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  1. Armour & Embarkation - The Tanks Are Coming! A&E - as tough as this is going to be in this current financial depression we are going for it. A big ask I know but feel the fear and do it anyway. So what has this to do with HMVF? Well I am going to put this event along with The Pathfinder Magazine and HMVF all under one umbrella. Which will be called Pathfinder Media Group. And in this group will be HMVF, This will enable me to manage, update and maintain them all as they will be under one roof. So I am going to have built a portfolio site that has all three websites on it. So if you type in The Pathfinder Magazine, A&E or HMVF it will bring you to the same page - you will then see all three projects and you can then click on the one you want to visit. This will make sure that all visitors to any of the sites get to see everything else that we do. It may be an extra click for HMVFers but most have it book marked anyhow - it is the new people we need. Nothing will change with the forum at all - it will just be the redirect. So with regards to the event it will not be under the HMVF banner – it will be under the Pathfinder Media Group banner. There are several sound reason for this. One being that for us to put this event on we have to be insured up to the hilt – HMVF has no legal status as where Pathfinder Media Group will do. HMVF is the jewel in the crown for me and if anything was to go wrong HMVF would not be directly in the firing line – so it is safe. I/we/HMVF will not have access to grants or loans as do people who belong to the MVT and IMPS and so on. So this all going have to be funded by sponsorships and this is down to myself and the team. So to gain sponsorship then potential sponsorships will want to see some form of legal body, be it a trust, a business or a charity. So again by forming Pathfinder Media Group we can work to that. This event is going to be one of kind. We intend to get at least 12 WW11 tanks there – this has never been done here before and it is without doubt going to be historical. Also halftracks and other armoured vehicles along with heavy US and British soft skins and wreckers. The media will be involved in this from the start and I am in talks with the BBC as we speak. We will also have a DVD made. This is going to be you chance to be involved and experience something so unique that you will want to be there. To experience a line of tanks driving through country lanes and then into Dorchester town is going to be a one off chance of a lifetime. The soft skins will be filled with as many reenactors or folks as we can carry. We are wanting to get the Dorset Tourist board involved so that we can get as many folks out to see us as possible. Our campsite is well positioned and we will have loos and we will have showers! Hoorah! So now for the, perhaps controversial bit…we are going to be a small charge of just £15 to everyone who would like to attend, be it an mv owner, re-enactor or foot soldier. Before you go nuts and for transparency I will explain why. The team and I discussed this all day yesterday and looked at the event from all angles. As I said earlier it is my opinion it will become the way forward for all events like this. I am happy to lead the way on this, take the flak (if there is any) and get all of that out of the way. We have not got access to loans or grants – yes we could go to the National Lottery but that too has to be match funded and many hoops to crawl through. For this movement to always be exciting and moving forward we have to always be doing things differently – or trying too. Events like these have their place in our hobby and I for one (along with many others) have enjoyed events put on by the Stevens brothers and their teams – we need more of them. Not everyone enjoys sitting in a field and some want their fun from driving and ‘action’ weekends – these sorts of events are it. This is not a money making operation so please do not think that. But I will not get involved with this if we lose money – we can not afford to do that. The team will be putting hundreds if not thousands of hours in to this all free and out of their own time – things will be sacrificed. So with this in mind this is how we are moving forward. I know full well as many others do and will appreciate if you start to lose money then at least two things will happen, guaranteed 1) you cut corners which means the experience will not be what it should for us all 2) it won't happen again. No one will be bothered to put all of the blood sweat and tears into something that causes them pain, grief and bankruptcy. The £15 pound will also go towards the showers and a breakfast every morning from the Friday until the Sunday. It is important that we make this event one hell of an experience. Yes it may stop some folks from coming out of principle and we would be sorry if that happens but please do not allow this to stop you from being part of something special. I hope this meets with your approval and look forward to your feedback. Jack.
  2. From Friday April 30th till Sunday May 2nd the Screaming Ducks will organise a grand WWII event in Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands. The event will consist of a WWII fieldcamp, USO show evening, road run. The fieldcamp will be located at the harbour on walking distance from the centre of town. In the harbour amphibious vehicles can enter the Lek river and sail to a nearby lake. On the other side of Wijk bij Duurstede a vast off road terrain is available for vehicles and tank to play around. Also mock battles will be staged here. Because of the size of the terrain tanks can participate in the mock battles too. A bus service will tranport the public from the harbour to the off road terrain. To give an impression of our most recent event, Operation Burning Flame, I've added some pictures. Pictures of our 2006 event "Back to then" can be found here: http://www.screamingducks.com/Images%2021%20Hemmen%202006/Filmstrip%20Hemmen/index.html I will add more information on the event here, if you are interested to come over let me know! Click here for the Google maps location of the event
  3. Essex Military Market at Battlebridge Antique Centre, Hawk Hill, Battlebridge, Essex. SS11 7RJ . Starting on the 1st March 2009 is a new open air military fair in Essex. It will be held in the well known Battlesbridge Antique Centre. There is no entry fee and plenty of parking in the area. Trade stalls are only £10 each and there is a great on site cafe. It will be held on a gravel area so no mud etc. Trade from 8:00amn and public from 8:30am until about 12:00. This event will continue on the 1st Sunday of each month after this. Contact: Lee, Essex Military market 07905 984668 Email LEE.MECOMIL@GOOGLEMAIL.COM Full dates on the Forum Calender
  4. I know this is a late notice but Foxfield Railway have a 40's do on this week end all are welcome inc German it is located near Blythe Bridge S.O.T. it's only a small event but a very friendly group of people run it further details give me a ring on 07970 708261 or just turn up free entry for vehicle entrants to show and on trains 40's wear appreciated C
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