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  1. Hi rdx10 Never used it. How do I search ?
  2. Does anyone know of a downloadable PDF copy of any manuals for the Bedford MK
  3. Does anyone know of a downloadable PDF copy of any manuals for the Bedford MK
  4. Does anyone know where we can get an Austin K9 fuel sender unit(or one to fit) and a Speedo cable(or one that fits)??? Thanks Ian
  5. Hi Clive I have now taken all original ignition system off, I could not get anything out of it. I am going to put conventional dizzy etc onto it (the FFR is going back to my daughter at the end of the season and i think it would be easier for her that way. By the way which terminal on the coil goes to the Dizzy is it the positive ? Thanks Ian PS i cant make it to Cobberton as the Land Rover is my only transport as the wife has the car....
  6. Please can anyone help I was driving to an event the other night, on the dual carriageway at 50mph all was well but as soon as i got caught in traffic and slowed down the engine lost power and died, i managed to get it going twice but on the third time ..no go, and then back home courtesy of the AA. by the way I am getting plenty of fuel through. Ian
  7. Hi Andy Do you have a web address for Banisters?? Thanks Ian
  8. Hi Richard Where do we get the pipe from? What size ? What sizes are the original fittings etc??? Also....How do you bend it? Ian
  9. This post has answered one of my questions ...But i have another.... Can you use Copper pipes instead of the old steel ones on the braking/steering systems ? Thanks Ian
  10. i noticed on the register that my friends Saracen 82BA85 is listed as having ANTI RPG MESH fitted doies anyone have any pic's or info on this Ian
  11. could copper pipe be used ? ( or would the pressure be too much)
  12. Has anyone had to replace the Red pipes (hydraulic) to the accumulators ? If so can you tell me what pipe and fittings i need. Thanks
  13. Done my first bitr of work on a friends Saracen (Sally) this last 2 days when rubbing down paintwork on the rear to the right of the door there was a white number 88 what could this be and also the brown sound proofing is in shxx order where could we get some more? by the way reg is 82BA85
  14. Hi Its not a bad show for this part of the country. We normally get about 10 to 15 Military vehicles there , from Jeepes to Jimmys and everything in between (including Land Rovers ) we also have an ENSA show Weapons disply and a full working field kitchen. so come and join us... Ian
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