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  1. Thanks. It's getting to the point where it should take a big leap forward as most chassis and control parts are done and ready for paint although harvest is creeping up and will bring things to a halt for a few months. Peter.
  2. I have found a speedo, NOS! Alastair got me new brake cables made. The last brake back plate has been built up with weld and ground to shape also the last suspension unit was badly corroded and has also been built up with weld and ground back. No pictures??? Both are now in primer. Peter.
  3. The driver's floor is now in and most of the controls are done or just need a bit of finishing. There are still 6 holes to drill but I will do them once the body is off and I can turn it over. The floor will then be removed to blast and paint. I found out that the clutch linkages are different to other Loyd's to avoid the PTO and belts driving the dynamos. Peter.
  4. Not updated recently! The body is all but finished, adjusted and squared up. This will now be removed and a couple wrong holes welded up and some welds tidied up. The front plate will have the holes for the pioneer brackets drilled. The bench seat will have to wait until I can get to Duxford and measure the one there, hopefully early next year. Peter.
  5. Looks like carrier wheels, post ww2? Peter.
  6. It's on page 4 of blogs of restorations. Peter.
  7. It's a Shelly 4 ton. There's a picture on my 1944 OYD restoration blog on here. Peter.
  8. I have been looking at the dynamo set up and the dynamo housing. Dose anyone have any information, pictures or parts to measure as this would be a great help? Also the remote greasing panel attaches to the dynamo housing. I have placed some green tape where I believe the dynamo housing sits. Peter.
  9. I have a set of 4 Morris C9b jacks for sale. They were NOS but have not been stored well. I believe 3 will move but would have to check. Located mid Lincolnshire. £400 Peter.
  10. I have finished the tow assembly end plates today although I managed to kill 2 grinders. I drilled through the first plate into the second and bolted them together and cut the second out using the first as a pattern. One problem I have is I don't have a 3 leaf tow spring long enough and will have to get one made if I cart find one. It's about 32½" long. The one's I have are 29". The tracked towing Loyd's have a different tow assembly and use the 29" spring. Peter.
  11. I have managed to position and drill the first tow assembly end plate. I will now drill through the other plate and bolt them together and cut the second one to size. One thing I have noticed is that the tow spring is longer than any I have (32½") as it fits outside the chassis rails rather than inside. I have also marked and cut down the left rear panel and refitted, then positioned and drilled the outer angle iron that runs front to back. Peter.
  12. I have been working on the pioneer brackets again tonight. I have drilled the bracket that holds the shovel head also I can use the bracket for the pick axe shaft off the universal carrier as when the tow hitch is fitted the pick axe shaft should be relocated on 2 other brackets which I now have. I have also finished a few jobs on the pioneer plate for the universal carrier while I have it in the shed. When I come to drill the Loyd front plate I will lay the universal carrier pioneer plate over it and drill through as they use mostly the same hole pattern. Peter.
  13. I have made a start making the end plates for the tow assembly. Andrew was able to provide a drawing and instructions to make these plates as the set-up is different to Alastair's tracked towing Loyd. I started by gas cutting the plates slightly oversized then trimming the first one down with a grinder and then heated and cracking the front part in the vice. I next need to check the hole position before drilling and then finish of grinding and shaping.
  14. The N,O,S, springs for the headlight mountings have arrived. Also the ignition switch has gone to be checked out and refurbished. This is an early 3 rivet carrier type with the part number ending in -41. Peter.
  15. Thanks for your comment. It's useful to have the restoration blog so I can look back and see how much progress I have made especially when I feel like I'm not making as much headway as I would like. Peter.
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