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  1. radiomike7

    a question for experienced MMLC Drops drivers

    Check that the inter axle diff is not locked or seized up and that the front axle is not engaged Always engage the inter axle diff lock if going off road, if one rear axle spins the diff will seize in a very short space of time.
  2. radiomike7

    Wanted: Rolls Royce super charger

    NFL 16:1, SFL/TFL 14:1 Cam is the same but runs 5 thou extra clearance on the exhaust valves. The inlet manifold looks like it may be the same piece but mounted upside down and with a different elbow. The injector nozzles are different. C6SFL was also used for the Vickers Vigor but for some reason was only rated at 190bhp for the mk2 and 210bhp for the mk3 whereas the automotive version was circa 250bhp. If you need more power I suspect it would be easier to find a complete Rolls 305 or similar engine with a centre mounted turbocharger. As far as originality is concerned it could be claimed that the C6 is non original and fitted as an in service modification when spares for the Hercules became scarce. Finally are you sure the transmission is up to coping with the extra torque?
  3. radiomike7

    Wanted: Rolls Royce super charger

    Hi Sam, Are you looking for a replacement blower or are you trying to convert a C6 NFL? There are many differences between the two including a lower compression ratio, fuel pump settings and accessories such as the oil filters.
  4. radiomike7

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    Interesting road test of the diesel version from 1953, it suggests the winch might be a Darlington. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/28th-august-1953/42/bigbet-is-fast
  5. radiomike7

    JAGUAR STARTER, 12 / 24 V, One for Clive?

    John, what is the issue with using the CVRT J60 starter? Alternatively it may be possible to convert the starter if 24v field windings, armature and solenoid are available.
  6. radiomike7

    JAGUAR STARTER, 12 / 24 V, One for Clive?

    Doesn't work Andy, the battery that has been used for 12v will not recover if connected to another fully charged battery in series. My local DAF dealer did a similar job on a large fleet many years ago and it cost him dearly in replacement batteries.
  7. radiomike7

    Alvis Fox

    Agreed, but was the turret not an Alvis product or is that just another rumour?
  8. radiomike7

    Dating a military registration.

    The same happened with a batch of Martian chassis/cabs, again sent to Marshalls for bodywork. This list could be helpful with many examples of in service registrations: www.mafva.net/other%20pages/vrnarmy.doc
  9. radiomike7

    Greengodess Fire engine

    You could try RSOLES: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/RSOLES
  10. radiomike7

    Scammell Junior Constructor Photos needed!

    There were at least two Juniors that left the factory as artic tractors and others were converted, I remember Hills of Botley ran one. The chassis, rear bogie, gearbox and 2 speed transfer box were essentially the same as the 6x6 Constructor so it was a robust bit of kit just lacking the extra driven axle and extra power of its sibling. As for trailers they were often seen dragging the 60 ton (payload) Crane float trailers around with various loads including boilers and engine tenders, the video shows an unusual trailer which is the carrier from the old 100tonner fitted with a crude front bogie:
  11. radiomike7

    Scammell Junior Constructor Photos needed!

    Are you sure the reg number is correct, the series I am familiar with start UXC? The body shapes look quite accurate with the exception of the roof panel above the doors which is completely wrong. The cycle and fixed wings were both available throughout Junior production and the only mechanical changes I can think of were the introduction of hydraulic power steering instead of air, an upgrade from the 680 to the 680 Power Plus and the option of a SCG semi auto of which I only ever saw one.
  12. radiomike7

    AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Where did you measure the track, it should be to the centre of the tread or to make it easier from the outside of one tyre to the inside of the opposite tyre?
  13. radiomike7


    Scrap metal, brass tubes.
  14. radiomike7

    AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Don't forget wheelbase is front axle to centre of rear bogie not the rear axle. The AEC which was developed in to the 6x6 was a pre war Marshall.
  15. radiomike7

    AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Mike, I can help with wheels, they are 20" in diameter and 10" wide and consist of two bolt together sections, one is about 3" and the other about 7". the front wheels are fitted with the 3" section on the outside while the rears have the 7" section on the outside. The two sections are held together with 20 bolts and the wheels are retained on the hubs with 10 studs. There are also 4 additional holes in the rims to clear the nuts that retain the drums. Tyres were usually 14.00x20 although I have seen a Matador specification which mentions 13.5x20