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  1. radiomike7

    Diamond T identity help

    Not a Brockway 666, wrong shape of front fender and smaller tyres. It looks like it could be a lwb 4 ton Diamond T with a half cab.
  2. radiomike7

    Engine Paint colour

    Looks good but as I remember only the blocks and bare heads were grey ex factory, the rest was either bare or painted silver??
  3. radiomike7

    BEDFORD S type bus

    Apparently it was originally an S type Dennis bodied ex LCC school bus later fitted to an RL chassis.
  4. radiomike7

    E10 Petrol Consultation

    Not quite, Avgas still uses Tetraethyl lead to raise the octane rating just like in WW2.
  5. radiomike7

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    Subject to availability it would make sense to at least obtain a couple of spares but even 28 years ago when I had a Martian any spares were very thin on the ground.
  6. radiomike7

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    I remember Pete Gaine mentioning the weakness in the stub shafts in service many years ago so yours is not an isolated failure. The tyre wear was probably caused by over inflation for the conditions as the specified tyre pressures would have taken into consideration the heaviest loading such as a suspended tow.
  7. radiomike7

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    Dave Crouch had a brand new pair some time ago, worth a try.
  8. radiomike7

    Interesting Vehicles at Chiffins

    Now that's a possibility but I have never seen the two differentials side by side to confirm they are interchangeable.
  9. radiomike7

    Interesting Vehicles at Chiffins

    Hi Richard, Anything is possible but I would be surprised if a Pioneer recovery had been fitted with a TRMU rear axle as the entire final drive with rocking beams is different and has a Bowden cable arrangement for the brake actuator. Even if a recovery/R100 axle was not available it would have been far easier to use an Explorer version which is almost identical. Swampy is now at Lyneham as you probably know and fitted with the correct final drive unit for R100/recovery.
  10. radiomike7

    Interesting Vehicles at Chiffins

    Strange how the Pioneer owner told Cheffins that it could not possibly be an R100 as they could only manage 18mph, the R100 was based on the same chassis and running gear as the recoveries and was capable of circa 28mph. The TRMU20/30 tank transporter tractors had a heavier rear axle that limited the speed to 18mph, the gearing was so low that when Sunters were triple heading the Bradwell boilers up a steep slope their Pioneer started in second gear while the Constructor and Rotinoff tractors used first.
  11. radiomike7

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Bob, as I understand the US 75mm APC-T round had a fuze/tracer element in the base which was designed to produce shrapnel after a short delay when the penetrator had done its job.
  12. radiomike7


    These are the choices: Essar Stanlow Refinery Situated south of the Mersey estuary near Ellesmere Port, refining at Stanlow dates back to 1924. ExxonMobil Refinery Fawley Situated on the west shore of Southampton Water, Fawley is the largest refinery in the UK, with refining activity on the site dating back to 1921. PetroIneos Grangemouth Refinery Situated close to the Firth of Forth, Grangemouth traces its origins back to 1924 and up until the Second World War it handled about 400,000 tonnes of oil. Phillips 66 Humber Refinery Situated on the Humber Estuary at South Killingholme, the refinery came into operation in 1969 with a capacity of about 3 million tonnes. Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Situated close to the south bank of the Humber Estuary in North Lincolnshire, Lindsey Oil Refinery, originally a 50/50 joint venture between Fina and Total, is now owned by Total. Valero Pembroke Refinery Pembroke Refinery is situated on the Pembroke coast and came on stream in 1964