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  1. I get the impression from the photo that the bonnet the young Waaf is sat on is Yellow and possibly the front (if not all) of the canvas tilt is yellow. I can only ASSUME that ONE vehicle carried out the role of 'Follow Me' (FM) and traffic control but I am aware that there were barriers along the A16 at Grimsby (in what form can not longer be determined), and I have no doubt even the humble 'Erk' could have indicated that the road was going to be closed to on-coming traffic and then dragged/placed a barrier of sorts across the road. I would also presume you would STOP the traffic in both directions so more than just one man needed and the fact that the STOP sign is visible from the front indicated to ME, that it faced on-coming aircraft and not traffic ? Seemingly both the RAF and USAAF had the F-M vehicle to guide diverted aircraft around airfield sites but I have never heard mention of 'traffic Control ' but perhaps that role was included by the Flying Control Section ?? Would that be 3 or 4 vehicle now with photographic evidence to support the role of FM??
  2. I certainly dont want to get into any arguments about this but how many photos have you seen of ground crew vehicles . . . " to be painted all over "Bright Orange". Vehicles temporarily used on landing grounds but not painted are to have a white sheet fixed over the bonnet." I would argue very few. There have been many discussions concerning camouflage of RAF vehicles over the years on numerous forums but I have never heard of this AMO before. I have a vast collection of book concerning Bomber Command with countless photos of groundcrew vehicles and I have not come across any with the colour scheme mentioned. It has been said that . . . . Quote: "I have, as I’m sure many others have looked at many photos online in personal collections and books on the R.A.F yet remarkably no wartime recollection of air or ground crew using such a dedicated marked vehicle has come to light nor a clear dated image emerged." It must be said that the AMO directive concerning 'Orange' painted vehicles' is a prime example of this . . . . Although its has been many years since I carried out my interviews, its been even longer since the war ended, I tend to believe something from those that were there. YES memories do fade and details are not explicit but if we dont believe what we are told then you cast doubt on everything anybody tells you. To many people these days want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and without such want to discard any info. I wrote about the extension to runway 03, probably a quote from my book so I am fully aware of the issues it raised. From another interview I was told the following . . . Also . . . "The extension didn't help the time keeping of the Lincolnshire Road Car bus company's service between Grimsby and Louth. On occasions when the Lancasters used the 03 end of the runway for taking off, a long line of traffic would form as the squadron taxied round and aircraft waited for their green light. Local people would walk or cycle to the barriers to watch and wave the bombers off ". I have no doubt RAFMT believes the AMO's issued but we all know things were not always implemented immediately. Although I have seen evidence of the 1944 directive of Yellow top surfaces I have NEVER seen 'Orange' overall ???? To say that the Yellow Peril wasnt used for the purpose it was painted for when I have heard it from the 'horses mouth' and to imply it was only used to man the crossing on the occasions when the squadron used that One particular runway seems to me, ridiculous.
  3. I have no idea why the photo should have disappeared but here it is again . . . interview with ground staff in Flying Control . . . . I hope this helps
  4. Here is the partial photo of the 'Flying Control Section' taken just before the end of the war . . . . I hope it is clear enough . . . .
  5. I am aware that the local station to me, RAF Grimsby, had a vehicle that was termed 'Yellow Peril'. It was a Standard Tilly painted yellow and carried a light box over the cab that lit up 'STOP' on the rear was the 'Follow Me' sign that could be lit at night in low light but enough for diverted aircraft crews to see. First hand account from the 'Flying Control' Section gives accounts of such and I have a group photo showing the top of this vehicle along with the WOT crash tender. I cannot believe that GY was the only such RAF station to have such a vehicle. The example seen in the Night Bomber video is merely a defunct cut-down Morris used to tow out the caravan and as was very late in the war, 1945, it was painted yellow so as to be seen . . . not a 'Follow Me' vehicle
  6. On one of the other forums I look in . . . I dont know any details but it may be worth inquiring ?? https://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/forum/general-discussion/9882-is-this-a-wartime-vehicle#135825 Good luck rgds Ian
  7. I dont think I will ever be able to carry out the work you lads do because : A) I haven't the slightest mechanical skill, B) dont have the space and C) I suspect that a 'proper' restoration would cost money I aint got. The reason I love these restoration sites is because it gives unprecedented access to vehicle details that you rarely see even at museums. Being a model maker of military vehicles, particularly RAF types, and following such builds as this, enhances my knowledge and strangely, I get satisfaction knowing there is another type out there running and should give us all a reminder of those that went before us May I just say 'Thanks' to all those that contribute here , "more grease to your elbow, carry on the great work". Ian
  8. May seem a strange question but I would like to know the wheel base for the Albion AM 463. ?? I presume (first rule of assumption . . NEVER assume) that the wheelbase was the same for the refueller as for the tractor unit and GS version but I would just like confirmation. I am not computer savvy and I cannot find the details so am rather hoping one of you chaps has a vehicle manual(s) of vehicles WWII. Thanks in anticipation Ian
  9. I know this is old but I really hope you continued, at what ever pace. I too remembered seeing those K2's at Scambleby in Lincolnshire and in fact I had one removed to the former RAF station at Hemswell but I dont know what happened to it after I left there ???? Anyhow, anybody got any news of this particular resto ??
  10. Its been an absolutely marvellous restoration considering what you started out with. I just have to sit and admire your enthusiasm and dedication to the project which surely must be recognised. I so look forward to seeing more of your innovations and the total revival of the rare vehicle. best of luck and continued success. Ian
  11. Welcome Laurent I too am a modeller and I joined for the same reason. There is a lot to be gleaned from seeing the actual vehicles being restored. Ian
  12. Always been my favorite vehicle and you are turning this great machine from two wrecks, i tip my hat Sir . . .
  13. Hi Rivet Have just read the whole thread . . . How you fellas create such a turn-around amazes me, is there any vehicle parts that cannot be sourced or reproduced ?? I am looking at creating a model of the MW and would like to know if the bonnet top panel lifts along with the bonnet 'side panel' ?? I think it does as i think the hinge runs along the full length but would just like confirmation. many thanks. Crackin restoration;) Bowser 1107
  14. Need to know where that QL is so i can go round and see it before it rusts away . . . Anyidea of the prices they are asking ???? Ian
  15. I have the complete set, BOUND, . . . . :cool2: plus the final issue from the Editor to all the subscribers thanking them for their support and wishing them well for the future
  16. Radek did you make any progress with this K30 lorry ?? Ian
  17. Just spent a couple of nights browsing through the thread and how i envy you guys that have the mechanical know-how to take these lorry into your workshops and restore them to their former glory. I salute you all. My collection of Matador lorry amount to about 6-7, all Airfix of course :nut: Ian
  18. Many thanks for those welcoming comments. It is the 6x6 AEC that i love so much, such a mighty and capable looking lorry. Diorama is of RAF Waltham. (Official RAF Station Grimsby),
  19. Hi chaps I'm Ian, 56 and i am particularly interested in vehicles that served with Bomber Command during WWII. I am currently building a diorama of the technical site of RAF Station Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, in 1:72/76th scale. Never be able to have an actual vehicle, the AEC Matador being my fav, but i do like to build the scale models. Always on the look-out for information regarding camouflage schemes, marking and photos of vehicles from ANY RAF station(s) with a view to increasing the numbers of vehicles types modeled. I hope to meet like-minded bods who have the same interest in RAF Vehicles. many thanks Ian
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