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  1. I have a set of 4 Morris C9b jacks for sale. They were NOS but have not been stored well. I believe 3 will move but would have to check. Located mid Lincolnshire. £400 Peter.
  2. I have finished the tow assembly end plates today although I managed to kill 2 grinders. I drilled through the first plate into the second and bolted them together and cut the second out using the first as a pattern. One problem I have is I don't have a 3 leaf tow spring long enough and will have to get one made if I cart find one. It's about 32½" long. The one's I have are 29". The tracked towing Loyd's have a different tow assembly and use the 29" spring. Peter.
  3. I have managed to position and drill the first tow assembly end plate. I will now drill through the other plate and bolt them together and cut the second one to size. One thing I have noticed is that the tow spring is longer than any I have (32½") as it fits outside the chassis rails rather than inside. I have also marked and cut down the left rear panel and refitted, then positioned and drilled the outer angle iron that runs front to back. Peter.
  4. I have been working on the pioneer brackets again tonight. I have drilled the bracket that holds the shovel head also I can use the bracket for the pick axe shaft off the universal carrier as when the tow hitch is fitted the pick axe shaft should be relocated on 2 other brackets which I now have. I have also finished a few jobs on the pioneer plate for the universal carrier while I have it in the shed. When I come to drill the Loyd front plate I will lay the universal carrier pioneer plate over it and drill through as they use mostly the same hole pattern. Peter.
  5. I have made a start making the end plates for the tow assembly. Andrew was able to provide a drawing and instructions to make these plates as the set-up is different to Alastair's tracked towing Loyd. I started by gas cutting the plates slightly oversized then trimming the first one down with a grinder and then heated and cracking the front part in the vice. I next need to check the hole position before drilling and then finish of grinding and shaping.
  6. The N,O,S, springs for the headlight mountings have arrived. Also the ignition switch has gone to be checked out and refurbished. This is an early 3 rivet carrier type with the part number ending in -41. Peter.
  7. Thanks for your comment. It's useful to have the restoration blog so I can look back and see how much progress I have made especially when I feel like I'm not making as much headway as I would like. Peter.
  8. Look for Tanked up military on milweb dealer's. Peter.
  9. I had a look at the handbrake set-up this weekend. I knew the toothed quadrant for the handbrake was wrong and needed altering. First I checked the new pin I'd had made fitted. Good start it didn't, the part it fits through that pulls the brake rods was bent so it had to be straightened which messed up the paint so I cleaned it back to bare metal and re primed it. I then drilled a hole out from ½" to 5/8" in the quadrant and ruffle marked where it needed cutting. I popped over to Alastair's to double check where to cut it and measure a bracket that bolts between the floor and the quadrant. The quadrant is now correct and I have made up the bracket but not drilled it and left it slightly long until I get the floor done and the handbrake in place. I have just got to clean and prime the leaver and the handbrake is all but done. Peter.
  10. Dose anyone know of a source for the dished washers that fit the ends of the springs that protects the headlights from shock. I have ordered a set of springs. Peter.
  11. Been to collect some more parts from the engineer's today. They have finished machining the exhaust stubs which was not cheep but they have done a good job. I had the ends braised on the headlight brackets. They have machined 4 outer spacers for the suspension units (they are now doing 4 inner after I found one in the end of a suspension unit). They also drilled the large holes in the dash panel as the chuck is broken for my large pillar drill. I have also posted a picture of the pattern for the exhaust stubs. Peter.
  12. Another little job that needed finishing was to drill and fit the brackets for the speedo and fuse box. I had measured Alastair original front panel last Tuesday. I still need to cut the hole for the speedo (still looking for a speedo) and either need to find a black top or possible paint the white top for the fuse box. While I had an electric cable in the shed I also refitted the left rear panel and trimmed the corner so it layed flat on the chassis rail. This can now be marked along the chassis rail, removed and cut to size. Peter.
  13. A little job that got started but not finished was the throttle peddle. I had removed the bushes from the old tube and had a new tube machined and bushes fitted. So today I drilled some 4mm plate cut a new bottom half of the peddle and a plate to operate the throttle rod then welded them in position on the tube. I did re-use the top half of the peddle. I also straightened and built up with weld some damage on the throttle peddle stop. Peter.
  14. Thanks for your comments. They give me encouragement in the cold dark nights. Still a long way to go but working through thing's one piece at a time. Peter.
  15. I have finally got round to collecting my box of parts from New Zealand. There is a brake back plate for the rear axle, a handbrake leaver, a plate for the tow hitch and a drawing for the tow hitch mounting brackets. Thanks to Andrew. Also thanks to Adrian who collected and stored to parts until I could collect them. We also dropped off an early and late pattern petrol tanks for Adrian to copy for myself and Alistair. Peter.
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