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    second war time,Czechoslovak forces in exile, under British command
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  1. Thank you, very much, Pete. Tom
  2. Thank you, very much, nice message!
  3. Look for info about Ford WOT2H in side body(steel body) with wireless no.19 or 22, Have only one pictures, its very diferent to Bedford MWR FFI, thanks for help Tom
  4. Loook for used series one, 2000l engine thermostat housing with both tubes, missing....thanks for offers, Tom
  5. Look for wartime Ford WOT 2, thanks for offer, Tom
  6. First drive after seven month restoration
  7. Thank you very much for interesting info and photos! Tom
  8. Austin K2Y Ambulance- Light up! I am an "electrician" amateur.
  9. only water? And this second box?
  10. more work, but ask, for what is this box and small tank?
  11. Thank you for info, but I have from archive complet list all Austins K2Y Ambulance in Czechoslovak brigade 1944-45....
  12. HI Richard, thank you! Austin six cylinder is first my restoration, but I make before four cylinder, 8hp and 10hp, but six cylinder is very diferent….hope I make all good….
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