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  1. OK folks. Entries now closed. I am more than full :sweat: I have enough vehicles to contend with now and thank you to all those who have booked in. There will be of course those that have booked in who will not be able to make it as sometimes life 'stuff' gets in the way!!! This year I will be strict on anyone who arrives and isn't on the list - I am afraid they will be turned away as I am governed by strict numbers this year. I have worked long and hard on this and infact as we get closer the work load increases dramatically so I am not having anything screw up my work. I have created an email list of everyone who has booked in so keep your eye open for 'round robin' emails with updates and finer details etc etc Fantastic!!!!! Best wishes, Jack.
  2. I took Katy my 54 for MOT test. Despite the brakes being more than adequate for the rolling Road, one of the front flexi pipes had been nipped by the steering stop. This particular hose has been a pain, but if you're replacing or move a flexi hose on the front, be careful about the routing that it has the room not to catch. Everything else passed no problem. One oddity on Front position lights, sidelights to the rest of us. Post 1935 a vehicle does need them, showing steady white light to front. Now Katy hasn't got any conventional lside lights! They are also supposed to work off the same switch as the headlights, which is a complication on a 54. The front black out lights worked so that was fine, but I'm going to fit another set, probably small LED to the outer extremities for saftey sake.
  3. OK folks - now for something completely different. I have never ever been so busy in all my life - life and living has certainly come back with avengence this year THANK GOD! So at the end of the month Pathfinder Online upgrade and and expansion will be live. Amongst the 1,000,000 new changes (ok exaggerated a bit there) we have a resident artist by the name of Andy Jones. Andy has been asked if he could put his mind to some art work for A&E 2012 - for a couple of reasons 1. to help raise funds 2. for everyone who would like something unique to remember the event by ( T shirts etc are coming next). A3 professionally printed on a limited run of 150 giclee prints, signed and dated by artist Andy Jones, this unique piece commemorates Armour & Embarkation 2012. Priced at £29.99, to reserve your copy contact info@pathfinderonline.co.uk quote AJ print
  4. Good evening all. I know I have asked this before....with some answers, BUT our transport company are asking for a more accurate address for the campsite and destination for delivery of vehicles. I know head office said emails would be sent out but with only 8 days left, the transport mob whant to plan their day and route. Gary
  5. UPDATE - exceptional meeting tonight with the movers and shakers of Dorchester - the heavy weights. Phil Gordon - Dorchester BID. Gerald Duke - Duke Actioneers. Inspector Les Fry - the boss of the police in Dorchester and a well know retailer of Dorchester. Without doubt A&E 2012 is going to be the event of the year and is going to blow you away (not going to give to much away at the moment). Guys - this is going to be incredible and it is all coming together and you will never of been to an event like it. - just get your vehicles ready.
  6. Having posted several wanted ads on various sites I now have a guy aledgedly in the USA offering me exactly the parts I need for $600. He has cut and pasted bits of my ads from this site and Milweb to provide an aparently plausable spiel. I know that some of us are desperate for parts but we can avoid this if we are careful. If it wasn't for a spelling mistake I made in an ad which then appeared as confirmation in answer to a detailed question then I probably would have gone for it.
  7. In the HMVF staff room the other day we were all taking about where the HMVF team should go on holiday again this year. Then someone said "well where ever we go - we aren't taking N.O.S. and Degsy again. N.O.S. would never take his coat and cap off and Degsy just sat about all day....."
  8. Hi folks, We are 10,000 programs printed for A&E 2012 which will be going into all the local shops, being handed out at the carnival the week before and throughout the whole weekend. We are getting good coverage for the event from the national press, The Times. Telegraph, Daily Mail and Express to name just a few. We are also have coverage from the TV too - so a lot going on. If you would like to advertise your business with us which also includes you link on the A&E website for two years then please just let me know. The site is getting big traffic and that is only going grow. Best wishes, Jack.
  9. Folks - I have been asked for to lay on a bash on the Saturday evening of A&£ 2012 - a 40's dance. The Corn Exchange here in Dorchester used to hold 40's dances for the 'Yanks' - before I pull the trigger on this - is this something that would be of interest to you?
