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  1. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I arrived armed with 1/2" imperial key steel to fashion a quick key for the steering box. The previous incumbent was a stepped key bodge up which had been working in it's hole for some time and had caused a fair ammount of damage to the keyway. The only way to tidy this up was to clean out the slot by hand and use the full key width. This has been partly completed and the day ran out leaving work in progress.
  2. Oh that's interesting. The Thornycroft will probably get a BF registration as we don't have a record of the civilian No. I had thought it would stand for 'British Forces' but perhaps 'Bloody Fool' would be quite appropriate !
  3. The annual pilgrimage to Beaulieu was endured on Saturday. Once famous for it's copious quantities of old tat, I have to say I was disappointed this year. Not one grease pot, Rotherhams or otherwise did I see all day. Perhaps somebody else was hoovering them up before me ! I did manage to find something of interest and almost fell over a very nice acetylene generator by Thorn & Hoddle. This was the first decent sized generator I have seen which was of British manufacture. Although not a" Radmore" as supplied to the WD for vehicle use, this was part of the "Incanto" range of lighting equipment made in London and used for illuminating hospital tents and the like behind the Western Front. Most importantly it is complete and fairly serviceable, the inner container still carries it's last charge of carbide crystals and I rather liked the look of it. The asking price of course was 'ridiculous', but was haggled down to 'fairly expensive' and bought with a shake of the hand in true auto jumble style. I hope to make some subtle alterations and use it to power the lights on the Thornycroft. Here are some pics of the latest project. Special mention for Caspar who lugged the thing back to the car for me and spared my aching feet !
  4. Mike has produced a perfectly fitting bush for the steering box bracket. It is now painted, assembled and ready to take up residence in the chassis, along with the drag link arm. One last task before this happens is to make a new key to hold the steering arm on to the taper, to replace the shimmed up version which was previously fitted. The track rod, has also been attended to and the only thing holding up the prospect of actual steering is the column and a new cast 'Gosling' steering wheel, both of which have been elevated to poll position on the grid.
  5. I had claimed a few desirable bits from the two chassis and engine that went North and these were duly delivered via the Dorset Steam Fair, by John Marshall The first of these to receive attention was the water jacket linkage which came off another incomplete M4 engine. The original part came badly damaged and unsaveble. Incredibly the two parts were separated by hand after a minor struggle, penetrant and a rough clean up. The jointing surfaces will need some feckling but are not too bad, however one of the corners has been knocked off and that will be a challenge for Stan.
  6. Mike has progressed the steering box bracket which needs bushing to match it's partner. (The original part was cracked and I found a better replacement.) Unfortunately the inner surface was found to be 'out of round' and the whole steering box had to be spun to clean this up. The new bracket was then bored out ready for a bush to be fitted. A spare bit of old pb has been donated by Stan which should clean up nicely for the required bush and that is the next job. Pics by Stan.
  7. Front line engineering is held up atm. We are in the queue for liners and also valves, which is a tad frustrating to say the least. However, there are many supporting tasks to keep us busy and the project board is overflowing with likely candidates. The crank and camshafts have undergone a thorough clean up and this has revealed the timing No's 1 and 6 on the camshaft gear rims, which corresponds to the matching numbers on the crankshaft gear. Given the good condition of the camshaft lobes and all the gears, I am thinking the complete set was probably replaced at the time of the rebuild. Lucky me. The mag drive shaft was stripped out with Stan's help and will need the worn centre bush sleeving ( Mike Lewenden is on the case.) Also ball bearings will be replaced. Once again the ball races are standard imperial sizes and still produced. Simply Bearings are good rapid suppliers of mid range bearings. The steering box items arrived the next day ! Mike is also tasked with bushing the steering box bracket which was a non matching part. I will catch up with more pics after Dorset, when we will be looking to trial fitting the crank and cams.
  8. Stan's pic shows one of the blocked oil ways with cap screw removed. There is clearly a bad build up of carbon deposits lurking within. Stewart's detergent fed steam lance soon dealt with the problem and all the internal oil ways are now pristine and clear. The drag link or fore and aft steering tube, freshly sprung and packed with grease, is ready to replace, apart from a proper spring clip and a 1/4 bsp 1" Rotheram grease pot. It looks like I am going to need quite a few of these. If anyone has some available please shout.
  9. There was a fair bit of solid black carbon and some sludge also. The pics don't really do it justice. A visit to Stewart's high pressure jet wash is planned for tomorrow. Better out than in I think.
  10. Whilst Stan had the torch out it seemed appropriate to address the oil way capping screws on the crankshaft, which had previously indicated their reluctance to move, when threatened with a small shiny spanner. Once again heat did the trick and all four cap screws were quickly removed, to reveal........... badly blocked oil passages. Carbon had built up in abundance I am so pleased we checked. I will add some pics but hopefully Stan has some better ones.
  11. Found a useful part languishing on the spare frame, which was missing on the project chassis. One starting handle socket. Unfortunately the 'Ozrust' had taken an unsually firm hold and the blighter refused to budge, despite a month off, relaxing in a deisel bath . After a bit of light straining it became obvious that heavier artillery would be necessary and Stan produced the world's biggest tap wrench and lit up the oxycetylene. Resistance quickly crumbled under this ferocious assault and amidst plumes of smoke from vaporizing penetrant, the socket slowly began to turn again. Would have made a good picture but unfortunately our hands were full. Here is a reconstruction of the method of attack. You'll have to imagine the smoke.
  12. Hello Ian, Good to hear you are progressing well with the' Inter. Down Under'. You should start a thread for it and publicise the museum ! The postman has today brought two new drag link springs from Tested Springs at Tividale. They have produced exact copies of the original, even searching out 1/4" imperial stock to make them from. Nice job.
  13. Steering box reporting for duty. Slight panic when.the action appeared to get stiff after the bolts were tightened but this was traced to the end cap having been nipped up too tight and the problem disappeared when the endfloat was restored. I have filled the voids with lithium grease, should oil be added to this?
  14. Turns out the MJ 1 1/4" bearings for the steering box are still a standard size and readily available, together with their 3 part thrust bearing buddies. As these bearings will have a fairly leisurely existence with only occasional low speed work, ( in luxurious grease filled surroundings, ) It was suggested that top of the range items would not be necessary. Mid range products were therefore chosen for the task and a light pressing saw them taking their positions for a trial fitting, at half the cost of their branded cousins.
  15. And the winner is...... Tested Springs. What a good old fashioned firm. They also do leaf springs to old patterns. Lee Springs do not produce square section. Thanks for input. Tomo
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