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  1. radiomike7

    Power steering

    It was 9 years ago and you are correct about the S type! I posted it more to show the layout which is similar to the Ford D series which would have been a more substantial unit used on 28 ton tractor units and 24 ton 6 wheelers with 5 tons or so on the front axle. The Bedford VAL twin steer coach was rated at 4tons 7cwt laden on the front end and was known for its light steering.
  2. radiomike7

    Power steering

    From an old post by Richard Farrant:
  3. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    Photos of the pantechnicon trailers and an RAF Scammell: https://rafbarnham-nss.weebly.com/nuclear-convoys--x-flight.html
  4. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    From TrucksPlanet.com: The main post-war military AEC truck was the new cabover range Militant with military name FV-11000. In May 1951 the first 10-ton truck O859 Mk-I (FV-11008) 6x4 was presented. It has a GVW 20.7 tons, was equipped with a 6-cylinder overhead valve diesel engine A223 (11,3 l, 144 hp), 5 - speed transmission with optional 2-speed gearbox and a double main gear, pneumatic brakes and a spring suspension. The variant O860 Mk-I with a winch and 6x6 wheel arrangement also was producing. The next versions were producing: FV 11001 / 11002 : Ballast Tractor 10 ton General Service Medium/Heavy Anti-Aircraft 6x4 / 6x6. FV 11003 : Truck 10 ton General Service Crane Bridging 6x4 or 6x6. FV 11004 : Truck 10 ton General Service Tipper ( End Only ) 6x4. FV 11005 : Truck 10 ton General Service Tipper ( Three Way ) 6x4. FV 11006 / 11009 : Truck 10 ton General Service Fuel Tanker 2500 Gallon 6x4. FV 11007 / 11008 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo (14 ft / 16 ft) 6x4. FV 11010 : Tractor 10 ton General Service for Semi-Trailer 6x6. FV 11011 : Truck 10 ton General Service Crane Missile 6x6. FV 11012 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo Dropside 6x4. FV 11013 : Truck 10 ton General Service Crane General Purpose 6x4. FV 11014 : Truck 10 ton General Service Excavator 6x4 or 6x6. FV 11015 : Truck 10 ton General Service for 20 ton Trailer 6x6. FV 11016 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo ( 18 ft Dropside ) 6x6 Front hook 7 ton Winch. FV 11017 : Truck 10 ton General Service Self Propelled Launcher 6x4. FV 11021 : Truck 10 ton Tipping Platform, Self Loading, RE 6x6. FV 11022 : Truck 10 ton Heavy Duty ( RAF ) 6x6. FV 11031 : Tractor 10 ton General Service Light Anti-Aircraft 6x6.
  5. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    Hi Ted, I'm showing FV 11022 as a mk1 Militant 6x6 RAF, do you concur? Mike
  6. radiomike7

    Power steering

    Have you looked at the way Bedford and Ford got round the problem using the existing steering box on VAL and D series? I cannot find a picture of the Ford but it is similar to the Bedford here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=bedford+tk+power+steering+ram&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=Oew3mWD1Ns5ZTM%3A%2COSHep7bWNANkUM%2C_&usg=AFrqEzdc5cVlxB1qni6aNIyoFCmXTYKYIA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjsgtL-7cbdAhWOXMAKHYlxAD0Q9QEwAHoECAYQBA#imgrc=Oew3mWD1Ns5ZTM: The actuating valve is built into the ram and you still have manual steering in the event of a hydraulic failure.
  7. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    I presume you mean Explorer and mine certainly had a cab heater/demister. The RAF ones were also fitted for vacuum brakes with a tank just inboard of the offside rear wheels, you can just see the back of the tank in this photo: https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p57805472/h8f5d48b#h8f5d48b
  8. radiomike7

    Martian Lights.

    You need a threaded base, bulb holder, lens and rubber boot for each lamp, they were used on many military vehicles but seem to be in short supply. The larger plastic lens screws on the outside of the threaded base and replaced the original small glass version which screwed inside the base.
  9. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    Different weight class yes but Mustang was a 6x2 Chinese Six.
  10. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    Mandator and Mammoth both date back to the 30s but while Mandator was a 4 wheeler Mammoth could be a 6 or 8 wheeler including the twin steer Mammoth Minor.
  11. radiomike7

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    My Explorer was ex RAF Kinloss where it served as a recovery and snow plough. It was originally RAF blue, then airfield yellow and finally IRR when transferred to the REME.
  12. An obvious air leak will most likely get you a PG9 if you get pulled by plod or the DVSA. Don't forget that unlike modern trucks that have failsafe spring brakes and split air systems, the Martian is single line and any fault will result in failure of the primary braking system. An internally corroded air tank is a potential bomb and just as with workshop compressors should be checked on a regular basis.
  13. radiomike7

    MJ MOT requirements

    Providing they are used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer.
  14. I suspect it was stripped by being over tightened to cure a leak caused by re-using the copper banjo washers, they should always be treated as one timers and replaced. As Richard has suggested, it looks like you may be lucky and able to reduce the boss and re-thread but don't be tempted to do it in situ as you will never get the end square and risk getting swarf in the hydraulics.