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  1. Dose anyone have fitting instructions or any information to fit a wireless set N,o,18 in a bren gun carrier using carrier N,o,2. Dose anyone have any drawings to make the carrier N,o,2. Peter.
  2. Great find, it's a truck type I have always want to have a go at rebuilding. Looks to be a lot of work and asking £5995. There is a YouTube clip of the recovery on the Austin military trucks page on Facebook. Peter.
  3. peter75

    10cwt GS questions

    Hi Simon. The convoy light is 19 1/4" from the inside of the right side rail 21 3/4" from the left. The hole is 3/4" from the front edge of the cross member. Peter.
  4. peter75

    10cwt GS questions

    Hi Simon. The centre bracket of my 3 brackets looks to be to the left of the centre line and the convoy light is bolted to the bottom edge of the cross member next to the bracket on the centre line with a single bolt. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Peter.
  5. peter75

    10cwt GS questions

    Thanks Hoseman and Simon. The convoy light is still in position and I have seen T plates in the area of this cut angle iron but there are no marks for a second to hold the T plate at the top. I have made a best guess for the return spring anchors. Peter.
  6. I have a couple questions about my 10cwt GS trailer, There is a small bracket on the under side of the drawbar just behind the stand, should there be one each side and is this the anchor point for the handbrake return springs? Dose anyone have pictures and measurements? On the back right corner post there is a piece of angle iron that's been cut off, is this the original mounting point of the T plate? Peter.
  7. peter75

    Unknown early chassis

    Reminds me of an Austin twin drive chassis. Peter.
  8. peter75

    1944 Bedford OYD

    It's been a while since I I've worked on the OY as it has been blocked in the greenhouse. I did get it cleared around the front early this year. As the shed was freezing and my back is playing up I decided to sort some cab parts out today, I have a potbelly stove in the greenhouse. There seems to be a lot of work that's been done that I've not posted. All the cab tinwork has been shot blasted and is in primer, also most of the new wood for the cab frame is cut and I now need to build up the cab so I can fit the new wood frame. I have found most of the new and old cab wood frame although the left side of the truck has had a crash and some of the floor frame has been replaced and is not correct. Also the rear cab mount was badly bent and has been replaced. I have also found a NOS driver's windscreen frame along with some other parts. Peter.
  9. peter75


    More please!
  10. peter75


    The first picture looks like a 7V on right and a WOT 1 or a WOT 3(have the same cabs). The second picture looks like Bedford OY's The third picture looks like WOA 2's. Peter.
  11. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    Unfortunately I have been busy with other things so not much progress. I popped over to Newark military expo on Sunday with Alastair and court up with a lot of people but was a bit disappointed with what was there and didn't manage to buy anything. I got some more parts off Alistair on the way back and some more measurements including a rear corner upright for the engine cover so I can make a pair. Sunday afternoon I did manage to get the second set of bogie springs out of the molasses and cleaned up and primed and a 3rd set back in. I now have a couple jobs for Alastair to do and some parts to make for another new Loyd project that will go a long way towards paying for the brake cables. Peter.
  12. peter75

    Morris C8 Recovered

    Great find. The wheels could be pre/early war type. Peter.
  13. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have finished the second track adjuster tonight also the hole saw turned up so I cut the 2 inspection holes. I am now starting to think about the drivers floor. Peter.
  14. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have cut out 6 inspection covers tonight as I am making 2 extra set's of belly plates. Also started welding the new threaded rod on to the track adjusters, I got the first one done and the second is half welded. Peter.
  15. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have nearly finished the belly plates, I just need a hole saw to cut the 2 inspection holes and I need to make the covers. When I checked the fitment I noticed that the front plates didn't line up, after checking I found the original plates were out by 1/4" so I will leave them. I have also got a set of springs for one suspension unit primed after soaking in molasses. Peter.