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  1. It must be noted that the vast majority of this work is the skill and ingenuity of John (Jack) Neville, especially lately as non-essential movements are curtailed to stop the spread of Covid-19. when i get the chance i pop down to paint things, Jack is the driving force of this project, without which this project would've gone nowhere.
  2. All done. The side tabs are where the bracket was soldered to the bottom radiator tank but as all of these had vibrated apart from the tank I thought there is no point in rejoining them as original. I will glue some rubber inside them instead. Attached Thumbnails
  3. The bends could not have worked better. Now just to trim down to size and weld in the mounting plates and bolts. Attached Thumbnails
  4. The trickier bit was to get 90 degree bends in the ends of the top hat. I already had a strong tool made up for previous job so I added some guides into it. Attached Thumbnails
  5. Nothing to do but have a go at making some new ones. Another job for my go to tool stock- scrap railway line. Forming the top hat section is simple enough. Attached Thumbnails
  6. With the engine and drive train fitted and a test run we need the radiator fitted so we can run the engine longer. This is what we have as the best example of a radiator support bracket. Attached Thumbnails
  7. Doors done and hung. alignment is very accurate although it did require a bit of Porta Power use to move the cab here and there to provide sufficient gap. Rear tilt bows have also been formed up and fitted.
  8. More news from the house of Neville. "Time to get back on the Tilly and get it finished and on the road. First job was to assemble another three piece door. This one needed the top hinge plate reattached as the cage plate(?) had rusted away." Attached Thumbnails
  9. John has fitted a door as well and fabricated new tilt bows as well but has yet to post the details of those, (although I was sure we did....) I'm also waiting a new batch of SCC.2 Brown from my local auto colour matcher, its low on his priorities but he's a nice old chap and has a good eye and works just over the road from where I do, so i'll just have to keep prodding him. hopefully things might start happening again, Shed leave tickets seem hard to come by these days. . Need to get down to johns. and measure things up so Mr Brown of PegasusDrive can crack on with the canvas
  10. and in goes the drivetrain! Attached Thumbnails
  11. More pics of engine progress Attached Thumbnails
  12. A belated update... Hello all, appologies for a lack of activity, There has been progress but its slowed somewhat. We had been waiting for a loom for some time, but eventually got it from a local supplier of Vintage looms. Engine and gearbox mounts were few and far between so we contacted Old Era services who fabricated new dies and refurbished our old mounts, and did an amazing job. Mean while our friend and Morris Register of Victoria Techo Rod Smith, assessed our engine collection, three Tilly engines and two Morris 10 engines, and began work. on our first tilly we will use the SU carby as used on the morris 10 as we only have one Tilly carburettor (SOLEX 30 HBFDO). i do wonder if the Solex will be a weakness, as the SU has such a good name for reliability. No matter thats what they had, and I'd like to get a second one day, but there will be plenty of time for that. sadly only one Original Tilly block was usable, so we've settled on using a car block modified to Tilly spec using bits ratted from the Tilly engines to build the second engine, sadly there aren't a lot of detailed photos other than a general impression of progress. See below. Attached Thumbnails
  13. Great to see you back on the projects Ian, hope to see that standard tilly get some attention as well one day. Cheers Chris
  14. Hello everyone, once again daft question from a wally... so Our Morris Tilly is approaching time to start bringing major components back together, EG engine and gearboxback in, but the local supplies of NOS morris 10 engine and gearbox mounts seem to have dried up, I've approached a Chap in NSW who does rerubbering of engine mounts, but of cause hasn;t got a lot of call for Morris 10m so hasn't bothered with them yet. He's happy to have a go but we'll need a minimum run to make it worth his while. However, surely in The Old country, there would be someone who does this sort of thing? and probably has the Dies etc already, Australian Historic motoring is a drop in the ocean compared to what happens in your part of the world? I have had little luck with the Morris Register, there doesn't seem to be a lot of active restoration going on. Do you folk have contacts that re rubber engine/gearbox mounts/suspension Buffers etc? Has anyone had any luck casting new mounts using modern polyurethane rubber? My profession is chemistry, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a suitable PU rubber that can be readily cast and poured, and would do a pretty reasonable job at vibration dampening especially for a modest little moggie engine like the XPJM 1140cc... I'm sure as long as its not some garish colour, no one is really going to get their dander up, and if you make a mess of it it'd be pretty easy to remove and have another go. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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