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  1. Hi, I’m not sure on the exact rules for the 430 series, but with most AFVs with auto gearboxes you normally have to remove the shaft between the final drive and gearbox if you’re going to tow it any great distance or speed as you can otherwise overheat the gearbox. But as long as you’re in neutral and only drive slowly and short distances you will be fine towing it as you describe. There will be plenty of 430 experts and ex REME mechanics though who can confirm.
  2. Hello Tom, I have a Canadian Mk1, and can get access to some of the boxes, but I don’t know if the Mk2 is different. Also have a mk2 BREN box on mine which I can measure up. Regards, Tom M
  3. I am very near completion of my wartime James ML, which I have owned for over 10 years. It was sat in boxes for many years, awaiting a set of wheels, then when the wheels were sourced it awaited free time. With a recent injection of effort recently, I’ve just finished building the wheels up and was determined to get the bike on the road in the next few weeks. However, I’ve just trial fitted the carburettor and found that when the engine came back from the machine shop 10 years ago, it came back with the wrong inlet manifold, so I’m stumped. Does anyone have a spare inlet manifold that they would be willing to sell or swap, to help me get this bike finished and back on the road? The part I’m looking for is circled below. Unfortunately the one on my engine doesn’t have the 45 degree angle, so the carburettor sits at a 45 degree angle, which won’t work. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I’ve scoured eBay, and asked Villiers services, but no luck so far. Many thanks, Tom Millward
  4. I’ve also got a first contract ML, frame number 1156, C5147158. The switch panel still has the original service brown. I had the frame powder coated, the closest they could match was RAL 8028. My brother used to own, and restored, frame number 728. Not sure who owns it now.
  5. Item number 133351879350 - what appears to be a water bowser tank for a Bedford MW.
  6. I like the look of matt paint, but was advised against it on many occasions as it marks too easily, also been advised that most matting agents are porous (unless you get a more expensive high quality one) and therefore don't protect the substrate from water ingress and corrosion. I painted one of my WD/COs in matt paint, it looked good put as soon as you touched it, it would mark. I had my last bikes powder coated in satin and the finish is hard as nails. Not 100% authentic, ut it should last longer and it's easier to was the dirt off.
  7. Wow! Another Class A restoration from the Pier workshop. A question Ron, how do you get the tank transfers to adhere properly on the matt paint? I tried on a previous bike and they just flaked off.
  8. Hello Paul, I also have a James ML which I am currently restoring. Original parts are quite difficult to find, but there are some very good reproduction tinware parts being made by Terry Roberts (https://www.heritagemotorworks.co.uk/)., e.g. tool boxes front brake rods, mudguards, exhausts etc. Many of the tools for the tool kit are marked with the ML part numbers and hence can be found easily on ebay. I am still looking for an original Dunlop WM0 - 19 wheel rim to complete my bike. They are extremely hard to find! You may find more success if you post your topic in the motorcycle section of the forum. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful members there. Regards, Tom
  9. Hello John, I would be interested in bringing the Carrier to Lacock. I need to look at transport as driving it would mean driving along the A4 potentially. I might see if I can set up a convoy and bring down a 25pdr gun set and quad at the same time. I have a NOVA for my Carrier, as I imported it from New Zealand, is there any chance I can get the age verification done?
  10. Hello John, thanks for the info. I’ll watch the situation with keen interest. Normandy might have to wait for next year. Can you tell us what the issue is with DVLA? I look forward to showing you around the carrier when the time comes. It’s not far from you, near Larkhill.
  11. Hello all, I want to get my Carrier road registered so I can track it to local events and drive it around Normandy in June, but the MVT age verification service seems to have stopped. Does anyone know how else I can get my 1942 Ford Universal Carrier verified for an age related number? Thanks, Tom
  12. I saw this final drive sprocket outside a local Army Surplus shop, unfortunately they were closed at the time. It looks like it's from a British cruiser tank. Can anyone identify it? I will find out how much it is if anyone is interested.
  13. Have you tried contacting the REME Museum in the UK? If they have a copy I may be able to photocopy it for you, as I am only down the road.
  14. Hi Jon, I’m down at Lyneham, so not far from you if you ever need any help with anything. As an aside, I’m helping to organize a wartime event at the REME museum on the 11th May if you want a practice ride out for the day. Good luck with Normandy.
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