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  1. As Mikes has said, that is not an Explorer type coupling, it should have a 4 bolt flange front and back not 6 bolt. Does it have an adaptor on the 4 bolt gearbox flange or a 6 bolt flange? The damaged ring would be easy to replicate and a visit to a motor factor should identify a suitable car suspension bush that would fit, the type with a metal tube for the bolt and a metal outer to press fit into the ring. Engine torque would not be a problem as it is pre gear reduction and would be in the order of 500 fl lbs. IIRC the Explorer clutch does not have a sprung centre on the friction plate and there is a chance of ending up with a gearbox chatter at idle if using an undamped coupling shaft.
  2. They were in the Scammell Explorer CES, along with a manual chain saw in a leather wallet and lots of other interesting pieces.
  3. Is the second pair not an army issue barbed wire cutter?
  4. Along with Scotch Locks!
  5. I'm not taking any chances, being an auto electrician I have self insulated. Joking aside I have come out of retirement to drive artics for a supermarket company. We are gradually getting back to normal as suppliers have in many cases ramped production up by 50% and we are working round the clock but there are still plenty of retards abusing the system by stockpiling perishable food which will have rotted long before it gets used.
  6. Good find, CS @ £25 or HSS @ £75. You will also need a large die holder.
  7. France during WW1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nlscotland/4688626358
  8. Essentially a linch pin, there are several different types of locking methods, I have seen these on Hollebone adaptors.
  9. Hi Pierre, The photo is of a Thornycroft Big Ben crane carrier fitted with a Ruston Bucyrus RB22 crane. I found it on Flickr and there is no mention of copyright.
  10. As I understand, Defender Wolf is 24V period, even the non FFR types.
  11. I'm almost sure that was showing as having been sold for £15k on the day of the sale.
  12. To be totally correct we should be referring to it as duty which is currently something like 58ppl for petrol/diesel which is then taxed with VAT. Red diesel/gas oil duty is circa 11ppl.
  13. Note the devious way he referred to it as a subsidy. What next, a ban on oil fired central heating? Clockwork vehicles only in central London? Fortunately they have recognized the problem with people that burn any old rubbish in a wood burner.
  14. They were all erks last time I checked.
  15. Click on his profile then on message box.
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