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  1. Hi This is a question about the manifold nuts on my Morris Commercial C8 , I need a couple of long brass nuts that hold the manifold on as one on my Morris is badly distorted I can buy some quite easily but I need to know the thread size UNF , UNC , BSF I have no idea , If anyone can shed some light on this I will be very grateful , Paul.
  2. I would like to thank all those that attended Hunstanton Military Weekend last Saturday and Sunday , The event was a great success raising over £3000 for the Veterans of Normandy and the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund , The entertainers did a really good job as did all the people raising money around the event , Thanks also to the Norfolk Military Vehicle Club for their support and the various exhibitors , I will post the dates for next year as soon as they have been finalised . Paul.
  3. I have got a 1945 Canadian Chevrolet in Very original condition , In the rear under the canvas and totally invisible is a proper two berth caravan with full cooker and fridge , Wash room at the front , LED lighting and gas night heater also onboard water tank . The tailboard becomes a covered patio area , If you want more details pm me, Paul
  4. The July Hunstanton Military Weekend raised a fantastic £4000 This total was made up of money raised by people climbing aboard the DUKW and going inside the FV 432 Also from poppy sales and a really big tombola and contributions from traders and stalls and of course the many collection buckets around the event ,Again I must thank all those that supported the event and look forward to seeing you all at the September do , Also anyone else that would like to come
  5. Hi to all on the forum , This is a question about tyre size , Would 10 x 20 bar grip tyres be ok on the front of a Chevrolet C60L that was originally fitted with 10,50 x 20 tyres
  6. Well our first Military Weekend at Hunstanton Norfolk has been successfully conclude so as one of the organizers I would like to thank all of you that attended one or more days , The weekend was a great success , I must give a special thank you to Harold Payne of the Anglia Motel Fleet Hargate for bringing so much of his Military collection including his newly restored DUKW and his 432 pulling a Russian anti aircraft gun that was liberated from the Iraq forces in the Gulf war and the Veterans that were in attendance . Also I would like to thank the many members of the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group and The lads with the desert camp and the V8 Landrovers and the owners of the Scammels , Our thanks also go to all the entertainers including three singers and a pipe band and the traders and charity stalls and the Axis Reenactors and lastly the general public whose generosity in the collecting buckets and on the tombola and buying poppies made the event the success that it was . Do not forget to come to the September do , Ask people that were there you will not be disappointed , Paul.
  7. Hi Everyone Thanks for all the replies , For the Chevrolet CMP I still think I need Bar Grips . There is an American site on ebay selling Ex Military bar grips that look the part and they are NOS the make is Titan but I am trying to find out how much it will cost to ship them back here , Perhaps on a pallet , Paul
  8. Hi MatchFuzee I had not seen them but to be honest they would not look very good on the Chev , I was hoping someone was going to have some Bar Grips made but I have not heard anything , I did see some on American ebay but I think it would cost an arm and leg to ship them here, Paul
  9. Hi , I know this subject has been on here before but i have to ask , Has anyone found a source of either 10.5 x 20 Bar grip tyres or 11 X 20 Bar grips , I am still looking for three for my Chevrolet C60L Any lead would be appreciated , Paul
  10. Hi , I have got a Chevrolet C60L 1945 this is a Historic Vehicle so it is free road tax and MOT exempt yours should be the same , Use the exemption form V112 , Paul
  11. Thanks for the information , I have ordered a manual , Paul
  12. Thanks Jon , I have a drivers handbook but that information is not in it , I have put it in the book now, Thanks again , Paul
  13. Hi , I am looking for the valve clearances for inlet and exhaust valves if anyone has a workshop manual , Paul
  14. Hi all , I am currently having my C8 Engine totally rebuilt but I am missing one very important part and that is the timing cog that fits on the front of the block which is a 26 tooth twin cog , Has anyone got one on an old engine or indeed a cog that they would be willing to sell , Paul
  15. until
    Hi everyone , This is just a reminder that Hunstanton Military Weekends are on again this year 2019 , These events gets bigger every year , All military vehicles are welcome of all ages also allied forces Reenactors are invited to camp and display , The first Event is July 6th and 7th but it is possible to arrive on the 5th Please contact Harold at the Anglia Motel Fleet Hargate Lincolnshire. reception@angliamotel.co.uk To book in or for further details contact Paul at egghemmings@yahoo.com . The second event of the year is Aug 31st and Sept 1st again it is possible to arrive on Aug 30th . These events are to raise money for the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund and to showcase privately owned Military Vehicles there will be live music all weekend and loads of appreciative holidaymakers , The events take place overlooking the sea and are
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