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  1. thank you will look on this site ..cant believe not much here in the UK ..loads of big stuff ...cheers steve
  2. cheers will look .. thanx steve
  3. cheers I would think trying to deal with anyone outside of uk might be hard.. bad enough trying to get a price of them never mind bringing it back here ...5 times I asked the price of one seller in lativa ...after the 5 time came back with 20.000 euro hence its still there cheers steve
  4. thank you have seen them but wont deal with anyone that does not put price on ...which most sellers of the vehicles seem to do on milweb and car and classic ..cheers steve
  5. hi if anyone as a gaz 69 Russian jeep for sale please get in touch must be tax free historic ..
  6. thank you captain for the info I am glad that they don't look out of place I did them by hand with thick paint so they look ok ...in my eyes...at least I know they were not made up by the bbc cheers hoss
  7. thank you wally for the info ..I thought it might have been made up but I am a dads army fan so had to do it cheers all the best hoss
  8. thank you tony thanks for the comment...but I think that these markings were only made by the bbc and not in use in wwii or by now someone would have said what they were ...never mind I still like it as is ...cheers
  9. hi just finished my Austin eight tourer done on dads army look . .can anyone tell me what the markings stood for..or were they just made up for tv .. too late now buy have posted my pics and the one from the making of private pike...would be great to know if they were used in wwii cheers hoss
  10. thank you all for the info.. after a few days and some help still only got it to fire but not run ..so I will try head removal see whats there and if I get it sorted I will let you know ps thank you for your help cheers steve
  11. thank you for the info ..no I have not worked on the engine it was in the car when I got it about a year ago all seems to be ok but wont start I think this is because of low compression ..done what you said but still only 60 max its the pressure I need to know what a Austin eight should be cheers steve
  12. just a quick one been doing up a Austin eight AP MILITARY TOURER..and nearly finished .but does anyone know what cylinder compression should be wont start only go 60 40 40 40 psi cheers hoss:nut:
  13. well thank you all for your quick response looks like it wont be too bad I will do a bit more research now and will let you know how I get on thank you Steve
  14. Hi can anyone help . I have a series 2 land rover ex military its on the log book D.O,M 1965 but on the number plate its 1974 can I get it back on a C NUMBER PLATE...any help please thank you:)
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