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  1. TN15 Scorpion Gearbox

    I have a take out TN15, unknown condition, just missing brake callipers on the outside, GBP1K, I also have a spare rebuilt TN15 gearbox available, Negotiable on price, PM if interested. All freight to the UK included, pickup in the South , cheers Andrew.
  2. I have a pair of Original British manufactured wartime stowage boxes for the M3 Stuart Tank. These were made for extra room as they have a checkout for the light, as can be seen of ones used in the Desert during the war. They are Left and Right hand, never been fitted, and have heaps of original patina. GBP375 for the pair, pickup in the South of UK. PM if interested. Cheers Andrew.
  3. Phil, that looks like the rear communication box that goes just above the skirt at the rear, I think L/H outside. look after your heli-coils as you cannot usually tap them out as they will "pick up" and wreck the heli-coil, cheers Andrew.
  4. restoration of a valentine MK5 tank started

    With the correct paperwork through, the Valentine is ready for transport. Final water blasting and checking we loaded onto the flat rack. I had to extend the side of the rack , as they only come in at 2.2m wide, and we need at least 2.5m for the track to be properly supported. Once this was achieved I brought in my 40ton crane for the lift. After lifting and positioning it a few times to get the correct location on the rack, we were in the final stages of lowering and were only a couple of inches off the deck, when how typical, the main pump hose blew on the crane!....call in the hose doctor for a fix. She has about 85tons of restraints on her. These are all inspected by a Marine Surveyor to certify the shipment for boarding onto the ship. Next in we have the swing lift which loads onto the truck in a minute and then gone. Cheers from The Tank Factory...........until next time!
  5. Abbots for sale

    Thanks for the info, will talk to him and advise, cheers Andrew.
  6. Abbots for sale

    Yes , I suppose I should have said for the generating side. A friend has an Abbott and he seems to think this is the problem with his charging of the batteries.
  7. Abbots for sale

    Anyone got a spare regulator for one of these, (Abbott) Not sure of part number, but I am sure there is an expert out there that could tell us, Thanks Andrew.
  8. CVRT Generator issue / belt / noise

    Just for the record, the Main Fan pulley bearings are, LJ30 WRR, which is 30mm x 62mm x 23.8mm and the other one is 207 KTT , which is 35mm x 72mm x 25mm. I have the belt tensioner number some where, will see if I can find it. I replaced mine and skimmed the pulley also. But I have noticed a little while later that it has a slight wobble, so must have been a cheap bearing? Cheers Andrew.
  9. Wanted

    Wanted , Regulator for an Abbot, any ideas ,please contact me , cheers Andrew.
  10. restoration of a valentine MK5 tank started

    Hi Niels v , She is waiting patiently for shipping space , and has moved off the production line to make way for my 1942 Covenanter ....... Cheers Andrew.
  11. Trouble Lamp

    Does anyone recognize these trouble lamps? What year do they relate to , and the only makings seem to be 998 on the bottom. There are also 2 different styles of plug, any ideas? cheers Andrew.
  12. I have a couple of spare selector rod covers that were fabricated for the Daimler Dingo Scout car, Pm if interested , cheers Andrew.
  13. I have a few extra castings left over from the foundry for the Daimler Dingo armoured hood roof, if anyone interested, PM me , Cheers Andrew.
  14. Cvrt starter problem

    As I said , if starter does not work, it could be a faulty relay in the distribution box, you may well have a fault with the starter itself, so your bench test should give some indication and yes the little wire at the back, ( the thermal trip ) just connect to the earth terminal at the back of the starter and this should bypass this particular operation. As far as batteries go you should be able to check your voltage on individual batteries with a voltmeter, and because of 24volt you just have to make sure terminals are very tight otherwise you can melt the battery post off if loose, also make sure the batteries are connected the right way around, if they are wrong the red light on top of the distribution box will illuminate even when the master switch is off, ( this is just going by memory, and I could stand to be corrected ) Cheers Andrew.
  15. Cvrt starter problem

    You just need earth (-) and power (+ )on the end terminals and something should happen! Make sure you can turn the engine over by using a bar on the ring gear. One time we had the fuel pump fill all the cylinders up with petrol and the starter went clunk , so I thought it sounded like it was trying to hydraulic ( Fuel pump was at fault ), so took a spark plug out and petrol shot 10 foot in the air, that was a surprise! Also if the starter sticks on, the problem lies with the relay in the distribution box next to the instrument panel , the manual says bang it with your hand to allow it to become unstuck, until proper investigation. Another little tip is to just earth out the thermal breaker wire that runs to the starter. This will stop future problems when you have the decks bolted down and the machine will not start because this has tripped out. I suspect this feature was only put in to stop military personal holding the starter on too long and burning something out. Cheers Andrew.