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  1. intresting chassis

    Interesting chassis underneath? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Railway-Carriage-old-converted-accommodation/202047206384?hash=item2f0af3b3f0:g:f40AAOSwl75Zrpmt
  2. 7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    Hi PM sent
  3. Spotted today....

    This morning south bound A1 near Northallerton scammell pioneer on a trailer behind a modern MOD MAN recovery
  4. Scammell Pioneer Restoration

    Looking good starting to come together
  5. post war sales catalogues

    Thanks for looking. l have found some Royal Engineer markings on the front wings
  6. It still has the winch roller on the front
  7. CCkw chassis number - confused!

    I have seen a few cckw chassis with the red box painted around the chassis number
  8. post war sales catalogues

    Hi wally I have just received the key card for my pioneer 59RB00 it was sold off on the 31/12/62 at Ruddington just wondered if you had a copy of the sales catalogue
  9. Exactly the same thing has happened to me phoned dvla and they are going to investigate
  10. If you have paid the vat the Nova form will be posted out to you.
  11. You usually pay the vat before they will release the vehicle from the port . On ww2 vehicles you can pay the lower rate of 5%
  12. 87 ET 77 Militant

    Hi what you have in your hand is a building sheeting screw long enough to go through insulated panels
  13. Military Land Rover help needed

    The H in the vin means it was made in 1991
  14. Scammell S26

    Perkins bought rolls royce in 1984 and the trucks a 1985 so the engine could be a rolls