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  1. Agreed, the attrition rate in bomber command was something like 44% and I still marvel at how Gibson clocked up 173 ops, Cheshire over 100 and Tait 103. A tour of duty was 30 ops and if you survived those you would not be expected to fly another tour but many did.
  2. That's very impressive Ron, well done.
  3. Some interesting reading about Ashley Range here: http://www.thenewforestguide.co.uk/history/new-forest-explosives/ashley-walk-bombing-range/ As you mentioned the Tirpitz you might be interested to know that my father in law led all three Bomber Command raids as CO of 617 squadron.
  4. That's nice Ron, does it have the drive to the sidecar wheel?
  5. Have you checked the kick down switch is not stuck on or out of adjustment?
  6. You could try Stuart Bray Motorcycles: 01323 488148 they currently have a listing on Milweb.
  7. That reminded me of the kinetic energy recovery system built into the 5th wheel.
  8. Is that the one which used to live on the south coast, I remember supplying the owner with some gearbox parts about 20 years ago?
  9. Out of interest Rob, is the tanker insulated return or conventional?
  10. Well done, that sounds really good and the larger tyres look the part. FYI all four Martian variants had the same gearing of 14.9:1 in top compared with 6.795:1 for the diesel AEC Militant recovery.
  11. Have you seen the photo on the 1978 LB run or were you the owner at the time? https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p971350189/h507b4532#h507b4532
  12. Not run for 10 years? More likely the jets in the carb are blocked with varnish from the degraded fuel.
  13. Looks similar to a Naiade class??
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