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  1. Yes, and I don't suppose the designers were expecting many high speed collisions to be fair !
  2. The fixing of the seat was another black mark on the overdue task list, which I was keen to finish off. Armed with the necessary fixings I first marked and drilled the holes for the rear struts. This went well and all that remained was to drill through the holes in the struts to attach them to the rear of the seat. Unfortunately, the mighty Bosch was too long to fit in the gap and I had to abandon project until a smaller battery drill could be borrowed from Stan. This setback gave me the opportunity to paint the interior with Service Colour, which was much easier with the seat on its back. I returned next day armed with Stan's drill and a very useful clamp which immediately proved it's worth by holding the strut tight against the wood. It was then a simple matter of drilling the holes and applying coach bolts. Once tightened up all round, the seat was secured in the original manner. Whether this would meet modern standards is open to question.
  3. It may be worth noting that steeple jacks, by far the most prolific ladder users in the country, traditionally painted their ladders red. If It were good enough for Fred........
  4. Phew, wot a scorcher ! The valve springs were re examined and the longest of them sent to Tested Spring for evaluation ,with a view to the manufacture of a new set. The valve spring caps were given a thorough beasting with the rotary whizzer and set aside to await their new partners. Some considerable sweat was expended in the process, but I was able to maintain fluid levels with copious mugs of tea, and thus managed also to tackle the cam follower clamps, after pausing to admire the delicate castings. The seat brackets were given a coat of Service Colour and the cam clamps were treated to some Bonda. And here they are looking much more cheerful ☺
  5. I recently applied the finishing coat to Stan's Garrett's 2nd back wheel and with the resultant spare time, I had another go at the seat mounting brackets. Steve had very kindly supplied a sketch of an original, which showed up an error in my previous effort. They were re configured with slots for the cut down bolts to lie in, which is a much better and stronger idea and should have been spotted earlier tbh. ! 🙄 With a bit of prep (both sides,) they were set up ready to go, hoping to attract the attention of a passing welder ! Stan very kindly did the honours and with a small tidy up and a Bonda, the job's a 'good un' and the seat can finaly be fitted.
  6. I'm guessing that 'EFC' on both sign and boxes stands for 'Expeditionary Force Canteen' and the fleet of J type Thornycrofts are at the loading bay of the wholesale dept. No markings are visible on the lorries unfortunately.
  7. I am still in the queue for engineering and suffering a serious lack of funds, which obviously makes progress on anything requiring expenditure, somewhat difficult. Fortunately a number of paying jobs have turned up, and I am fully occupied trying to drag myself out of the sh1t ! I'm sure I'm not alone in the present circumstances. However, in every project there are jobs which lurk and get bypassed for various reasons and it didn't take me long to find some. A nice pair of suitable gate hinges have been hanging around long enough and have now been attached to the seat lid, which now opens, to reveal.... A newly primed tool box ! Anyone who has painted one of these will understand why this particular job took a while to get round to. While I had the primer out I found another cramped and awkward spot to paint, which had previously escaped my attention. And that was my Saturday. Time really does fly when you're enjoying yourself. 🙂
  8. Tomo.T

    Karrier WDS

    Lovely pics of a Karrier WDS, with attendant gentlemen of the ASC (They didn't receive the Royal prefix until 1918.) The chap with lighter coloured outfit is a fitter and is wearing a faded blue suit of overalls to protect his uniform Sadly it is not possible to identify the unit from the WD number on the bonnet.
  9. Hi Tony, I was very impressed with the Belzona 1111, I used on my badly pitted sump. It went rock like very quickly, stuck well and painted over no problem. I commend it to the house !
  10. Well the cylinders are back in the queue for further engineering, while I summon up the courage to drill holes in the newly refurbished barrels. There has been a further advance on the lamp front, when a familiar looking item popped up on e bay. This turned out to be the exact item we needed and well worth the asking price. Once cleaned up and re-wicked it was fitted into one of the sidelamps to make a good pair. This released the old civilian tank (with brass trim) to rejoin it's old mates the bezel and badge in the new rear lamp. That will conclude the lamp saga ! The old box the lamps are sat on is a genuine 1917 'equipment' container and will provide the design for a lamp box. Another little project !
  11. Certainly looks like an ex WD body , maybe an Albion ?
  12. Hi Steve, I'm sure the crankcase mouths are bigger on mine, I will check on Monday. Also there is a small ammount of possible upwards movement which would shut off the combustion chamber. I take your point about low temp, low performance, but I'm concerned about pistons picking up etc.
  13. Now then, something is bugging me about the cylinder liners and I would appreciate some wisdom from the bank of Knowledge and experience out there, please. I should add, this is a'T' head configuration without detachable heads and the liners are fitted from the base end. When the liners were fitted, they were lightly pressed in and a ring of Loctite applied top and bottom. I asked for bronze pegs to be fitted at the base of the cylinders to provide some mechanical locking, which was not done. I pointed this out on collection and was assured that the chemical assistance would be sufficient. Does the team think this is correct, or should we fit pegs ???
  14. The lamp provided a welcome diversion, and I am now looking into the manufacture of a suitable box to contain the set. This would, I think have been necessary at the time, to provide a secure means of transporting the lamps when not fitted. I have a larger equipment box of 1917 which will provide the design if nothing else appears. Anyone seen an original ? Meanwhile work has continued on the cylinder barrels and I eventually ran out of jobs to do, which was a nice surprise ! The rather battered coat of Bonda was cleaned up and refreshed. And a first coat of Service Colour followed suit. The top end is now nearly ready, new valve springs will be fitted and the rings need gapping. Onwards and upwards. Tomo
  15. Stan has sent this pic of an old lamplighter at his devotions.
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