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  1. Thanks Nick, some good pics, was a great day out.
  2. Brooklands Museum Military Vehicle Day 19th November

    It was a brilliant day, loads of vehicles and the sun was shining. There are a few photos on their FB and Twitter sites. Someone lost a MK6 helmet near Tesco's, unfortunately by the time I recovered it several vehicles had damaged it, secure your kit better next time !!
  3. Here is a recent pic inside the winch house, sorry for poor quality.
  4. Jeep cylinder head leak

    Hi, I have a couple of cracks on the top of the cylinder head and the plug holes fill with water if left standing for a few weeks. Is anyone making new heads ? or where is the best source for a usable replacement, not too fussed for genuine ww2 parts but I'm sure a replacement would be easier than fixing this one.
  5. sterling smg

    I have inert rounds at 40p each
  6. (Ferret) fuel tank woes

    POR15 worked very well on my jeep fuel tank, not cheap but way cheaper than a new tank.
  7. Was dreaming about this island when I spotted a cheeky Stolly waiting to be floated home (40 secs) https://www.galbraithgroup.com/property/cad170101-little-ross-island-kirkcudbright-dg6-4tr
  8. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Ready to move It's slowly moving (and the sun is setting)
  9. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Rick keeping everyone in the loop, Ward LaFrance - perfect for the job check out those vines
  10. Dorking covenanter recovery

    A couple of teaser pics, turret ring showing through..... spare track Tracks
  11. Looking for an M2 part

    DropZoneMilitary.com usually have a load of them
  12. removal of rust

    Have a before/after photo of a Bren T&E that I tried my first electrolysis session on. 4 hours in a bucket with a battery charger, big spoon of soda and an old iron bar. WD40 once it was dried off.
  13. removal of rust

    I third it, also just started and can't believe how easy/cheap it is with excellent results.
  14. Jeep insurance

    £92 here with Cherished with £12K agreed valuation.
  15. axholme signs

    These guys did mine... http://www.noostadirect.com/