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  1. Upkeep, Tallboy, Grand Slam and the 1200 lb Blockbuster used either the larger E type trolley or the H type which was an E type with loading winches.
  2. According to Google the seller was Andy Griffiths, tel 07885 631740.
  3. Is this the part you need? https://cvrtpro.com/shop/cvrt-scorpion/cvrt-rotary-based-junction/
  4. https://www.emlra.org/index.php/vehicles/the-military-carawagon
  5. Those 16.00s look good on the front, did you manage to find a complete set of the AEC wheels?
  6. TD5 can have a crazy problem where engine oil percolates along the injector cables and fills the engine ecu with oil. Seen two like that but as they were sales cars we simply opened up the loom and put a blob of solder on each wire and cleaned out the ecu.
  7. If these are for the Maxter you would need to downrate it, the rear axle is plated at 11.5 tons and the tyres are 164 load rated which is 10 tons for the pair.
  8. Are you not confusing bead locks with run flat inserts? Bead locks do what you suggest and allow tyres to be run at low pressures for increased footprint in soft terrain without coming off the rim, run flat inserts take up most of the space that would normally be filled with air to enable a tyre to carry the weight if punctured. 10 stud wheels can have several variations, the offset is different between vehicles and they can be either hub centric or stud centric.
  9. An expression made famous by Bruce McLaren to describe a vehicle with poor handling, essentially 20 pounds of shite in a 10 pound bag....
  10. They drive like a blivot due to the poor design as I mentioned above. I have only ever driven a brand new one in the UK many years ago and I was not impressed, a used one is going to be even worse.
  11. Make sure you have a drive in one first, they have a very short wheelbase due to the set back front axle derived from the Audi type gearbox with the engine well forward.
  12. First photo is possibly an ex RAF air defense radar Leyland Hippo from the late 50s, 6x4 IIRC not 6x6. The saucer size plate will be the bridge weight plate. Second is the interior of the ex RE Scammell Constructor, they had a metal dual purpose ballast/storage body originally and were designed to operate with a 20 ton low loader drawbar trailer. The large lever pivoted from the steering column is the hill holder which pressed down on the brake pedal to aid hill starts. Third looks like the front end of a Matador with a non standard bumper
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