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  1. If you still want to buy the book, you should hurry. My stock is gradually coming to an end. There are still some books. The fast paragraph is naturally very pleasing. Thanks also at this point for the numerous positive feedbacks. A new edition is not provided! I suppose that in a few months the book will only be available as a second hand copy in the well-known sales exchanges. Also just now before Christmas maybe a wish for the gift table. The total price inclusive shipping to GB is 22 Euro. Orders gladly via : ulmahat@gmx.de or also hier. Please indicate your address.
  2. I'm sorry, I don't know the meaning of the number 9 sign. This can also be found on the back of the trailer.
  3. Why should the photo of the Munga 4, built in 1957/58, help to identify the trailer? 🤔
  4. I have the manufacturing documents of the manufacturer and can check the factory equipment in detail. The MUNGA 4 of the RAF in Berlin were delivered without trailer coupling. Some of the 6 series had a trailer hitch. The NL Army chose a different equipment! So you can usually find the factory mounted trailer hitch here. If you send me your chassis numbers as a private message, I will gladly look for the individual equipment. love greeting
  5. Members of the MUNGA IG can borrow tools. However, the return shipment is much too expensive. A member has made stable reproductions and offers them. I cannot judge whether a stock is currently available. Simply contact the MUNGA-IG. With other tools it is very problematic to remove the wheel hub. Parts can warp or be damaged.
  6. Okay, thanks. It is definitely a picture from Berlin and the car is a Munga type F 91/4. Maybe one met at the transition of the British and French sector with soldiers of the FFA Berlin and made a joint break and the weapons and part of the equipment were placed in the trailer of the British. So much is conceivable. I was mainly interested in the trailer type (British?) and the use, because I don't know any photos from Berlin on which a trailer was used. The MUNGA 4 were not equipped with a trailer coupling at the factory. This can then only have been a needs-based retrofit in Berlin.
  7. yes, the car is a DKW MUNGA off-road vehicle type F 91/4, year of const.ruction 1958/59. Of course the Allies bought material from German production. It was a contribution to the development of the German economy and finally the costs of the Allies were paid by the German state. The rear lights of the trailer correspond to German system. It is a closed box without flaps. Unfortunately I cannot identify the trailer markings at the rear. One does not recognize also the coupling system, ball, Rockinger, Nato? I also never saw further photos with the MUNGA of the RAF in Berlin and trailers. It is very strange that rifles and ammunition were transported this way. Maybe someone else has an idea?? Thanks.
  8. https://www.gettyimages.de/detail/nachrichtenfoto/british-soldier-standing-guard-over-a-checkpoint-set-nachrichtenfoto/141559600
  9. Can anyone identify the pendant type? I suspect about 1/2 ton. Use in Berlin approx. 1965
  10. That's correct. All the vehicles of the Dutch army had an oil automatic, a separate lubrication. Vehicles of the German "Bundeswehr" and also of the German disaster control were lubricated via a common tank (ratio 1:40). Info here: http://www.munga-ig.de/mungaig/technisches%20Munga%20IG/frisch%F6lautomatik.htm (sorry, only in German language) But that wasn't the question - was it? Wasn't it about the ignition setting? Also here there are two variants!! with the chassis number I can determine the system ex works, if the engine was not changed. All data can be found in the repair manual. Slowly the last chance in Germany comes to buy cheap before the brexit. That seems to be soon over......
  11. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fried._Krupp_Motoren-_und_Kraftwagenfabriken http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Hauptseite_deutsch/Kraftfahrzeuge/Deutschland/Krupp/Krupp_Protze/krupp_protze.html
  12. in my opinion the clutch pressure plate is much too weak! Original is a clutch with 9 springs in the DKW engine with 44 HP!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/Munga-IG-344460518928785/?fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/groups/1099791983456736/
  14. In the testing and in the production was at no time a Munga with all-wheel steering. There was no military need. Around the year 2000, a munga lover in australia constructed a steerable rear axle.
  15. Fine! congratulation. I had contact with the former owner in the UK about 12 years ago. Is a car of the Dutch Army, built in July 1963. Well, a tank for the Munga 4 is not a problem. Since the car has a fresh oil automatic, you really need no mixing device in the tank. The engine number starts with "8862", then it is a 1000 cc engine with 44 hp! Battery, ignition cable and the remote thermometer are missing. Otherwise the engine compartment looks completely exhausted. Windscreen washer is not retrofitted. A tiny little thing ... at the front tow hook the clip is missing😎
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