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  1. Brilliant pictures Sean, Thanks for Sharing
  2. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Thanks Minesweeper, bet you wernt happy when the green paint came off
  3. terrierman

    Spotted today....

    See this truck driving along the M25 Near Gatwick this morning, it didnt have army plates on
  4. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Thanks Sean.
  5. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Thank You il phone them
  6. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Emailed the Museum but no reply received as yet
  7. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Thank You Matchfuzee il take a look Regards, John
  8. terrierman

    K9 Markings

    Im at the stage with my Austin K9 Truck where I need some expert help with the markings that would have been on the truck during the 1950s, I was hoping to put the Middlesex Regiment colours on it with any other Crests it would of had. Ive put a canvas back on it so would have been used for cargo or troop carrying, Hope somebody could point me in the right direction Regards John
  9. terrierman

    It's here! (Bedford RL)

    Enjoy the restoration Tamber, look forward to the photos, Regards John
  10. terrierman

    Vintage Vehicle Enthusiast Crushed

    RIP George
  11. terrierman

    candles at war graves in the Netherlands

    Well Done Monty, The Candles Look Lovely
  12. terrierman

    Floor Wearing strips

    Thank You Sean, Regards John
  13. terrierman

    Floor Wearing strips

    Thanks for Reply Richard, I couldnt see them on there web site so have emailed them to see if they stock them, Regards John.
  14. terrierman

    Floor Wearing strips

    Hi, I Need some Floor wearing strips for the wooden decking on my GS Truck, Can somebody tell me where I Can obtain them Please as ive tried the internet. Regards John
  15. terrierman

    Water Carrier?

    Still got a few to go then:-D