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  1. So I looked into the xk motors in cars and found out a lot don’t have them either? Anyone no the thread and were to put one into our j60 motor with aftermarket gauges. I no theirs an idiot light but I like to see my gauge when it comes to heat.
  2. So anyone know the thread for such A sensor. Thanks for the good answers. I was wondering if the motor was the same as car one. But with military you never know what they change.
  3. I’m revisiting this issue with cvrt having no temp gauge. Personally it is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. But anyone put a temp sender in their cvrt j60motors? Someone said put battery operated one in but I can’t find them anywhere. I know others are interested in this issue too.
  4. My manuals read cut and dry. Not getting my answers out of them. Have all man. And have to keep searching between them all. Just trying to get a ballpark from people who have used them for a long time.
  5. So if my tr@ck starts out with 78 links per side and I now have to remove one per side. How many miles usually does it take to stretch the track to take out another link. And how many links can you take out total! Just trying to judge my usage, and what to expect thanks.
  6. Doesn’t help that I’m 6 foot tall. Not easy working in their. But my son is now 14 time too learn. Hahaha
  7. It was the wiggle waggle that didn’t work. It was scratching up my panels. I hope I don’t have to due that again for a long while
  8. I couldn’t get mine to come out the top. Pinched in their . So I slide it back, what a pain.
  9. So harder than a cvrt sabre?
  10. Does anyone know anything about these vehicals . We’re to get parts , track life , reliabity, Ect. Thanks.
  11. Have to take one out of each side! How far out it to far so I can measure? To make sure
  12. Tracks won’t stay tensioned. But don’t see a grease leak. When I pump in grease it kinda pops out as it goes but when driving hear same pop and their intentioned again. They stay at over 6 1/2 plus inches. They don’t seem to go any further. Their close to road wheels! Any ideas
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