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    Additive In Petrol?

    I use redex in my petrol for the Renault it's what was given to me when I bought the truck. it's the French variety. its no different just the instructions are in French. off the top of my head I think it's 1ml per litre of fuel. its seems to run ok so I'll keep using it.
  2. marfyboy

    my ambulance

    I've got to honest it's not too bad to drive. A bit noisy but resealing the engine cover might help. engine is a 2.1 petrol gmc. upside down and backwards gear selection is ok, when you get used to it. top speed! I've had 55mph out of it on the way home. working on it is easy everything unbolts and no problems getting underneath. turning circle is quite tight as your sat on the front wheels. as for corners it goes around them and over them. The misses was driving it last week great laugh with NATO in Newport and all the Police around. I think she was trying to kill me. on a round about above a bypass blue caps watching the road below, she mounted the kerb and was getting closer to the railings so I was looking over the edge! Just glad the round about ran out. so all in all I like it and the misses can drive it. we're quite happy with our Renault
  3. marfyboy

    my ambulance

    Here's mine once the oil leaks are fixed I will try and use it as much as I can
  4. hi Just a quick hello. from south wales well I've got my first MV it's a 1963 Renault 4x4 goelette ambulance. Very left field but that's why I like it. not much work to do on it. Just got to try and fix all the oil leaks. diff, transfer box, gear box and engine. also try and find out what oils it needs.