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  1. Thanks Tim.

    Would this be the correct reel for the 880* twisted cable? I am assuming that 880 is yards? I do know that the 220* twisted cable is on an ACL N,o,2 (apparatus, cable laying N,o2. see pictures with wrong cable!) and on this list (4.2" mortar platoon)  is used with the telephone L,S, N,o,2 gun control.

    Dose anyone know the correct markings for the reels if I repaint them?





  2. Can anyone tell me which cable drum/reels are correct for British ww2. I have been looking at some equipment lists that list,

    Cable drum 880* twisted cable.

    Cable drum 440* single cable.

     Cable drum 220* twisted cable.

    I do have a reel that I was given but I have never been shore if it is wartime or post-war.





  3. Another small part repaired. This bar fits between the uprights of the tow hitch and is an odd size C section (if anyone has any 30" lengths of 2 1/2" by 1" C section for sale could you let me know) Alastair wanted to keep as much of the original metal as possible as well as some of the range damage. I had previously straightened the bar with heat and a press so I just had to cut back to good metal and weld in new. Alastair forgot to give me the other end piece so he will weld that on also there are 2 piece to weld on in the middle which Alistair didn't have details for at the time. 








  4. With the temperature picking up a bit, Sunday I had a look to see what was soaking in molasses. I pulled out 4 inner springs which I cleaned up and primed also I found the rear brake back plates which I also pulled out, the worst one I cleaned and primed while I thought I would try to repair the better one. These had come from Alastair and have had the edge which was paper thin cut off to release the brake drums. The plan was to cut the centre out and weld it into a back plate with a good rim. After a lot of thought I made a simple jig to mark the cuts on both back plates using a block of wood with 4 nails and a hole for a pencil. Once marked I cut them out with a grinder clamped the 2 parts together and stick welded them together about a 1 1/2" at a time on 4 points and on both sides trying not to get to much heat in to it. There is still an area of corrosion  to sort out on the centre.









  5. 4 minutes ago, ackack said:

    Time is running out on these trailers. If there are no buyers soon they will have to go for scrap as the site must be cleared!!!


    Where are the trailers located?

    Would be useful to move the carrier.


  6. I have a couple questions about my 10cwt GS trailer,

    There is a small bracket on the under side of the drawbar just behind the stand, should there be one each side and is this the anchor point for the handbrake return springs? Dose anyone have pictures and measurements?

    On the back right corner post there is a piece of angle iron that's been cut off, is this the original mounting point of the T plate?




  7. It's been a while since I I've worked on the OY as it has been blocked in the greenhouse. I did get it cleared around the front early this year. 

    As the shed was freezing and my back is playing up I decided to sort some cab parts out today, I have a potbelly stove in the greenhouse.

    There seems to be a lot of work that's been done that I've not posted. All the cab tinwork has been shot blasted and is in primer, also most of the new wood for the cab frame is cut and I now need to build up the cab so I can fit the new wood frame. I have found most of the new and old cab wood frame although the left side of the truck has had a crash and some of the floor frame has been replaced and is not correct. Also the rear cab mount was badly bent and has been replaced. 

    I have also found a NOS driver's windscreen frame along with some other parts.






  8. Unfortunately I have been busy with other things so not much progress.

    I popped over to Newark military expo on Sunday with Alastair and court up with a lot of people but was a bit disappointed with what was there and didn't manage to buy anything.

    I got some more parts off Alistair on the way back and some more measurements including a rear corner upright for the engine cover so I can make a pair.

    Sunday afternoon I did manage to get the second set of bogie springs out of the molasses and cleaned up and primed and a 3rd set back in.

    I now have a couple jobs for Alastair to do and some parts to make for another new Loyd project that will go a long way towards paying for the brake cables.





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  9. I have nearly finished the belly plates, I just need a hole saw to cut the 2 inspection holes and I need to make the covers. When I checked the fitment I noticed that the front plates didn't line up, after checking I found the original plates were out by 1/4" so I will leave them.

    I have also got a set of springs for one suspension unit primed after soaking in molasses.





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  10. I have been busy so I have only had chance to grab a hour here and there.

    I have cut the brake cable guards to size and cleaned and primed some parts. I have continued working on the belly plates, the 2 rear plates are reasonably straight forward with a right angle corner to start marking out from and these are more or less done apart from drilling holes and cutting the slots for the brake cables.

    The front plates on the other hand are a nightmare, there are no right angle corners and 3 folds across the middle. The patterns are all damaged to some degree and it has taken a lot of time to work out all the measurements and angles. I folded the first plate up tonight and it is looking to be a good shape and size although some folds will need adjusting and it will need a lot of fitting. I am going to make up a second set of plates up for someone so won't fold up the second front plate until I am happy with the first and have used it as a pattern to cut the second set out.





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