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  1. Hello tbought I would be courteous and let all no the Alvis Frim Manitoba Canada has been sold to Hollywood & will be starting in movies. So all can rest it hasnt been shredded or rotting in a barn somewhere in Manitoba Leah Engbaek
  2. Hello, I have seen that there has been some chatter about the 1958 Alvis we acquired some years ago when we purchased some property in Manitoba, Canada. No it is NOT rotting in a shed, No we have not sent it to the wrecker, We still have it along with all parts, including motor. So please don't assume all was disposed of. The reason I stopped discussing said vehicle is I felt I was to feel a certain way about the machine, I came on here to get information about it etc not to be judged. Not all people have attachments to things they acquire by purchasing property I was wanting a Canadian value to advertise the vehicle including the maintenance manual to sell it . Regards, Leah Engbaek ( Yes I am a Woman)
  3. Good Morning, Would anyone know where I could contact to find out what the above would be worth? Its a Red Fire Truck, Runs, All parts re believed to be there service manuals are also there. I have no intrest in keeping this, way to big. Any feed back appreciated. Thanks
  4. YUP! This is what it looks like..Just Not in that great of shape. But has all the parts..and drives Thank you for the picture! I appreciate that
  5. This Army fire truck was declassified for the gentleman that purchased this before me. I believe it came from the base in Portage la Prairie MB. Year Is 1958, He did drive this vehicle around. I tried uploading pictures, won't let me. Some parts are off the truck. but they are all there including service manuals
  6. Hello, Everyone thank you for the response. This is a Red Fire Truck with a Rolls Royce Engine 6 wheel drive, The owner was driving it up to a couple years ago, then he moved from Canada and now lives abroad. I have no knowledge of what I even have if anything, but it is causing a stir with some locals who just want to drive it. I personally would like to sell ?
  7. Does anyone know anything about this vehicle? Does it have a monetary worth?
  8. Hello Everyone, My name is Leah and I joined this site to learn about the Alvis we recently acquired. I hope to learn what this vehicle is all about.
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