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  1. Ronsandt

    CVRT track

    They look really good one sec or too looks old but could be the pic. As soon as he gets me a price to ship I’ll let you no ,thanks for the pics and help. Ron P.A
  2. Ronsandt

    CVRT track

    10 link sections . 16 sections ? Pics hard to tell . Some pads look rough. Interested but in USA . Shipping? Would it crate up? Thanks Ron in p.a
  3. Ronsandt

    Cvrt track

    Looked like dry rotted but still good for off road. Track is getting harder to find. If I was over their I would go and politely kick him down in price. But that’s me
  4. Ronsandt

    Cvrt track

    Just saw used cvrt track 10 link sections on Uk e bay £120ea
  5. Ronsandt

    Cvrt and heat

    So what sender fits in the j60 head?
  6. Ronsandt

    Cvrt and heat

    Yes how to plum in for a good accurate temp.
  7. Ronsandt

    Cvrt and heat

    So I’ve noticed my sabre doesn’t like the hot days. She likes to deasel when turned off . It’s usually like over 80 degrees. It’s the one thing I don’t like about cvrt no temp gauge. Always worried I’m going to over heat her. I check the anti freeze before ever run. Anyone ever put a gauge in one? Ofcouse it’s always hot in drivers seat.
  8. Ronsandt

    CVRT Spares for sale

    You still have the radon cleaning kit and 2 D shackles ? And can you send to U.S.A ? PayPal ok ? Thanks Ron in P.A
  9. Ronsandt

    Cvrt parts

    I put a fork through the drivers headlight when I took top deck off the change starter( which is still on loan) right after I got the vehical.brok the bulb, ring and bulb housing.
  10. Ronsandt

    Cvrt parts

    I’ve been trying to get parts from Andrew for 7 months . Don’t know the problem. If you have what I need I would greatly appreciate the help.
  11. Ronsandt

    Cvrt parts

    Anyone have a list of places / people who are good for parts . Sabre parts. If anyone reads this and might have parts I need the drivers headlight with bezel and housing, starters 2 ,used carb, complete spotlight with harness, and the correct track tension for sabre ( it’s not in the manuals). Replica chain gun barrel.maybe another radio vcr 353 . thanks to all . Love my sabre and need to keep her running smooth.
  12. Ronsandt

    Sabre clansman question

    I have to thank all here for their help. Put new 3 way box inn and I made jumper wires for the turrent power switch. Bingo radio works intercom good all other turrent pieces work, fans night , night sight , lights, ect. Thanks
  13. Ronsandt

    Sabre photos

    Holder ? Also were does first aid box holder go? See them forsake but we’re due they go? Thanks your a big help. Good to talk to people with the knowledge of these vehical.
  14. Ronsandt

    Sabre photos

    Yea it was down pouring to day , no rides just in the barn sorting this stuff out today.so are those needed? Or used when vehical is turned off.are those able to be bought. I like all pieces in my vehicals to make them complete.
  15. Ronsandt

    Cvrt sabre

    Ok thanks