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  1. Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Aircharging trucks? For recharging compressed air engine starters on tanks and planes?
  2. Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    I think the rectangular knobs are HRO origin, which makes sense as they used HRO receivers. Actually, I have now amassed pretty much all the bits I need to fabricate a dummy MkIII. I found a couple of sites where folk in the US have put together working copies so that helped track down the key real parts on the facia plus some other bits and bobs I can use to make up copy parts. I have a sheet of tufnol on order to make up the facia which can be engraved with the various knob labels........as they did on the working US copies. If you are interested, here is the site of a Mk III fabricator. http://www.blogoteca.com/mk3/index.php?l=1&pag=0
  3. Armstrong MT500 for sale

    I forgot to add that it also has a new Mikuni carb (more efficient than the Amal, they say, and reputedly makes it easy to start, tho' I have never had a problem) and the speedo indicates 34k miles. Tyres, lights, etc good. I have owned both the Harley MT350 and a couple of Armstrong MT500s and the latter is (IMHO) a much nicer ride having more grunt.
  4. Armstrong MT500 for sale

    Selling my 1985 Armstrong MT500; its a nice complete, straight, original machine as cast by the Army with all the bits it should have. The motor was recently rebuilt by Force Motorcycles with new piston, gaskets, etc and it has a new rear chain. Has correct pannier frames and a couple of serviceable correct bags. Cosmetically good, but on SORN because the wiring needs sorting. Previous owner had upgraded the fuse box, etc but has mucked up the wiring. I have too many projects to make a start on it but its available for what I paid for it...£1300. No offers; I will keep it and fix it.....eventually....if no one wants it at that price, but its a shame to have a good bike standing idle. I am in Kent. Pic below shows its bones while I was cleaning it up. No rust!
  5. Tiny Tim battery charger

    I just wanted a Tiny Tim to go in the WC54. I think the Onan would have been carried by the unit's GS trucks as I think its quite a big/heavy bit of kit? No idea what type it was.
  6. Tiny Tim battery charger

    I have a book (The Secret Wireless War) that lists equipment carried by the British Special Communications/Liaison Units post Normandy that handled the secret Ultra traffic. This included a Tiny Tim for battery charging and an American Onan for generating power. But their kit was specialised and included radio gear not issued to the Army, for example. Although I said Royal Signals, they were composite units and included Intelligence Corps officers and other specialists. The vehicles included stripped out Dodge WC 54s for use in the American sector and Guy 15cwt wireless vans in the British sector!
  7. Tiny Tim battery charger

    Hi, Dean.......I have been looking for one of these units for my display, so I can at least tell you that they were used by Royal Signals units during the Normandy campaign for recharging radio batteries. They were carried on a variety of RS vehicles. But I am sure their application was very diverse.
  8. Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    This is a photo of the facia I plan to recreate.....
  9. Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    Thanks, Gordon!
  10. I have been looking around for the above WW2 transmitter as made by the Whaddon Hall team but as I suspect these are rare and expensive (??) and I do not really need a working set, I thought I would try to put together a dummy set. It was a very basic bit of kit to look at, so I only need a few components. Where is the best place to have a rake around to put together the required controls? EBay has a few bits with things like a couple of period looking on/off toggle switches, for example, but they seem crazy prices. Also, the rectangular bakelite knobs for ariel, tank, etc adjustment seem available on eBay only from the US and so expensive with post and customs. Are there such things as electronic component jumbles?
  11. Sand Blasting Paint

    What is the consensus on using sand as a blast medium when cleaning machinery, such as the gearbox shown above? I know that you need to spend time blanking things off, but in the motorcycle world, people seem to be using blasting complete engines, etc, ( as opposed to components that can be cleaned off easily afterwards) with great caution and then only with media such as soda.
  12. Dodge WC54 mods

    Goran, via this forum, I was kindly advised of the following book that contains a reasonable amount of detail on the Mobile units that formed an adjunct to Bletchley Park. Enough information anyhow to recreate the WC54 they used when attached to US units. The photo above attached by Tony is included in that book and there is some information on how they were kitted out. The book: "The Secret Wireless War" by Geoffrey Pidgeon.
  13. Dodge WC54 mods

    Thanks, again Tony. I now have that photo in Geoffrey Pidgeon's excellent book on the whole subject and it does seem to indicate that the red crosses were painted out.......which I guess they should have done to comply with international law.
  14. Dodge WC54 mods

    I have a Dodge WC54 ambulance currently under full restoration. The idea is to re-create a Special Communications Unit WC54 as used by British communucations teams when operating in the US sectors of the post-Normandy campaign theatre (these handled the top level intelligence from Bletchley Park, direct to the US top brass). These Dodges were delivered to Bletchley in normal ambulance form; the Brits left on the US numbers but I think must have painted out the red crosses (data I have is unclear on that); interior stripped and basic ( though top of the range) radio gear installed with a free standing aerial so the vehicle did not stand out as a radio truck. The Units also had DRs assigned, using M20s or WDG3s. Anyhow, I am planning to use all this as an excuse to create in effect a combined motorcycle carrier and small camper. The load area is long and the body is insulated......ideal! However, while the vehicle in question is still coming together after having a lot of work done on the body, I am pondering how I could equip it to make loading a motorcycle easier.......and one-man operation. I am thinking about a fairly long ramp as the tailgate is quite high on these and an electric winch with a hand controller. Has anyone done anything similar? Ideas welcome! I will have a 12V power supply available. BTW, the photo below is "before" restoration!
  15. Jeep guidance please

    "Jeeps have always seemed too expensive for what they are :-)" I dont think so. They have risen in price (guesstimate)' about 20 to 25% over the past three years so on average, they are around twice as expensive as they were five years ago.......on average. Driven I guess cos' they are iconic WW2 vehicles, car-like in terms of maintenance and easy to store in a garage. But (for me) they are now just too much money for something that is very common, somewhat fragile due to basic build quality (a strength if you need to produce lots of vehicles quickly and cheaply) and not very practical in terms of load carrying and weather protection. Sour grapes? Probably! ✌