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  1. Looks more like a 24v Hotchkiss, and £14,450 with fees so about right....
  2. A jeep also got a soaking behind the mulberry on Gold
  3. It's in your pic, last stripe on the fuselage, ZA947, one of the BBMF Daks
  4. We were over there for the last five days, just the two of us but was not too pricy, we only booked a few weeks ago, first time over in the jeep so no idea what to expect. £138 return ferry (Jeep + 2 passengers, Portsmouth - Caen) £110 camping (5 days @ Chateau near Bayeux) No need to be in an organised group, we met tons of vehicle owners on our campsite and were in several convoys out and about and visited about 15 museums & beaches. Used about 30 gallons of fuel, covered 400 miles, met lots of great people, the atmosphere is amazing. One highlight was taking a USAF Brigadier General for a ride down the Coleville draw to Omaha and him insisting we drank Calvados on the beach with him. Worst experience, Ohama cafe charging 5.5 EUR for a can of coke, decided we were not that thirsty.
  5. It's already written into UK law that we can sell old spec deacts outside the EU, that's why all the big dealers are still listing old spec (you can also hire and lease them into your collection). Once we leave the EU it's a green light again UNLESS they re-write that part of the policing and crime act. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2017/3/section/128/enacted .
  6. The gun barrel holding up the barn roof was pretty cool.
  7. They were going round kicking cars out of the display fields every morning.
  8. We are squeezed up on outer Monktons, Americas was closed (at capacity) by Tuesday morning and there was camping overflow into the support car park area. Only 6 public portaloos in the whole of our field and 5 were overflowing with sh1t by Wednesday night so we set up a driving rota to take the kids to the main loos in the brick building which still worked. It's hot, it's dusty, the drinking water is labelled not fit for drinking unless boiled but the show must go on and the atmosphere is brilliant.
  9. US title worked for me when I registered my '44 Ford a couple of years ago. I had lined up an MVT verification but cancelled them when the V5 arrived.
  10. No need to relax any gun laws, it's already written into the legislation that these can be sold "as is" i.e. old spec to any non EU country. Why do you think all the dealers are hanging onto old spec stuff ?
  11. £100 to have it welded solid, just wait till we leave the EU next spring and you can sell it as is.
  12. The Capel show is almost exactly as you described which makes it so fantastic to visit.
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