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  1. Don't intend being a killjoy but I would point out an RB44 is totally unsuitable as legally they can only tow a maximum of 2.2 tons on the road , they will pretty much pull what you want but check the weight plate in os footwell train weight is 7.5 tons , gross vehicle weight is 5.3 tons and my GS with full tank of diesel spare wheel and driver weighs off at 3.5 tons. Maths done you can't tow a 3 ton carrier , also there won't be a trailer with this payload that doesn't take you over the 3500kg limit for overrun brakes . I just wouldn't wish anyone to fall foul of the law .
  2. Welcome to the forum , I know a bit about Landrovers if I can hep anytime
  3. Welcome in , I have a reasonable knowledge of landrovers and will be happy to try and help if I can
  4. AlanE


    The more of them back on the road the better I say ,so to help the cause I just bought another one but with a Radio Body this time , so that's 2 in the bag ! just kneed a tidy winch wagon project if they haven't all gone abroad or had a tipper fitted for all those tree surgeons out there !
  5. AlanE


    Hello everyone, Firstly thanks for taking the time to read my rambling's, I am often described as many uncomplimentary things, so my choice in green machines may well suit me, but what I am looking to find out is how many RB44's are in use today , I actually think they are overshadowed by a bad reputation , and before the hellfire starts , no mine has good brakes ! Maybe a case of book judged by cover ? But comments and feedback welcomed .
  6. Sorry to be a pain here but my pal still hasn't been sorted with a reset password , could you help again if you have sent it by perhaps resending the email or contact me in case there is an issue with his email , thanks a lot, it's just he is due to contact another member who has been away.
  7. Thanks that would be much appreciated , wouldn't wish to deprive a member of access to this haven for all things green:D
  8. Hi Everyone Don't really know where to post this so I will try here. My mate, username cossy1, is trying to get a reset password sent to him but seems to have failed miserably. Can anybody point us in the right direction or get it sent to him at tony_cosgrove@msn.com Thanks
  9. Hi , we just put my RB44 through a test at an ATF , the RBT was a new one I am told that a code is input by the tester which sets the machine to the individual requirement of your truck. This should be the same as the last test unless the truck has been down rated since then, in which case a new code should be applied .The rollers automatically weigh check the axle weights and the test can be carried out . We tested with no load didn't tie the compensator and achieved lock out on front and rear axles and put the fear of god into the tester when the handbrake was applied and the RB attempted to jump out the rollers ! . I think it is down to you or the test station having the correct code for the RBT which is only available from VOSA technical. Hope this helps Alan
  10. Ah Ha ! Sorry for not knowing who you are ,but in civilian clothes I am the bloke who delivers them their bits for landrovers and drives the blue transit custom ! We may have met so apologies in advance ! Anyway I am a big RB fan as you probably know by now and my mate has just got one and I am still window shopping ! " He who has the most toys" got a bit of catching up to do !
  11. Yes your right I am currently in deep and darkest Eastham , I am very pleased that the RB has been spotted she currently resides in the very safe hands of A1 Car and Commercial Vehicle Services whilst we undertake some field trials , on a serious note these are top guys and know a thing or two about HGV testing , help and assistance at very reasonable rates call them and ask for Andy Morris AKA Mozza !
  12. Hi everyone I have been around Land Rovers all my life and fancied a bit of a change so I went window shopping and came home owning an RB44 much to the anticipated howls of how bad a vehicle this is. However, with some perseverance we successfully accomplished a heavy goods vehicle test pass and a very good brake efficiency test. I do not profess to know everything about Land Rovers however I have been selling parts for 25 years so have a little bit of knowledge. I cannot guarantee to get back to you straight away but I am always happy to try and help people with a problem or question. I am looking forward to the various shows and fairs this year.
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