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  1. little better wieu on inside Ambulance box, work, run, run...
  2. now need help- make restoration "box", missing cca 2 metres metal strips, width 25mm,( 1 inch), by pictures, look for this strip...
  3. happy day, start and first drive (only few meters), Austin K2Y Ambulance live!
  4. Hi Rupert, thank you very much for interesting info and photos! Details is in second line, becouse I have only short time to 75th aniversary end of War in Europe, want finnish restoration….Late go to the details, I dont know date of build my ambulance, maybe help me? Think is early model...regards Tom
  5. Good news, Austin engine start and runninig! Engine have new life. Good sound!
  6. more work, more news, ambulance is on new tyres, engine is back, gearbox repair, atc.
  7. Thank you Rupert, I have all this items, my problém is now engine... And little more work on cab Ambulance... drives seat is good, as in Bus
  8. Hello to Australia, tyres is "Mitas" new production 10,50-16, and sorry I dont understand all text, You are owner Austin K2y ambulance? I make restoration drivers seat, last job on my ambulance. Tom
  9. thanks, Richard, its true, now have new pistons, and little work on chassis and cab, ou and new tyres 10,5-16
  10. im new happy owner Austin K2y, very nice original condition, preparate restoration, look for Austin speedometer and instrument case
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