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  1. the-blue-cloud

    Mystery Krupp ((?) vehicle

    https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fried._Krupp_Motoren-_und_Kraftwagenfabriken http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Hauptseite_deutsch/Kraftfahrzeuge/Deutschland/Krupp/Krupp_Protze/krupp_protze.html
  2. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    in my opinion the clutch pressure plate is much too weak! Original is a clutch with 9 springs in the DKW engine with 44 HP!
  3. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    https://www.facebook.com/Munga-IG-344460518928785/?fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/groups/1099791983456736/
  4. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    In the testing and in the production was at no time a Munga with all-wheel steering. There was no military need. Around the year 2000, a munga lover in australia constructed a steerable rear axle.
  5. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    Fine! congratulation. I had contact with the former owner in the UK about 12 years ago. Is a car of the Dutch Army, built in July 1963. Well, a tank for the Munga 4 is not a problem. Since the car has a fresh oil automatic, you really need no mixing device in the tank. The engine number starts with "8862", then it is a 1000 cc engine with 44 hp! Battery, ignition cable and the remote thermometer are missing. Otherwise the engine compartment looks completely exhausted. Windscreen washer is not retrofitted. A tiny little thing ... at the front tow hook the clip is missing­čśÄ
  6. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    a ex German Army Munga 8...but no anti skid chain...
  7. the-blue-cloud

    New MUNGA Book

    Dear Munga friends, dear friends of the four-rings, Word got around here and there, after a one-year creative period, I put together a book about DKW MUNGA F 91/6, the short flatbed version, and put my thoughts, memories, findings and research on paper. We all know that a lot has already been written about our MUNGA, not everything was necessarily correct or complete, many things turned out on closer inspection as written off, misinterpreted or incompletely researched.Maybe I managed to create an informative reference book. It was my ambition not only to provide an informative reference book, but also a priceworthy reading to the reader. After all, we are already investing heavily in our "historic cultural heritage on four wheels". For cost reasons, I have therefore waived a marketing on the trade. The book is self-published and can only be ordered from me. On 130 pages with well over 250 pictures, drawings, tables, I present essential information about MUNGA 6. The book I offer for the price of 15 euros including shipping costs in Germany, the final price for shipping abroad is due to the significantly higher postage costs 20 euros. I would be glad, if my offer finds interest and many orders are made, because the printing and production costs, my invested amounts were not insignificant for our hobby. The attached flyer informs about the content and ordering modalities. Sorry, in this time the book is only written in German-language. You can order via the specified e-mail account: ulmahat@gmx.de Please do not forget to give me your current address! Continue to have a nice time and always a good ride, whatever you are on the road. Angebot-international.pdf
  8. the-blue-cloud


    or sorry, but i didn`t know the possibility in GB. It`s possible to get a certificate Date paper with production information by: www.munga-ig.de Another Another option is to contact the manufacturer. However, this is costly and will cause about 70 euros fees. Contact is: https://trshop.audi.de/konakart/SelectCat.do?catId=492&prodsFound=1&category=Fahrzeug-Identit├Ątsurkunde Ultimately, there is also in GB a comparison vehicle. Can`┬┤t you copy the papers? 10 years ago I had contact to Robert Day with a Munga 8 in 2014 to Paul Baker with a Munga 8.
  9. the-blue-cloud


    ok, a 1966 Munga 8 from the German Army (Bundeswehr) produced February 1966, sold from Army in April 1980.
  10. the-blue-cloud


    Please let me know the chassis number and so i will look for more information. There are several possibilities of identification: Metal plate behind the right front wheel Nameplate in the engine compartment between the batteries The numbers should begin with 3039 00. Another set of numbers is located on the left side of the engine-room (engine side panel), where the bonnet rests. There are 3 number blocks. I can translate that. If necessary. good photos keep on helping. Sample pictures attached. Some times you will also find a number in the engine-hood, left side, under and at the windshield, over the retaining bracket left side. The number is four or five digits. However, these attachments can often already be replaced. Please send pictures.
  11. the-blue-cloud


    Thanks very much for the comments! Be an expert in matter! Yes, the photos are the same day and yes, the car in the background is a DKW. Very well recognized! I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My assumption is that the company Auto Union presented the car of the RAF and showed off in the area around D├╝sseldorf / Germany. Also is possible around Minden. The British Army in Germany had 2 Munga guys! In a variant the spare wheel is on the right side. The best known picture was made on the occasion of the visit of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in Berlin in 1965. You will find this: or http://www.multi-board.com/board/index.php/Attachment/18002-queen2-jpg/?thumbnail=1 Complementary question: Is there still a clearing point, which manages image material from Berlin? Search pictures with MUNGA vehicles in Berlin and information on how the cars were separated and whether there is a chance to determine what the special car has been used by the Queen (Mark: 24 XG 47). Is there a forum of former soldiers from Berlin for the time of the 60-80s? Thank you very much for any reference! Regards from Gemany
  12. the-blue-cloud


    Many thanks for the numerous references. The photo comes from the years 1958/1959, certainly autumn or winter. I still have a photo of soldiers. Can something be closed from the uniforms?
  13. the-blue-cloud


    Who can help me? To which type of vehicle is it? The recording will be from the time 1958/59 and is taken in Germany. Is it possible to closed any information about the mark "44" and "4" or the Number "95 BE 47"? Can the uniforms be helpful in determining the time? I am interested in the approximate period and unit to conclude conclusions on the area. Thank you in advance.
  14. the-blue-cloud

    munga gearbox problems

    Take pictures of the gears!
  15. the-blue-cloud

    Munga talk...

    a Dutch Army Munga