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  1. eggsc8

    Breakdown cover recommendations

    Hi I use Autohome for my Chevrolet C60L and have had no problems apart from the Ben Hur trailer that I tow , The firms they use for the recovery do not have the right tow bars so will not recover the trailer ,. Autohome is limited to £1000 total cost of recovery . For my Morris Commercial C8 GS I have a Flex Plus account with the Nationwide Building Society this gives me free unlimited recovery for my C8 and my 110 Defender and any car I am a passenger in , It also provides recovery for my living van as this has a 50 mm ball hitch even though it weighs around 2 1/2 tons , This account gives me free holiday insurance as well all for £13 a month
  2. eggsc8

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    We did get it off the trailer but we just lifted it on its own jacks it had to go really high and nearly killed us, When we put it back on the trailer we used a fork lift truck to hoist it up . Can you lift it high enough on blocks to operate the guns without hitting the mudguards, Paul.
  3. eggsc8

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    Thanks for that ackack I did download the Polsten Manuals from the Canadian Register they have been very handy . Paul
  4. eggsc8

    Morris commercial c8

    Thanks Jon I will give them a try , Paul
  5. eggsc8

    Morris commercial c8

    Thanks a lot Chris I will give them a try, Paul.
  6. eggsc8

    Morris commercial c8

    Hi , I am trying to find a set of valves for my 1944 C8 I know this has come up before on the forum but I do not seem to be able to locate any , I have a complete gasket set but I could use another set to keep as a spare, Thanks , Paul
  7. I am writing this to thank all the Vehicle owners , Reenactors and Traders that attended the Hunstanton Military Weekend , The Normandy Veterans Pilgrimage Fund and the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund will benefit to the tune of £3.500 , The event was fantastic with thousands of holiday makers milling around and listening to the live music on both Saturday and Sunday and generously donating in the many buckets that were dotted around . Harold Payne of the Anglia Motel at Fleet Hargate in Lincolnshire organized the event and displayed his Restored DUKW and his 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier . This Event is getting bigger and better every year so keep your eyes open on the events page for next years dates
  8. Hi to all the forum members , I am looking for the Military Defender Light Switch that sits in the centre of the dash as mine has developed a fault . I know some people take the switch out and use the civilian set up , I also need a Hazard light switch for the same vehicle , If anyone has one and wishes to sell it please message me . Thanks Paul.
  9. Hello to everyone on the forum , We are still looking for more allied reenactors for our Military Weekend at Hunstanton Norfolk also Military vehicles of any era , If you would like to come along and join us it is not to late just message me , It is a great venue with loads of holiday makers that get to see all the exhibits for free and it is all new to them , The venue is overlooking the sea surrounded by Cafes Chip shops Pubs and Shops , Camping can be arranged in military tents and we have Security on Friday Night and Saturday night, Free parking for your civvy vehicles during the day , And we have Live music on the Bandstand both days , We collect donations from the public for our Veterans Pilgrimage Fund and The Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund
  10. eggsc8


    Thanks for getting back to me but we just picked up a pair that came off a Dukw but again thanks , Paul
  11. eggsc8

    Hunstanton Military Weekend

    I would just like to thank all the people that attended the military weekend at Hunstanton at the weekend . There were numerous vehicles and reenactors allied and axis and music all weekend , We raised £2800 for the Veterans of Normandy and the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund , And do not forget there is another event planned for Hunstanton on the 1st and 2nd of September , If anyone would like to attend either as a reenactor or with a vehicle you can message me on egghemmings@yahoo.com
  12. eggsc8

    Hunstanton Military Weekend

    Hi . It will soon be time for the first of our two Military Weekends at Hunstanton Norfolk 7th and 8th July , Military vehicles of all years are welcome as are reenactors of Allied and Axis Forces , These Weekends are to raise money for The Veterans Pilgrimage fund and the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund , The venue is on the green and overlooks the sea , is surrounded by food and drink outlets , Camping on the green is allowed in Military tents and Vehicles and parking for private cars and caravans can be arranged nearby, There is entertainment on both days . The event is free for the public to attend so we have lots of public and because they are mostly holiday makers it is all new to them . If you would like to attend this weekend or the second weekend on 1st and 2nd of September please contact Paul at egghemmings@yahoo.com These events are very well supported by The Norfolk Military Vehicle Group and The Anglia Motel Military Collection
  13. eggsc8

    Dukw or Gmc steering wheel

    Hi Matchfuzee, Thanks for the link , I will have a look at my friends steering wheel but I think that is a bit too much when you add in the postage
  14. Hi , My friend is looking for a decent steering wheel for his Dukw , If anyone has got one to sell it would be handy , I think it would be the same as a GMC
  15. eggsc8

    Chevrolet C60L

    Hi , I am looking to source a head gasket set and a set of valves for my Chevrolet C60L CMP it is a 1945 fitted with what i believe to be a 216 engine , It is 6 cylinder with the engine number PR4056901 , If anyone has any idea as to where i can find these things i would be very grateful, Paul.