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  1. The typical single and twin axle Jeep Dollies as used by heavy hauliers are used to supplement the tractor rear axles, not to be the main load carriers. As John has written, it could be that regulations in Australia require such a set up, perhaps Graeme knows the answer. Out of interest here are a couple of developement vehicles under test and an illustrated list of Contractor parts for Graeme to be getting on with. The rear bogie in all cases is the 30 ton version as opposed to the heavier 40 ton.
  2. Why the crazy twin trailer, the load bed is far too high and very little of the weight is placed over the tractor 5th wheel? Here is another one which I suspect you are familiar with:
  3. radiomike7

    Length of FV432 with fox turret?

    IIRC the barrel does not project beyond the basic silhouette of the 432
  4. radiomike7

    Emergency Compressor, U boat ?

    Mabag AG still exist, you could send a mail to: info@mabag.ch
  5. radiomike7

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    That seemed to go well Rob, I have never used the winch on a Militant, do you have to carefully release the winch brake to lower the hook?
  6. radiomike7

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    IIRC the 6x6 was nominally rated at a 2.5 ton payload for off road, 5 tons on road while the 6x4 CCW was rated at 5 tons as it was not expected to be used off road.
  7. radiomike7

    Smith's LT11 all terrain crane

    Also Guy Big J.
  8. radiomike7

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Rijeka had a prototype 8 cylinder torpedo motor back in 1902:
  9. radiomike7

    Leyland Martian

    What is the grand plan, put it back in to DBG or IRR??
  10. radiomike7

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Don't buy them from the listing as four would be £3200😲 Also check the ply rating to ensure they are suitable for whatever you are using them on.
  11. radiomike7

    Holmes Twin Boom Recovery Crane

    Looks like it, also need a bit more than just welding.
  12. radiomike7


    The front end and dumb irons look to be somewhat weak compared to the rest of the chassis, are the U bolts and plates an in service attempt to strengthen them?
  13. radiomike7

    New toy

  14. radiomike7

    Diamond T identity help

    Not a Brockway 666, wrong shape of front fender and smaller tyres. It looks like it could be a lwb 4 ton Diamond T with a half cab.