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  1. I went to cut the second boss out the broken brake bar tonight and before I got started I realised it was a casting and not fabricated like the first so I will have to get a boss turned up. I have made a start cutting out the new bars. Peter.
  2. There is one in the entrance to the land warfare hall at Duxford. Peter.
  3. I collected the castings to mount the rear axle from the engineer's. They said they were very good quality castings to machine. Also collected some folded channel to make the rear axle stays. Peter
  4. There were 2 sizes of tank. There is one with a larger tank at the RAF fire museum that was at Scampton then moved to North west Lincolnshire and is moving again, it was in need of another restoration. I saw a picture of a fresh restored one with small tank and canvas cover in the last few years. Peter.
  5. Well got rained off from harvesting so got the day off. Not a lot done as I'm knackered but I got the second brake back plate off and axle tie bar out the axle from Alastair. There was one badly corroded nut left on the back plate to remove which I cut with a cold chisel. I also cut the nuts off the tie bar. The tie bar will have to be remade as the ends are badly corroded but I now have a good pattern. I also looked at the brake bars which connects the tillers and handbrake with the brake cables, one has been cut and they are both badly corroded. I have striped the complete one down and ground the weld off round the boss so it could be knocked out. I will use the bar as a pattern to cut 2 new ones and reuse the bosses. Peter.
  6. I think the Shopland Collection has an Austin K5 portee. Don't know if the body's are the same. Peter.
  7. I am looking for a Loyd carrier handbrake. They were made both cast and pressed steel and have a triangular pice on one side at the bottom. They may be taken from another Ford truck. Peter.
  8. Thanks Richard. I have a good idea which one you looked at. I also looked at it. My original plan was to do a tracked towing with 4.2"mortar but when my TS&C came up it was far better than any thing else I had been offered. Don't give up it took me a year to find mine. Peter.
  9. Thanks Adrian for posting. I hope the more pictures and info that is posted about the starting charging gear the more likely someone will find something. Peter.
  10. The front brake back plates are standard ford truck but the back ones are different. I have got 4 front one's. I have just got a correct pair of rear one's off Alastair in very bad condition. They had to be cut as they were rusted solid to the brake drums. My plan is to try to cut the centre out of the back plates from Alastair and weld them into the truck back plates while keeping things centred and flat. May end in a mess! Peter.
  11. Alastair dropped of a load of parts last night. There is a driver's floor to use as a pattern with the brake and throttle peddles which I will re-use. There are 2 set's of pattern plates that fit under the engine and gearbox. There is another rear axle which is also an early type the latter one's been larger heavier tube which has a tie bar and poor back plates. There are 2 sets of chassis braces to support the rear axle which will be used as patterns to get new ones folded up. Peter.
  12. Thanks for the offer but it's not right for the Loyd I have asked Alastair to post some pictures out of the manual of what I need. Peter.
  13. I have sorted through the box of brake parts tonight as I need the original cable ends to get the new cables made. It looks like there is a full set of brake parts for all 4 brakes, happy days! Peter.
  14. Have you tried eBay? Some tube is still made in imperial. I think I got some that size to repair the top edge of a jeep trailer tub. Peter.
  15. It's not the best time for me to start another project as we have started harvest today. But there are some smaller jobs I can get on with so I am ready to start after harvest. Alastair is sorting out the measurements and paperwork from when he had his 4 brake cables made so I can get a set done. I have removed the rear axle which was bolted up for shipping. The castings that attach it are badly corroded and there are a pair of new castings which need machining. I will drop the with the engineer's to get them bord out drilled and then cut in 2 parts. Peter.
  16. Thanks to both of you. It's nice to know something about the trailer and surprised that another 10 before mine survived. Peter
  17. Hi Toney. The plate is cast brass and has been on there a long time. I did clean some of the thick green paint off it to photograph it. I also noticed it has fabricated rope hooks welded to the chassis instead of cast cleats bolted to the woodwork which I had not seen on GS trailers before. Nice to have a mystery! Hope someone can sort it! Peter
  18. Thanks Alastair. Just seen the pictures on you Facebook page, lots of useful parts and patterns. Peter.
  19. Thanks for the info. Nice to know it's wartime. I can do some research now into the 2 possible manufacturers. Peter.
  20. Thanks for the info Simon. Any idea if it is wartime or post-war? Peter.
  21. I am missing most of the starting & charging gear, I have got the PTO and 6 belt drive pulley and the 2 gallon stone were jar for distilled water. Any help tracking down any parts would be useful. There should be a 12V and 30V dynamos with 3 belt pulleys and 3 control boards. Also battery trays on the floor and a battery shelf across the top of the bulkhead and along the sides. There should be 4 15 foot cables for jumping and some storage boxes/trays. Also the floor cover for the dynamos. Any leads on parts or measurements to make parts would be a great help. Peter.
  22. I have just got my loyd tracked starting and charging back from New Zealand and I am hoping to rebuild with the S&C gear. A lot of work has already been done before I bought it, but still plenty to do. Luckily I am 30minutes from Alastair who knows just about everything about Loyd's and has sorted many of the problems I would have ran into. The Loyd was built by Vivian Loyd & Co and the brake drums are dated 42. I have got a few parts stashed away Including a good flathead V8 as I was told the engine with it is on +60tho cylinders. Peter.
  23. Hi Simon. We were only talking about you and your trailer this afternoon. Thanks for the offer, I will probably take you up on it after harvest. At the moment I was hoping someone could give me some information on the trailer from the numbers, e,g, age and manufacturer. Peter.
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