent wittnesses of time have been brought to surface, It's a shame that some people try to deny and forget !!!!!!:???:???
  18. Folks the shop is now open - just click on the HMVF Shop tab at the top of the forum. A great way to recognise each other at shows. We don't have all sizes but will restock when I get funds in to do so. If there is anything that you need but don't have the size then let me know then I can build a list and place an order and restock :coffee:
  19. A Boeing 737-800 crashed in a field near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol this morning. Read more at http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/02/25/turkish.plane.amsterdam/index.html Reportedly one person died in the crash. The number of injured is unknown as of yet, although it seems many walked away from the crash. I´m posting this here because one of the pictures shows a converted Bandvagn (BV 206?) in use to transport the casualties out of the field to safety. Here´s hoping all the survivors will be able to go home soon. - Hanno
  20. As you know guys Mark as taken over MV Video Ads and the full story is on the front page! Please click on the HMVF logo to get there!
  21. In order to protect its find until the cargo is brought to the surface, the company that located the wreck has not released the name of the vessel or its exact location, but has given the ship the code name "Blue Baron". Full story on the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there!
  22. :shake: Incident No: 3339 Date: 11-02-2009 Time: 12:17 Details: Grenade found in container Address: School Lane, Great Leighs Attendance: 2 x Braintree :shake: Crews are standing by following the discovery of a rocket propelled grenade. The 81mm mortar was found in the back of a storage container. A 200m exclusion zone has been set up and Police are evacuating a nearby nursery and neighbouring properties. At 13:30 hrs, crews report the Army bomb disposal experts are now at the incident. At 13:44 The Fire Service has now dealt with this incident. Station Officer Steve Wintrip, who was commander at the incident, said: "The mortar was found in the container which had been opened by the owner and the Police who withdrew as soon as they saw it. "When we turned up we ascertained that it was an 81mm mortar complete with its percussion cap and the bomb disposal squad were called in. "In the end it turned out to be a training mortar and not a live round, although it had been painted green like a live round and that led to the confusion." Dave C
  23. Marmite!!

    HMVF Map

    The HMVF Map is still active http://www.frappr.com/hmvf/map contact Joris if you have a problem with it as he is the Admin for the Map.
  24. Full story on the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there............
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