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  1. Hi there, Thanks for that. I just checked out a tag on it and the part number is indeed 7038112. It is surplus to my my requirements so I will get it listed for sale. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all, I’m trying to identify this braided cable and control box. I’m told it might be from a Chaffee tank. Can anyone assist please?
  3. Hi all, I have a Fichtel & Sachs shock absorber which I’m trying to find information about it. It is marked as per the photo: Fichtel & Sachs TK45 x 280 I understand Fichtel & Sachs were manufacturing shocks and other parts during WW2. What vehicle would this have been used on? It is approximately 680 mm long in the extended position and it has a diameter of about 75mm. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've managed to source a few more pits and pieces but my search continues for the following parts: . Rear spring U bolt . Front spring shock absorber mount . Tool locker lids . Exhaust elbow from engine . Electrical Cabling . First aid kit holder . Headlight switch . Compass and mount . Rear floor . Headlight protectors for hull
  5. Up for sale is an original manual: ‘TM 9-2350-201-12 Operational and Organizational Maintenance 76-mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tanks M41 (T41E1) and M4A1 (T41E2)’. Published July 1958. The manual is in good condition overall. The front cover is a little dirty but is otherwise in good condition. The book spine shows signs of plenty of use but is not split and the book retains its ‘taut’ feel. The pages are not 'dog-eared' and all the fold out diagrams appear to be in place and in good condition. The back cover of the manual is missing. I’m asking $50 USD (or equivalent pounds/EUROS) plus postage of $25 USD worldwide. Please PM if interested.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for the following parts for my M8 Armoured Car restoration: . Hatch fittings . Rear spring U bolt . Front spring shock absorber mount . Tool locker lids . Exhaust elbow from engine . Electrical Cabling . Engine oil breather . Engine support brackets . First aid kit holder . Protectoscopes and boxes . Headlight switch . Driver seat . Compass and mount . Rear floor . Headlight protectors for hull . Fan Shroud Could you please PM me if you have anything available.
  7. Hi all, I am looking for the following parts for my M8 armoured car restoration. If you have anything available, could you let me know please: Driver seat ​Rear spring U bolt Front spring shock absorber mount Rear floor Tool locker lids Exhaust elbow Electrical Cabling Engine oil breather Taillight hull mounts, rubber mounts and taillights First aid kit holder Protectoscopes and boxes Headlight switch Hatch fittings Compass and mount Headlight protectors for hull Wheel lug studs Mine racks Fan Shroud
  8. Hi all, For all those who are restoring WW2 White Halftracks and Scoutcars, I have for sale a set of decals to aid in the restoration of the speedometer, and for the halftrack, the tachometer gauge. The speedometer set includes a clear faceplate decal and a set of odometer/trip meter number decals. As part of restoring these speedometers you will usually need to replace or repaint the faceplate and the odometer/trip meter numbers. This faceplate decal has been printed on a clear background and has been made using artwork from the original speedometer faceplate. For preparation, you first need to clean the faceplate surface and then paint it the aluminium type colour of the original. The decal can then be applied directly onto the faceplate. Once applied you will just need to cut the slot in the decal for the odometer and trip meter, and make a small pin-hole in the centre for the speedometer pointer. The set of odometer number decals are printed in black font and red font on a white background which can be applied to your trip/odometer. These have also been made using artwork from the original. For preparation, you will need to clean off all the existing paint on the trip meter and odometer. Ensure the surface is clean and dry and then apply the number strips. You may need to trim a very small amount off the end of the strip to make the ends meet correctly. There is no need to paint the odometer drums as the background on these decals is white like the original. The decals for the White Halftrack Tachometer are matched to the same font and format of the original tachometer. Like the speedo faceplate decal, they are a clear decal. In preparation for its application you will need to paint the tachometer faceplate the aluminium colour of the original, and the same colour as the speedometer faceplate. Then you just apply the decal. These decals are a good low cost alternative to painting. The result is a very professional looking finish. Prices are: * 1 x Speedometer set of decals which includes faceplate decal and odometer number set decals = 15 GBP (or 20 EURO) * 1 x Tachometer faceplate decal = 7 GBP (or 10 EURO) The prices include postage to anywhere in the world. PM me if interested please.
  9. Hi Andrew Is this the one that was in the park at Rotorua for many, many years?
  10. Hi Peter I sent you a PM about this. Can you advise if it is still available and how much you were wanting please?
  11. Hi Mark, It is an Indian Pattern Carrier. Quite a cool looking vehicle if you ask me. There are a couple in the North Island I believe. If the current price is indicative of reserve, I think it would be a good project.
  12. Hi all, Here are the pictures of my vehicles. As you can see the M3A1 AOP is a work in progress. Mark - I am in Dunedin. I know Peter. I didn't realise he had an LP. Thanks Darryl Lennane
  13. Gidday all, I’m another collector from New Zealand and I’m keen to spend a good deal of my spare time on this forum. My interests are WW2 vehicles and weapons. My vehicles include a 1943 Willys jeep and trailer, a 1941 Australian LP2A machine gun carrier and a 1944 White M3A1 scout car in the Australian AOP configuration which I am restoring. I also have a number of WW2 weapons, both allied and axis. I’m on the lookout for some White scout car parts for my restoration so I’ll be posting at some stage in the classifieds. Looking forward to catching up on the forums. Thanks Darryl
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