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  1. There is a G3 on Milweb. Not cheap, but if its a good one, it won't be.
  2. Now up for sale on eBay at £8500! This 16H is not without its issues! Buyer beware!
  3. "Been a long day cutting rust out of a mini moke and my brain is shutting down!" You mean there was some Moke left after that?!
  4. Pete, I fully agree, hence my comments at the beginning of this thread. Alas, the Beeb sees fit to dumb down such fare to have the widest appeal - supposedly. And the result is dire. And we pay a licence fee for this sort of rubbish. can you imagine an unmarried mother-to-be showing off her bump with pride and proclaiming her intent to stay single. Pure 21st Century values......which we would agree with today......but in 1940? No way.
  5. I guess a useful question to ask is, has the engine had a recent rebuild or recent work on it......or stood idle for a long period......or has it been running happily for a long period prior to this?
  6. Don't know if any of you have been following this extremely turgid and revisionist BBC "drama". Well done, if you have; maybe like me interested in seeing how the Beeb would grapple with getting the events of 1940 onto the small screen, including Dunkirk! It is amazing how CGA has boosted the ability to recreate spectacular scenes, even if the plot is as spectacularly silly! Interesting to to see the peppering of real MVs used (anyone here involved?). I am no expert but for the most part, they seem OK for the period. But why oh why did they feature a QLR nicely fitted out with orange turn lights? Will now be fun looking for other anachronisms! (Other than the whole plot, of course, which drips with 21st century values).
  7. Not all OHV engines are interference design. But it IS kind of nice to know if it is!
  8. It will be interesting to see if these prices suddenly become subject to a discount in the New Year! Strikes me that what with this more "commercial" approach plus the dampening effect of Brexit for the mainlanders, the outlook is not bright.
  9. Squirrel-Sport asked about this but did not seem to get a reply. I have seen folk mention use of GL1 gear oil, rather than GL4 that I would reach for. What is the consensus re oils for the gearboxes and diffs?
  10. I have seen folk mention use of GL1 gear oil, rather than GL4 that I would reach for. What is the consensus?
  11. I am not EXACTLY sure what the MVT PLI covers. Can't find my policy wording but it is meant to cover you at shows for public getting squished, etc although as I recall there are a lot of conditions and mucking about in thevarena may be excluded. But it comes as part of the MVT membership.
  12. Robin, he needs photos of the floor pans, the interior and general exterior shots. I will pm his email. Thanks!! Ferg.
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