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  1. So if the grader blade managed to trap a rock directly above the mine there was a good chance of an explosion?
  2. There must be thousands of 3.5t> vehicles on UK roads without front brakes as that is how they were built. Typical examples would be Scammell Pioneers, Sentinel steam wagons, 1900/20s lorries, farm tractors, traction engines, 8 wheelers with unbraked 2nd steer axles etc.
  3. Am I right in thinking that the fuses had some sort of delay built in that made them live some time after being buried? Knowing the layout of the chassis on the RL I am amazed it stood up to being hauled around by a crawler. The diagram in Clive's manual suggests a bridle was used rather than the front towing hook but even so, the chassis is being subjected to forces it was never designed to take.
  4. Hi Simon, Apart from Pioneers you might find a scrap Mountaineer, Constructor, Explorer, Militant 3 recovery, Martian cargo/gun tractor and I think the Albion CX22S, all of which used the vertical spindle winch.
  5. Tasker was FV2501, Rubery Owen was FV2501(A). Only the Rubery Owen one is in the 1971 Chertsey book.
  6. Agreed John but the OP was asking about RE plant and it looks like they had the Rolls powered versions. The turbo C series were TFL not FLT, Turbocharged, Ferrous block & heads, Left hand build. There are a couple of good videos on YouTube with Vigors racing around with scrapers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuJ6No-0tN4
  7. I have an E.M.E.R. which covers the C6SFL as fitted to the Vigor, it mentions a size 1 Vigor mk2 with 190bhp and a mk3 with 210bhp.
  8. How are the bands retained on a wooden wheel, I would be surprised if you could use the force associated with a steel wheel?
  9. Hi Malcolm, Militant does not have worm drives with a bronze worm wheel, it has a 90 degree gearset then a drop gear to the differential carrier.
  10. I suspect 5 main bearings were quite a novelty on a 4 cylinder engine back then??
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