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  1. Hi guys i have a question. I brought a 1984 Land Rover 109 GS about 6 months ago and stripped it down and scrapped the rotten chassis and bulkhead, it was registered on a Q plate and i have the V5 here in my name, recently i brought a direct release 1984/5 109 GS from P A Blanchards that had a good chassis and bulkhead but everything else was shot. I then stripped this one down and transferred everything from the First one onto this chassis and bulkhead, even the complete wiring loom! Now i know that i can get a ARP for it at a later date but i dont mind the Q for now but i want to change the chassis number on the V5, as i like to do things right. As the direct release one wasn't registered and the chassis it self was replaced before it was cast and therefore no stamped but has the vin plate on the bulkhead and mod plate on the seat box, am i ok to do this and what will the process involve. I want to do it right as i know that i can get a vin plate made up and just rivet this onto the bulkhead but i want to do it properley and legal. Sorry for the long post! Thanks guys
  2. Hi guys I need a fuel pump for my Austin K5 as it failed today otherwise its the Jeep going to Overlord :cry: anyone got a pump or know what other vehicles have the same pump and who else does repair kits apart from Champ spares ?
  3. David! HELP!! the copies of the charts you sent me of your Dad's D- Day exploits have been corupted! Another memeber has aquired a vessel that also has D- Day connections, I'd like to pass them on to him. Thanks!
  4. Found this earlier today: Ross After 32 years in business PORTRAYAL PRESS IS CLOSING DOWN.... [TABLE=width: 60%] [TR] [TD=width: 100%] PORTRAYAL PRESS is going out of business permanently - Everything is for sale - Including high quality reprint manuals(often better than the "original") on WW2 jeeps, WW2 and M37 Dodges, AND many other related manuals. (Look at our adjacent advert.)This is your last opportunity to get them while you can. We are selling to the bare walls, due to health reasons.Do not pass up this last chance....... "First comes, first gets".Our phone and fax service is "down" - (not functioning) -PO Box 1190, Andover, NJ 07821 is operable, but slow at times.Email is "best" - for questions ---- info@portrayal.comMail checks or money orders - no credit or other "plastic" cards -to the above PO box.Thank You, Dennis R. Spence, Owner [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  5. Update.. Part 4 v4.1 is a major revision of an article that has been evolving for 10 years. Now with 41 more pages. For those who have read it before the significant changes are on pages 1, 7, 13, 29, 31, 55, 61-96 http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?28980-All-Charged-up-Parts-1-4 Many thanks to Clive.
  6. Hi all. Had this forwarded to me. Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photo card driving licences expire. Thousands of motorists are at risk of being fined up to £1,000 because they are unwittingly driving without a valid licence. They risk prosecution after failing to spot the extremely small print on their photo card licence which says it automatically expires after 10 years and has to be renewed - even though drivers are licensed to drive until the age of 70. The fiasco has come to light a decade after the first batch of photo licences was issued in July 1998, just as the they start to expire. Motoring organisations blamed the Government for the fiasco and said 'most' drivers believed their licences were for life. Enlarge  A mock-up driving licence from 1998 when the photo cards were launched shows the imminent expiry date as item '4b' They said officials had failed to publicise sufficiently the fact that new-style licences - unlike the old paper ones - expire after a set period and have to be renewed. To rub salt into wounds, drivers will have to a pay £17.50 to renew their card - a charge which critics have condemned as a 'stealth tax' and which will earn the Treasury an estimated £437million over 25 years. Official DVLA figures reveal that while 16,136 expired this summer, so far only 11,566 drivers have renewed, leaving 4,570 outstanding. With another 300,000 photo card licences due to expire over the coming year, experts fear the number of invalid licences will soar, putting thousands more drivers in breach of the law and at risk of a fine. At the heart of the confusion is the small print on the tiny credit-card-size photo licence, which is used in conjunction with the paper version. Just below the driver name on the front of the photo card licence is a series of dates and details - each one numbered. Number 4b features a date in tiny writing, but no explicit explanation as to what it means. The date's significance is only explained if the driver turns over the card and reads the key on the back which states that '4b' means 'licence valid to'. Even more confusingly, an adjacent table on the rear of the card sets out how long the driver is registered to hold a licence - that is until his or her 70th birthday. A total of 25million new-style licences have been issued but - motoring experts say - drivers were never sufficiently warned they would expire after 10 years. Motorists who fail to renew their licences in time are allowed to continue driving. But the DVLA says they could be charged with 'failing to surrender their licence', an offence carrying a £1,000 fine. AA president, Edmund King said: 'It is not generally known that photo card licences expire: there appears to be a lack of information that people will have to renew these licences. 