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  1. Tomo.T

    Karrier WDS

    Karrier WDS as supplied to British Army in WW1.
  2. Stab in the dark, try raising the needle a notch ? Also check slide is not too large in the cut away. Sounds like too much air/ not enough fuel. Tomo.
  3. Been beavering away on Stan's Garrett wheels but snatched a moment to further clean up the internal passages including inlet and exhaust ports which were all heavily carbonised and had evaded my attentions before. This was a somewhat delicate operation to avoid damage to the newly recut seats and sleeved down valve guides. Could have done with doing this first before engineering happened of course !
  4. A preliminary verdict has been returned after close examination of the defendant. The crack is about 1 mm deep with a flat bottom and no sign of anything deeper. It is therefore a casting mark and a non crack. (Subject to confirmation by clay dam, once Stan has found his plasticene.) Good news, and a Merry Christmas to all our readers.
  5. Hi Prof, Here's my twopenneth, the'U.S' mark would have been recognised as meaning 'Unservicable' in the British army. This may well have been a source of amusement to the troops in the Front Line who were already 3 years into the War when the Yanks turned up !!! .............Just a thought 😁
  6. I agree. I thought it looked like someone has explored it with a scriber to test the depth. Good call with the clay dam, will have to wait till next week now.
  7. Looking good chaps 🙂
  8. More of the same today with the rear set, but this time I found a lot more rust and scale in the internal passages, so first task was to sort this out ( again !) The rest was a repeat of yesterday's effort and we now have the 2 sets in primer. No problems this time and this cylinder block is as perfect as you will find for it's age.
  9. As can be seen from the pictures, these cylinders look to be in superb condition. However, nothing is without its problems and in the case of the front set, we do have a small crack to deal with. At least, it could be a crack. Further investigation is needed here. Incidentally the odd reflection is from an infrared heat lamp, which I find indispensable for painting in the winter months.
  10. With work being rather difficult to find recently, coupled with some rather expensive engineering work to pay for, I have found myself plumetting towards the festive season with insufficient funds. I have therefore taken on some highly decorative fairground work, which is outside my normal scope of operations. This has been taking all my attention recently, leaving little time for project Thornycroft. However I have now recovered the refurbished cylinder blocks from Paynes, which have been bored and linered to Standard A. (4.5") the valve guides were sleeved and bored to suit the new valves with seats recut to match. Paynes have also supplied new rings including 1/4" oil scrapers which will be taking up residence in the newly ventilated third grooves. The following pics show today's progress on the front block.
  11. My long awaited valves have arrived from G&S and will be taken directly to Paynes at Evesham where they are waiting to finish the cylinders and valve guides. Also back from Rob Foreman ( Mr Solex ) is my MOV 35, newly re jetted and refurbished. This magnificent bronze carb is slightly later than the original, but has many improved features, including butterfly throttle, idle mixture adjustment and a choke. These are also easier to find and a fraction of the price of the early ones. This particular example came from the south of France, where it was previously employed on a vintage Bentley. The enormous main jet it had, would appear to support this assertion.
  12. Chemical assistance- (Belzona) after a thorough soda blasting, and turd polishing. Full story page 3 Update page 4
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