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    Ryx 26 and ryx 28 are still registerd with the dvla as commers from 1958, so I guess ryx 27 was either scrapped exported or was re registered,
  2. devonblacksmith


    Thank you for the info, would the book say where it was stationed it has C72 on the bumper and on the mud flaps does this mean anything ?
  3. devonblacksmith


    Yes its the one in my profile, reg no RYX 44 from 1956 I dont have a copy of the book where would I get it from ? Thanks
  4. devonblacksmith


    Hi all I have a commer 1956 Q4, I know its not a military one but was with the AFS and I have herd there are some people on here that may be able to tell me a bit about this truck and where to find records of its history ? any help please.
  5. devonblacksmith

    Commer Q4 - The Project begins!!!

    Anyone got any thoughts on the non-originality aspect of that? My Q4 not original but a working truck being used.
  6. devonblacksmith

    Date of manufacture

    Could you tell me how to do this as I dont know who thay are or where they may be contacted.Thanks
  7. devonblacksmith

    Date of manufacture

    Hi all I now have a AFS commer Q4 first registered 1956 and would like to know how to prove the date of manufacture ,also can anyone tell me about the axles ie make and ratios and would it be possible to increase the road speed a little.
  8. devonblacksmith

    Commer Q4 controls

    Hi I am about to pick up a q4 and wouldlike to know more about this truck the reg is RYX 44
  9. devonblacksmith


    Can anyone tell me why my landrover should have gone to FVRDE when new and can I find out where it went from there?
  10. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    Sorry I mis spelt should have been 78 AA 46 but not my landy anyway,Can anyone tell me why my landrover should go to FVRDE whould it be for them to check out the new 11a and can I find out where it went from there?
  11. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    my chassis number is 24101090a and there is no contract number on a data plate,The no 77 AA 46 was on the base of the drivers seat,But when the card came for this land rover it was not the same chassis no so it isn't 77 AA 46.The build date and dispatched to FVRDE info came from the land rover build data held at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Archive Department Heritage Motor Centre Banbury Road Gaydon hope this clarifies things.
  12. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    Thanks to all for your help I have just reseaved the card for 78 AA 46 but its not my landy chassis no is later than mine, I have also receved information on the Build date: 24 November 1961 Specification: home market Colour: Bronze Green Despatched: 18 December 1961 to Fighting Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, Chertsey Is there any way I can find out more from this do all landeys go there first or?
  13. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    Thanks for the help, any idea if green is the correct color for this ?
  14. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    Sorry all I meant the DVLA civilian registration is saying that the land rover was registered in 1969 but appears to be from about 1962/3,you have answered this for me now many thanks all Ted Angus said Hendon may have a card for it how would I find out about this?does this mean that this is an RAF land rover or not?
  15. devonblacksmith

    registraton marks

    Hi I am new here and have a question about reg marks I have a 2a land rover with a no 78 AA 46 wot can I find out about this? also the reg doc says first registered 1969 but appears to be earlier is there a reason for this I hope some-one can help.