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  1. Traveller Wimik?? Would this be a genuine bomb disposal vehicle or has someone made it up?
  2. Thanks, I saw the Albion type hub reduction but the wheel arches are not the military type, either a civilian model or a converted military one with a standard height 5th wheel.
  3. Have you looked at the front end, a portal axle with bevel gear drive in line with the king pins? The steering box drives a prop shaft that runs backwards to a right angle drive with a Pitman arm to a drag link which connects to a bell crank on the axle rather like a WW2 Jeep. Two track rods then connect the bell crank to the steering knuckles.
  4. I make that 0/3, Scammells, an Exploder (access hatch nearer rear than on Pioneer) and not a Commander (wrong wheel arches)😉
  5. Agree with antifreeze/anti corrosion additive but OAT antifreeze can react with certain soldered copper/brass connections.
  6. Thanks Clive, at least I got the basic vehicle right!
  7. No, a mk2 holy Pig based on the Humber 1 ton truck chassis that was introduced in 1952. Probably made in the late 50s and modified for RUC use in the early 1970s.
  8. Unless you happen to be one of the USA's top selling sports cars..........
  9. What's the story behind the TNT prototype, was there a plan to upgrade the entire fleet?
  10. Comical to think they only had 112bhp from a 6LW, about the same as a modern 600cc sports bike. They were so low geared that when Sunters used theirs to assist two other tractors with the Bradwell boilers the Pioneer started in 2nd gear while the others used 1st. Top speed was 18mph.
  11. It's been 30 years but I'm sure mine was a darker gloss blue with yellow roof rather than the uninspiring RAF blue/grey.
  12. Here it is in blue but the shade looks wrong: https://www.emergency-vehicles.co.uk/Emergency-Vehicles-Online/UK/UK-Military/Royal-Air-Force-Preserved/Preserved-Vehicles/i-fRHS8ww/A DBG always looks good but not high viz yellow. Looking at your photo again is that green or has the blue faded badly?
  13. Forgot to add M18 Hellcat for tracked or Diamond T 980/1 for wheeled.
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