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  1. I had thought you had some good experience Hummermark with Detroits .I have run N55 on the 2 -valve head with elongated port holes with 17:1 compression ratio making sure the return fuel line outlet elbow runs an .80thou hole, and is easy start and runs very clean around the 190- 200 HP, estimated, cheers Andrew.
  2. Has anyone out there got a source of these M3 Stuart Tank mud-flap support brackets or have stamped some out? We are looking for about 1/2 dozen, Thanks and PM if you can help, cheers Andrew Rowe.
  3. Are you trying to just put N80's straight into an old "Low Block " 2-valve head 671 to upgrade horsepower?. I would think you will need to be running a 4- valve head, which is "high Block" with N80's and you would have to make sure you have the correct injector rack, as from the HV- series injectors, they have a different offset than N80's , and then there is consideration about the type of liner you are using, with the different configuration on air-vent holes, as to get the right air-fuel mixture, as you are dumping more fuel into the cylinders, and also what compression ratio are you using, is this matched to the N80. In other words are you doing a complete strip and rebuild?, To give you a rough idea, a 2-valve head has exposed fuel line ( 2 ) and the 4-valve head are cast within the side of the head, so not externally seen ,Cheers Andrew.
  4. Hi Peter, I have a die for making those cups, cheers Andrew.
  5. Hi, I am after a couple of CAV master Battery ON/OFF switches, model number 134. I think there are also more modern ones out there that look pretty much the same as that used in the Scorpion Turret, even those would do PM , if you can help, Thanks Andrew.
  6. I am trying to find a Centurion Tank Tacho ( Rev Counter ) in good condition, If anyone has a spare PM me please, Thanks Andrew.
  7. I am looking for fittings for the Dingo Screen / shielded ignition cap, they are 11/16" dia x 26tpi. Need about 7 pieces, PM if you know where I can get some, Thanks Andrew.
  8. Yes, they are a series of very thin flat spring steel in a stack of about 17 that fit in the squared hole, Thanks Andrew.
  9. Thanks Tom , yes I do still want the diameter of the Tacho, Cheers Andrew.
  10. Do You know the dia. and I take it there is also a sensor at the engine end? cheers Andrew
  11. Would someone be able to tell me the diameter of a Fox Rev counter?, and whether it is driven electrically or by cable, Thanks Andrew.
  12. Hi Lance, I think you have just answered your own question! The glue will not stand up to the riggers of the wheel action and the track.....but you can always spend the money on the glue and proves us all wrong, Cheers Andrew.
  13. X- mod surplus had the short pipe from the gearbox to bulkhead at one stage. I made my stick from two engine ones and cutting and joining, works fine, can get the measurements if you need them. You can always check your stick is at the right level by putting in the exact quantity of oil for the gearbox from the manual, as a double check, to the marks on the end of the stick ,cheers Andrew.
  14. Hi Peter, Yes the 1/2 round covers are the exhaust covers, cheers Andrew.
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