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  1. matchlesswdg3

    Hurricane, movie

    Just read about the BoB film in the current edition of "Britain at War". The flight of Hurricanes in the film was composed of the only three flying planes they could scrape together, augmented by a bunch of the Buchon "Me 109s! Must have another look at the film and check! Plus these days, the models and mock ups they used do look pretty feeble.....but do not spoil an excellent film of course. I will reserve judgement on "Hurricane" until I see it.......it does not have to be very good to eclipse "Dunkirk".......IMHO! [Lets not start THAT one again!].
  2. matchlesswdg3

    WANTED: British WW2 radio message pad

    Checked again and found the form. Ordered. He has a LOT of documents! Thanks for the reminder.
  3. matchlesswdg3

    WANTED: British WW2 radio message pad

    Thanks for that. I know Rob; he does not seem to have one listed but will ask him. Meantime, if anyone has an original, pse let me know.
  4. matchlesswdg3

    Etching Paint

    If you are painting that Land Rover, then for an authentic finish, wet down vehicle thoroughly, drive for 5 miles down a dusty track, then apply Nato green from a 20 litre can using a worn out yard brush. As lumps fall off later, remedy with the special touch-up kit (1 litre can of Nato green and ball of cotton waste). Repeat every year until weight limit is reached then sell to someone who likes spending three months removing paint layers.😁
  5. Looking for a British radio operator's message pad to go with a WW2 field radio op's display for next year. It comprises a pad of tear-off forms, 7" by 5" or so.
  6. matchlesswdg3

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    I would imagine someone could provide a good guess for the bonnet reg number based on what information is published......via the WW2 Dodge website forum?
  7. matchlesswdg3

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    Well that looks all ready to rock and roll! Any plans for an identity......unit markings, US Reg no.......via a build card......data plates? I think US factory records are better than the equivalent British ones.
  8. matchlesswdg3

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    Come on! Photos, please! Wots it like?
  9. matchlesswdg3

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    If you read personal accounts of RAF bomber crew members in WW2, there appears to have been a very well organised system of allotted parking up places for each plane, use of taxi ways and take-off and landing slots that did not need use of Follow-Me trucks. Don't forget that most movements for RAF bombers would have been undertaken at dusk or in darkness and with the visibility from the lofty perch of a Lancaster or Halifax being limited for the pilot, you could imagine that ground vehicles running about would pose more risk than help.
  10. If you are an MVT member, you have cover under their Personal Public Liability Insurance. The current terms of this cover are set out in the August issue of Windscreen. It is worth reading these......and also the discussion on a thread below on the Road Traffic Act as applied "off road"! The exclusions in the PPLI are quite comprehensive and, as I read it, provide indemnity for an MV owner ONLY when his/her vehicle is " immobile and adequately secured" (whatever that means). Again, as I read it, cover in respect of children applies only if they "are supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult". Now I guess having this cover is useful in at least ticking the box that you do HAVE PPLI, which may be an entry requirement for some shows, but it appears that there remains significant uninsured liability attaching personally to MV owners who want to partake of the usual activities on the site. Be careful out there!
  11. matchlesswdg3

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Hope the PO stashed a bottle of malt under the dash! You may need it!
  12. matchlesswdg3

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Heroic stuff!! Its amazing how cutting edge the Stolly still looks, alongside modern bits of kit.
  13. matchlesswdg3

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Quite a few years back now, I was chatting with the late Bob James after he had crawled out from under his Stolly, with fag in mouth......and I was asking him about the problem of drive train fragility. He the told me what his "fix" was, which involved disconnecting summat, but for the life of me I cannot now recall! Back then I had dreams of owning one, but reality got in the way! So good luck to those who can and do!
  14. matchlesswdg3

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Well done, Dan! Best of luck with the project......they are nice bits of kit.
  15. matchlesswdg3

    WANTED WC54 Roof vent Fan

    Hope HM Customs don't sting you too much! I have a WC54 being restored for me at present, so I have also been helping hunt for bits for that one. Let me know if you get stuck for anything else. Ferg