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  1. Hi Nicky. I have the brackets all painted up just need to find them. Peter.
  2. The tooling is made from 8mm plate and I use a 30ton bottle jack to press. I will make a few extra sets to cover the costs of the tooling. Peter.
  3. I have finished the tooling to press the ribs in the right hand engine splash plate and have made a good start on the left hand tooling but the belt on my drill is slipping and will have to be replaced. I have got a right hand plate almost done, it just needs fitting but there is a small bracket on each plate that I need to find. Peter.
  4. I have made 3 drivers seat frames today one for myself, one for Alastiar and one for Clive. Peter.
  5. There is no mention of the pick and shovel in the hand book but they were carried. There is a bracket for wire cutters listed in the 1944 OY parts book. I have seen similar brackets the same size in other makes of British trucks. My theory is there is another list of equipment required to be carried by all types of trucks that is not part of the vehicle tool kit. Peter.
  6. This is a picture of the plates on my OY. Although they look good they have a lot of pin holes and old weld repairs. I plan to make a few sets up to sell to cover the costs of the tooling. I will post some pictures at the weekend. If your not interested If you PM your address and I will and I will send you some paper templates. Peter.
  7. yes the plates are original although one of the plates in the picture has been remade without ribs. I am making some tooling up at the moment to press the ribs. just got to find time! I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Peter.
  8. I should have these parts on an old broken OY steering box. I will have a look if you give me a couple days. Peter.
  9. Sorry Commander they are sold subject to payment. Peter.
  10. Sold subject to payment. Peter.
  11. now sold subject to payment. Peter.
  12. I have 2 AFV water cans. one brass 1943 dated £75 and one galvanised not dated £25. Peter.
  13. I have a take off Bedford QL manifold. Not seen any damage. £125 Peter.
  14. Thanks for the link I have sent an email. Peter
  15. I think it is for a wireless set N,o,11? Peter.
  16. Can any one post the measurement of the tube that runs along the top of the bulkhead on a MK2 carrier? It is stitch welded to a strip of flat plate. I need the outside diameter and wall thickness. Thanks Peter.
  17. I am looking for a base plate for a British 4.2" mortar. I would also be interested in any other parts or kit. Peter.
  18. I think I still have a set of reprint manuals and parts book covering the 3/4ton 4*4 and 11/2ton 6*6. sold my dodges years ago so no use to me just need to find them. Peter.
  19. The TD International's started on petrol and switched to diesel when warm. They have a mag and plugs on one side and pump and injectors the other side. There was a leaver which switched between the mag and the injection pump and shut off part of the head in the combustion chamber. Peter.
  20. Most were diesel. Cat and International had petrol engines as alternative to diesel engines for some modles e.g. International T9 petrol and TD9 diesel. Peter.
  21. Dosen't anwser your question but bedford QL's are the same. Peter.
  22. Thanks for the answer. I have asked several people but never had an answer that made seance. Peter.
  23. Hi Richard. Just to be different I have a QL engine with QL engine number that is machined for the OY type filter screen. The second picture shows a unmachined QL engine. Peter.
  24. I need the 2 cast exhaust elbows that bolt to the floor of my m,k,1* bren carrier. Part numbers are CTL2911, R,H and CTL2912, L,H. Thanks Peter.
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