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  1. Dear All, I will miss a proper Landrover and I write this as a retired "over privileged officer". I first drove a military Landrover in about 1975 and have always had one of my own since about 1974. John
  2. Rob, This what I have. The 7/8th 26 TPI thread portion might be a bit short. I would expect to have a 1/2 BSF lock not to suit the one that Marvinthemartian has. Alternatively I could make you one. All I need to know is how long the fine threads should be. John
  3. Rob, I almost certainly have a bulkhead fitting as shown. If not, I can make one quite easily as I should have the 26 TPI die (or whatever TPI it is). Can you just confirm the O/D and length of the fine thread. The coarse end is 1/2 BSP. John
  4. Robin, I have only ever seen a nozzle similar to the one in the photo. John
  5. Dear All, The most important document is the 'work ticket' which has to be signed by an officer or Senior NCO. That is the driver's authority to take the vehicle out on the road. I think that it is either FMT 600 or 1000. The other vital doc is FMT 3 accident report form. It is a very useful doc for recording accident details. There should also be MT Drivers rule book. I cannot remember what that is called. The vehicle should also carry a user hand book and a servicing schedule. Finally, breakdown orders which would vary according to where the vehicle is operating and whether or not it was on an exercise. John.
  6. Dear All, I have a Victoria Elliot U2 universal milling machine which works well. Unfortunately it does not have a top slide for horizontal milling nor a slotting head. If by chance anyone sees one of these machines redundant I would buy it irrespective of condition. The slotting head would be particularly useful. Always worth a try! John
  7. Graeme, Sentinel made some draw-bar trailers for the Army. They may have been with Ackerman steering. It might have been the trailer used to carry the 27 Kva generator or a stores trailer. Someone will be able to decipher "LV9/BTR". John
  8. Dear Tim, I concur with John. I would not expect 1400 X 20 tyres to get warm very quickly with a Hippo going at less than 30 MPH and running empty. Is it a harsh ride with you feeling every defect in the road surface or is it a slower frequency bounce? I suspect the former. The tyre pressure in the book will allow for indefinite operation fully laden and in high summer conditions.. If running permanently empty, 60 or 65 sounds sensible. You might try significantly lower but if you go too far the steering will start to get heavy. Out of interest, the tyres on a ballast Antar are 1400 X 24 in twin formation and even though the vehicle weighs 36 tons with ballast, tyre pressure is only 47 PSI. When I was driving 8 Ton Bedford TMs fitted with 1500 X 20 tyres fully laden I would go out with tyres pumped up to about 100 PSI but coming back empty going over very rough roads it made a huge difference to let the tyres down to 50 or maybe even 40 PSI. People following me noticed that I made no effort to avoid pot holes as I did not need to. John
  9. Chris, According to a post on this forum ( that I found by googling the patent number) it is a centurion tachometer. The Meteor IVB drive has a small tacho generator connected to the camshaft. John
  10. Dear All, Please see attached some technical details of this starter motor. John CAV STARTER Scan.pdf
  11. Dear All, Further to my last, I have some tech info on this starter and I will scan it tomorrow. However it is not detailed repair instructions. John
  12. Dear All, Last year I repaired a contactor on an electric forklift by silver soldering a replacement contact in place. You might find repair instructions in a "Power EMER" or Clive may have covered this. If he has not he may well have some literature available to share. At one point this type of starter was quite common and a similar one for a different engine might produce some parts. The only parts that MIGHT be different could be the field coils and the rotating armature. John
  13. Dear All, Further to my last I will try to get a dozen from them. John
  14. Dear All, That is the same part number as for the Meteorite fitted to the Antar. Aviation Jersey probably have them in stock. John
  15. "New NATO" is white with one sugar! Still very useful expression.
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