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  1. CVRT Generator issue / belt / noise

    Just for the record, the Main Fan pulley bearings are, LJ30 WRR, which is 30mm x 62mm x 23.8mm and the other one is 207 KTT , which is 35mm x 72mm x 25mm. I have the belt tensioner number some where, will see if I can find it. I replaced mine and skimmed the pulley also. But I have noticed a little while later that it has a slight wobble, so must have been a cheap bearing? Cheers Andrew.
  2. Wanted

    Wanted , Regulator for an Abbot, any ideas ,please contact me , cheers Andrew.
  3. restoration of a valentine MK5 tank started

    Hi Niels v , She is waiting patiently for shipping space , and has moved off the production line to make way for my 1942 Covenanter ....... Cheers Andrew.
  4. Trouble Lamp

    Does anyone recognize these trouble lamps? What year do they relate to , and the only makings seem to be 998 on the bottom. There are also 2 different styles of plug, any ideas? cheers Andrew.
  5. I have a couple of spare selector rod covers that were fabricated for the Daimler Dingo Scout car, Pm if interested , cheers Andrew.
  6. I have a few extra castings left over from the foundry for the Daimler Dingo armoured hood roof, if anyone interested, PM me , Cheers Andrew.
  7. Cvrt starter problem

    As I said , if starter does not work, it could be a faulty relay in the distribution box, you may well have a fault with the starter itself, so your bench test should give some indication and yes the little wire at the back, ( the thermal trip ) just connect to the earth terminal at the back of the starter and this should bypass this particular operation. As far as batteries go you should be able to check your voltage on individual batteries with a voltmeter, and because of 24volt you just have to make sure terminals are very tight otherwise you can melt the battery post off if loose, also make sure the batteries are connected the right way around, if they are wrong the red light on top of the distribution box will illuminate even when the master switch is off, ( this is just going by memory, and I could stand to be corrected ) Cheers Andrew.
  8. Cvrt starter problem

    You just need earth (-) and power (+ )on the end terminals and something should happen! Make sure you can turn the engine over by using a bar on the ring gear. One time we had the fuel pump fill all the cylinders up with petrol and the starter went clunk , so I thought it sounded like it was trying to hydraulic ( Fuel pump was at fault ), so took a spark plug out and petrol shot 10 foot in the air, that was a surprise! Also if the starter sticks on, the problem lies with the relay in the distribution box next to the instrument panel , the manual says bang it with your hand to allow it to become unstuck, until proper investigation. Another little tip is to just earth out the thermal breaker wire that runs to the starter. This will stop future problems when you have the decks bolted down and the machine will not start because this has tripped out. I suspect this feature was only put in to stop military personal holding the starter on too long and burning something out. Cheers Andrew.
  9. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Never did read the maintence manual! Only do that after I have done the job!, Live about 6hrs south of your Uncle, cheers Andrew.
  10. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Funny reading your thread "Grease Monkey" , about Dodge brakes, as we have just finished sorting the brakes with pretty similar circumstances. One thing you talk about with the master cylinder is that you should only have the piston and it comes to rest on the washer and circlip, no rubber "buffer" as you were eluding to. It has to return fully and what is said about brake fluid expanding is correct, that is why you need that free play, and the piston returning fully. I would have thought mine is set at about 2" , 3 to 4 inches sounds a bit excessive. The reason for this is that our pedal setup, we have moved closer to the floor to make it more easier to transition from the accelerator pedal to the brake. The brake pedal stops 4" from the floor, and feels a nice action. And yes we have taken about 4 test runs to readjust the brakes, mainly only the rear ones, the front seem way more true and perfect than our back ones and every drum was machined with new linnings. One thing we did note is that we seemed to get a different reading regarding the clearance of the shoe to the drum after you had put the wheel back on and tightened the wheel nuts. If I had my time over again with machining drums, I would make sure you use the hub that it attaches to on the vehicle for setting up in the Lathe and also bolt at least a 10mm plate on the outside where the wheel rim normally goes and do up the wheel nuts on this plate. The drums seem to have" flex" in them and you are dealing with Thous of inches when machining. You may notice on the drum face where the rim bolts on the is about a 5mm or so doubling plate , look across this face where the studs stick out, check for any distortion on this surface as well. Another little problem we had was a wheel was not releasing properly when the brake was applied. The problem was one of the piston was a little rough in the bore and was not going in and out in a smooth action. All my cylinders were stainless sleeved. Just another Dodge owners perspective on brakes, Cheers Andrew.
  11. CVRT final drive oil seal replacement

    The inner hub seal is nothing special, although I think I went for a "high Temperature" one from a local bearing and seal supplier, it may have been a "double lip" one as well, Cheers Andrew.
  12. CVRT final drive oil seal replacement

    Best way to get final drive off in the field is put a small bottle jack or porta-power ram on top of the final drive under the side skirt and push down gently and "crack" the final drive off the hull so it falls on your foot! Handy hint , check the snugness of the roll pins that hold the brake discs on , I think from memory there are about 6. These can often be cracked and have worked the holes loose, quite often you cannot see this unless you strip the final drive unit off and it is sitting on the floor for inspection, Cheers Andrew.
  13. 1/2" BSF nuts

    Thanks John, I may have a large manufacture that has come on board, so things are looking a bit more positive, but still open to any idea's, Cheers Andrew
  14. 1/2" BSF nuts

    Here is a picture of the little critters, Cheers Andrew.
  15. 1/2" BSF nuts

    I am looking for a couple of hundred 1/2" BSF nuts in the "old spec". These measure about 53/64th across the flat x 29/64th thick, they are flat on one side and a slight chamfer on the edge of the other side. I know there are plenty of Chinese copies out there , but I want this style for a special purpose. If you anyone can advise me, send me a PM, Thanks Andrew.