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  1. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    hi Doug yes it is kind of funny that john keeley used it for moving engines about and i will do the same ounce it is finished, got plenty of engines in the yard to shift. regards sam goddard
  2. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    cheers John can't wait to get her rolling again. lots more work done on 1531, rear axle hubs have been swapped around so the wheel studs are on the right side and very surprised at how clean the brake drums and shoes are in side as they have been sat in the box for over 70 years and never turned a single rev. started on the winch rope tensioner mechanism as it is completely seized up so will need a lot of work to get it back to a usable standard. finished the weekend off by getting the last rear axle in to 1531's chassis and really looking forward to breaking the 8 rusty rear wheels down for blasting & painting.
  3. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    thank you very much Pete i am not a fan of electric technology bad enough the diamond has lights etc to wire in! got the first rear axle in today which is not as simple to fit as you would think specially when doing it single handed but got there in the end just need to top the oil level up and paint the hubs/break drums. the rest of the axle/diff i will leave as it is as it would be criminal to paint over all that original 1945 olive drab paint which has survived for so long so it will be painted with a oil/paraffin mix. the second axle needs reconfiguration as it is turned 180 degrees to the first axle so the left hub moves to the right and vice versa so i got to swap the hubs rounds so the right & left hand wheel studs are the right way round. also the drive flange needs removing and the bearing dust cap fitting then it is just the simple task of following the same process as the first axle. plan to have 1531 rolling on all 10 wheels by new year so should manage that goal. regards sam
  4. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    couple of late evening's after work has got the wire rope roller under neath the ballast box made and fitted, with thanks to Jason Jeffries for lending me his to copy as 1531's original wasn't good enough to get measurements from. today me & Dan Jones got the first NOS rear axle out of the box and got some clean oil in side it and know terns over very nicely by hand. so getting a bit closer to rolling on all 10 wheels again, have also made the decision to only paint the hubs/drums as the original 1944 olive drab paint is to good to paint over and i think it is always nice to keep good original paint were possible, but am open to peoples opinions on painting the axles. know the forum is back up and running i will keep the updates coming on 1531's progress. regards sam WP_20171029_17_59_39_Pro.mp4
  5. Diamond T Gallery

    evening Andy David Wildenberg was trying to get some from the states and i know he got a can in the last month with a load of DT parts in it so he may have one. regards sam
  6. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    thank you for the positive comments every one, yes Mark the chassis is welded some by me and some during it's service life, i have welded two small sections into the top of the chassis rail's just under the ballast box as they had rotted right through plus building up other corroded area's. Also the British army cut a piece out of the rear cross member and welded a thicker piece in then welded webs in the back to make it stronger for towing the 50 ton Dyson trailers as post war the T's were grossing 90+ tons when they were only ever design'd for 60 ton during the war. i have been told stories by T drivers from the 50 - 60's that rear cross members were ripped clean out of the chassis but i think this was more to do with the cross members being bolted back in after modification instead of being riveted. regards sam
  7. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    thank you cosrec can't wait to drive it down the road.
  8. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    front axle break valve/pipe work cleaned & serviced the valve was in exceptional condition internally considering it looked rough as hell on the out side.
  9. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    Dam good day, torque rod pins & rods fitted, steering box stripped & blasted ready for paint tomorrow and 2 brand new 1200,20's turned up as well happy days 😊
  10. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    large torque rod pin nuts finished just got to clean the split inserts up and the pins can be installed. rear pintle hook spring case has been stripped painted and re fitted. thank you to Andy Blackford for screw cutting the nuts, and showing me how easy it is to do. large torque rod pin nuts being made from scratch, threads are screw cut as they are an unusual thread for the dia. rear pintle hook spring case being reassembled and fitted back to the chassis.
  11. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    well being young and single helps John cerney next year you can drive 1531 and let me know what you think.
  12. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    thank you draganm yes i am making my own castle nuts the originals were so heavily corroded you would never undo them. also making any of the special nuts and bolts as you can't buy them of the shelf and trying to find NOS parts is very unlikely, my thinking being a man or women made it in the first place so no reason i can't. regards sam
  13. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    lots of progress on 1531 the rear winch fare leads are in, a couple of small parts have been cleaned, painted & fitted and in the process of sorting the rear pintle hook out. next couple of jobs include painting the steering box and getting the NOS rear axles out of their crates and fitted to the truck. new torque rod nuts front axle air fittings cleaned & fitted replacement lower torque rods some of the various parts being blasted and painted winch fare leads being assembled rear pintle hook being disassembled more pictures to follow regards sam
  14. just finding the vehicle itself is a fantastic find. know i know nothing about HT's so what is the difference between international, autocar, white & diamond t?? regards sam
  15. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    more progress today with the fitment of both rear spring units, next stage is sort out torque rods/pins & nuts then can lift the new axles out of their crates.