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  1. Dear All, That last post from Mk3iain is invaluable and I was not aware of the exemption 2, "2. Vehicle is over 25 years old and is not used commercially for carriage of goods." I thought that recent changes in Tachograph rules meant that my 1981 Contractor Tk Tptr had to have a working and calibrated tacho. I was wrong! I use a tacho for two reasons; The first is to be able to prove that appropriate breaks were taken. The other is for fuel consumption and performance records. It is very useful to know the average speed of the transporter and journey time for a particular leg. With the Contractor these are very consistent down to the nearest minute. John
  2. Andy is right. Any armoured fighting vehicle will give lots of engineering challenges and fun. Hot starting problems with a the FV430 range is not something to be worried about. If it does present with that sort of fault there is something slightly wrong and it should be attended to. Out of interest, I am working on John D's FV424 and we had a partially blocked filter on the pick up tube . The tank has already been reduced in size to give better access to electric fuel pump. I am now in process of mounting the pump NEXT to the tank and fitting a shut off valve so that the pump can be attended to without having to partially drain the fuel tank. John
  3. John, As others have said, check for glaze on linings. As for air brake system pressure, this is crucial. Make sure that the unloader valve is cutting out at, at least, the maximum pressure stated in the manual. I have an EMER and can look it up if you need.the correct figure. I think that it should be at least 100 psi. The next point is to fit an air pressure gauge to read the pressure at the front air actuator cylinder. It is possible that a relay valve is not applying absolutely full pressure to the front cylinders. With the brake pedal fully depressed, you should get full reservoir pressure at the cylinders. John
  4. Simon, I have made the tool and posted it to you. It should arrive tomorrow (hopefully). Pics of tool are below. The reduced size on the end of the lever handle is to accommodate a 3/4 drive extension. John
  5. Simon, I have made the blank for the special tool. Unfortunately, my smallest dia end mill is 3/16 and it takes out too much material, ie the other teeth. I have got a smaller end mill on order. It will not take long to make the tool when I get it. It would be possible to make a tool to clean up the threads. I should be able to do it but neither of my two lathes has a working thread cutting facility and so I cannot offer to make such a tool. John
  6. John is right about liner corrosion on Rolls Royce engines. With an Eagle, which is very similar to C range, it MUST be run with 50% antifreeze. Obviously good quality A/F. I am sure test running it without would not be a problem. Rolls also supplied a corrosion inhibitor for use in sunnier climes. John
  7. Simon, If you could draw or sketch what you need, I am sure that I could make one from what tools I have got.in stock. I love making special tools! John
  8. Mark, It looks to me to be more of an unloader valve than a governor valve. The latter stops the compressor from compressing and is often found with a Cummins engine. Given that you have plenty of space I would think that any suitable unloader valve could be adapted to fit. The only thing that matters is cut out pressure and that is normally adjustable. If you need me to machine an adaptor I can do so and post it to you. John
  9. Yes the axles of the jeep dolly are closer to the Contractor but it is still a dumb set up. Firstly because it looks as if the trailer is mounted onto the jeep dolly by means of a double oscillating fifth wheel but the jeep dolly is also mounted the same way. That is why the unit is still on its feet but the trailer is over. Secondly because of the axle spacing arrangement is so daft. It is a good thing that our UK Department for Transport is far more sensible and our heavy haulage regulations work well. John
  10. Dear All, As far as I can see this is a really dumb design of tank transporter developed to meet equally foolish civilian heavy haulage regulations.. No doubt the prevailing regulations provide for low axle weights and a wide spread. It would be fine for wide open roads of Australia or North America but absolutely hopeless in many parts of the world. What happens if in a tactical situation you need to reverse and turn around? John
  11. Bob, Thank you for the photo. I take it that is the rear view of the limber. Is the ammunition stowage on or in the quad for individual rounds as with the limber or is it specially designed to take ammunition boxes? John
  12. Bob, Just what I wanted. Make sure that you have the right export licence as the OGEL might not cover this vehicle. I am sure that you know what you are doing! John
  13. Dear All, A Morris Quad is designed to tow a limber which in turn tows the 25 pounder. Does the limber have special holders for each round of ammunition or does it just conveniently hold ammo boxes containing rounds? More important is the same question in respect of the Quad itself. Does the quad have a winch? Any pics of ammunition holders in the Quad would be very helpful. The information is important and I need it in my professional capacity. John
  14. Dear All, I have acquired an old Hyster S40C forklift fitted with a Continental LPG engine and Monotrol gear-box.. I have now got it running. I need a repair and operating manual. (I have the engine manual available). I know that they can be downloaded of the internet but many of the sites appear to be dodgy, ie they are "free" which is always a bit worrying.. Which is a reliable site for downloading manuals even if they have to be paid for? Alternatively, does anyone have a manual for sale or copying (even if it is a similar machine)? Finally, does anyone know if the transmission oil level should be checked with engine running? John
  15. Dear All, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Scammell EKA recovery vehicle? I am particularly interested in the front and rear lights. John
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