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  1. Another little job that needed finishing was to drill and fit the brackets for the speedo and fuse box. I had measured Alastair original front panel last Tuesday. I still need to cut the hole for the speedo (still looking for a speedo) and either need to find a black top or possible paint the white top for the fuse box. While I had an electric cable in the shed I also refitted the left rear panel and trimmed the corner so it layed flat on the chassis rail. This can now be marked along the chassis rail, removed and cut to size. Peter.
  2. A little job that got started but not finished was the throttle peddle. I had removed the bushes from the old tube and had a new tube machined and bushes fitted. So today I drilled some 4mm plate cut a new bottom half of the peddle and a plate to operate the throttle rod then welded them in position on the tube. I did re-use the top half of the peddle. I also straightened and built up with weld some damage on the throttle peddle stop. Peter.
  3. Thanks for your comments. They give me encouragement in the cold dark nights. Still a long way to go but working through thing's one piece at a time. Peter.
  4. I have finally got round to collecting my box of parts from New Zealand. There is a brake back plate for the rear axle, a handbrake leaver, a plate for the tow hitch and a drawing for the tow hitch mounting brackets. Thanks to Andrew. Also thanks to Adrian who collected and stored to parts until I could collect them. We also dropped off an early and late pattern petrol tanks for Adrian to copy for myself and Alistair. Peter.
  5. I have managed to pick up another headlight today and cheep! Several people told me they were hard to find! Also picked up a 1941 dated blow lamp. Don't know if it's correct for the tool kit but it's the first I've ever seen dated. Otherwise I'm continuing to clean and prime parts. Peter.
  6. Been to the engineer's today to collect some parts. I've had a piece of metric tube turned down to ¾" OD and ½" ID for the headlight mounting. One end of the original headlight mounting was damaged so they removed it by heating it up and breaking the braze then they turned up 3 new ends which will need brazing in and finally I had a new handbrake pivot pin made. Otherwise I am continuing to clean and prime parts although I did bend the tube tonight for the headlight mounting. Peter.
  7. I have managed to find another correct complete headlight on eBay and although rusty looks to be N,O,S, though not cheep. I have so picked up another headlight rim of the correct profile although it's brass, I should have enough parts to build the original headlight bucket up to make a matching pair. Peter.
  8. I have been cleaning and priming parts the last few days. Had a surprise tonight when I started cleaning a trailing arm off a suspension unit, it was a brass/bronze casting. After seeking some advice I was told these castings were used on early Loyd's. Always learning! Peter.
  9. I have made the 2 panels that go either side of the instrument panel although they still need drilling. One mounts the fuse box and the other the speedo. I have made a start on the instrument panel and started welding up the corner of the pioneer bracket. Peter.
  10. I spent most of the weekend try to find and sort out parts and get all the Loyd parts in to 2 locations. I was surprised to find a spare pioneer bracket I didn't know I had. I must have made an extra one years ago. I will just have to weld the corner up as it has a cut out for the Stacy tow arms on the the universal carrier then it will go straight on the front of the Loyd. Peter.
  11. I have been looking at the headlight arrangement. I had one original bar that bolts to the track guard and have made a second I need to make a pair of clamps to fit on these bars to hold the U shaped headlight mounts. I have one original U shaped mount that is damaged. I am currently having 3 new ends turned and a piece of metric tube turned down to repair the original and make a second. I have one original headlight light bowl that was squashed that I have started to straighten. I managed to buy a similar headlight on Sunday and hope to build a good one out the 2. I still need a second headlight or parts in any condition or even just the brass mountings off the side of the bowl. Peter.
  12. I managed to get a slave lead socket today. I am looking for 3 plugs to fit. They are ruffly 1 ¼" by 1 1/8". I have found someone with one that I car copy but it would be nice to get an original. Peter.
  13. I have just realised that I did some stuff before harvest and forgot to post it. I fitted and welded the right hand front and rear track guard ends. I am not totally happy with the front and plan to alter it. I also took Simon's advice and bort a right angle drill although I went for an air one as they were lots of holes needing drilling that I could not get to and finally I sprayed some parts. Peter.
  14. I have managed to grab a few minutes here and there over the last few days and got my first job done since harvest. Nothing exciting just a bar that attaches the headlight bracket to the track guard but it's a start. I had one original bar as a pattern although it's not stepped evenly and the holes aren't centred. I have cleaned and primed them both. Also I have been looking at the pioneer brackets and they looked familiar so after checking the part numbers I confirmed that they are the same as a universal carrier so I can just copy the ones I have. Peter.
  15. Been and paid for and looked at my new exhaust stubs this morning. Although I was charged for 6 the pattern maker cocked up and only got 4 cast. 2 more to follow shortly then they will be machined up. Peter.
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