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  1. WANTED: British WW2 34 foot free standind radio aerial parts

    John......I have sent you a PM.
  2. Whatever you have got to make up the standard 34 foot aerial......full kit, parts, eg ground spike and base. Guy ropes?
  3. Dodge WC54 applications?

    My problem was finding a BRITISH Army WW2 deployment. According to the literature, RAMC used them but I could find no photos of that application. So being steered in the direction of 'The Secret Wireless War' was brilliant and that book has a couple of photos of them in the field as well as a basic description of how they were fitted out. They were received in UK as fully kitted out and red-cross emblazoned ambulances and as far as I can discern, the red crosses were painted out but the US reg number and other bonnet markings retained with only an "SCU" unit number painted on the bumpers to identify it as part of the Bletchley Park network. So it is going to look a bit of a plain Jane, but I am going to rig up a free standing 30foot aerial for display purposes.
  4. Dodge WC54 applications?

    Thanks all for help in finding a potential British Army identity for a Dodge WC54. IJM Restorations in Yorkshire are now restoring their WC54 for me to put back on the road as a mobile Special Communications Unit manned mainly by Royal Signals personnel for deployment in the US sectors of the post Normandy European battlefield, to handle high level secret communications traffic. It is an ex 'Fury' film set vehicle and as you can see, there is a fair bit of work to do! As the load area would have been stripped put anyhow and a radio table installed, it is ideal for me to rig as a basic camper and carry a WW2 motorcycle or two!
  5. Where are you now...my old Jeep

    Of more relevance (because it is no longer liable to MoT tests) is that it is currently on "taxed" status, so presumably up and running somewhere! Should be easy enough to find.....a green Jeep!:)
  6. Bedford mw tyres

    Current Sales advert on the MVT website: Four 900x16 tyres. Ex WD off roadworthy Bedford MW £25 each, ONO. Two tyres and wheels 600x16 on six stud NATO wheels. NATO pattern £20 ono each. One tyre and wheel 10.50x16, ex WD £40 ONO. Buyer collects. Rodney Thompson 01568 760220 Email valeriethompson6@btconnect.com
  7. Normandy/D-day 2018? Advice please

    Joining a club is a good start. MVT, IMPS, or.......? There will be a section of MVT that covers your area.....maybe IMPS. They both organise tours, formal or informal. 2019 tours are already probably booked out already! But 2018 will be easier and once "in" I am sure you will get squeezed in for 2019. Club membership gets you discounted insurance and accreditation to buy de-ac weapons, advice, support, contacts, PLI, etc etc.
  8. WW2 aerial kit??

    Thanks for that, Chris. I am looking at restoring a Dodge WC54 as an SCU/SLU radio truck as deployed in the American sectors of the W European theatre. It seems that there was little outward change to the Dodge which was received by the British in standard US ambulance livery and fittings. I think the red crosses were painted out but the US serial numbers retained. I think an SLU/SCU number was applied to the bumpers. The inside was stripped of stretchers and radio table fitted but it seems that only a free standing aerial was deployed.....unlike the US WC54 radio trucks.
  9. WW2 aerial kit??

    I am doing a bit of research into what equipment was carried by mobile Special Liaison Units in '44/45. In particular, what radio aerial equipment. I have a description of what they used from a Dodge or Guy 15cwt as follows: "a bag with a sectional mast, aerial wire, guy ropes and mast base". But what exactly would that comprise, so I can try and find this equipment? Thanks!
  10. Stencils and Pegasus plates.

    Cant help you with the plate, but Axholme Signs do all the MV stencils and are very good......see the "Trader Classifieds" in the Community Section of thIS fForum.
  11. CMV has an article under its "Military Vehicle Market" column ("Be Careful What You Spray") that presents some conclusions that raised my eyebrows! I quote: "We are now seeing specialist restorers like BAIV in Holland taking large stands to proudly show off their restorations............the whole dynamics of the restoration and rebuild sector has changed dramatically in recent years and there are now more armour restoration specialists than any other type of military vehicles" Really? How do they know? Maybe this assertion is based on advertising revenue? Its not what I see. For every BAIV, I see dozens of small workshops, artisans, one-man bands, doing all kinds of fabrication in all kinds of MV. The article goes on to say: "We have seen more and more 'super collectors' amassing fleets of armoured projects and pumping good money into investment restorations............Now the standard is to recreate [armour] how it came out of the factory. And owners will pay the price to achieve that level. Without a doubt, the military vehicle hobby is no longer the poor relation of the collectors' vehicle world." Hmmmm. As well as finding this outlook profoundly depressing ( is this REALLY THE MV scene we want?), if true, it is no wonder fewer folk are able to afford to join in. But I will stick with my feeling that such stuff is merely good journalistic fare to keep those advertisers happy! Pretty much in line with another assertion in the article that "we are seeing very few Series Land Rovers up for dale now." REALLY? [The writer must get out more!]
  12. Dodge WC54 applications?

    Many thanks, guys!
  13. Dodge WC54 applications?

    Tony, its hard to make out but the Dodge in the photo nearest the camera is marked as "USA". Would any in the SLUs have British Army markings? Am looking for a reason to paint a WC54 as British!
  14. no price

    Well I ALWAYS state my price, qualifying that with ONO or "firm" to let folk know how I stand. Lets face it, after the basic description of what the thing is, asking price is what you want to know next......then you can check out the detail to see whether its worth even phoning let alone viewing. For all the stuff most of us buy, there is no retail price......maybe a rather vague and ill-established market value, but other than that, price tends to be what a seller thinks he might get and some sellers are realistic and genuine people who want to secure a sale to someone really interested in their stuff, while others just want as much loot as possible.........and I tend to assume "no price" means the latter.
  15. Dodge WC54 applications?

    Thanks for all the responses.....much appreciated. Regards the SLU application, Tony, do you know how the vehicle would be marked up? Also love the loudspeaker car photo......would make a great vehicle for War & Peace show to combat thise pesky Russians!