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  1. I have just realised that I did some stuff before harvest and forgot to post it. I fitted and welded the right hand front and rear track guard ends. I am not totally happy with the front and plan to alter it. I also took Simon's advice and bort a right angle drill although I went for an air one as they were lots of holes needing drilling that I could not get to and finally I sprayed some parts. Peter.
  2. I have managed to grab a few minutes here and there over the last few days and got my first job done since harvest. Nothing exciting just a bar that attaches the headlight bracket to the track guard but it's a start. I had one original bar as a pattern although it's not stepped evenly and the holes aren't centred. I have cleaned and primed them both. Also I have been looking at the pioneer brackets and they looked familiar so after checking the part numbers I confirmed that they are the same as a universal carrier so I can just copy the ones I have. Peter.
  3. Been and paid for and looked at my new exhaust stubs this morning. Although I was charged for 6 the pattern maker cocked up and only got 4 cast. 2 more to follow shortly then they will be machined up. Peter.
  4. Part of the tool list for my Loyd starter charger carrier is a 1pt brazing lamp. Would this be the same as a blow lamp? Anyone any idea of a suitable type and make to look for? Pictures would be good. Thanks Peter.
  5. I am starting to look for the kit to go with my Loyd starter charger carrier and I need a 1lb soldering iron with WD arrow and preferably dated pre 45. Thanks Peter.
  6. Hi piotr. Sorry I have not replied to you P,M, yet but I work on a farm and I'm busy harvesting. Peter.
  7. Hi Ian, I think l know who it is I will message them and ask. Peter.
  8. Thanks MatchFuzee. I will ask them if they can help
  9. Sill looking. The pulley should be 3 belt not 4. Dose any know if the 8 in the dynamo type code refers to a 8" diameter? Peter
  10. I was there the other week. It's been cleared for building and not much left now. The QLR was scrapped years ago and all the K2 body's were sold. The Albion is still there. Peter.
  11. I am looking for a 30 volt dynamo or leads to find one for my Loyd carrier. It is a CAV CB/D8C-47X. A 4 belt pulley would be a bonus. Peter.
  12. "I did manage to get my mig welder going on some of the higher setting so I was able to weld the ends on the tray. It wasn't pretty but it cleaned up O.K. I drilled the first 2 holes and positioned the tray. Just need to drill the rest of the holes. The clips for the fuel line run along the tray. Peter.
  13. Another little job! There is a tray across the the inside of the front lower plate. The top edge is bent back on it's self on a 1/4" ID curve . I made some tooling up and pressed the edge on. Unfortunately the tray is slightly wider than my folder so I had to take it to the engineer's to get folded. I have made a second one for Alastair's Loyd. Peter.
  14. Another little job done is the 4 plates that weld to the body support plates with a bolt going through them and the suspension lock collar to hold the body support plate on the axle end. I first cut and folded some 3mm plate into a C section, it took a couple goes to work out the measurements to get a tight fit over the collar. I then cut them to shape and lined up, marked and drilled the holes. I managed to weld the first one on. I didn't have a correct size bolt to hand so I used a drill bit to line everything up. Peter.
  15. I have never known how or where the belt drive pulleys fit. It has to line up with the PTO and the corresponding hole in the cross member. I now have a copy of the starter charger parts book so I thought I would have another look. Although the parts book is not over clear it dose give an idea of the angle and position of the pulley bracket. I managed to work out that it bolts to the angle irons that mount the belly plates but this throws up the problem that the angles of the angle irons are wrong. It would appear that the starter chargers had different belly plates and angle irons to other Loyd's so I will have to alter the angle irons and remake the 2 front belly plates. Peter.
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