'People think they have already paid them for once over and that is it. 'It will come as a surprise to motorists and a shock that they have to pay an extra £17.50.' The AA called on the Government to use the annual £450million from traffic enforcement fines to offset the renewal charge. Before photo card licences were introduced, old-style paper licences were valid until the age of 70. 'Many motorists still believe this to be the case with the new ones.' Driving instructor Tony Carter, of Canterbury, said: 'It's outrageous; everybody thinks their driving licence is for life. 'Why - when you have already paid £50 for your photo card licence - should you pay the Government an extra £17.50 every 10 years? 'It's another stealth tax. Drivers will be very annoyed.' Today the DVLA said the date of expiry was carried on the new-style licences, even though the AA says this is 'not clear'. The Agency was unable to say whether motorists were told the licences would expire when they were first issued. It said it was issuing postal reminders to drivers whose photograph was due to expire, to get the renewal message across. But a spokesman admitted this was the limit of the DVLA's publicity. Experts say many drivers will slip through the net because DVLA records are inaccurate and many motorists have changed address, making it impossible to trace them. A DVLA spokesman said: 'Previous experience has shown that wide-scale publicity is less effective and can generate enquiries and concerns from those not affected. Instead, DVLA focussed on targeted publicity to ensure that we got the message to the right person at the right time.' The Driving Standards Agency is allowing L-test candidates with out-of-date photo card licences to sit their driving tests as long as they provide a valid passport. This concession will end in January next year, raising the prospect that some L-test candidates will be turned away. The DVLA said no one had so far been charged with failing to surrender a licence. * I didn't know about this so it may well be worth forum members checking their licences. Markheliops PS - This isn't a polictical rant but members beware.
  7. Happy Birthday to those below who's Birthday it is today.. If you are listed below & it's not your Birthday today I suspect that you left your date of birth as default on joining, you can edit this in your User Control Panel. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/profile.php?do=editprofile Tony are you really 109 today N.O.S. (109) Today's Birthdays Great War truck (2012), AndyB (2012), morrisc8gs (2012), 58 BE 88 (2012), Dakman (2012), T corbin (2012), gadget (2012), morris c8 fat (2012), Alan (2012), jonny loot (2012), Pete Ashby (2012), biscuits_brown (2012), Graham (2012), MARTIN CROSS (2012), Ian McC (2012), Tom G (2012), jerkey (2012), timsytanker (2012), monty (2012), Mike H (2012), wc63-1944 (2012), Arik (2012), R Cubed (2012), dgrev (2012), cw01 (2012), No ID (2012), LightLandy (2012), Dave (2012), fv102 (2012), carrier barry (2012), GI Mike (2012), Lwt Big Cheese (2012), vulcan (2012), army driver (2012), LEGGY (2012), JEMIMA (2012), Henk (2012), hairyogre (2012), N.O.S. (109), 00EC25 (93), Rolf S. Ask (82), mvdepot (62), Greenjacket (62), ruxy (62), John Blackman (58), REME 245 (58), rgb (53), whistlinwolf (52), Clifford (52), robin33ba07 (52), kew (52), Nickp976 (52), Clve Pemberton (47), Adam (43), landy man (42), AmphibAndy (42), replicaright (33), sas pinkie (6)
  8. An e mail claiming Fed Ex tried to make a delivery , and it has been left at post office. Open to get a recipt. The e mail is a scam with a Trojan attached. Fortunatley AVG caught it for me. Fed Ex are aware and you can forwrd any to them for action.
  9. i dont want to worry anybody, but our glorious leader has admitted on facebook that he owns a box set of the Neibours TV series!!!!! :shocking::shake: Yours, Worried of Stoke!!
  10. Is this real & if so how will it effect us, especially if it seems retrospective? http://www.the-ace.org.uk/armageddon/
  11. Not sure what anyone else thinks but I met a few Landrover owners at W&P that openly boasted that their LR had never been a Military Vehicle but still declare them to Insurance companys as ex-MV's just becasuse they have chosen to replicate one..(some just have a paint job & bits n bobs bolted on) this sort of behaviour surley brings the movement into disrepute.. they surley must have no valid insurance in place by not disclosing a material fact?? The idiots that carry on doing this will in the end push up the cheaper rates we receive for everyone.. there are at least two LR owners on the forum who have civy LR's on MV policies that I know of.. I won't name them but you know who you are.. please stop abusing the system, get proper insurance..
  12. Folks. I am just working on a new project and urgently need some help! I need some modern day images of those below - from the same angle as near as possible - any help would be more than welcome and appreciated - would credit you and happy to pay for each image used (can't below I just said that). I need more from other iconic places but for now: All taken at St Mere Eglise. Cheers! JB!
