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  1. There was or is a Salamander in an old yard in Ashington in West Sussex. My late father was going to restore it but sadly passed away and after we didn't really do anything about it. Could be worth inquiring if interested in parts. Just checked on street view and it was still there in 2012. This was it around 2002, seemed to have been converted to a forestry truck.
  2. Old military vehicle demonstration tape given to my late father in the early 90's. Lot's of interesting stuff on it including hovercrafts, rocket propelled tanks. Been on Youtube a while so figured i'd upload it here. [video=youtube;Ype7U4xfu-g]
  3. Cheers mate, still got some more videos from Bovington which i'll upload soon. There was a clip of the Kraz at the end too which i didn't include, i might add that on soon too.
  4. Hi, i recognise your username from Youtube, you have some great videos on there, i'm rangey18 on there and you commented on on a couple of my videos on there. Good to see you on here and i hope you have more old videos .
  5. Oh dear. Just uploaded this old picture, my late father looks on as his friends REO get's recovered from the Thames at Chiswick Eyot
  6. Short clip on one one of our old videos.
  7. Very sad news, always remember him and my late father chatting all time at various shows. RIP.
  8. Thought this would be approptiate here.
  9. Nice to see Debbie and Mole and the guys there already.
  10. It's from the early days of the BVT/Twickenham off roaders group and is probably the only truck i don't remember. They're are a couple of pictures of it picking up some vehicles at the Tank Museum and taking them to an old Beltring.
  11. Going through a friend of my dads old photos and i found a picture of this. Wondered what it is.
  12. Spotted a Jeep going south on the M40 yesterday near the Warick junctions.
  13. We might pop down over the weekend, does anyone know anything about the Stalwarts yet?.
  14. I was watching the first attempt on the vhs earlier. The red stolly was stuck on the private beach at Osborne House with a bad fuel line. I need to get it copied.
  15. Few pictures of the Centaur, first one is me with it at the ARC Nationals 96. The other two are at one of the Ploto shows.
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