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  1. MWR body...similar to original 1944
  2. my MWR body , short way to finnish , think looks good, as original...
  3. Bedford MWR -more wood...more problems….and over 30 kilograms bolts, nuts...
  4. Bedford MWR 15cwt 1944 body in production….
  5. MWR, more work, more problems, few orig. parts….
  6. its problém , radio cables to spark plugs , i want exchanged cables, but I can not break the spark plugs connections…..
  7. my "colection" MWR distributors , try repair and one full function….
  8. See your restoration, fantastic work! regards Tom
  9. good news for Guy66, this missing last spark plug connection is on the world, nice, but by the manual, now look for "A.C. SF12R sparking plugs", or equivalent . Maybe its Champion , but I dont know type?
  10. nice find, have both missing original doors MW(!)
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