  10. Flash message from the organising committee: Guess I'd better start unpacking the trailer this evening... PB
  11. Looking for some work? I need someone (or more if available) who is free during May - experience in telesales please and fantastic rates of pay. Drop me an email jack @ HMVF.co.uk if you would like some more details! Cheers, Jack.
  12. Hi folks, Time to start putting the soft skin list together - so those that attended last year and would like to come again next year, could you be as kind as to list yourself and the vehicle you are bringing for A&E 2012 next year. After being bribed with a large amount of cash and the promise of a free holiday in the sun - I will start the list Autocar GMC + 105 gun - Cubes GMC + 105 gun - Martin Hammond Matador - Philb Ward La France - Adrian Scott Ward La France - Heliops Diamond T and Rogers trailer - Jason Jeffries Mack NO2 - Jim Mack NO - Steve Clifton Jeep in British - Paul - Bigredone Willys MB jeep - Tim Willys MB + Gemco trailer - Cripp Jeep MB - Spood Jeep - Scammell4199 Jeep - Adrian Scott Dodge WC51 - Keith BSA M20 - Nigel BSA M20 Maltese - Ian and Alanis (camera girl) Royal Enfield WD/C - Malcy Harley WLC - Manny
  13. Folks - I will not be around for a bit on here as I am busy with A&E 2012. I am around on the end of email etc etc so please don't be too concerned if I don't get back to PM's instantly :angel: I will keep you up to date on A&E and you can also follow A&E 2012 at https://www.facebook.com/ArmourEmbarkationUkWwiiTankEvent Twitter @WWIITankEventUK No sleep until A&E - used to say that as a joke - its pretty much a fact now :computerrage: Cheers! JB
  14. Well hopefully someone would of noticed that I haven't been around much over the last 7 days - thats because my head has been stuck in a computer for about 15 hours a day. The same for Joris and Keith... BUT the all new Pathfinder Online will go live 20:00 - so kiss the cat, put the wife out and click on the new link I will put up then. We have rebranded, changed the name and pretty much everything else.
  15. Hi folks, Right so far this is list of armour attending A&E 2012 and it will grow! Sherman Sherman Sherman Sherman Hellcat Hellcat Hellcat Hellcat Hellcat M10 M10 Stuart Stuart M3A1 Stuart Chaffee M8 M8 M8/M20 Dingo Bren gun Carrier T-16 Carrier Dragon Wagon Other tracked vehicles... M4 HST M4 HST M4 HST Halftrack Halftrack Halftrack Halftrack Halftrack Weasel Weasel
  16. In order to receive email from HMVF you need to add hmvf.co.uk to your safe sender list. If you are unsure how to do this, here is a step by step guide: Go to Hotmail then your inbox. On the right, click on Options. Click on More options... Click on Safe and blocked senders Click on Safe Senders: Type: @hmvf.co.uk and press the Add to list >> button @hmvf.co.uk is now on the Safe Senders list. You will now be able to receive email from HMVF!
  17. In the interest of Forum Security all members will have to change their passwords, you will get an automatic message requesting this. Please do not use simple passwords like surnames, childrens names, or military phrases like, sherman, grenade, d-day etc. they may be easy to remember but are easy for people to crack. We spend a lot of time keeping the spammers/scammers out of the forum, please don't give them an easy way in. We recommend using an Alpha Numeric password at least 8 characters long (the longer the better). You can use this Free secure password generator to make a strong password. Tick all the boxes for a stronger password. https://secure.pctools.com/guides/password/ You can change your Password at anytime from the User CP or click here http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/profile.php?do=editpassword
  18. Due to a complaint & the security implications pointed out by a member regarding posts where collections/vehicles have been pinpointed on Google Maps & similar or where detailed directions to vehicles are posted, we will now remove without notice any posts where private collections/vehicles are marked on any such maps or directions to the collection/vehicles are posted. This includes any aerial photography of peoples property. Just one example, your MV could be next!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1369913/Thieves-use-Google-Earth-steal-copper-cabling-costing-railway-companies-1million.html
  19. We just become aware of an issue with Hotmail blocking mail from HMVF, this means that new members may not receive an activation code. If you have recently joined using a Hotmail address & have not received your codes then please email lee@hmvf.co.uk with your username and an alternative email address (not Hotmail) Existing members using Hotmail may not receive any notifications from HMVF. We know the issue is with .CO.Uk prefix, not sure if it is .COM too ?? We hope to resolve this ASAP.
