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  1. fayjo56

    CTC fire extinguisher

    I think its got 63 stamped in the handle.
  2. fayjo56

    Screw jack

    Old screw jack made by Shelley. No handle. 15.00 . Collection preferred, Reading.
  3. fayjo56

    CTC fire extinguisher

    WD marked extinguisher and bracket. 15.00 plus postage.
  4. fayjo56

    Bedford MW bits

    Now found a home.
  5. fayjo56

    Bedford MW bits

    I have a Bedford MW petrol cap, towing loop and a Bedford breather pipe. FREE if collected from Reading berks.
  6. fayjo56

    Bedford MW from Whitby

    Sounds interesting, any pics?
  7. fayjo56

    Ford GPW restoration

    Nice find, will you finish the jeep in these markings?
  8. The guy in Basingstoke is John 07867 523455. My brother in law uses him and is always pleased with his work, and he doesn't have a forklift!
  9. Not good. I hope they are salvageable or can be replicated at shot blasters expense. I have seen good work by metal magic and can give you a shotblaster based in Basingstoke if you need a new one!
  10. Hi Ian, great to see you are making progress, and of course up to your usual standard. Just think, when you've finished this one you will be an expert ready to do the other one!
  11. fayjo56

    Wartime in the Vale 18.06.16

    My first time too. Great show, great organisers and love the ww2 camp. A definate for next year.
  12. fayjo56

    Willys M38 Jeep

    Now available see classifieds!
  13. fayjo56

    Willys M38 Jeep

    Pretty much there and a few runs under our belt. A few odds and ends to sort but then, isn't there always?
  14. fayjo56

    WW2 British Ammo Box Brown paint

    I think I might have some Canadian Service Brown in eggshell if its any good to you?. I'll check the workshop at the weekend.