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  1. I had one of the "XYM" ex-AFS bikes and there seem to be still quite a few of these still on the road (190 issued?). Have a look at this message string from 2011. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/18050-auxiliary-fire-service-matchless/
  2. Watch out for "ringers"! 16h was in production for a long time and if you want a WW2 bike you need to check out the frame and engine numbers. Never owned one, but those who do tend to be enthusiastic! No doubt Ron will be on here and give you detail.
  3. BSA sidevalve M20 is the envy of Matchless WDG3Ls re roadside tinkering with carb, etc, but they run hot as sidevalves tend to. So folk can have issues with fuel vaporisation and blown head gaskets, but all manageable.
  4. The so-called frontline bikes were limited in the main to BSA, Matchless, Ariel and Norton, and all used in N Africa. Dont forget that the Matchless G3WO preceding the G3L has girder forks and its a nice (comparatively) lively ride, with OHV engine, though rarer (and more expensive)....as is the Norton. Latter is a pretty antequated design cf the Matchless and BSA and parts are more difficult/expensive to source. The Ariel is also a decent lively riding bike, also with OHV engine (and girders). They are all simple bikes made to be worked on with none a lemon. The Matchless is a bit more fiddly to work with but hardly taxing. As you are not that fussed about which frontline bike you want, probably the best course of action is just to find one of those in good, complete condition at mot silly money. And when you do, ask back here re the specific bike before you buy, as it might just save you much heartache and hassle! Motorcycles purporting to be complete and original frequently are offered at top dollar. They can look very nice.......and be very wrong! The cost of putting such dogs right can be eye watering.
  5. Well its a public holiday for a start! but only because they have moved the May BH back four days to the Friday. Diaries/calendars may have the old date.
  6. I have a new front fork assembly and also new front and rear wheels (no tyres, sprocket or brake discs). They came with the bike I purchased but I don't need them. The front fork assembly is £220 and the wheels are £120 each. These are half the price charged by dealers. Buyer to collect. Cash only.
  7. A chap near me (Ashford, Kent) is selling a nice original 1974 Condor A350, as cast by the Swiss Army. Has all the army bits and even the army log book, map case, leather panniers, etc.. It has the Italian-made Ducati motor which has been rebuilt, I understand. He had it up for £3200 but is clearing space for building work, so would take £2800. If interested, I can supply contact details, but I think its still posted on Car and Classic with photos. He has the V5c, unlike others of these on offer for more money.
  8. There is a G3 on Milweb. Not cheap, but if its a good one, it won't be.
  9. Now up for sale on eBay at £8500! This 16H is not without its issues! Buyer beware!
  10. "Been a long day cutting rust out of a mini moke and my brain is shutting down!" You mean there was some Moke left after that?!
  11. Pete, I fully agree, hence my comments at the beginning of this thread. Alas, the Beeb sees fit to dumb down such fare to have the widest appeal - supposedly. And the result is dire. And we pay a licence fee for this sort of rubbish. can you imagine an unmarried mother-to-be showing off her bump with pride and proclaiming her intent to stay single. Pure 21st Century values......which we would agree with today......but in 1940? No way.
  12. I guess a useful question to ask is, has the engine had a recent rebuild or recent work on it......or stood idle for a long period......or has it been running happily for a long period prior to this?
  13. Don't know if any of you have been following this extremely turgid and revisionist BBC "drama". Well done, if you have; maybe like me interested in seeing how the Beeb would grapple with getting the events of 1940 onto the small screen, including Dunkirk! It is amazing how CGA has boosted the ability to recreate spectacular scenes, even if the plot is as spectacularly silly! Interesting to to see the peppering of real MVs used (anyone here involved?). I am no expert but for the most part, they seem OK for the period. But why oh why did they feature a QLR nicely fitted out with orange turn lights? Will now be fun looking for other anachronisms! (Other than the whole plot, of course, which drips with 21st century values).
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