  20. OK folks all the bugs now sorted and the A&E 2012 booking form is now live! Don't worry about the rest of the site as that will be updated throughout the week. All those that came last year and would like to come next year then please book in and to all the new tankers who have said the same - could you also book in You will see the payment button on the right hand side too. Here is the direct link - http://www.armourandembarkation.com/booking-form Cheers! Jack.
  21. SOOOOOOOO the wait is over! Please find below the logo for A&E! This is to go on T shirts, caps, jackets etc etc. We have an official 'corporate' logo that you will see on the A&E site due course but this one is for us! This excellent work is by young Jamie 'Sherman gunner' 'Lady magnet' Meachin. Very pleased with it Jamie - thank you. Next week I will get in hand sorting the range and prices out. I might actually get some patches sorted and sow them onto my A2. [h=1][/h]
  22. I know this was touched on in the Normandy thread but though it was worth posting again for those that missed it... Information recently forwarded to me:
  23. Folks - just wanted to share with you the official A&E PR... It was actually written by the BBC's Head of Communications for internal use but have allowed us to use it. - goes to show it's not what you know but who you know :coffee: or in this case it's who you know who know's who it is to know.....thanks Keith :angel: If anyone would like a copy of the original sent so you can send it to folks who you may know then just let me know - it would be very much appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The largest gathering of WWII military vehicles since the war is descending on Dorset The largest collection of World War II tanks and armoured vehicles since WW2 will descend upon Dorset on the weekend of the 22, 23rd & 24th June 2012 in a fascinating historical recreation event called Armour & Embarkation. For the first time since the end of the war, classic military vehicles will come together and form a convoy which will then drive through the streets of Dorchester for an unmissable and unforgettable event. WWII re-enactors and vehicle owners from around Europe will don original uniforms, carry weapons and equipment that would have been taken on embarkation to give spectators a real taste of history and breathe new life into the story behind the preparation for one of Britain’s most important battles. 50 plus historic WWII vehicles including up to 20 original tanks will travel in convoy along the very roads that were packed with apprehensive troops and vehicles destined for France 68 years earlier. Dorset was chosen for its significance as one of the major marshalling areas and embarkation counties during the build up to, and execution of, D-Day and the liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe. Jack Beckett, organiser and founder of Armour and Embarkation said, “Every possible area – from town centres to woodland would have been filled with a myriad of armour and vehicles from the allied expeditionary force, the likes of which have never been seen since. Until now.” “With the help of re-enactors and military vehicle enthusiasts the Armour & Embarkation event aims to demonstrate the true scale of the operation behind one of this country’s most important events in modern history.” The group will also be participating in the Veteran’s Weekend on Sunday 24th June by continuing their journey to Weymouth and taking part in the activities. For further information, please contact: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Hi guys, Just to let you know that I have now closed the bookings for Jeeps. Best wishes, Jack.
  25. OK - baby Jesus time is all out of the way its now time for flat out work for me :iamsmiling:So as we go I will up date you all. Friday is education day. This is where we will be bringing a number armoured vehicles and soft skins into Dorchester town. I am trying to beat the council up so we can bring them into the high street which is pedestrianised :whilst: This is so the school kiddies can come and see us and learn about their history. I have spoken with some tankers and SPGers :-| who are happy to do that. Will also need some soft skin dudes and outriders so if you would like to be a part of that then just let me know on here. It will also build the ambience of the town of what's to come - they won't know what is going to hit them :angel: Again full WWII kit please and Donut Ron will be there so you can get your donuts and coffee Cheers. JB!
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