  13. Folks - just had a message from the BBC's One Show and they are trying to track down Tony Graves, he excavated the Lancaster bomber. Would anyone have a contact for him - if so can you PM me please! Thanks everyone, Jack.
  14. Don't know if anyone will find this useful or not, but I had scanned in the Morris Commercial (and Morris Light Van) pages of my 1948 edition of Motor Specifications and Prices for a friend, and thought I'd share it here. Unfortunately it doesn't cover the military-specific models from what I can see. I've also attached an Adderley Park production sheet. Most of the war years are lumped into a single production total, sadly, but fiscal 1944/45 is broken down by model, as are the postwar years.
  15. Stolen From War and Peace Show! Stolen from the W&P Low loader parking (outside the show area) our GMC Bolster truck, any info would be much appreciated.Can anyone help ?? please look out for it or parts and the below list of other equipment stolen from other vehicles. 2 x gas firing 50cals. 1 x gas firing 30 cal. 2 x 50cal covers.1 x axe 2 x Bogie Wheels. 4 x mines. 1 x M3 Cover. 1 x 50cal pintle, box & ammo. 2 x WW2 dated jerry cans. 01427 752622 ANY INFORMATION ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD PLEASE (PICTURE on milweb heavy vehicles)
  16. Folks I just would like to let you all know why the jokes thread was removed. It was never to upset anyone. However after discussing it with the complete team (there are now EIGHT of us) it was decided to save us from a lot of hassle we would remove it. I asked Lee to do so on my behalf. I asked for the thread to be pulled because: racial or gender specific/sexist references - to national or specific racial/gender groupings or even one time comedy stereotypes acceptable in the past can be the subject of a complaint, even by a third party not of that nationality/gender under current equality law in the UK. This could leave this forum specifically open to a charge in respect of these Acts - however stupid this might seem - should someone choose to make one and in the current climate there are plenty of people happy to follow it up for all manner of reasons. It's as simple as that. We have a duty of care to not allow this to happen and that we have to protect our position and the sensibilities of our members. Jack.
  17. I was watching 'Double Cross - The True Story of the D-Day Spies' on BBC2 yesterday, and noticed a German marked DC3 Dakota aircraft at 36:39 if you watch it on BBC iplayer. I've not seen a German marked dakota before, anyone know any details about it?
  18. When quoting other members posts that include photos please trim the quote to remove the photos unless is Absolutely relevant.. To those that have recently Quoted the posts in the W&P threads which are photo heavy with Ferret photos, please go back a trim your post & remove the photos. Thank you.
  19. Folks - there is a need for a K2 ambulance for a film/TV work going on in Ipswich - a fee and fuel money is available. I have been walked through this production at every stage and it looks very very good. If you can help then drop me a PM and I will send you the contact details. Cheers, Jack!
  20. The site was swarming with police last night looking for a missing person.. They came into the Victory tent twice & stopped the music to make an announcement.. I've just been told they are still on site circulating his photo.. Posted on FB an hour ago..
  21. This is a fantastic resorce. All kinds of pics and great detail http://www.stilltimecollection.co.uk/index.php
  22. Another rally cancelled due to the weather. http://www.woodcoterally.org.uk/
  23. Guys I need to get two jeeps to Swanage, Dorset for this Saturday for a veteran's memorial service. US veterans attending and the organiser has been let down at the last, can anyone help who is localish to the area. let me know if you can help Thanks
  24. So – we are ready. Not too sure where the last two years have gone but certainly the last 6 months have been a blur. With about 1000 hurdles and issues to get over – everything is now finally in place. It has been one hell of a journey. So what is A&E all about? Three things really: To bring our hobby and history to the public in a high impact way For us to have fun and enjoy our vehicles in a unique way And more importantly to make sure that our veterans know that when they pass over their sacrifices will never be forgotten – it is the least we can do. It has been a tough project to put together on this scale. Putting armour on the road is very difficult and completed and a shed load of paper work, meetings and personal guarantees and reputations at stake. I have had a massive amount of support and help from key authorities – Dorset County Council, District Council, Police, Weymouth Council and the Highways Department and Dorchester Town – Chamber of Commerce and Dorchester BID (Business improvement District). Our media partners – The Echo and WessexFM – they too have gone above and beyond to help me get out of a difficult situation and of course Maiden Newton at War. A big thanks goes to the Tank Museum and Murray Walker – these guys too gave me support just when I needed it. BUT - there are a key group of people who really have gone above and beyond – and that is every single person who is attending. From a Dragon Wagon to a tank to a bike, everyone has stepped up These guys are the cream of the crop. Why? Because at great expense and stress to themselves they have committed to the event and want to be part of it. Total respect and gratitude to you all. Not everyone who has booked in can make it for loads of understandable reason, transport problems, deaths, births and marriages. Busy hanging onto their jobs and running their businesses – but this is always the case because that’s life. Many may remember Dr Slow – Mark the Sherman owner. He has had a horrific skiing accident and broke pretty much every bone in his body. I told him to stop being such a girl.... Again – hats off to everyone who is attending, fuel isn’t cheap, time off work isn’t cheap but you couldn’t ask for a better representation or ambassadors of our hobby and guardians of our history. Sadly as with every positive there is the opposite – a negative and I have had my fair share of those. Nothing that could have got in my way but enough to make me wonder why anyone would ever want to undermine their own hobby. I have kept all emails and may even post them here post event. I can’t stand rumours. Potentially we could have a tank event here in our own country but idiots like this don’t want to see that happen. It is natural for people to try and undermine people who put their heads above the parapet and take risks, who have a ‘can do’ attitude to try and shoot them down. It’s part of life and you get used to it. It isn’t the first time in my life this has happened and won’t be the last. But it p*sses me off. If people do not want to attend and have this sort of attitude then they are not welcome. Moving on. We have an amazing three days ahead of us and please see below for the program: Friday - Education Day. This has been organised with the local schools so that they can come and see us in Dorchester. We will have a select number of very rare WWII vehicles whereby pupils will be able about them from the vehicle owners and crews. We will also have living history guys who will be dressed in full historical kit, again so that the local school children can look and learn about the soldiers who came through the town on their way to Normandy. Event time–11:00–14:00. Saturday – is ARMOUR day. This is the big day as this is real time travel. We are recreating a scene that actually happened in Dorchester on the build up to D-Day. Dorchester was full of armour and associated support vehicles. Every road, drive, playing field was full of tanks and armour. The noise that we will make going through Dorchester will be the same as it was 68 years ago. In fact there is a building that had a chunk taken out of it by a Sherman tank and it was never repaired – I wonder… A 20 -22 mile round trip. Again we plan to drive down from the camp with the tanks and armour and soft skins to assemble in the village. The press and the public will know in advance our leaving time and we expect the village to be lined with people waving us off. . The Saturday time table is as follows: Drive down into Maiden Newton as 09:30 and line up in the street as we are ‘opening’ Maiden Newton at War weekend. We leave at 10:30 and head for Martinstown for a pub stop at around midday. We then leave at 13:00 for Dorchester to drive through the town to be parked up in town for 14:00 for the public to come and see us and for us to visit Dorchester town if you so wish. 16:00 there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph at the bottom of South Street. 17:00 we leave to head back to Maiden Newton – we will drive another circuit of the town. We will then travel along the main roads to get back to Maiden Newtown for 18:00 Sunday - Veteran’s Day parade Weymouth. The convoy will go straight down to Weymouth for 09:00 to join the Weymouth Veterans Parade. We are taking up to 25 selected vehicles and once the parade has finished we are waiting for the public to clear and we will be returning to Maiden Newton which will be around 13:30. 30,000 people attend this event. This is all about time travel and commemoration. Veterans have made and continue to make a major contribution to our Nation and the Weymouth & Portland Armed Forces Day Celebrations will provide a focus on the tireless work carried out by Veteran Associations, individuals and today’s Military Forces. With a host of displays and information available during the week, veterans will be able to discover and receive support available from the various agencies and charity organisations; whilst visitors to the event will be able to appreciate the important role played. With many uniquely nostalgic, social and commemorative experiences together with attractions, Weymouth and Portland is the ideal location for one of Britain’s largest Veteran’s Festival. Some do’s and don’ts Please bring a bin liner or two and please take your litter home with you. My fault last time as I didn’t think of this but it took me two days to clear the site of rubbish. Bring your own cutlery Loo’s are sorted but we will have no showers as I can’t afford them We had such a great time at A&E 2010 and that’s was down to the fact that everyone just pulled together and nailed it. I expect the same to happen again. Here’s the thing and I would like everyone to do this please – if you see a strange face then please just go over and say hi and introduce yourselves. This is important for many reasons – you will make many friends over the weekend that could last forever. It increases your enjoyment of the whole weekend and it’s just how I like to run things. YES – even Degsy is approachable. If nothing else –please introduce yourself to Chef Ives – OK he isn’t as handsome as myself but he is feeding us all weekend so best to suck up to him......... Weather – not too sure what is going to happen there but bring appropriate clothing. Drivers briefing at 20:00 on Friday – some details I have to go through with you all. I will also be sending this out in email along with directions. I have done everything I can now and I hope we have provided an amazing weekend for you and look forward to seeing all my friends. Best wishes, Jack.
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