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  1. Its a wonder you did not have your arm twisted to get out your Carrier!!
  2. You pays your money and you makes your choice! Like Ron, I use Ethomix these days AND buy premium grade petrol which is supposed to have low/no ethanol. But I have a keen motorcyclist mate who does lots of miles on some real pukka veteran, vintage and classics bikes and does not use "snake oil" as he calls it! But there is no doubt that modern fuels do eat fibreglass and old recipe tank sealant and old recipe "rubber" fuel pipes. And ethanol IS hygroscopic so if left in a tank or carb, has the potential to attract water.
  3. Yes, thats the one! Has the look, and as Ron says, a second mortgage is not required.
  4. Re the rear fag end light, bear in mind that current road regs mean that you have to make some changes to the original WW2 military spec to display reg number and just be safe with a decently visible rear and brake light. There are some neat solutions to this you can check out. I have gone the route of using the standard round Lucas light which has the right look, but is beefier than a WD fag end. On the pillion seat you have, it looks similar to an original.....more than one type! Be wary before you discard! You could also swap out your rubber petrol feed pipes for the correct copper tubing........and put up with the greater likelihood of failure! Some mods just make the bike nicer to ride and easier to maintain.
  5. Cornucopia has NOS parts for the Matchless from time to time......I think I bought my battery holder from them. Ron will correct me, but I think the side-stand is just a civvy pattern one with an oval foot welded on, so one could be made up. Keep an eye on eBay. Post a want entry on the BSA M20 site.
  6. Tried to call you; phone number wrong? Ferg
  7. Looks pretty good. The battery box holder is wrong. The oil tank cap should be the pie crust type as on the petrol tank. Depends on how much rivet counting you want to indulge in as to getting it 100%. Best advice that will save you money is to get it running reliably and attend some events where you will meet fellow owners and their bikes and you can get first hand knowledge, comparing your bike side by side with theirs. And find out where to get decent bits. Dont forget that there were a LOT of variations in the parts used over the 3 years of volume production and in the field, parts would have been swapped around.......you can easily get bamboozled by conflicting advice on what is correct! You will not embarrass yourself with this G3L as it stands now. You might want to think about adding pannier frames and bags in due course. As to getting it running, I dont know how much knowledge you have. They are simple machines and generally, if you have fuel and a spark in the right place, at the right time, it will run. If you have problems, ask again. Unfortunately, the one disadvantage of the Matchless compared to an M20 is that it is a bit fiddly to work with and that petrol tank has to come off regularly! If the dynamo is not working, then its a major operation to get it out!
  8. NOBS will be based at St Aubin, but they usually meet up with the Etreham contingent at some point. I cannot make it this year, but hope it all goes well and the Trump visit does not clog things up too much. I remember standing around in the rain in the outskirts of Arromanche, waiting for ages for the Obama motorcade to clear off!
  9. Welcome, Jon! When you are in Normandy, you will likely come across the "NOBS" group of riders, based next to Juno Beach. John Tinley is one of the leading lights in that group and a long time Matchless enthusiast. I think he is still compiling a list of surviving WDG3Ls so will probably be interested in getting your bikes' details to add to that. He does not use this site, but does post on the BSA M20 site which is worth seeking out as it also includes all sorts on other WW2 bikes and their owners, events, buy and sell, etc. Ferg
  10. Currently on Milweb there is a little Austin saloon up for sale. Clearly the owner REALLY hates it............"1939 Austin 8hp, solid little car will make a great staff car. Was restored in the 80s now needs decommissioning. "
  11. Looks interesting! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Series-1-80inch-Land-Rover-armoured-1952-3/382859888688?
  12. Well of course you do have to make a sale at that price!
  13. David, this may not be relevant or possibly overtaken by new regs, but in the past I have had an Armstrong motorcycle (ex BAOR) and a grey import m/c, both with continental dipping headlights, but passed the MoT as they had beam converters (black tape applied to the glass to cut off the wrongly angled dip beam). The MoT certificate made note of the converters.
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