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  1. John, Nice card confirming the 610 Coy. You are correct as to the employment of this unit, basically the Divisional Supply Columns were responsible for transport and supply of rations and stores from railheads to forward dumps in the Divisional area. Ammunition was dealt with separately by Ammunition Parks at first, but later, combined MT Coys. were formed to deal with all supply requirements. I have further details of the exploits of 610 Coy if you would like them. Tomo.
  2. John's Grandfather was with the British ASC 610 Coy.(MT). which served on the Western Front as 1st New Zealand Divisional Supply Column. Apparently the NZEF relied on British support for most of their Mechanical Transport requirements. The Goslings Dennis is also depicted in the livery of this unit. Information from British & Dominion Vehicle Signage 14-18 by Ron Dux & Mike Hibberd.
  3. More progress in detail. Painting has been a bit sporadic due to the varied weather conditions. Some parts are waiting on Stan for some more welding. Changes are happening and I have been to see the most incredible workshop, where the project will be moving, hopefully next month.
  4. Lovely shot of a McLaughlin ambulance and VAD driver. This Canadian firm was a subsidiary of General Motors apparently. Thankyou Google !
  5. Another possibility is the RLC Horse Drawn Heritage section at Deepcut. Web page here: https://www.facebook.com/rlc.heritage
  6. You may also try here http://www.royallogisticcorps.co.uk/heritage/museum/
  7. Very satisfying to get some Service Colour on the job. This colour was matched to the inside of an original storage box dated 1917. The colour spec has been recorded and is available from Craftmaster. The second picture also shows the short dumb iron as originally supplied by Thornycrofts. This one is a rare survivor !
  8. I recently discovered the remains of an 'A' series chassis with a very similar fitting. the question is, was the tow bar on 2393 original or a later addition. Any Thornycroft experts care to comment on this ?
  9. Filling and priming the chassis continues, also the front springs have been temporarily replaced in order to get the job mobile in preparation for a potential move to better premises. As far as I can discover, the Military J type was not normally fitted with a rear towing hitch, but 2393 has a solid tow bar with central hole, presumably intended for towing something ?
  10. Yes they do. More worrying is the inability to drain water collected within the wheel. This is a bit of a design fault and can lead to serious corrosion in some cases. Despite this, most of these wheels have survived well beyond their expected life.
  11. My preferred weapon for this purpose is U-POL Top Stop Gold, now part of the Easy 3 range of 2k fillers. The problem with single pack stoppers is that they are air drying and thus not suitable for anything other than minor blemishes. I much prefer the positive chemical cure of 2 pack. It does not shrink or fall out and will dry in depth.
  12. Although I'm not looking for a pristine finish, I am out to remove rust pitting from visible areas by strategic use of 2k body filler. The plan is to loose the pits but keep any dinks and dents which are part of the lorrys history. I am on home ground with this, having been involved with traction engine restoration for many years. Here's a pic of progress so far, also a good view of the modified dumb iron previously mentioned.
  13. I agree, its all guesswork I'm afraid. Perhaps we could see some of your examples for comparison? I had a very close inspection of the kingpins today and there are definitely no other marks.
  14. The only other stamp I could see was a capital M which also appears on the axle and I assume to mean Military ? I did wonder if the numbers could be a jumbled up date 19.1.15 which would fit ?
  15. Pudding sweet Mixed Fruit, Used to go well with a bit of Cheese Possessed. Yum.
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