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  1. Yes to true , bad D+M , but luckily I was L.A.D so we hooked it and sent it back to you workshop guys
  2. Thanks Richard , I was expecting to get negative replies that is why I don't post . But to get a positive from the master has made my day .
  3. We also have a very steep long hill on our route , we call it angina hill and both ours have to drop to third and sometimes second gear . They are 60 plus old ladies so we don't push to hard , just keep revs to a reasonable rate in the gear it's happy with . Well it works for ours .
  4. Hi all , my name is andy witcher and I live near swindon wilts . I am an ex reme vm (ta ). I now spend my spare time working on my friends newly acquired saracen mk1/2 . Its been thirty years since I last saw one of these .
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