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  1. Well of course you do have to make a sale at that price!
  2. David, this may not be relevant or possibly overtaken by new regs, but in the past I have had an Armstrong motorcycle (ex BAOR) and a grey import m/c, both with continental dipping headlights, but passed the MoT as they had beam converters (black tape applied to the glass to cut off the wrongly angled dip beam). The MoT certificate made note of the converters.
  3. It has got a price (listed over the photo; I sometimes miss that as well).....£21k!
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barn-Find-Original-Ww2-British-Army-Willis-Jeep-Dingo-Vehicle-Canvas-Door/303090310642?hash=item4691971df2:g:X-4AAOSwHu9cg6Ok
  5. Ron's advice off another forum! For an M20, but this advice helps..... If you go for the 350-19's which most guys seem too, including me. Have a look at this range from 'Vintage Tyres' https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/tyres/?type=tyres&diameter=59&width=75&search=1 I've heard good reports from guys who have fitted the 'Ensign Universal' for a real block tread look. But I've used the 'Dunlop K70' and the 'Mitas H-02' lots of times with no problems. I am however a cautious rider in the wet! I've found that the K70 on the rear wears a bit to quickly for my liking, and prefer the 'Cheng Shin' which has exactly the same tread pattern. https://www.wheelhousetyres.co.uk/3-50-19-57n-cheng-shin-c180-universal.html Ron
  6. FOUND! Happy ending........the rig was turned back as too heavy! Went back to its starting point. Lesson: stick to tried and tested carriers!
  7. A trailer was used. Possibly the bloke was picked up on a NRC for no tax/MoT and the rig is now in a Police compound. It has been reported to the Police. Fingers crossed.
  8. A photo of the Dodge innquestion. Note name on mudguard and Norwegian style tyres. It is hoped at this stage, this will turn out to be an innocent mixup, but if anyone spots or has any information, please let me know as the new owner is understandably very worried as anyone would be in this situation!
  9. Sorry......original now corrected. Thanks!
  10. Just posting on behalf of someone on the Dodge WC 54 forum:. He was having his WC54 transported from Beccles to Belgium and since the pick up on 6 February, the bloke who collected it has gone AWOL and not answering calls. His Mitsubishi pick up truck, reg HX56DMU is indicated to have no current tax and MoT. Sounds worrying. The WC 54 is registered as 799YUL and has "Betty Boop" written on a mudguard/ fender. Any sightings or sales of WC54 or bits is worth checking.
  11. Alec, after searching fruitlessly in several locations, I have at last found the aforesaid carrier and flask. Photos attached. The carrier looks unused, dated 1945 and has carry straps so is complete. The glass vacuum inner of the flask is gone (I broke it....grrr) but it has its three ally food containers which also look unused. The number stencilled on the flask is I think the Part No as the food containers are inscribed with the same number +1. Its possible the flask is an aircrew issue one........I dont know.......but it fits the carrier. (Coke can for scale!) Ferg
  12. What about using "Weapons/Accessories"? After all, this site is about vehicles, primarily. Not re-enacting. Its a good topic, though.
  13. And here is that Lightweight at War and Peace back in 2008/9?, freshly spruced up, complete with original door insignia.
  14. Hi, Alan! As your "PO" in question, it was great to read of your experience! It would be good to get some in-service photos; perhaps there is an ex-RA facebook site, or similar that you could post on? When I got the Landie it was looking very tired, but mainly cosmetics and usual suspension wear points and it took me a few months to strip off the layers of old paint, then re-paint in exactly the camo pattern it had. It was when stripping that I found the insignia and again, I repainted that as per the original. I had always hoped someone would recognise it and you struck lucky! I keep my eye out for you and the truck at shows. All the best. Ferg
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