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  1. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Latest (from the Daily Mail) Deborah rides again!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5074977/Grandson-remembers-WW1-tank-commander-s-bravery.html
  2. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Guy Martin and the WW1 tank.Sunday 19th Nov, 8pm, Channel 4.
  3. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    http://www.castironwelding.co.uk/cast-iron-welding-contact/ Steve, I can't recommend these people highly enough; Cast Iron Welding Services. Coalville.
  4. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    More details are emerging and it seems the local constabulary were demanding £20,000 to police the event, which is possibly why the TV company baled out. There are rumours of a plan'B' but details are as yet under wraps.
  5. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Biggest problem, to be fair, might just be potential damage to the brick pave from 26 tons on steel tracks?
  6. WW1 finds and discoveries

    So the real problem is the SHED is too small ? I note a more than passing resemblance to Latil design, is that just a coincidence?
  7. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Looks like Health & Safety have got involved. See here:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/03/tank-cannot-appear-home-town-remembrance-day-parade-safety-fears/ Bit of a shame, the actual replica looks quite good, unlike some of them !
  8. Thanks John, when doing a jigsaw it's always nice to have all the pieces though! Here is another vid to replace the Dorset pics that didn't make it.
  9. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    Lettering on the radiator reads " Equipment --------pe Centre". Would have thought this would have been " Center" in American speak? Perhaps an earlier restoration?
  10. And the Cambridge Ringers on the job.
  11. The newly installed bells of St. Georges Ypres rang out for the first time on Sunday.
  12. RAF Leyland up for sale _Dingles museum

    Up for sale today, the listing reveals that the chassis was laid down in 1918 but not finished, presumably due to the Armistice. It was later completed to an updated design (1927) and sold new to Dingles in 1929 with a tipper body fitted. The chassis and wheels only, are of Great War vintage.
  13. Welcome back!

    Hello Joris and Team, Welcome back, this website is always my first port of call and you have been sorely missed ! I have a problem with some of the pictures on my thread '1914 Thornycroft up and running' on the Pre War vehicles thread. The photos are listed but not displayed. It could be that I have exceeded my limit, in my eagerness to share this event. Could you advise me on this and also how to upload portrait pics without having them turned sideways ? Many Thanks, Tomo
  14. Steve, You are quite right. I am now thinking yours may be an actual British issue extinguisher. There are slight differences in the lettering, mainly in the prominence given to the Queens St.London address, which was really only a distribution centre during WW1. I was not aware of this detail and this is the first of this type I have seen. The label, normally brass, appears to be aluminium on your example which was presumably a wartime expediency, there being a massive demand for brass in the munitions industry as America and Canada were supplying a good chunk of the ammunition we were needing on the Western Front. The casing was still brass though. From your pictures it would seem there are traces of a black background to the larger labels, with the indented lettering picked out in red.This is the same as my earlier one. Both my examples have come from the US and although period correct, were probably intended for the home market. Tomo