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  1. Hi Folks, I was wondering if any of you have ever taken on the job of converting a petrol FV432 over to a diesel? I am not too concerned about the factory diesel "bulldogs" and other models because of the lack parts here in the States. We've converted vehicles from petrol to diesel and petrol to propane just because I hate the residue that petrol fumes leave on clothing and skin after driving around. I have four 432's and they are all petrol. Two of them run "pretty" good and other others are just OK and it's always something to do with fuel system. If the parts were over-the-counter I guess it wouldn't be such an issue but all the spare parts require months of paperwork for us. I have to submit an import form to our BATF office to ask permission to import the parts and that usually 6-8 weeks and then we have to have the seller in the UK file an EUC form as well as and export permit. One pack has been pulled and the footprint looks as if a Cummins 4BT or 6BT could be used but I will do some measuring later today to confirm. V/R Ron
  2. Having issues with pictures loading for some reason but they did load this time. V/R Ron
  3. Here's an update only a year or so late :blush: We've managed to get new suspension with new road wheels and a replacement transmission. All of the 40mm rocket holes were filled with 40mm diameter steel bar cut to fit, pounded in place and then welded in place. Because this Sherman will be used for guests to drive around the property, we fitted a Detroit 8V92T that's mated to a Allison automatic transmission. My guys fabricated a fuel cell for the left-side rear sponson and the right-side rear sponson will house the batteries and air filter assembly. Also, because of the Las Vegas heat, we are installing air conditioning and fabricated a custom cooling system. The A/C was a brand new unit that was made for a MRAP and we pulled two of the huge cooling fans from M113's. This will be FAR from an original restoration as it was so far gone and I wanted this Sherman to be much more customer friendly with creature comforts of automatic transmission and air conditioning. Here are some more pictures of the progress....
  4. I apologize for dragging up an older post but did the conversion every go through as planned and get on the road? V/R Ron
  5. Hi Folks, I thought I would give you guys a little update since the last post. I found the running gear to include all of the VVSS suspension, bogies, rear idlers, front sprockets, final drive and even the tracks. We will be installing a Detroit Diesel 8V92 along with an Allison transmission to keep things simple. Guests will be able to driver her around the property (we purchased 162 acres) and I need this vehicle as easy to maintain as possible. Here are some of the pics....
  6. I got VERY ill last night and haven't had a chance to check my email or this forum until now so I apologize for the delayed response. Thank you everybody for getting us pointed in the right direction! As for being located behind the Circus Circus, that would be us. I am currently in the middle of opening a second location twenty minutes away where guests can drive the Chieftains, FV432's and HMMWV's but also shot 20mm rifles, flamethrowers, MK-19 GL's as well. I absolutely LOVE the Chieftain tanks and will probably add few more to the motor pool but bring them back to stock with the proper British markings and flags. V/R Ron M Cheney
  7. It's definitely not him. I would like to get in communications with him if possible. The mechanic that I have coming by works on all types of armor and heavy equipment but not a specialist with the Chieftains. I would love to have him stop by. V/R Ron M Cheney
  8. It's a rusted mess on the inside. The turrets were open for forty plus years so you can imagine what it looks like. The one positive thing I can say is that the breech block is still intact. The barrel has been demilled but I can get a new barrel and send in an ATF Form 1 and make the weapon live again (that's the plan). V/R Ron M Cheney
  9. Prior to us receiving it last year, it did sit for extended periods of time. We have driven around the property and the RPM's in first gear get me nervous that we are going to cause more damage. V/R Ron M Cheney
  10. She's FAR from pretty and it will be quite awhile until she runs again but here she is. Most of the rocket holes (Russian B40) have been filled since I initially took the picture but the welder will be returning next week to fill the rest. Right now I am in discussion with a gentleman that repairs and restores armor from the state of Washington. I told him that I have no desire to it restore to original condition but to bring her back to life with as many modern updates as possible. I want a Cummins diesel engine and an Allison transmission at the very least but also want modern lights, a mount for a M3HB, front and rear cameras, air conditioning and any other creature comforts we can think of. A little history behind her is that she was rescued over forty years after being put to rest on a target range. Some of the "operatives" were practicing with a B-40 prior to deploying to Southeast Asia. On the second day of practice, they overshot the backstop/berm and a rifle round hit a commercial fisherman in the Virginia River. The range went cold that day and remained cold until the mid-2000's. Three Sherman's were rescued and this was probably the worst of the lot. I paid WAY too much for her but she's mine and I was able to obtain a SF-97 (a form of a US government title) that assured that I legally owned this vehicle. She stands as guard at our range one block from the Las Vegas Strip until we figure out our next step. V/R Ron M Cheney
  11. It is for any car that we find for $500 or less (with the proper title) :-D :-D V/R Ron M Cheney
  12. Initially I purchased to just have around the property but now we crush cars with it. V/R Ron M Cheney
  13. Hello folks, I have a Chieftain Mk10 (converted to look like an M1 Abrams) and it won't shift into 2nd and 3rd gear. Has anybody had this problem before and if so, what was the problem? We have a mechanic coming down sometime next month and he thinks it may be an electrical problem. Here's a picture of our Chieftain and what I mean it's been converted to look like an M1 Abrams.
  14. Here's a picture of the 101 that I purchased as well. As for more pics, we are about to leave for Southern California with the kids for several days and I won't be able to check for the data plates until Thursday at the earliest.
  15. Hello folks, I purchased this vehicle earlier this week and have an idea of what it is but I can't be 100%. The gauges are centered in the dash instead of being directly in front of the driver. Also, this vehicle was never converted to left-hand drive for the US market. I paid $3,000 for the vehicle which included shipping to Las Vegas from Southern California. We were able to get it started and it runs as long as we keep giving it a bit of throttle. It won't go into gear so I am assuming the clutch is rusted?? V/R Ron M Cheney
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