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  1. British Army Willys Jeep circa June 1944

    Get yourself a copy of this book, full of photos of the Jeep in British service through WW2. Regards Gary
  2. Any WW2 Typhoons Under Restoration?

    Here's a couple of photos of a Typhoon engine I was offered in 2012, found in the Pierrepont area in Normandy (near to Falaise), it was make an offer in excess of 1000 euros, which was more than I would want to spend.
  3. Spent yesterday at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, here are just a few photos of some of the WW1 vehicles, and especially the bells, which are ready to be transported to Ypres next week, for the St Georges Memorial Church (see link below). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-40751031
  4. War and Peace 2017

    I agree with Tuggers shower comments, all good, but would like to point out one of our happy campers has a shower secret. While I was waiting for my daughter to come out of the showers, a chap walked up to a locked shower pod, looked left then right and then unlocked it and let himself in, from where I was stood (by the security van), I could see that it was empty to start with and that this was a way of never having to queue/wait !
  5. I think the Wire Cutters No2 that you show, were made from 1944 onwards, not sure but maybe some one out there will know ?
  6. Airplane compass?

    I think it's from a Waco Glider. http://www.questmasters.us/CG-15A.html Regards Gary
  7. Anyone with one on a trailer, might want to make sure it's well bolted on also !
  8. American Trip

    Hi PT, just go to any gun shop which has a range and they will have guns you can hire and shot, did it a couple of years ago while in Florida. Regards Gary
  9. See the link below for some Beetle pictures I posted back in 2010, I must dig out these photos and post some more. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?17352-British-Vehicle-photos-1946-47-in-RASC-use-Germany&highlight=vw+beetle Regards Gary
  10. Tanks in the Tunnel

    This is all fine, but what if Southern Rail are on strike when the "balloon goes up" ?
  11. combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    Shooting up caravans is one thing, but here in the UK there a bit of caravan joke thing going on (drivers don't being stuck behind them), but the public to do like to see a good battle with loud gunfire and explosions, and then there is the good old fashioned car crushing in the arena, which I think is very popular amongst the paying public at MV shows.
  12. Spare parts Matchless G3L

    Hello Stef, regarding the brass plate on the tool box, as Ron says you do see a large rebuild plate (late war or normally postwar), originally there would have been a small contract plate, similar to the type shown below (this one though is mounted on the mudguard or a M20 I think), reproductions do come up on ebay and through your frame number you can work out the contract number to stamp on it. Regards Gary
  13. If you go to the Tank Museum web site you can see that it is already on the M27 ! Go to the bottom of the page in this link for footage, http://www.tankmuseum.org/visit-us Regards
  14. Warminster Small Arms Collection

    The Vickers-Colt in the cage had actually had a torch cut through the underside of receiver/feed area and a torch hole through the underside of the water jacket and barrel, the PPSH looked complete, as did the rifle and pistols. Here's a few more photos.
  15. Warminster Small Arms Collection

    Tony Wins, see photos, just a shame these weapons are going to be cut up/scrapped. Yes it is a wheeled cage for 'Newly Acquired' exhibits, there were 2x more in another room, with items in to be evaluated.