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  1. I assume you have checked that both bulbs are OK?
  2. Stand corrected! goods vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1960, used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer are exempt for now. If the generator is bolted in it does not count as a load.
  3. A simple lockable diff where a dog clutch locks one halfshaft to the diff carrier as fitted to most modern trucks would probably have been a better solution than a LSD, ask any 4x4 trialers.
  4. I noticed that too, was it not a Weymann cabbed Matador with a flat roof?
  5. Yes, you are right, here is a photo of the AFS RL used in the film: https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_657557-Bedford-RL-1957.html
  6. I saw that too, together with the very fake looking broken windscreen. 99% of the population would have not noticed and there is a limit to how realistic one can be with borrowed vehicles. At least it was a QL not an RL unlike a WW2 scene I remember watching. Have a read about the errors in the film about the great train robbery, I seem to remember the RL was an ex AFS vehicle which would not have been released at the time. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2774184/goofs
  7. Hi John, Have you spoken to the likes of Flight Engineering to see how they address the problem?
  8. https://p15-d24.com/topic/17152-valves-stuck/
  9. I have seen it several times on vehicles that are infrequently used which was why I made the suggestion, usually it is just one or two but you seem to have a full house. The short run probably didn't help either.
  10. Check out the oversized wheels and tyres fitted for desert use.
  11. How easy is it to take the valve chest cover off, at least you could rule out stuck valves?
  12. Good find, at last I know what those knuckles are for on the rear hubs.
  13. Just realized the Crossley site is wrong about it being a monobloc.
  14. http://www.crossley-motors.org.uk/history/military/FWD/fwd.html
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