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  1. Hi, can anyone please send or post a picture of the head nut tightening sequence for a B80? And advise on the right torque setting? ive got a container of nuts from a b60 that are machined top and bottom into a circular rim are these suitable or should I stick with the standard hexagon with a slight chamfer of the top edge? thanks in anticipation. A
  2. Hi all, I have the a/m trailer for sale on EBay, if any one is interested. Item number 133439195899. Andrew
  3. John, I have a pair of rough wings, and loads of 24v kit. What are you after? My stuff is mainly 90amp stuff but have the odd 40amp item. I'm located 10 mins from Stonehenge. Andrew
  4. I was looking at said schedule this afternoon and I agree with you. I have to say I think the triangular units with 9 small circular reflectors look good, but don’t appear to fit (the mounting holes are identical as it turns out). As I said above the right hand bracket seems to have holes for a reflector both above and below the light units. Does anyone have any nice old pics of said trailer that demonstrate how reflectors were originally fitted?
  5. Hi Tim, thanks. Using the original holes the triangular ones (which I have a set of) interfere with the metal rims of the tail and indicator lights, hence my question. I suppose I could redrill...
  6. Ps found an old tin of DBG paint which I brush painted (badly) on the existing primer. I ran out so have ordered a tin. I suspect this will expand to the whole trailer....
  7. This is what I have decided. I’d prefer to see the triangular shaped units with small circular reflectors within, but these larger circular items fit much better.
  8. Don’t suppose you happen to know what application RE 16272 was fitted to?
  9. Can anyone advise on the correct format for rear (ie red ) reflectors for my trailer. It is of the type where all the outriggers carry reflectors whether white, amber or red. I have recently bought a replacement number plate (left hand) outrigger. It has holes in it in a triangular pattern, although that doesn’t tell me which type of reflector was used, as the triangular reflector (9 x small circular reflectors) has the same bolt pattern as the large circular reflectors (c4 inch diameter). The location of the holes suggests that the triangular reflector will interfere with the stop light and indicator light rims, which means the large circular reflector seems the logical choice, mounted below, on both sides? In addition the right hand outrigger has a triangular top (where on the left it’s the number plate bracket) and existing holes that suggests something triangular above the circular reflectors as previously described above. A triangular reflector above a circular reflector? Perhaps originally it was the T reflector showing a trailer? Any pictures gratefully received. Andrew
  10. I cannibalised a veh in a similar state in Beds last year. Took every useful component off it. The rad and the oil cooler were subsequently stolen from my location. The engine was sold to me as complete but no crank appeared and the conrods had no caps, tanks to the buffoon who sold me the lot and the block has been bored out to what seems to be B61 spec, certainly much bigger than the pistons that came with it. No idea why he did that.
  11. I’ve got a lovely 20 cwt Brockhouse (I think) trailer and some spares but I think I’ll have to move it all on if I can’t find a body for it.
  12. I rescued it up from somewhere in Co Durham, after cleaning the points and jury rigging a fuel supply it fired up, after god knows how many years of standing outside. Sounds great.
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