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  1. Tom M

    my jeep at last

    Hello Mark, Welcome to Military Vehicle ownership. I hope you enjoy your Jeep. I own a ‘44 Willy’s MB. Do your research on parts suppliers before investing too much money in spares. There are plenty of suppliers out there, but not all parts are the best quality. Find yourself a trusted supplier and develop a relationship with them, as they’re an excellent source of valuable advice as well. I personally use Dallas Autos as they are reasonably local to me. They can be a bit more expensive than other suppliers I hear, but the the parts are always good quality and they have helped me out with advice several times. They once drove out 40 mins from their workshop, when I broke down in my old TR6 after visiting them, and even picked me up a coil from a local parts place on the way. Where are you based and who did you serve with?
  2. Tom M

    Universal Carrier Canvas Cover

    Thanks gents, I am assuming it is a very basic rectangular tarp for covering the vehicle when it was sat on the tank park. Does anyone have a picture of an original so I can see the number and position of the eyelets?
  3. I am about to receive my '42 Mk1* Carrier. There are a couple of really good wartime British Pathe instructional videos on youtube, which seem to show the Mk1 Carrier with a canvas cover, stowed on the back left corner, as well as a Camouflage Net. Can anyone confirm if the Mk1 carrier came with a canvas cover as part of its CES, and if so what dimensions the cover is? Does anyone know where I can get a reproduction cover? Many thanks,
  4. Tom M

    Jeep carburettor problems

    Thanks for all the advice guys. After going through through the manual and rebuild instructions again, I realised that (as Phil.c says) I hadn't set the meter rod correctly. I had just refitted it without setting it at all - one of the down sides of working on ones Jeep until the early hours of the morning for three nights in a row! After setting it correctly it started on the button and ran perfectly. I have just spent a weekend on Salisbury Plain and it didn't break down! It was difficult to start, but I am guessing this is probably down to me not getting the choke settings correct, and either flooding or running the battery down from frequent starting.
  5. Tom M

    Jeep carburettor problems

    Thank you Pete, I hadn't considered it that it might be something after the carb. I will check the manifold tonight. I've checked the pump, and fuel filter and all seems ok.
  6. Can anyone give me some advice on a Jeep fuelling problem? I decided to rebuild my '44 Willys MB carb this week, as I suspected fuel starvation; I took the Jeep out a few weeks ago in the really cold weather and it kept cutting out at idle, but would start again with some throttle and choke, eventually I got home and it stalled and wouldn't start again. I got it to start a few weeks later, but it would only run with the choke and would cut out really easily when the throttle was opened. I have just rebuilt the carb using a kit I had from Dallas Autos, and put it back on the engine, but it was difficult to start and still won't run without choke, even when warm . If I open the throttle it dies straight away. It sounds like a fuel blockage, but I don't know where to start. Does anyone have any ideas on the likes culprit? I don't want to have to strip the carb down completely all over again if I don't have to, as I don't have a lot of time. I am trying to get the Jeep ready for an event on Salisbury plain this weekend and it is refusing to cooperate! Any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks gents, The seller is now sorting out insurance from the shipping agent. The Carrier should arrive in April. Just my tracked vehicle licence to do now.
  8. Tom M

    B Card Translation

    Hi, The first line is the Aschurch Vehicle depot where all incoming vehicles are receipted and inspected by the MOD when they are delivered. Not sure what the second line is, The third line looks like the struck off records line when the vehicle was disposed of. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks Mike, I will google it and see what comes up.
  10. Hello, I am seeking advice about insuring a vehicle during transit; I am about to ship a Universal Carrier to the UK from New Zealand. I think I read on the forum somewhere that one should insure the vehicle during shipping in case it is lost at sea (We lost a prototype MBT in work recently when the cargo bay it was on was flooded by ship's Captain to prevent the ship capsizing!). Does anyone have any experience or advice. Is this insurance necessary, or is it provided by the shipping agent? If it is required can anyone advise where to get it. My normal insurance broker didn't have a clue. Many thanks.
  11. Tom M

