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  1. If you use blue Hylomar gasket goo as in N.O.S.'s post you shouldn't destroy the gasket when the sump is removed next time because the sealant is non-setting. Hylomar Universal Blue sealant information:- http://www.hylomarsealant.com/
  2. If you have a power supply, a dehumidifier would be the ultimate aid for long term storage but as your container is subject to ambient temperatures, you may need a dehumidifier that works at a lower temperature than a domestic unit will.
  3. Have you tried making the seller an offer? Also have you tried these? Different address but all appear to be the same site. http://smoke12entangled.comfortpdf.org/download/bedford-mj-manual_wmzalxh.pdf http://file7.complexionpdf.org/download/iomo7-bedford-mj-manual.pdf http://arise34spirits.taperpdf.org/download/workshop-manual-for-bedford-mj_ckmivkh.pdf
  4. Have a look at these sites:- http://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/bedford-9-c.asp http://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/bedford-engine-54-litre-failure-diagnosis-and-repair-info-93-p.asp
  5. Have a look at this forum:- http://www.russianmilitarytrucks.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=37
  6. Not an original wartime photo but one of Johan Willaert's Jeep (marked for the 384th Bomb Group / 545th Squadron) posted on 1st December 2011. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/128810-my-68th-anniversary-tribute-to-b17-f-damn-yankee/
  7. Hello LadyLuck. From another thread of yours, I see that you are from North London. If you follow the advice to join the local MVT, here are the details for your local area (taken from the MVT site) [TABLE=align: center] [TR] [TD=class: area-details]North London [/TD] [TD=class: area-details]Temporary contacts: [/TD] [TD=class: excel35]2nd Thursday in Month 7.30pm approx [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: area-details][/TD] [TD=class: area-details]David Foy 01707 650405 [/TD] [TD=class: excel35]The Duke of York [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: area-details][/TD] [TD=class: area-details]Alan Douglas 0208 203 1399 [/TD] [TD=class: excel35]Ganwick Corner [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: area-details][/TD] [TD=class: area-details][/TD] [TD=class: excel44]Barnet Road, EN13 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  8. This should help:- http://www.austin7.org/Technical%20Articles/PLC%20Switch%201/
  9. Things could get worse. FIREARMS LAW. A scoping Consultation Paper:- http://www.lawcom.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/cp224_firearms.pdf
  10. A clever solution, safety without spoiling originality. I would like to know the about the following please:- With you self contained indicator set, have you included the indicator switch and warning light (and/or an audible warning) in the ammo box or are they magnetic? If magnetic do you use the dash or the steering column? Does your setup give you hazard warning lights? What indicator lamps are you using?
  11. Thank you for the information about buying an Armstrong. I'm not looking for an Armstrong, the post was just to let people know about the auction.
  12. Sale Date: 29th July 2015 1944 Ford GPW Jeep http://www.classic-auctions.com/Auctions/29-07-2015-ThePavilionGardens-1391/1944FordGPWJeep-40005.aspx
  13. Sale Date: 29th July 2015 A number of Armstrong MT500. All without a reserve. http://www.classic-auctions.com/Auctions/29-07-2015-ThePavilionGardens-1401.aspx
  14. 1970 Ford M151 A2 Sale Date: 29th July 2015 http://www.classic-auctions.com/Auctions/29-07-2015-ThePavilionGardens-1391/1970FordM151A2-40034.aspx
  15. Hopefully the Tank Museum will start fund raising and be able to apply for a Lottery grant.
  16. As a matter of interest, is the engine seized through lack of use or did it seize while it was running? Don't be impatient with the soaking because as in an earlier post it may take even a month to work.
  17. Link to Morris heritage and steam greases page:- http://www.morrislubricants.co.uk/products/classsteam/greases.html For more information on a grease click on "Learn More" and then "Technical Data Sheet"
  18. You may find other forums (I searched "grease car leaf spring" on this topic interesting e.g. http://www.triple-mregister.org/forums/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=6812&whichpage=1 (especially the use of UHMW tape) http://www.gomog.com/allmorgan/allmorgan27.htm http://www.landroverclub.net/Club/HTML/Leaf_suspension.htm
  19. 2 on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KING-DICK-SCREWDRIVER-SOCKET-ADJUSTERS-1-2-DRIVE-OLD-STOCK-NEVER-USED-/311393314027?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item48807ce4eb http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRITOOL-E15-SCREWDRIVER-SOCKET-ADJUSTERS-1-2-DRIVE-OLD-STOCK-NEVER-USED-/311391866416?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item488066ce30
  20. 2 BA bolts:- http://www.gwr-fasteners.co.uk/2ba-hex-bolts---steel---10-pack-3455-p.asp
  21. Try these:- http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/oem/477/Crosland-Filters http://www.inlinefilters.co.uk/ (home page) http://www.inlinefilters.co.uk/images/inlinedata/prices/Crosland.htm (filter page)
  22. If a reproduction magazine or plans to make your own are acceptable have a look at:- http://www.milweb.net/webvert/71212 http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/reproduction-guns/lewis-gun http://www.relics.org.uk/metal-replica-lewis-gun-mk1-infantry-pattern http://www.replicaplans.com/LewisGun.html http://www.john-tom.com/ForSale/ForSale.html#Lewis
  23. The Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society should know the answer:- http://www.afvsociety.co.uk/vehicleregister.html
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