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Found 526 results

  1. Full story on the front page - click on the HMVF logo to get there! A memorial to honour secret agents who worked for the Allies in World War II is unveiled in London, featuring a sculpture of captured and executed Violette Szabo.
  2. Full story on the front page - click the HMVF logo to get there. Previous dives have dredged up hundreds of thousands of pounds of forged British currency and boxes of top secret SS documents. Hans Fricke, a German scientist, even discovered a new bacteria, called the "worm of Toplitz Lake.
  3. As stated elsewhere, our Charity for the 2010 Bunker Bash is "Help for Heroes" Ian & myself were out collecting at the weekend, we took the MV's to the Essex Country show where we collected over £800 just over £920 in 2 days.. Stuart & the AMVG were at events this weekend with a couple of our collection pots too.. we will do a running total when we've had a proper count up.. The support for the Lads was fantastic..
  4. Full story on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to get there. Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story Bone with bullet hole found by Russians in 1946 came from an unknown woman, not the German leader
  5. After the one found in Lybia, another Sherman tank has now come to the surface. To me it looks like this was battle damaged Sherman which was stripped for parts and then dumped. Otherwise, the hull looks to be well preserved, possibly because it was buried in clay? Enjoy, Hanno
  6. Full story on the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there! Miraculously, the 10ft long device, attached to a giant parachute, got wedged between a brick wall and dozens of old packing boxes which softened the impact – and prevented the German bomb from detonating. “How the hell it got stuck down there, I don’t know,” added Tony, who was a ten- year-old Edgbaston Preparatory School pupil at the time. “Somehow it floated down into my dad’s yard, lodging amongst some packing cases. “The parachute completely covered the firm’s van, which was parked just in front of the yard.
  7. On the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there! Redford's character in the 1977 movie was a composite. In one scene, Redford's character held a gun to a British tank commander's head to try to get him to roll his column forward and relieve the beleaguered paratroopers in Arnhem. Burriss was the soldier who held the gun.
  8. On the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there... Down at the bottom of Switzerland's deepest lake is one of the country's murkiest secrets. For here is disturbing evidence of Switzerland's little-known Second World War defence effort. It poses a potentially devastating threat to the Alpine nation, 70 years after the conflict.
  9. On the front page folks and click the HMVF logo to get there! The plane was only meant to be taxiing on the runway, but it climbed to 150 feet, before Mr Prothero, of Eastern Parade, Southsea, managed to bring it back to earth.
  10. Full story on the front page - click the HMVF logo to get there. The braces were brought to the town by Eddie Scott, a gunner in the Yorkshire Light Infantry, who was ordered to guard the cell where Lord Haw Haw, real name William Joyce, was being detained after his capture on the German border with Denmark.
  11. On the the front page and click on the HMVF logo to get there It was the Indian army that made Britain a power of consequence in Asia. During the war, more than two million Indians were recruited to arms. But Gandhi and other leaders of the Indian National Congress did not see it as India's war. The "Quit India" protests of 1942 were a challenge on a scale not seen since the great rebellion of 1857. As the stragglers from Burma stumbled into the great imperial city of Calcutta, it seemed to herald the imminent apocalypse of the Raj.
  12. Full story on the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there! Blyth Battery – which is considered one of the most complete examples of a coastal defence battery in eastern Britain – has been revitalised as a visitor and education complex following a £525,000 investment.
  13. Any one interested ? or has a few £ to spare ?. Maybe good for the new SE's new club room annex http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/8239756.stm
  14. On the front page folks and please click on the HMVF logo to get there. Armed with a name and a regiment you can then attempt to locate a service record for your ancestor. These are held by the Ministry of Defence and you can obtain them for a fee – see http://www.veterans-uk.info for more details.
  15. Full story on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to go there! Researched fewer than 40 years ago, the map used road widths and load-bearing statistics to plot advance routes for tanks, ruling out older, crooked lanes where armour might be trapped by urban guerrilla warfare. The Soviet planners also used a colour code for local objectives: industrial sites in black, administrative buildings purple, and military installations green.
  16. Full story on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to get there! But Roosevelt's belief was that the day of empire was done. He co-operated with Churchill's nation in order to defeat Hitler. Thereafter, he proposed to reshape the world in accordance with American concepts of morality.
  17. Full story on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to get there! Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris, the wartime head of Bomber Command, privately dismissed the Dambuster air raids on German dams were a waste of men and aircraft, it has been revealed.
