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  1. Anyone have a cut sabre chain gun barrel or a pic of the end that sticks out. Need one or make one.
  2. Well I drove so much I ran out of gas at that show! I’m doing the shift while starting and it goes into forward and rev. But sometimes it still shifts easy.
  3. Yes but when motor is off it should shift . It’s hitting solid no give. Just 2 week ago it was so smooth. Well she’ll get run this week maybe it will loosen something up.ill let ya know sat night when we get home.
  4. Don’t see any cover on trans looks like case needs to be split to get to enything. Bell crank? Under rad trunnions. I’ll look into that don’t know what that is.
  5. Ok it has 15w40 in everything (ect coolant and brakes) up date was just up their for 4 hours. Was thinking maybe it wasn’t fully engaged in nutraul. Well foot pedal adj. was all the way inane lock nut loose so I backed the rod out 1/2 way and locked it down. Lubed all again. Won’t go in not running. So we started it and It was going in forwar and rev off and on. But I did it like 10 times . Now I had it at 600 rpm and it was grinding when trying . Why would the gear still be turning? The rod and linkage move very easy. Now haven’t run her in like a year. Is it poss just needs to be run to get stuff moving?
  6. I’m ready to cry. 2 weeks ago shifted so smooth. Then out of the blue not thier.me and my son live on her fore 3 days at this show once a year. I only have so many years till he’s 18 and then who knows if I have my TC for this show! Don’t know if I should force it! We got it to go into rev once to put her away. But!
  7. It’s like it’s hitting solid , when not running and grinding when running. It just happened so to speak never had a problem before?
  8. Went to my spare Tran and it moves all the way in and out. You can see on one in my tank that it’s not going all the way. Don’t want to force it
  9. Ok all was fine then go to get her ready for show on thurs and drove her over to wash it. No problem. Get back in and won’t shift into forward or rev. Tryied not running ect. Finally got into rev and put her back in shed. Now won’t go into any again.? Found trans fliud was low don’t know why. Topped it off. Shift moves forward and reverse no problem but won’t gointo forward or reverse. Help. When running it grinds when trying to due so. Any help.?
  10. You need to put the seat in the down position then tall people can get in . Then put seat up to drive. If you get any cvrt you need spares as their starting to get hard to find science the British gov doesn’t sell them off anymore. Road wheels spare track , filters ect BUT my sabre is so nice to drive .
  11. Ok I need to know how to use the IR sight on the sabre. Poss wiring where it goes ect. Or where due I find the manual for it.i have a lot of manuals so gloss over it. Need one that show how to put the wires were they go ect thanks.
  12. So I looked into the xk motors in cars and found out a lot don’t have them either? Anyone no the thread and were to put one into our j60 motor with aftermarket gauges. I no theirs an idiot light but I like to see my gauge when it comes to heat.
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