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  1. peter75


    More please!
  2. peter75


    The first picture looks like a 7V on right and a WOT 1 or a WOT 3(have the same cabs). The second picture looks like Bedford OY's The third picture looks like WOA 2's. Peter.
  3. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    Unfortunately I have been busy with other things so not much progress. I popped over to Newark military expo on Sunday with Alastair and court up with a lot of people but was a bit disappointed with what was there and didn't manage to buy anything. I got some more parts off Alistair on the way back and some more measurements including a rear corner upright for the engine cover so I can make a pair. Sunday afternoon I did manage to get the second set of bogie springs out of the molasses and cleaned up and primed and a 3rd set back in. I now have a couple jobs for Alastair to do and some parts to make for another new Loyd project that will go a long way towards paying for the brake cables. Peter.
  4. peter75

    Morris C8 Recovered

    Great find. The wheels could be pre/early war type. Peter.
  5. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have finished the second track adjuster tonight also the hole saw turned up so I cut the 2 inspection holes. I am now starting to think about the drivers floor. Peter.
  6. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have cut out 6 inspection covers tonight as I am making 2 extra set's of belly plates. Also started welding the new threaded rod on to the track adjusters, I got the first one done and the second is half welded. Peter.
  7. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have nearly finished the belly plates, I just need a hole saw to cut the 2 inspection holes and I need to make the covers. When I checked the fitment I noticed that the front plates didn't line up, after checking I found the original plates were out by 1/4" so I will leave them. I have also got a set of springs for one suspension unit primed after soaking in molasses. Peter.
  8. peter75

    Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 spares

    Alastair, there is a guy on milweb that specialises in Enfield parts. Look on classifieds. Peter.
  9. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have never done thing's the easy way! I have done some shaping of the plate tonight and it is looking a good fit. Peter.
  10. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have been busy so I have only had chance to grab a hour here and there. I have cut the brake cable guards to size and cleaned and primed some parts. I have continued working on the belly plates, the 2 rear plates are reasonably straight forward with a right angle corner to start marking out from and these are more or less done apart from drilling holes and cutting the slots for the brake cables. The front plates on the other hand are a nightmare, there are no right angle corners and 3 folds across the middle. The patterns are all damaged to some degree and it has taken a lot of time to work out all the measurements and angles. I folded the first plate up tonight and it is looking to be a good shape and size although some folds will need adjusting and it will need a lot of fitting. I am going to make up a second set of plates up for someone so won't fold up the second front plate until I am happy with the first and have used it as a pattern to cut the second set out. Peter.
  11. peter75

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    I have always bort 25L drums as horse feed and mixed it at 8 or 9 parts water to 1 molasses in a 200L barrel and just kept topping it up with water or molasses to replace any losses. All the information on YouTube says it's not toxic and can be tipped down the drain when you have done. There was a clip on YouTube showing a rusty AT gun been dropped in a plastic swimming pool and filled with a tanker. Peter.
  12. peter75

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    I have used molasses for several years with great success on very rusty parts, just leave to soak a couple weeks and scrub with a wire brush under a tap as you said. Often when I have done this original paint has appeared. Don't put any alloy parts in it though as the will dissolve as I found out with my carrier gear leaver with alloy reverse trigger which disappeared. Also keep it coved to stop birds and rodents getting in and drowning as it adds to the smell! Peter.
  13. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have finished the angle irons for the belly plates today and have started working out the measurements and marking out the new plates. I collected a load of parts from the engineer's to day and got the bottom edge of the cable covers folded that I had pressed, these will now need cutting to size. There is a new tie bar for the rear axle. A pair of stiffening bars for the drivers floor, a new pin for the clutch linkage which is the same as the pin's in the brake bar's, I have had the threads for the locking studs taped out of the track adjuster rods and new locking studs made, I will weld new thread on to them and I have had the old bushes fitted to the new tube and a new pin made for the throttle peddle. Peter.
  14. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    When I went out this morning with a clear head and fresh eyes I wasn't happy with the alignment of the left hand step. So I decided to have another go at it. This involved welding up 2 holes and cutting the end plate out of the chassis out rigger which was only tacked in. I then made a new end plate and repositioned the step and redrilled the holes and tack welded the end plate. This will be welded properly when I pull it down to paint. I then repeated this on the right side which was still to fit. I then turned the chassis upside down to start the belly plates. First job is to drill and fit the spacer piece I had made already then make the 2 angle irons that run down the centre. I am using measurements off Alastair's Loyd and pictures in the manual but the most useful thing's are the pattern plates that Alastair lent me as you can work out acute measurements for the bends in the angle irons. Peter.
  15. peter75

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have continued working on the chassis out riggers that support the rear axle and fitting the surrounding parts. The out riggers were fairly straight forward the hard part has been lining up all the parts as they all have to fit against each other. The left side is done apart from welding the end in the out rigger rail which I will do when I pull it down. The right side is a couple hours behind. It looked a fairly simple job but it has put up a fight. I have collected some 2mm plate to day ready for making the belly plates. Peter