    Horsa glider items

    I would be interested to know where the gliders were pushed off, as I live near the end of the Lyneham airfield and rent a few acres on the outskirts of the airfield. By coincidence I have an original airborne Jeep in my garage as well.
  12. Hi, A friend of mine has one and half trailers in pieces in his shed. The half trailer has all the pieces, he was very festidious about preserving all the fittings, but body rotted away. We originally planned to rebuild them both using the first as a pattern, but I haven't the time and luckily came across a restored and original one. I will ask him if he is interested in passing it on.
  13. Hello, I don't know whether the collective would consider me 'young' anymore as I’m now in my mid thirties, but I don’t believe there are as many people of my age or younger that are currently active in the military vehicle hobby, compared to the number of those of older generations. I have been looking to invest some money in WW2 vehicles rather than put it all in a pension pot. The thinking being that based on past trends the value of WW2 MVs was likely to steadily increase and I get the added bonus of actually enjoying the vehicle at the same time., selling it when I could no longer drive it or needed to release the capital. I have been looking for a Universal Carrier for just over a year now. Thankfully there are no shortages of vehicles available, but prices are silly for what they are. I put a post on this forum in November last year and subsequently was offered 3 carriers all for roughly the same price, circa £35k -£40k. I declined to purchase any of the carriers as I agree with those that say the market has probably peaked. My thoughts were exactly those have been expressed here - Who are the next generation of MV enthusiasts and will they be able to afford to spend in excess of £40k on a luxury toy? Hence, I questioned the validity of WW2 vehicles as financial investments. A vehicle is only worth as much as people are prepared to pay for it. The generation of MV owner's who I am familiar with from the show scene, probably all grew up with parents or grandparents who served in WW2, or Korea, or did National Service, or maybe even did National Service themselves. They may have got into the MV hobby as a way of connecting with their families past, vehicles were plentiful and relatively financially accessible. However, it is a different world now. I think the next generation is more distanced from family members who served in past conflicts, and so I don't believe there is the connection to the vehicles they drove that there once was. We/they haven't grown up learning to drive a Jeep around a farm yard, or discovered time capsule MVs at the backs of barns. The younger generations see vehicles at shows, but they are behind ropes and no access signs. If the a flame of interest is ignited, it will be quickly extinguished when they learn how much it costs to acquire one. My concern is, bearing in mind the average age of first time home ownership is 39, where does the next generation of MV owner get the the expendable cash to buy a luxury toy? If interest in military vehicles decreases, it is going to be a case of supply outstripping demand and the value of vehicles are likely to decrease accordingly, with exception to the rare stuff. I consider myself to be fairly well off financially, I have the space for vehicles, but no time to restore them. I should be the target market for the WW2 vehicle owner looking to sell his restored vehicle. But I feel they are just too expensive at the current prices. That said, I believe the hobby itself is far from dead. There are many younger people involved in the re-enactment and living history scene and many successful events catered for them. Television series and films such as the Band of Brother’s, or latest Dunkirk movie will continue to spark interest. I am personally involved with the Garrison Living History Group based in Larkhill, which has members from a wide range of ages; from late teens through to veterans. Will the upcoming members be able to afford to take the step into vehicle ownership? At today’s prices, I don’t personally think so. So something has to give.
  14. Hi, What part of the country are you based in? Can the bike be viewed? Do you have any more pictures; off side, rear and of the instruments? Do you know what work has been done to the engine and gearbox, and how much of the tin ware is original?
  15. Tom M

    James ML wheels rims and hubs

    Hello again Gents, I have finally got into the workshop to dig out my ML? hubs. Here are some pictures of what I have. The first three pictures are what I am hoping are the correct (or near enough) hubs for the James ML (36 hole, the rear was on a WM0 rim, but it was shot to pieces), the 4th and 5th pictures are a 40 hole hub I am have spare, the 6th and 7th are another 40 hole spare hub, the 8th and 9th pictures are another 36 hole hub of unknown identity. If anyone could identify any of the hubs I would be grateful. Hopefully there two of them ML hubs. What I don't use on the ML are all surplus to requirements. I also have a 40 hole rear hub and rim (both that and the pictured rim in red oxide are on WM1-19 rims). Many thanks, Tom