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  1. matchlesswdg3

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Or does "Tower" mean a tank top? These should all have been banned years ago!
  2. matchlesswdg3

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Regulations such as these do not have EU-wide application.......and will, per se, not have. EU Directives DO have EU wide application but set out general principles on things like safety and security that each member country addresses in detail in its own laws. Of course, the German regulations do set a precedent that has to be guarded against, which is where lobby groups like MVT come in to ensure common sense and fairness applies when evangelising (vote/glory seeking) politicians latch on to such daft ideas. After all, the UK is suffering from a major wave of violent crime perpetrated by armour vehicle-driving hoodlums, isn't it? Oh no, wait, its not.......its thugs stealing softskin JCBs that are ripping out ATMs, etc.!! Ban JCBs!
  3. matchlesswdg3

    Looking for a WC54 cab door

    Thanks for the offer, Paul, but another contributer found me a couple of ratty doors that made one good one! Cheers!
  4. matchlesswdg3

    Austin Champ

    If you dont ask........
  5. matchlesswdg3

    D day 2019 events.

  6. matchlesswdg3

    Austin Champ

    Its probably worth -£5000, ie thats what the owner should pay you to take it away.......if you really wanted to restore it and not lose money at resale. Its a money pit, but then if you WANT to restore it for the satisfaction, who cares? Whats it worth as a donor truck? Probably a good place to start (unless it has a rot free body.....that would be unusual).
  7. matchlesswdg3

    Rather expensive to me

    Cooo.....£3,300 for what looks to have ended its running days as a bitza field bike!
  8. matchlesswdg3

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Agree, Ron! "Mountain Men" is another so-called reality show with plainly contrived suspensful events, but the basic ingredients of scenery and life in the bush plus genuine snippets of real information are worth savouring.
  9. matchlesswdg3

    Dodge WC 51 or 52 or Canadian Wanted

    My Dodge is not ugly; its bliddy ugly!! (Or was TBF....resto' continues with IJM).
  10. matchlesswdg3

    Dodge WC 51 or 52 or Canadian Wanted

    Its being restored so, it will be old, ugly and rolling! A bit like me, funnily enough.......
  11. matchlesswdg3

    Dodge WC 51 or 52 or Canadian Wanted

    Probably something to do with the 75 year commemoration of Overlord in Normandy with every man and his dog heading over there with an MV or three! So good sellers market at present that will likely turn to a buyers market once all the enthusiasts have returned to Blighty and beginning to wonder if they would rather have cash than an ugly old Dodge! BTW, there is a Canadian/Danish WC52 on Milweb at present that looks like it needs a tidy, but price may be reasonable if nothing major is needed.
  12. matchlesswdg3

    Dodge WC 51 or 52 or Canadian Wanted

    Biding your time until after June next year may well be wise re choice and prices.
  13. matchlesswdg3

    1943bedford mw

    Why dont you try some of the usual suppliers of military canvas? Check out Milweb or CMV if you don't know any. They will have made up side screens. I sold my MW a couple of years back and it had new side screens with the old ones retained, but dont have new owners contact details, sorry.
  14. matchlesswdg3

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Sye wotherloik, but ee probly duz morn anyuvver geezer to bring in the punterz to see arr clobber an genrilly popyoolaroiz arr obbee . Dunnee? Gits moi vote evree toim. Innit. Muss go; jus seen a genyoowine Waffen SS toasting fork...........ow much?!! Eeemussbeavinalarf!
  15. matchlesswdg3

    Hurricane, movie

    Just read about the BoB film in the current edition of "Britain at War". The flight of Hurricanes in the film was composed of the only three flying planes they could scrape together, augmented by a bunch of the Buchon "Me 109s! Must have another look at the film and check! Plus these days, the models and mock ups they used do look pretty feeble.....but do not spoil an excellent film of course. I will reserve judgement on "Hurricane" until I see it.......it does not have to be very good to eclipse "Dunkirk".......IMHO! [Lets not start THAT one again!].