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  1. Below is where I think the ballast was originally mounted. By the look of the ignition, this ignition requires a ballast. So, either, their is a ballast relocated somewhere, or the ignition coil, despite it saying it requires a ballast, isn’t a ballast dependent coil, and the coil is no good. Thoughts? Can I just put a coil on it that doesn’t require a ballast and see what happens?
  2. These don’t really help. I think I found where the mounting holes were for the ballast next to where the coil was mounted, but there is no ballast there now. I was getting spark and it was running two weeks ago, but no spark when I kick over the starter.
  3. Thanks potless, would love to see a pic, if at all possible. I will play hide and seek with it again tomorrow and see if I can find it.
  4. Oh, it’s a 12 volt system. I looked at the wiring diagram for 12 volt and it has a ballast resister
  5. I had another search today, but could not find the ballast resister. I’ve replaced the points, condenser, and coil. I still have power to the points and will spark when I put the screw driver between the gap, with the ignition on. But once I turn the starter motor, no spark. I’m going to have to follow the two white wires that are on the positive terminal on the coil to behind the dash and try and work out what the hell is going on. Unless someone can give some sort of indication where the ballast resister is on an ambulance model.
  6. On the positive side, the tires still hold air. If it was in Australia, I wouldn’t hesitate, I would but tgat for that price. It’s a complete Resto, but I’ve done a Saracen and a ferret before, with a lot less.
  7. Does anyone know about any stalwarts in any condition in Australia that might be for sale?
  8. I checked inside the filter box. Absolutely not there. Maybe the ambulance variant is different. The wire to the distributor (off the coil) runs off the negative. Two wires are attached to the positive, both of which run back to behind the dash. One of theses wires is positive from the ignition, the other one doesn’t have any positive or negative and doesn’t appear to go anywhere, once it Trail’s back to the birds nest behind the dash. And their isn’t a ballast resister that’s I can see behind there. So I have no idea what’s going on. Should this random wire be connected to the ballast
  9. check out some posts I put up here a couple of years ago with pics of my fathers gun buggy in Vietnam
  10. Does anyone have any idea where the resistor ballast for the ignition coil on a landrover forward control is located. Better still, a pic of where yours is located if you have a 101. I’m not getting spark at the points when I start, although I have electricity there and it sparks manually if I put a screwdriver to arc it out. I’m told that it might be due to a wire disconnected from the ballast.. but as much as I have searched, I’ve been unable to locate it. I had spark a couple of weeks ago, i then pulled the distributor out to service it and change points. Now no spark. I have the ambulance variant of the 101 any help, greatly appreciated
  11. I have a bunch of parts, but unfortunately None of these left.
  12. Have you got a pic of what your after?
  13. I drove my ferret to an event a couple of years ago. While driving the 100klm to the event, I noticed that the right from hub was heating up, having just rebuilt it. I realised that the bearing needed to be shimmed a little, and when getting to the event, I parked it up in the display area and subsequently got some shim stock and went to work on it. To complete the process, I had to make the spacer with some side cutters and punches, and then reassemble. The act of doing a hub rebuild on site, during the show drew a large crowd of onlookers who either enjoyed watching old school mechanics or gave advice like...... wouldn’t it be easier to do that in a workshop!!!! At which point I give them the thousand yard stare.
  14. I forgot to mention, I got some new tyres imported from India in bartread. Who knows how they will go, but they will do for now and look the part.
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