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  1. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    The won Scott showed is a NATO helmet .
  2. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Look like what I need , I know their is the older style too. Needs to work with clansman 353 radio intercom
  3. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Thanks for the pics but those are used on the big tanks I think doesn't look like the two kinds I know of I'll check and get back to you thanks again
  4. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    My email is ronsandt@rcn.com thanks
  5. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    You have pic or know if the radio parts work? Price?thanks
  6. Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Still need. 2 working cvrt sabre crew helmets anyone have them for sale thanks.
  7. Sabre clansman question

    Yep their good and the turrent switch .but was told that if turrent batteries are bad start vehical and it will run off of main power. Now I put 2 new batteries in for hull and put the 2 best ones in turrent.
  8. Sabre clansman question

    Ok we turn on the main switch, both batteries are good. No lights come on only when I start vehical due they come on. The I only checked power to the radio. The two lower right cables supply the power, but the radio is dead nothing happens. I don't know if anything else in torrent works or is even hooked up i.e. No main gun smoke launchers ect. I will check and due as you described above on sat. Thanks I'll get back to you
  9. Sabre clansman question

    How would power be supplied to ib3 box. The one cable on left side is short and goes to commanders box
  10. Sabre clansman question

    So see if I have power at socket marked harness. And to turn on flick up and down the 28v toggle?
  11. Sabre clansman question

    I believe the power goes in the top one on left? Where due I get a power cable?
  12. Sabre clansman question

    Here is the pics of my system. How due I use intercom with out a working radio?
  13. Sabre clansman question

    I'll map out what and how my wires are run and maybe you can see what's wrong.thanks
  14. Sabre clansman question

    Ok I have power to radio but won't turn on. But can I get a power cable over to my rb3 box to power up the intercom?