  18. Full story on the front page - click on the HMVF logo to get there! ...Children’s author Roald Dahl was among the aircraft’s wartime pilots.
  19. Full story on the front page folks!
  20. OK I am getting back on top of things so news will coming back... Best Selling author and former SAS soldier Chris Ryan will be appearing at The Tank Museum to kick of a new series of evening lectures on Thursday 10th September (7.30pm). Full details on the frontpage and please click the HMVF logo to get there.
  21. Just had an e-mail thats going around the Scottish Military Vehicle Group. To firstly set the scene, we attended the Armed forces and Veterans day parade in Aberdeen in July, with a total of 15 vehicles in attendance for the parade, and as a group made our way down to the after event function, and parked up the vehicles and Al, one of the members set up his Dodge with his Help for Heroes banner and collection tin, "Doing his bit". During the course of the afternoon, his wife noticed a young chap put what she thought was a £50 donation into one of the collection tins! This is the e-mail that we just had from them:- "We opened all of the Help for Heroes tins last night at the CoM so we could seal them up again ready for Leuchars and Scone. I had previously marked the tin with the suspected £50 note inside so I set about opening it first. Sure enough a folded up Fifty quidder fell out of the tin, but it fell out rather heavily on to the table. So I unfolded it and to my surprise there was another three fifties inside it. This chap had donated an incredible £200 to Help for Heroes in a rather selfless and anonymous way. Now ain't that something." Something, its absolutely brilliant and to my mind shows how a few old Military vehicles can add to the spectacle and provide such a draw to the public, the anonymous donater could of put his money in any charity tin that day, but he chose to put it into a Help for Heroes collection held by an MV owner. And what an excellent charity to give his donation to, a totally non political charity that also helps other charities so our boys and girls get the best of care. I am inspired.
  22. Only surviving WWII Hurricane MK IIB crash-lands... six weeks after its £1.5million three-and-a-half year restoration is completed. A unique £1.5million World War Two fighter plane crash-landed today just weeks after its owner completed a three-and-a-half-year restoration. The Hawker Hurricane MK IIB - nicknamed the 'Hurribomber' - ended up on its nose after the undercarriage locked on touchdown. Its pilot was unhurt in the crash. The extent of the damage to the plane - the only one of its kind still flying - is not yet known. But at the very least, it is going to need a new propellor Restoration work was only completed six weeks ago. Witness William Page, who works at the neighbouring Essex Motorcross site, said: 'I watched the plane do a couple of fly-bys, and then it began its approach to land. 'Everything seemed to be going fine until it touched the ground - it looked as though the brakes suddenly locked on and I saw the nose hit the ground and the tail-end flip up.' A spokesman for Hawker Restorations in Milden, Suffolk, said the owner had taken the plane for its first flight on January 27 and North Weald was its home airfield. The spokesman said: 'It's quite a unique plane in as much as it is the only flightworthy hurricane bomber, it is set up with guns and potentially can carry two bombs. It is the only one like that flying in the world. 'They don't usually land propeller first and apparently it bunny-hopped down the strip.' He added: 'Planes like this are worth in the region of £1.5million and take about 30,000 hours to restore. 'We are not very happy. We are waiting to see the damage.' Five fire engines were scrambled to the airfield in North Weald, near Epping in Essex, at 11.40am along with paramedics. 'The pilot was the only person on board and he walked away from the incident,' said a spokesman for the county's fire and rescue service. 'Fortunately no one was trapped in the plane and there was no leaking fuel.' The plane, built in Canada, was shipped to besieged Britain in 1940 and used for escort and reconnaissance work from Tangmere, Sussex, during the war. It is owned by a group called Hangar 11. Along with the Spitfire, the 340mph Hurricane - fitted with Browning machine guns - was credited with helping win the Battle of Britain. Hanger 11 website http://www.hangar11.co.uk/
  23. At this moment in time we have the following confirmed; Johnsons of Leeds Tims Tags Capstan Boat Club The Desert Rats The Polar Bears UK Air Cav The Green Howards Panzer Lehr Kas, Sweetheart Forces Air Raid Shelter Enthusiasts (Anderson Shelter Display) MBT Confirmed to attend And over 136 vehicles so far: To be continued
  24. Full story on the front page - click the HMVF logo to get there! A World War II-era M4 Sherman tank on display at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany has been confirmed to be the “Cobra King,” the first tank to reach besieged American troops defending Bastogne from the Germans’ counterattack during the Battle of the Bulge.
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