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  1. munga gearbox problems

    ok i will take some pics tomorrow regards alex
  2. munga gearbox problems

    hi all i removed the ident nut on the top of the gearbox, but no better, i looked into the side plate and some gears have damaged teeth. but not sure if thats stopping it moving. but the damaged ones do turn alex
  3. munga gearbox problems

    hi thanks weather permiting i will try that on sunday, tomorrow i will let you know alex
  4. munga gearbox problems

    hi all after a long time trying to rebuild this machine i discover the gear box wont go into first and second gear, i seem to remember it was ok before. anyway if anyone has a spare gear box, at a good price i would love to hear from you. i am rebuilding this on a shoe string. regards alex
  5. Munga restoration

    hi thanks for the answers about the clutch , but does any one know where to get a clutch pressure plate in the uk, second hand or new. I have part numbers LUX 118-00009-20 SACHS 1882-140-002 its 180mm dia thanks alex
  6. Munga restoration

    hi all after checking what seems like every picture on the net I have the answer, all I need to do now is make the bracket that bolts onto the exhaust manifold regards alex
  7. Munga restoration

    hi all does anyone have a picture or drawing of how the cable fixes to the clutch lever, and what holds the clutch cable outer sheave . I have looked at loads of You Tube videos and a workshop manual, but no where does it show the clutch cable set up. if anyone has diagrams or drawings It would help me no end regards alex
  8. Munga restoration

    hi thanks for the answer. but I went out again and discovered that one of the butterfly valves was not closing correctly. a little adjustment and it now seems to be running well, its a bit noisy tonight so I will run it more tomorrow. thanks again alex
  9. Munga restoration

    hi any suggestions out there. my two stroke engine wont run on idle, it only runs fast around 2000 rpm the carb has been set up ok I think, I had stripped the carb twice to clean it, and set it up. according to the manual. there are no air leaks on the carb, and it starts first time but runs too fast any suggestions alex
  10. Munga restoration

    hi thanks ' the blue cloud ' but I don't have a spares list or workshop manual for the munga. doing this rebuild on a shoe string and a lot of guess work regards alex
  11. Munga restoration

    hi all does anyone have a picture or drawing of how the cable fixes to the clutch lever, and what holds the clutch cable outer sheave regards alex
  12. Munga restoration

    hi for user '' the-blue-cloud '' the only group of numbers i can find where you indicated are 3038 . 20 . 571612. regards alex
  13. Munga restoration

    hi can anyone tell me what this part is and where it goes, i know its attached to the coils , but where do the other parts attach to. regards alex
  14. Munga restoration

    hi all i have now found the missing part in a box of parts. without the help on here it would have been hard to identify the part i was looking for regards alex
  15. Munga restoration

    hi 'Ruston'. thats it, now i need to see if i have one of these with all the odds and ends i have with the munga. 'Blue cloud' i will look for that number when i get a dry day, thanks every one for your help again regards alex