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  1. These arrived in the post today. Peter.
  2. Thursday night I popped over to Alastair's to get some measurements and borrow his body support brackets. I have ordered some metal ready to make them. While I was a Alastair's we offered a section of body up to his chassis. I have also found a gear leaver that I have been looking for, for over a week as I will need the reverse lock and securing cap parts. It is pictured next to the Loyd gear lever that came with the project. Peter.
  3. Thanks Andrew. I have never seen a U,J, with a hole through the centre. I followed Andrew's instructions and had the U,J, off in about 5 minutes, I then removed the rubber mounting plate off the back of the gearbox. Looking at the pictures the rear bearing looks to be made in Germany. Peter.
  4. I am still looking but I am probably going to have to get a set cast. Does anybody else need any to help offset the cost of the patterns? Peter.
  5. I have been sorting through parts to see what I need. One unknown was the gearbox so I have split it from the engine and have started pulling it apart. First thoughts are there is a lot of play on the clutch release shaft and there is a ridge on the shaft it's self. The first, second gear and top gear which slide have a fair amount of wear and some damage. What I can see of the bottom gear cluster/ shaft look's to be good. The bearings seem to turn smoothly. The gearbox top seems to be the same as a bren gun carrier with the 2 lugs on the opposite side to a standard truck top although one lug has been cut down slightly. Next I need to figure out how to remove the U,J, as the last ford gearbox didn't have one. Peter.
  6. I finished welding the the 4th and final seat today. There's a bit of grinding for Alastair to do. The good news is that my Loyd has a simple bench seat. Peter.
  7. Hi Tadeo. The number should be stamped on the outside face of the chassis between the step brackets, can't remember which side. Also there should be a plate in the cab. If it had a army rebuild post-war there should be a plate between the fuel tank and the rear axle on the left side of the chassis. I cleaned all my 44 OYD chassis with an angle grinder with wire brush and never found any number also I have a 43? Chassis which I cleaned around the step brackets and have not found a number. Peter.
  8. I need a set of 6 exhaust stubs for the flathead ford V8 in my Loyd carrier they are left and right handed. Good price paid as I will have to get set cast and machined otherwise which won't be cheep😞 Could also do with a silencer box as pattern to get a pair made. Peter.
  9. Thanks Tim. Would this be the correct reel for the 880* twisted cable? I am assuming that 880 is yards? I do know that the 220* twisted cable is on an ACL N,o,2 (apparatus, cable laying N,o2. see pictures with wrong cable!) and on this list (4.2" mortar platoon) is used with the telephone L,S, N,o,2 gun control. Dose anyone know the correct markings for the reels if I repaint them? Peter.
  10. Can anyone tell me which cable drum/reels are correct for British ww2. I have been looking at some equipment lists that list, Cable drum 880* twisted cable. Cable drum 440* single cable. Cable drum 220* twisted cable. I do have a reel that I was given but I have never been shore if it is wartime or post-war. Peter.
  11. Another small part repaired. This bar fits between the uprights of the tow hitch and is an odd size C section (if anyone has any 30" lengths of 2 1/2" by 1" C section for sale could you let me know) Alastair wanted to keep as much of the original metal as possible as well as some of the range damage. I had previously straightened the bar with heat and a press so I just had to cut back to good metal and weld in new. Alastair forgot to give me the other end piece so he will weld that on also there are 2 piece to weld on in the middle which Alistair didn't have details for at the time. Peter.
  12. With the temperature picking up a bit, Sunday I had a look to see what was soaking in molasses. I pulled out 4 inner springs which I cleaned up and primed also I found the rear brake back plates which I also pulled out, the worst one I cleaned and primed while I thought I would try to repair the better one. These had come from Alastair and have had the edge which was paper thin cut off to release the brake drums. The plan was to cut the centre out and weld it into a back plate with a good rim. After a lot of thought I made a simple jig to mark the cuts on both back plates using a block of wood with 4 nails and a hole for a pencil. Once marked I cut them out with a grinder clamped the 2 parts together and stick welded them together about a 1 1/2" at a time on 4 points and on both sides trying not to get to much heat in to it. There is still an area of corrosion to sort out on the centre. Peter.
  13. I am looking for a Loyd carrier speedo, It is 0 to 40mph and I think it's a Smith's. Also I need the 2 blanking plates for my ford cluster gauge, one has the choking instructions and the other has the gear layout. Peter.
  14. The transportation cost back to Lincolnshire would be high but I will see if I can work something out. Peter.
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