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  1. Just got a GS to go with the mortar. Looks very original with just the eye cut. Bit of rot but still traces of the div signs. Chassis N,o,A3253/879 WD N,o,X5439529 Cont N,o,23/2487 Any one got any info on these numbers? Peter.
  2. Hi Maurice. Just had a quick look through Nigel Watson's book and it dose appear that all the carriers with these plates welded on have had the smoke discharge brackets removed. Thanks for the help. Peter.
  3. I am working on my Carrier hull and need some help/advice. It is a MK1* which I am rebuilding as a MK2 upgrade I am trying to position the plates to attach the wading sides and the front left side one covers the holes for the smoke discharge bracket. How was this done originally? Thanks Peter.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The ebay links aren't what I am looking for but the last link dose show the parts I am looking for. Thanks for posting, useful link! Peter.
  5. I am looking for an insulator that screws on the ground spike with the aerial screwed in to it, for the British 34 ft aerial. Also need a ground spike for an number 11 insulator as pictured. Peter.
  6. Hi Richard. I have found one handle but can't find the rest. I will keep looking. Peter.
  7. Hi Richard. I will have a look over the weekend I have a pair of doors but I think I have spare handles. Somewhere😵! Peter.
  8. The bacteria can form if you have water in your tank in a thin layer of air between the water and diesel. It is jet black and can block a new filter in less than an hour. Usually occurs in storage tanks. There are additives you can add to the tanks when filling. We had this problem in a storage tank and never did get one tractor running to full power again. Peter.
  9. Hi Nicky. I have found an early radiator bar for you chassis. Peter.
  10. I would think the rotation stop on yours would be a circle with a section cut out of the rim to stop the tap in line with the inlets. Then the spring and nuts would be the same as mine. Good use!😀 Peter.
  11. Hi Alistair. I have an Enots tap, not the same but we can pull it apart to give you an idea of what you need. Peter
  12. I have an original front lower hull plate with top angle iron £50. A pair of reproduction Stacey tow arms. They are copied off original British fabricated ones and mount a standard 3ton truck spring and hitch £300 A choke leaver and cable. There has been some extra notches cut in and the cable will need remaking £200. Peter.
  13. The bracket is for a spring that the draw ropes from the cupola cover attach. A similar bracket is fitted in the OY and QL. Peter.
  14. Hi Mike. I was told by an old tire fitter that US tires have a different profile on the beading and need to be reshaped with a knife to fit British rims. I would check this first before you start cutting! Peter.
  15. Can anybody ID this seat. I am thinking it's out of a radio or office body. Peter.
  16. I think it is a BY1 as I think the BY3 had a windscreen. Peter.
  17. Hi Rob. I have dropped you an email. Peter.
  18. I am in need of 1 +30 NOS piston for a Bedford 28hp engine. Peter.
  19. Steam engine people might be worth asking if no one on here knows. If you are totaly stuck drop me a PM. Peter.
  20. A little jig like this dosen't take a lot to make and if your bending several parts it works out quicker and all the parts come out the same.! Peter.
  21. We are going to make all the seats. 15 in total for 4 projects. We have pattens for the 2 C shaped pices under the side seats but don't have a patten for the support tube that goes under the inside front corner of the side seats. You should be Ok to use an old casting as a patten and cast directly. Just fill any drilled holes with filler and take to a local foundry. This is what Alastair did with these parts. I have had small parts cast from origanal bits with very good results. Peter.
  22. I have just picked up a hitch for my trailer. I still need an ID plate if any one is getting some good reproductions made and a set of tie down cleats/hooks. Peter.
  23. I had the best ones! Some of the tires are coming off the rims Peter.
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